The Berenstain Bears on the Moon

Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears on the Moon

The Berenstain Bears on the Moon

  • Title: The Berenstain Bears on the Moon
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780394871806
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover

Illus in full color In a delightful tale told in rhyme, the Bears copewith weightlessness, meteor showers, and moon dust A winner for beginningreaders School Library Journal.

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Cute and perfect for a 5 year old interested in space.

The Berenstain Bears were one of my favorite books to read. I loved reading about all the adventures and the things that the two siblings would do. This book is about the two siblings waiting to get into their rocket ship to fly to the moon with their puppy. They take a whole day to get to the moon. While they are at the moon they ride around on their moonmobile. You get to learn about the adventure that they have been waiting for. This is an awesome book to introduce to young children who are j [...]

I love the idea of the beloved Berenstain Bears going to the moon. The pictures are cute. My three-year-old like the book. But—and I hate to say this—the rhyming verse is pretty bad. Not up to the Berenstains' usual standards.

I enjoyed this book because I like space. I also enjoyed this book because this book was about space.

Not a favorite but good. I hate the ending when they talk about possibly visiting a star. No, sorry, you won't. LoL

The Berenstain Bears on the Moon, by Stan Berenstain, is one of many like it. It is about a family of bears who go to the moon, but it is only the children of the family who get to go, which may be very exciting for children! They go up to the moon in the rocket and wonder how much farther they will get from their home. Do you think they will end up making it to the moon, and back home? Or will they run into some problems? Go ahead and read the book with your children to find out together!This b [...]

I'm not quite sure what the Berenstains were thinking with this one. It's a cute little story about children pretending to go to the moon right up until you realize that there isn't a thing to imply that these two children didn't honestly build (buy?) a spaceship and take their dog to the moon.Am I the only one vaguely annoyed by this? The Berenstain Bears are ridiculously wispy-washy when it comes to their genre. Are they anthropomorphic fiction, or are they straight SF/F? It's normally the for [...]

The Berenstain Bears on the Moon tells a story of how Brother and Sister Bear went to the moon, and what they saw and did there.This one is written in verse, rather than prose, and considering the limited story, it's a good thing: "The bears put up a flag, took notes, and collected rocks." wouldn't be nearly as nice to read as "Then they fly their flag./They take moon notes./They collect moon rocks/in their moon rock totes." Not that the poetry is that great, but at least it's a little more inte [...]

The Berenstain Bears on the Moon is a fun little book based on the Berenstain Bears but written in Dr. Seuss style language. Only Brother and Sister Bear are off to the moon in their very own rocket ship, along with their beloved family pup. While on the moon they experience weightlessness, meteor showers, a moon walk, an a lunar landing. Daunted by a bit of homesickness, the bears and their pup head home and reminisce about their voyage. The colorful illustrations, simplistic language are geare [...]

The Berenstain Books series is a book series that is liked by all children. This book in particular presents many opportunities for discussion and allows kids to learn through images and colors. Not only does this story involve adventure, but it has kids doing things that we wouldnt be able to do, like take a trip to the moon. I love books that have outrageous plots because they keep the audience much more interested and keep you reading until the end. You know a book is good when you WANT to fi [...]

This is an earlier Berenstain Bear book; This is a "Bright and Early books" so it's not a 'normal' story that children might be used to with the Bears (Usual Brother and Sister doing various things with friends and learning lessons etc) But with that said this is still a good book. It's a basic reading book so words are simple and repetitive,words like moon, pup, far, bears. But a fun rhyming story to read out loud as well. The two bears and their pup go to the moon and have an adventure there. [...]

In general I think Berenstain Bears books are preachy and teach kids more bad habits than they fix. HOWEVER, "ThevBerenstain Bears on the Moon" is a fun, non-cautionary adventure tale that is great for any parent trying to interest a toddler in science and the space program. My two-year old daughter asks for this book very often, and it lets us talk about rockets and planets and what it would like to be on the moon. She tells me almost every time we read it she wants to go to the moon, and I rem [...]

Stan and Jan Berenstain present a fun story of the Berenstain bear cubs taking a trip to the moon. Riding in a colorful space ship, the cubs land on the moon and investigate. They come home later that day to tell their whole town about their travels.The story is creative, and I can see any child enjoying this easy to read story. Although some of the details are a little "out of this world," I had a fun time flipping through the pages of a classic Berenstain tale.

This book was a fun story to read especially with the rhyming words the authors provided making the story flow. However I didn’t enjoy this book as much because the story felt lacking compared to others out there at this same level and vocabulary. I wouldn't buy this book for my classroom or recommend this book because I feel there are better stories and books out there that will help my students read better and work their minds in following the story.

I like this book. I would use it during a unit about outer space. I count have my students count down from ten with me. I can ask my students whether we are inside or outside. I like this series for beginning readers. Reading LevelGrade level Equivalent: 1.7Lexile® Measure: 40LDRA: 14Guided Reading: H

A cute book, but it felt a little weird. I don't remember the Berenstain Bears rhyming (or having a dog). Mostly I remember there being real-life problems that got fixed in creative ways It was nice having just a fun Berenstain Bear Book, but I wish it were just a bit more scientific since kids are curious.

This is one of my favorite Berenstain books. When I was a kid I wanted their moonbuggy, and flying to the moon didn't seem so hard. Reading this book now brings back funny childhood thoughts and took me back in time. This was a great read.

Fun story for beginner readers needing a book they can read independently or share with an adult (or animal friend). Lots of sight words and repetitive language to promote reading confidence and fluency.

I liked this book as a 4 stars not just because it is a Berenstain Bears. I like how it is an easy reader, AND most of all it talks about Moon facts in a fun simple, preschool/kindergarten way. Thanks for the fun!!

This book is a fun and rhythmic book about the Berenstain Bears going to the moon. This book is a fun, and unrealistic, story of how the bears got to the moon. This is a great book for early childhood readers.

Another one of the Berenstain Bears Early Readers.It's a lot of fun to read, and the rhymes work well. Very bouncy. I do have to suspend the disbelief of even the kidlets a little - they know full well that two children and a dog cannot go to the moon alone! - but that's all right.

I think this book would be fun for children to read. It would be an easy read due to the rhyming words. This book would be great for teaching children about outer space and the moon. The book talks about gravity, moon rocks, spaceships, and other things that are related to the moon.

Another favorite of mine. Brother, Sister and their pup go to the moon (like it's no problem at all). They have fun collecting rocks and driving around before heading back to Earth where the entire family is waiting for them upon their return.

This is currently my 3 year old's FAVORITE story! It's a bit sing-song-like but overall it is inspiring all sorts of questions!

The Berenstain bears is a great series that also teaches kids great lessons. this one talks about space and i think it would keep kids intrigued.

I read this with both my children.

They go to the moon and come back. This book is a little lacking because it doesn't have Papa Bear`s hilarious mistakes. I thought for sure it was written around 1969, but my edition says 1985.

The Berenstain bears take another adventure! Where are they going? They're going to the moon! This is a good read-aloud book and beginning level book for young children.


The Berenstain Bears are an old classic that all young readers can enjoy. All their travels and experiences are what kids dream about. They are very uplifting books and can still be enjoyable today.

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