Il valzer del diavolo

Anne Stuart

Il valzer del diavolo

Il valzer del diavolo

  • Title: Il valzer del diavolo
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

Inghilterra, XIX secoloL irreprensibile Miss Annelise Kempton stata assunta da Mr Chipple per guidare la sua giovane ed esuberante figlia Hetty nella scelta di un marito decoroso La ricca dote della fanciulla potrebbe infatti costituire un facile richiamo per i molti avventurieri senza scrupoli che frequentano i salotti londinesi, e l avvenente istitutrice ben decisaInghilterra, XIX secoloL irreprensibile Miss Annelise Kempton stata assunta da Mr Chipple per guidare la sua giovane ed esuberante figlia Hetty nella scelta di un marito decoroso La ricca dote della fanciulla potrebbe infatti costituire un facile richiamo per i molti avventurieri senza scrupoli che frequentano i salotti londinesi, e l avvenente istitutrice ben decisa a portare a termine il suo compito Anche se questo significa opporsi ai piani di una canaglia affascinante e diabolica come Christian Montcalm, un nobile squattrinato che vede in Hetty una facile preda Ma quello che l inflessibile Annelise non ha previsto, che non si pu danzare con il diavolo senza subirne il fascino, soprattutto se il gentiluomo in questione pu indurre in tentazione anche una santa E lei, dopo tutto, soltanto una donna.

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One of my favourite things in romance novels is when the hero has some kind of special nickname for the heroine. Not some sappy thing like "bees knees", but something witty. Some inside joke between the two of them, something sexy that he would say to her in a particular tone of voice reserved just for her. This book has it.The Honourable Miss Annalise Kempton has fallen upon hard times. She is unmarried, almost 30 and virtually penniless. Her pedigree does not allow her to work for a living and [...]

I love Anne Stuart. I need to do a marathon of her books real soon!!!!!Anyway, as the dudes I've read in her other books, this one is gamma too, a lying, scheming, money-grabbing jerk scoundrel!!!!! I loved him like crazy *.*He is so perfectly wicked and a complex character, no one-dimensional goody-two-shoes here, and I recommend it to all who like reading their heroes who are not on the saint side but a little bit wicked and bad :D

4.5 stars. Just because :)I’ve had a bit of a run of “C” grade books recently, so I wanted my next read to be a bit of a pick-me-up. I haven’t read a huge number of Anne Stuart’s books, but I’ve enjoyed the ones I haveread and I admit to having a rather large weakness for that whole starchy-spinster-meets-delicious-bad-boy thing she writes so well.The Honourable Miss Annelise Kempton is nearing thirty, overly tall, bespectacled and penniless. Her sisters are married with families of [...]

3.5 Stars to be specific.It seems like this author has quite a talent for writing dark, shady, unrepentant men. Christian definitely fits the bill. He is an actual fortune hunter. I don't think I've ever read about a fortune hunter hero who doesn't have a problem with that status. Christian would have preferred having money himself, obviously, but he had no problem marrying to get it. He was a master manipulator. He was able to look at someone and know how best to portray himself. He also has no [...]

*Buddy read with Blacky <3<3<3*

Annelise Kempton is 29, on the shelf and happy to remain that way. Though high born, she's pretty much destitute and accepts a post at the Chipple residence where she will guide young Hetty Chipple, an extraordinary beauty who is clueless when it comes to matters of respectability, so that she will find a reputable husband. Annelise has her work cut out for her. Hetty may be the most beautiful creature alive but she's also young and naive and too tempting a morsel for a destitute rake named Chri [...]

Classic understatements, put-downs that sound like compliments, witty repartee, grammatically correctly spoken English; things I look forward to when reading historical romances. A heroine who isn’t classically beautiful, has a spine, and knows her weaknesses? That’s different. A dark hero who admits he’s bad and probably won’t ever be any different from the rogue he is? Well, that’s the same. Except for the parts where his actions belie his words. He does act with honor, he does attem [...]

