Scandinavian Legends & Folk-Tales

Gwyn Jones

Scandinavian Legends & Folk-Tales

Scandinavian Legends & Folk-Tales

  • Title: Scandinavian Legends & Folk-Tales
  • Author: Gwyn Jones
  • ISBN: 9780192741240
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover


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Some really interesting tales. I had never heard of most of them. I love that there is a small chapter dedicated to the land of fire and ice.

Ok, this book was seriously strange. The first section of stories was just what I was hoping for! Some lovely fairy tales that come from this area of the world where we live (Helsinki, Finland). There was the tale of the girl whose brothers turn to swans, and the tale of the great white bear (East of the Sun, West of the Moon), etc. They were really fund while they had their times of gruesomeness (like beheadings and tearing out people's eyes and stuff), since I was reading it aloud, I could ski [...]

I think this was fairly well done, but as a rather old work, it lacks some things that modern readers have come to expect. Namely, as much information as is available about the geographic origins of the stories, and their age, and whatnot. Yes, I know it's intended for children, who don't care so much, but enh. Anyway, until about halfway through there was no particular indication that these stories came from the Scandinavian region. Many of the first stories were ones that fairy tale junkies w [...]

Retold by Gwyn Jones and illustrated by Joan Kiddell-Monroe. Over twenty tales to be found under such groupings as Princes and Trolls, Tales from the Ingle-Nook, From the Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland), and Kings and Heroes which includes the four chapter retelling of King Hrolf and the Bear’s Son. My favorite was The Tale of Nornagest a strange cross between three faerie’s blessing/cursing a male child (think Sleeping Beauty), the myth of the Wandering Jew and a history on all the great Nor [...]

Interesting little collection of tales, with a nice amount of humour.

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