Drawing the Circle

Jason Beineke

Drawing the Circle

Drawing the Circle

  • Title: Drawing the Circle
  • Author: Jason Beineke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Blackstone is a mercenary sorcerer who does not rule any valleys and has yet to be bound to another sorcerer Undertaking work for the sorceress queen, Spiral, he finds himself the expendable pawn in an assassination mission Turning against the queen he fights Spiral s loyal sorcerers and finds himself tasked with the guardianship of the marked man s son As the two fleeBlackstone is a mercenary sorcerer who does not rule any valleys and has yet to be bound to another sorcerer Undertaking work for the sorceress queen, Spiral, he finds himself the expendable pawn in an assassination mission Turning against the queen he fights Spiral s loyal sorcerers and finds himself tasked with the guardianship of the marked man s son As the two flee from Spiral they have to work through their mutual bitterness and distrust of each other A new tangle is thrown into their relationship when Blackstone frees a werewolf from her cage set in a town square and reverts the werewolf back to a young woman, cursed since childhood with lycanthropy.Fleeing from the townsfolk who had previously kept the young werewolf, Loralune, captive, the three person band must confront Loralune s transformation under the full moon, the posse that runs them to ground and a sorceress looking for revenge against Hiroe and Blackstone Survival against these threats leaves them vulnerable to other, insidious dangers.

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Blackstone: Drawing the Circle (from here on referred to as BDTC) by Jason Beineke is one of those hit or miss novels. He does some things really well - incredibly well, even - but then other things are largely bunk. The first third of the novel for me was sort of like watching a really awesome movie with someone texting in the audience; while it didn't ruin it, per se, the errors that I noticed were definitely distracting.But let's get on with specifics, starting with The Bad. My biggest compla [...]

Blackstone: Drawing the Circle is an intense work of fantasy. The story and characters are set within a world of sorcerers and warriors but the book has the driving pace of a horror story or even an action-adventure novel. The unfolding is unconventional and bold, an approach that works well because it adds to the nature of the story. There is so much fascinating about Blackstone: Drawing the Circle. Yes, it is scary, some might find it very scary, and not in a "boo gotcha" kind of way. The char [...]

I think high fantasy is one of those genres that can go epically wrong as well as epically right, it is the domain of extreme imagination and a big mistake is to think that all readers are going to get along with the writer’s imagination, with a completely new world. I am very happy to say that Jason Beineke’s book is one of those high fantasies that has gone epically right.Often my big beef with high fantasies is that authors can lose their characters in their efforts to establish the world [...]

To see my full review:bookvacations.wordpress/20Truth be told, lately I have found that I am all fantasized out. It’s been a very long time since I’ve picked up a fantasy novel, or a sci-fi one for that matter, that really drew me into the story and enveloped me with the characterization and plot line. But Drawing the Circle did just that, which was a real treat! Beineke has created a wonderful story that pulls readers into the text with its fantastical world filled with sorcery and strange [...]

'm a fantasy lover and this seemed like it was just up my alley. Plus there's werewolves and all kinds of neat things, right? It's a lot more than that.As Blackstone and Hiroe set out on their journey you really get a sense of their bitterness towards each other and the distrust that Hiroe has towards all sorcerers. However, as the journey keeps going, you really see that relationship evolve, which was one of the things that I loved about this book. Now, I'll go ahead and say that normally, I ca [...]

I absolutely loved the story and would rate the tale a #5, but the editing is a 3. There aren't much in the way of spelling errors, but there are a LOT of missing words. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the author or the distributor. There are enough errors to be irritating, but not enough to hinder understanding the story. EX: One word missing from the paragraph, such as "the", "we", "and" etc. I hope the author/distributor can get this cleaned up because I thoroughly enjoyed the tale and I [...]

He is a powerful sorcerer, a mercenary. He wields a magical obsidian sword made of volcanic ash. He calls himself Blackstone, driven by revenge on the Grand Dominar Mestro Treble who caused his parents' deaths and the decimation of his village. To gain more knowledge on how to defeat the vicious Treble, he sought employment in a city ruled by a cruel queen sorceress who serve Treble. The job given to Blackstone was to eliminate the Warden of the League of Bretta who is giving the Queen trouble w [...]

Really enjoyed the first two thirds of the book. The last third of the book really slowed down and I had a hard time finishing it.

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