Emma's Education

Abby Blake

Emma's Education

Emma's Education

  • Title: Emma's Education
  • Author: Abby Blake
  • ISBN: 9781610347594
  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook

Emma didn t even know something was missing until she found it Terrified by her first taste of BDSM, Emma begins to learn the true meaning of submission when Jace and Logan intervene Jace has finally reached a point in his life where he s looking to build a future with that special someone Emma, with her independent streak and natural submission, seems like the perfectEmma didn t even know something was missing until she found it Terrified by her first taste of BDSM, Emma begins to learn the true meaning of submission when Jace and Logan intervene Jace has finally reached a point in his life where he s looking to build a future with that special someone Emma, with her independent streak and natural submission, seems like the perfect woman for Jace But Logan seems deeply affected by her, too Logan is on forced medical leave from the Navy SEALs and he s not happy about it That is, until he and Jace rescue a frightened little sub from her obnoxious Dom Logan can t seem to walk away, even though it would be the best thing for Emma and Jace But when they discover that her ex boyfriend is actually a serial stalker, can they keep Emma safe while they teach her about her own needs A Siren Erotic Romance Siren Menage Everlasting Erotic BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M F M, public exhibition, voyeurism, whipping, flogging, sex toys

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If ever there was an appropriate time to call a BDSM themed book sweet, it is this, because Emma's Education was very, very sweet, in my opinion.How could I not think it was sweet when you have a woman who's a natural submissive (but just doesn't know it yet), who has an abusive jerk for a boyfriend who brought her to a BDSM club for the first time, and treated her like an asshole that he is. OK, that was not the sweet part, of course. No, what was sweet was that that bastard did her the biggest [...]

This was a hot little number. It has many similar elements to Nobody's Angel (injured armed forces guy saves sub from idiot Dom who becomes a stalker) but was different enough to still be enjoyable even though I JUST read Nobody's Angel. This one had an Navy Seal home on medical leave. He's bored so he's decided to visit his favorite BDSM haunt, and notices a sub not being treated well. He and the Dungeon Monitor on duty confront her Dom and kick him out. And then show the sub what should really [...]

¡¡¡Jace y Logan!!! XD ¡Qué suertuda que es Emma! Jaja.Veamos, en primer lugar debo decir que me gusta bastante como escribe Abby Blake, y creo que esta primera entrega de la saga Viper's Dungeon está bastante bien lograda.Me gusta cómo ha desarrollado a los personajes, creo que la personalidad de los dominantes, Jace y Logan, tiene muy buenos puntos. Aunque a veces me dieran ganas de darle un par de cintazos a Logan. En cuanto a Emma, puede que haya parecido muy apresurado el tema de sent [...]

This story is perfect fantasy escapism, for those of us who like BDSM in our romance. There is nothing harsh about the BDSM, the characters are likable (except the one we aren't supposed to like, of course), and the romance is sigh worthy. The pace of "meet to love" is very fast, Logan and Jace are both perfect dominants with perfectly drool worthy bodies and lots of money - all adding to the fantasy feel. As this is a "woman in peril, rescued by two hunks" set up, I simply could not resist. Tri [...]

This was a first for me reading this author. BDSM Contemporary MFM. She did a great job with the story and characters. I will definitely be looking for the next book in the Vipers Dungeon series. For those of you wondering- Although this book shows it as the first in a series- It does have a concrete ending- no cliffhangers or totally unresolved issues that make you want to throw it across the room. (Which BTW is hard on my Nook :D )

si me preguntan no sé por qué leo esto

2.45 Stars!!!I think I have read too many of these type of novelse stories are all starting to run together. This started off strong. But I lost interest quicklyn, my own fault for reading to many similar novels.The best part of this story was Logan who was a Navy SEAL and suffered from "Angst" over whether to commit to Emma or not since his life took him away from home so often.Had a great HEAat felt warm and fuzzy.

I really enjoyed this book !! Great quick read , very clever plot , sexy characters & some wonderful nurturing bdsm scenes that will bring out any1's inner submissive . It's easy for an author to get writing bdsm wrong & especially when trying to entice a reader (like myself) that is not " in the scene" as they say lol but Abby DID NoT get it wrong she got it TOTALLY RIGHT ! Well done ms Blake I will b reading more of ur stuff ASAP

I'm not usually into the whole BDSM thing however I've grown to enjoy it when written the way Emma's Education was written. This was a great book, I loved the characters and found myself all hot and bothered by things that usually just bothered me. I'll definitely be reading more books like this one!

I really enjoyed this book. I appreciated the fact that they recognized that she was new, and didn't expect as much from her as they would an experienced sub. Some books just throw the sub in the deep end, and expect her to be perfect or she gets her ass reddened. Which is a little unrealistic, in my opinion.I would have liked to read more, honestly. The only thing that irritated me was the fact that Logan was so standoffish sometimes. He makes up for it, but his attitude bugged me.I will happil [...]

Me agradó bastante está muy bien escrito.

