Flora The Frog

Shirley Isherwood

Flora The Frog

Flora The Frog

  • Title: Flora The Frog
  • Author: Shirley Isherwood
  • ISBN: 9781561452231
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover

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When picked to be a frog in the class play, Flora does not like her role until she spies real frogs jumping and sparkling in the pond.

Recent Comments "Flora The Frog"

My reaction to this book is that it is a good book for children in kindergarten to read. It was good for the author to tell the kids that something bad can be turned into something good and to have a good attitude about things in life. The one thing I didn't like was that Flora threw her frog costume in the tree because frogs are fat and ugly and she didn't want to be a frog in the play and therefore lied to her mom which isn't something that kids should learn to do, other than that it was a goo [...]

I liked this book. I thought it taught a good lesson about why it is so important to express your feelings about things. I didn't like the fact that she lied to her mom and threw the frog in the tree. But, also that goes along with the lesson at hand. She threw the frog in the tree and felt bad, then lied to her mom. She let her feelings build up inside her but didn't express them until she saw the real frogs in the pond. In the end her mom helped her and made it so that she was a pretty frog an [...]

On one level, this is a fun, sweet book with a good ending. It is a great read-aloud, and teaches some good morals.On another level, this book can be very helpful for adults working with a child who may have difficulty expressing their thoughts and concerns. Reading the book together could be used to open conversations about how to talk about things that are hard. Also, adults may want to read and ponder on their own in order to understand children. Sometimes children do things that are wrong, i [...]

This was one book that I did not like to well only because I feel that this story is teaching children that it is alright to do wrong things with no consequences. Throughout the story Flora does things that are not acceptable: she throws the costume in a tree, lies to her mother about the teacher and students liking the costume and refuses to participate with the rehearsal for the play and nothing happens to her. There are no consequences for her actions. I think that younger children could get [...]

I would use this book in the classroom to illustrate to children why we shouldn't lie to each other and although you do not like something, you can make it what you want by simply using your imagination. This is a good book for first grade children to illustrate the message of giving it a try first.

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