This one was a tough one for me. I have pledged my undying loyalty to Anne Stuart. In my opinion, she is one of the most talented authors writing in the romance genre yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow. I look forward to every one of her books, and ration them for when I need something special to lift me out of reading droughts.I was generous when giving this 4 stars.The upside are the characters and the dialogue. Stuart's trademark wit is showcased in this one and I loved the characters an [...]

Nice but it could have been much better. I liked their pickering and the banter but the second half was let's say not so enjoyable and for me so far out of everything of what I expected that it seems a bit strange.I had also some troubles with the changing of their relationship especially his change or awareness of his feelings was rushed and left me with a hollow feeling

This one goes into my all-time favorite pile. It's the consummate Anne Stuart and a perfect example of her style and her genius. Dark, unlikable heros written so well you fall in love with them in spite of their sins. Plain, ordinary heroines whose courage and moxy knock those heros for a loop!

The Devil's WaltzAlthough, I'm not entirely sure why the book was named sobut anyhowI think it was a decent book with decent book with a fairly decent plotI still think certain things were lacking.For one, there were a lot of loose ends. A lot. Which the author should've probably taken into account while writing this story.Even though it was a romantic thrillermetimes it lacked romance, the other times it lacked thriller.The author had a lot of scope with the villain. She could've done a lot but [...]

This is my first Anne Stuart historical and I'm absolutely hooked! It is a great story of two people, living at the edges of Society, clinging on by their fingernails. The hero is a complete s.o.b. and, thankfully, doesn't suddenly change into a virtuous white knight the second the heroine batters her lashes at him, and the heroine, meanwhile, doesn't batter her lashes at anyone. They are both hardened by their experiences, but Anne Stuart writes in such a way that it's believable. The secondary [...]

The second star was a generous gesture on my part. This is probably the most frustrating book I've read for months. It was justinful reading the inevitable disaster. The epilogue was unnecessary and forced; I was not convinced by Christian's evolution of his feelings towards Annelise. I was also not convinced how Annelise's attraction/lust turned to love. It was not convincing at all and reading about how stupid the plot unfolded was just torture. I don't get how this trainwreck made it to my s [...]

One very handsome broke d**k “titled” rogue Christian Montcalm is desperate for money Meets 29 year old poor spinster chaperone Annelise Kempton with a sharp wit and tongue. Pretty good story, although I thought the ruthless cruelty of Hetty’s father was a little over the top. I really liked the dialogue between H/h, but would have like it better is there had been a little more love shown between them before they ended up in bed. I give this a B

Christian Montcalm is a playboy viscount who needs a quick out with a wealthy debutante. Christian is swimming in debt and his card games aren’t playing so well anymore. Luckily for him, Josiah Chipple is a man of new money with an eager young bride. Hetty Chipple is beautiful, if a little tedious and rough around the edges. Her father is desperate for a title, and Christian is desperate for money. It seems the perfect match . . . until Miss Annelise Kempton arrives.Annelise is a ton lady who [...]

I've had this book in the TBR pile for a long time. Although Anne Stuart is one of my favourite authors her latest historicals did not have the same ring for me that her earlier ones and so I haven't been as eager of picking them up. However I did get The Demon Count in the mail last week and that made go and look at my pile of books and decide to try this one.The story in itself is not that original. The ultimate wounded hero turned rake that ends up redeemed and the best of husbands thanks to [...]

My first Anne Stuart book. I honestly did not think I would like it all that much, having heard about all the notoriety her heroes get for being the baddest heroes. But it was a nice surprise to find myself with a book with quality writing, a strong yet feminine (but spinster) heroine, and droolworthy hero who is actually a very determined fortune hunter. The Honorable Miss Annelise Kempton is our destitute spinster heroine who has to offer her impeccable reputation and guidance to receive room [...]

Literally, the only thing which kept Stuart's novel from being a five star was the fact that it didn't have that one intangible aspect that 5-stars do. However, that small fact asideThis book was great! The pacing of the plot was absolutely excellent, and I most definitely enjoyed the thrust-and-parry between Annelise and Christian. If I reflect further on the matter, though, I was not able to connect with Christian to the same degree as Annelise. However, I feel this could be attributed to the [...]