Well Emma's Education turned into my education :) Still curious about the whole BDSM thing - but nothing in this book told me anything I didn't already know :( That's ok though - it was still a fun story to read :) Logan is a Navy SEAL and has a very dangerous job. When he gets hurt on a mission and is forced to take 3 weeks off, he visits his home town. Going into Viper's Dungun where he use to work as a DOM I can't remember the words they used, but he's pretty much a security for the BDSM Sce [...]

Very good menage story. This is the first book I've read by this author and it's made me want to try more, probably with the next book in the series. :DAs the story begins Emma is at Viper's Dungeon with her boyfriend, Greg. Greg is a real jerk and hurting her so two Doms (Jace and Logan) come to her rescue. Emma fins herself unexpectedly attracted to Jace and Logan after the rescue her from Greg. They offer to show her more of the BDSM lifestyle in a manner that makes her feel safe so she accep [...]

Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201When Emma goes with her boyfriend to a BDSM club she never dreamed that he would put a dog collar on her and treat her as he does, but most of all she never dreamed that two Doms would come to her rescue. Jace and Logan are furious at Emma’s treatment by her so-called Dom and come to her aid. Will Emma take them up on their offer or will she run away scared? Emma is a strong woman, yet in the privacy of her own bedroom she longs for more. Logan and Jace a [...]

I really enjoyed this hot, fast-paced read! Logan is a Navy Seal who is on three weeks of forced medical leave. When he visits Viper's Den, the BDSM club he used to be a dungeon monitor at, he sees a sub wearing a dog collar with a tether, and when the Dom she's with starts yanking it he finds his friend Jace, who is a current DM and they step in to stop the abuse. Emma has found herself in only bra, panties and a dog collar, kneeling at the feet of her boyfriend, petrified at what she's seeing. [...]

Overall this book was just okay. I'm usually pretty lenient when it comes to unrealistic timelines in books but this one was a little nuts. (view spoiler)[One minute she was on the leash of a wannabe "dom" who was more interested in finding a way to abuse her with her supposed consent and then maybe an hour later was orgasming in between two other men?(view spoiler)[ I just found it hard to buy and I'm really good at suspending disbelief. I did enjoy it when I was able to put aside the timeline [...]

Good storyI like a good story. Whether it be a Erotica or horror. I like losing myself in a story and this one was a good one. Recommended

I rounded up and gave this book 3 stars. It was better than 'just OK', and I guess I didn't NOT like it, so3 stars.The whole setup is rather predictable: Logan and his friend Jace rescue Emma when she's being mistreated at a BDSM club. She's nervous and afraid, but let's them get hot and heavy with her anywayWow just once I'd love to read a book where the heroine says "No way, I'm outta here" and then actually leaves! You don't really get to know Jace or Logan -- they're rather cardboard. Jace i [...]

Meh It was fine wasn't horrible, but also not that great.I felt that that was a pretty short read, and it could have been a lot better if it had a little more, shal we say "meat", on itLogan's situation wasn't really explained, nor were Jace and Emma's jobs.It was all centered on the sex, and barely had anything "real" about it.I didn't feel any emotions that the characters were feeling during the reading, which tells me that the emotions in this book really weren't that high, because I almost a [...]

In all honesty, I would give this book a 3.7 if I could. What do I like? I like the way it is written, I like the way the character has substance and there is, somewhat, an awareness of reality and intelligence. The problem is, I do not like it because of the only somewhat element. I would prefer there to be a deeper understanding and description of the mental and physical elements. What impressed me about the book was that it is not a stupid book. It is not a book that leaves aside any percepti [...]

great book for basic easy, sexy read. actually had good pointers as for what D/s can be. and not what it isnt. the one thing i did not like is the "quick" connection between the D and s. that takes time! yet, just for a book, i like it - the closeness between the 3 characters do express what D/s can truly be.

This was a very good book following the standard plot of guy(s) helping a woman discover that she really likes being a submissive. Other than her very fast acceptance of her new life, and the simplified moment of angst, this was really well written - and hot.I will explore the others in this series.

A very light, quick BDSM story, if there is such a thing.Don't read this expecting realism of any kind. Everything happens too fast. But, this was a nice break from the darker books I've been reading lately.

I just finished it and I was not a huge fan. The sex scenes were well written and HOT. But, timeline was ridiculous This book summeriezed in a couple of lines. Oh I am scared and offended, but hey why don't you two nice strangers double team me. Ahh, that was nice. Lets get married.

Fun read. A little improbable - the main characters fall in love over a weekend. The ending was a little abrupt and almost reads as an after thought. Reasonably good development of M/F/M ménage dynamic.

I enjoyed the book, it s one that I re-read. But I will say that it is typical of many BDSM ménage erotica. There is a happy male and a broken male, can the three of them heal him enough to make the romance work?Fun quick read, just don't expect a lot of character development.

Delightful! Sexy mfm kinky kover. Just over sizzling. A bit of spanking discipline, lots of DOM/s play, just an overall warm story about two rejoined DOMs (Jace and Logan) who come to the rescue a newby to THE SCENE, Emma. Light, erotic, fun, and funny.

Nice story. Really liked the relationship. Ending seemed abrupt.

she has 2 very caring Doms - amazing


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