Ombre sul lago

Anne Stuart Maria Claudia Rey

Ombre sul lago

Ombre sul lago

  • Title: Ombre sul lago
  • Author: Anne Stuart Maria Claudia Rey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

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Niente potrebbe essere peggio per Sophie dell arrivo di un vicino tanto inopportuno quanto antipatico, e purtroppo affascinante.Lei ha gi i suoi guai un bed and breakfast da aprire, una vecchia madre un po via di testa, una sorella minore pigra e musona E un conto in banca in rosso perenne.Il tizio del villino accanto, con il suo nome palesemente falso, la sua maschiaNiente potrebbe essere peggio per Sophie dell arrivo di un vicino tanto inopportuno quanto antipatico, e purtroppo affascinante.Lei ha gi i suoi guai un bed and breakfast da aprire, una vecchia madre un po via di testa, una sorella minore pigra e musona E un conto in banca in rosso perenne.Il tizio del villino accanto, con il suo nome palesemente falso, la sua maschia bellezza e il suo fare sardonico, la innervosisce al punto da tramutarla nella sciocca adolescente che non ha mai avuto il tempo di essere.Che ci fa a Colby il signor Smith Qual il suo collegamento con i misteriosi delitti di vent anni prima E soprattutto, accidenti a lui, perch le piace tanto

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4 Murderous Stars!!!When Sophie Davis buys a rundown lakeside farm, she moves her parentless and rebellious almost 18-year-old half-sister and seemingly pre-Alzheimer mother into what she hopes it to be the answer to her problems. Sophie Davis, according to her sister Martie, is known as the “Poor Woman's Martha Stewart". She uses her successful homemaking columnist skills to convert the old farm house into a B&B. Stonegate Farm on Still Lake in Colby, VT unfortunately, has a grisly histor [...]

This was an instant favourite. It was dank. (I don't know if I used that right)Give me a determined, lovable virgin and a well, self-educated, hilariously alpha and caring sexual predator and I'm happy. Sorrynotsorry.She finally looked up at him, stricken. "What are you doing?" she demanded in a strained voice. "Seducing you."My goodness, *repeatedly fans self*. This was exactly the type of a book I needed to wake me from my post-exam-slump. I didn't even know I was in need of a such a thorough [...]

The prologue was really good, leading me to believe this would be one of Stuart's better offerings. Unfortunately, things went downhill after a couple chapters. Stuart's writing is so repetitive, her banter is much the same from book to book, and her villains aren't that great. In fact, I guessed who the villain was in the first hundred pages, and I never even TRY to guess these things.The heroine did the thing all Stuart heroines seem to do—decide, in the dead of night when she can't sleep, t [...]

Dear Romance Novelists;Please stop making condoms the enemy to perfect sex. It's a dangerous myth to perpetuate. This novel was otherwise an entertaining read, but I had to give it such a low ranking because of this issue--The male squeeze was proud of his past promiscuity, and the heroine was a virginSo one can unpleasantly surmise what kind of other special gifts he gave her other than a good orgasm.This is a recent novel, 2003, definitely written post AIDS awareness. Pregnancy is the least of [...]

I can read any Ann Stuart’s books over and over again and will still be on tender hooks from start to finish of her stories. Still Lake was first published in 2002 and I have read it a few times and my enjoyment is still the same as the first time.Sophie Davis is such a fabulous heroine…she’s so damm real…is not afraid to eat her own awesome muffinswho cares about the calories!!! I so so engaged with her persona. Leaving the rat race behind, she has purchased a farmhouse in the Vermont c [...]

I thought it was an okay book. I definitely enjoyed it.The premise is a great one, because the hero himself doesn't know if he's good or bad, yet you root for him from the very beginning.(view spoiler)[I mean, obviously he didn't do it. It would be cool if he did, though. (hide spoiler)]The mystery in the book was way, way too easy to guess. I actually felt kind of disappointed that it was so easy as I figured it out at 30-ish %.Of course, I thought I was wrong, because the author gives you all [...]

While this was not my favorite Anne Stuart book it was still a good book. Sophie (h) moved her mother and little sister to Vermont and bought a big old house in order to eventually open a Bed and Breakfast. After moving there she finds out that 20 years ago there was a serial killer that had taken the lives of 3 teenager girls. This was right up her mother's alley as she is a fan of true crime novels. Sophie's nit worried though because they had caught the guy and he was sent to prison when the [...]

Its the summer of 1982 in Colby, Vermont and Thomas Ingram Griffin is arrested for the murders of three young women, all killed quite brutally. Years later, Griffin returns to Colby and poses as a John Smith to finally put his past to rest, to find out whether in fact it had really been him who had gone on a murdering spree that fateful night when his life had gone so horribly wrong.30 year old Sophie moves to Colby, Vermont to live the life she has always wanted to and dreamed about. A homemake [...]

Sophie Davis has bought her dream property and plans to convert it into a bed and breakfast. It's idyllic setting besides the lake is perfect and just what Sophie has always dreamed of. However, the same lake was also the sight a gruesome triple murder 20 years before. Thomas Griffin was arrested for the murders when he was a teenager and then later acquitted, if only he knew whether or not he actually committed them, the whole night is a blank in his memory, and he has returned to the lake to d [...]

Romantic suspense is my favourite genre but till now I have only read one book by Anne Stuart - Black Ice. And, despite its great reviews, I wasn't really impressed. That is probably the reason it took me more than two years to read another book by this author and it was only because it suited one of my challenges.And I tried really hard to like this book but I just couldn't. There were so many things that annoyed me. Silly and naïve Sophie. Griffin who is actually quite boring and irritatingly [...]