3.5 starsI quite liked the hero, who was a real cad, not a rake in name only. And the heroine was great as well. She was a penniless spinster who was truly practical, which I appreciated; she had no choice but to put her survival first. Yes, she wasn't as capricious or eccentric or even as interesting as your typical historical romance heroine, but that's because her life consisted of finding ways to scrape by. Poverty suspends you in a "fight or flight" state. Not all people can afford to be wh [...]

Good book with a likeable heroine a 29 yr old tall slim who had one season at 17 nothing came from it Left penniless by drunken gambling father2 married sisters. She firmly believes she is on the shelf, goes from relative to relative to others to live with her last spot was for a wealthy merchant who has a 17 yr old beautiful daughter who heroine is expected to chaperone and teach social graces of upper society to as well as make sure she marries a title. The worst rake in England of course is a [...]

I have yet to read a book by Anne Stuart that I have not adored and "The Devil's Waltz" is no exception. I loved the sexual tension between the two main characters - the spinsterish "Honorable Miss Annelise Kempton" and the charming "bad boy" Christian Montcalm! I loved how Annelise (small note: I fell in love with the heroine's name) wasn't your typical heroine in that she was no great beauty and was considered to be "on the shelf" by everyone, including herself. This did not cause her to shy a [...]

I've been going though this phase where I find all HRs to be the same, which is completely untrue, but still it sometimes happens to me when I don't read a different genre in between lots of Historical Romances. So I think for this same reason, my enjoyment of this book was clouded. That is to say, I think I might've have enjoyed it more had I read it some other time. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy this book, I did, but mostly due to the characters relationship, I admit I'm a sucker for witty [...]

i liked this book. the "hero" is a scoundrel, wastrel, selfish degenerate who of course has redeeming qualities. lol. the heroine is not your typical romance heroine in looks she's not spectacularly beautiful. she wears spectacles and she's tall. then, that was like being an ogre. so the hero is broke and he wants to wed this cute lil heiress. well, the heroine is hired as companion to protect the heiress. of course, the hero loves baiting and fussing with the heroine. they come to like each oth [...]

I would love for a longer lovey dovey scenes between Christian and Annelise. They bickered and fought the entire 95% of the book, made me look forward to the humbling befallen of a bad wicked fortune seeker rake towards the ending. Alas, it was not so. Christian didn't suffer at all and the epilogue was a mere 4 pages long. I am bothered when a bad wicked hero didn't suffer. Very. Bothered.

I enjoyed this book very much! Great characters (especially Christian Montcalm, who is one of the most endearing bad boy heroes I've come across so far, in spite of being a true cad), witty dialogue, a dash of angst, and way more than a dash of sexual tension. I'd never read an Anne Stuart book before, but I'm looking forward to checking out more of her novels. 3.5 stars

Loved this rake! He was definitely not a fake!

I loved this one. I want someone to call me a dragon.

"There's always been something irresistible about a starchy virgin who curses like a stable hand," he murmured. "But you are nobly resisting my siren lures anyway," she shot back. She recognized the faintly aggrieved note in her voice and should have bitten back the words, but with any luck at all he wouldn't notice the slip.Oh, Anne Stuart! Your deliciously unrepentant "rat bastard" rakes and sensually deprived spinster "dragons" always leave me breathless and my reading heart satisfied. The ba [...]

leído en Mayo 2011Me gustó

This was a reread. I had previously given it away but because I had really enjoyed some other Stuart books, felt I should give it another chance. In any event I didn't like it much better the second time round and generally would give it 2.5 starsThe story focuses upon Annalise Kempton, a well born lady down on her luck and acting as an unpaid chaperone/ guide to society for Hetty Chipple, heiress to a large fortune but with a distinct smell of trade. Hetty initially presents as a total spoilt b [...]

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