I have to say the mystery in this one was way too easy for me but the romance part had me completely amused. I love the way this writer always throws two stubborn characters together with great sex, love and fabulous smart ass humor!

4.5Not quite 5 stars, but I loved it!

3.5 stars

[In lettura]:Scusate la mia ingenuità ma questo non doveva essere un giallo? Non so, chiedo, perché mi sento un po' villana a chiedere ai due protagonisti di interrompere l'evolversi della reciproca tensione sessuale per parlare di omicidi. Sono ai primi capitoli e la mia impressione è di spiare dal buco della serratura nelle loro vite private.Chiedo perdono, non sono qui per farmi gli affari vostri, guarderò dall'altra parte finché avrete finito con il gioco del pavone che fa la ruota. Qua [...]

Quando eu li a sinopse deste livro, me senti atraída porque só tinha lidos livros históricos dela até então. Gosto de suspense mesclado com romance. E não deu outra. Quando comecei fiquei louca para saber quem era o personagem sombrio e escuso que se manifestava e agia segundo ele, os desígnios de Deus. Seu necessidade de matar era confessadamente prazeroso e que matava as mulheres que eram a expressão - segundo ele - do pecado. O sonho de Sophie Davis, a virgem de trinta anos que nunca [...]

3.5/5 (C+)First, I'll say that I did enjoy the book, but I also thought that it didn't go deep enough and I guess, not much happened. I mean, Griffin didn't really investigate the murders He was almost handed the answer. Actually, he didn't realize who was the killer till the last minute, it was Sohpie's mom who figured it out. I mean, his whole point was to find the killer, but he didn't do much. I can understand his reluctance to go into the town and he got distracted by Sophie, but he could h [...]

I loved it, really, it’s one of my favorite so far. I started reading it afraid that I’d be disappointed. It’s been quite the contrary instead. But why all ms Stuart heroine have to be so stupid!!!!! Always to trust the wrong man. For the sake of the story, I imagine. It pissed me off just the same. Besides the story, I loved the characters… Grace, so deliciously out of her mind; Marty, nice bad girl turning good; Sophie, strong and loyal and naive, head-on-her-shoulder kind of woman, tu [...]

E questo sarebbe un romantic suspence? Perchè di suspence ha poco o nulla, dal momento che il mistero della vera identità del serial killer di venti anni prima non esiste. Ho capito prima di metà libro chi fosse, visto che c'era un solo uomo papabile, l'unico, insieme al protagonista, comparso nella storia.La storia d'amore va leggermente meglio, ma se il lui di turno, pur non essendo un tipico bad boy della Stuart, comunque è abbastanza interessante, Sophie invece risulta essere un personag [...]

It was fine. Pleasant. A nice read.The writing was good.A few things key things bothered me1. I could not buy the relationship between Sophie and "Mr Smith" - she admits to finding him sexy but there does not seem to be any chemistry between them, they did not even seem to like each other. Hence the sex between them felt off2. The sharpest character was the old lady - the entire time neither Grace or Mr Smith especially him who came there to clear his name and investigate the murder did very lit [...]

Reading this you could tell it was an early Anne Stuart novel - Whilst it was very enjoyable it wasn't quite up to scratch with her later books.The mystery - as I can see many other people have mentioned - wasn't much of a mystery - you get introduced to very few characters in this book so your idea of "who dunnit" is very much drawn from the beginning.Having said that - the relationship between the Hero and Heroine and very good - a joy to read in places.Give the book a go - especially if you h [...]

Very classic Anne Stuart- awkward, older virgin heroine; abrupt, cold, selfish (with a grudging streak of sentiment) hero; dramatic tension that never quite gels (because the tension comes from the heroine's fear the hero is actually the villain, but we always know better); quick, unsatisfying ending. I love, love, love The Devil's Waltz, where all of these elements are refined into a quite good book. Still Lake, on the other hand, was solidly average.

This was a good read!! I loved how relatable Sophie's character was. I liked the struggle that was Thomas' life. How he made something of himself and sought to find the answers of that long ago night. Not as much suspense as I would've liked but the romance was entertaining. I will definitely keep it in my re-read pile.

Reading older books by an author you enjoy can be an important reminder that storytelling, like other skills, improves with practice. Don't pick this up expecting the sexual tension, sharp repartee and redemptive f***ing that got you hooked on Stuart's Ice series, or the pirate-y fun of her more recent historical romances. It's a meh.

Anne Stuart is always good. This story brings a Victorianish woman that love scooking and decorating into the life of a man who has lived with the question of murder. The woman's mother and sister add a little somethign extra. I gave it three because at times it seemed a little contrived, but still enjoyable.

This book was definitely dark, like Anne Stuart's books tend to be. I usually like that in her books and don't have a problem with it. My issue with it was that the main characters didn't seem compatible in a convincing way. There weren't a lot of redeeming qualities to the main male character either.

Anne Stuart is a very unique author for me. I don't generally enjoy dark or tortured heroes. But like no other, Anne Stuart can draw me in and make me enjoy just about anything she writes. I haven't figured out the why of that but I'm not complaining

One word to describe this book? WOW! The mystery was that good. The only draw back was all the 'detailed' sex. I never read Anne Stuart before, but I will again. Very entertaining and a real page turner.

I really enjoyed this book until the end. It was like the author got tired of writing and had something to do so she gave it a quick ending to be done.

The killer's identity is too obvious It's a good romantic suspense but the author has better stories.3 1/2 stars

Pretty Good. I had no expectations when I read this book, no previous reviews to go by. In the end it turned out to be a pretty good story!

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