A Matter of Trust

Anne Schraff

A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust

  • Title: A Matter of Trust
  • Author: Anne Schraff
  • ISBN: 2940013017658
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Nook

The sequel to Lost and Found Bluford Series 1 , this book centers on Darcy s growing conflict with her old friend, Brisana Meeks Amid jealousy and competition, Darcy fights for her relationship with Hakeem Randall and struggles with her fears over her own family s future.

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The bookA Matter of Trust is about a girl named Darcy. She has a boyfriend named Hakeem who is very diffrent from other boys. Alost the whole book is about Dracy and her old friend Brissana Meeks. They used to be friends but now they hate each other. Darcy also has to deal with problems at home with her grandmother who is getting sicker and sicker everyday. Also problems with her dad that is trying to get closer to her and her sister after five years when he left them. Darcy is one of the smarte [...]

This book about the life of 3 teenage high school students, and common issues that can occur in a friendship. In the book Matter of Trust, by Anne Schraff , Darcy is having trouble in her life about who to trust. Throughout this book, Darcy does not know if she could trust her boyfriend Hakeem or her old best friend. Darcy has suspicions that Brisana and Hakeem are attracted to each other. She is also dealing with the return of her father. This book is really interesting because it deals things [...]

This book is really good. I love the ending. I learned that in life there will be obstacles and you just have to learn how to overcome it. When there's people that's been in your life for a long time and they just left you because of something they didn't accept, it's okay. Everything in the end will be fine. It's only the after feeling that matters. In the end everything will be fine. You'll soon realize if that person really matter or not. This is why I think that the title is a great title. " [...]

In the novel “A Matter Of Trust” the story takes place at Buford High School and also in a house. The characters are Darcy, Brisana, Hakeem, Tarah and Cooper. My prediction will be based on Darcy and Brisana because the book is based on them. Darcy is a girl that goes to high school called Buford High School. In the story it says that “Darcy hangs out with a couple of friends, and she’s pretty happy.” Darcy also has a boyfriend name Hakeem. Everything is fine except for two things. One [...]

This series has been flying off the shelf ever since we purchased it, so I finally read one. Only 125 pages, large type, plot-driven, good for reluctant readers. I appreciate that all of the main characters are African-American high schoolers, and I think the covers are a big reason kids are picking them up (as a side note, be sure to go for the gorgeous photos on the covers, NOT the strange paintings on the earlier Townsend covers). In this teen drama, 16-year-old Darcy has a lot to deal with: [...]

A matter of trust is a very good book to read cause its very understandable and you will like if u like books about drama and romance.I love this book because i can understand what its about and how the writer was thinking when she wrote this also the series is very good if u read them in orderke in the book she gets mad at her sister cause she hanging with the wrong crowd and doing wrongs thingsen she have problems at home with her mother and grandmotherif you want to find out read this bookis [...]

Have you ever had a hard time gaining someones trust back when they used to be really close to you? I think this book can relate to your situation. This book also explains how that person started to kinda get trust back from that certain person. Overall, the book was good, some parts in the story teaches you some lessons about life. Two sisters, Darcy and Jamee who attend Bluford Highschool, are still heartbroken over the fact that their dad left them to go with a much younger women in New York. [...]

Had you ever had the one feeling, that you don't trust a few person out there? well i had, and not just one person but a several of persons. I guess thats how life is. When someone says they truly trust you they mean it, so don't make that person regret the trust they have in you. That just really makes me think i cant trust anyone out there but the family. My opinion in this book i actually really liked it i read most of Bluford High books they are great, they're so addicting i literally read t [...]

Have you ever, ever had a hard time gaining someones trust back when they was really close to you? I think this book can relate to the same situations your. This book explains how the person started to get trusty with this certain personere is 2 sister named Jaimee and Darcey who attends bluford high school that are still heart broken because of there dad letting them go with t younger mom in Newyork. When there dad left the whole family broke apart especially Jaimee, Darcey and Jamee's mom work [...]

The book I have read is called “A Matter of Trust”, by Anne Schraff. This book is a fiction book. The theme of the book is to always have confidences in your self, have trust in others that is close to you and deal with different situations differently, also to forgive the people who done wrong to you. A Matter of Trust is based on trust, drama, and love. The main characters are Darcy, her father, Hakeem, and Brisana. Darcy has sum trust issue wit her dad, about what had happened when she [...]

Dear Charan,I am reading the book "A Matter of Trust' by Anne Schraff, which is a work of realistic fiction.This book is about a young woman named Darcy. She has a lot on her plate from a elderly grandmother to her long lost father coming back into her life wanting to regain her trust. She also has a stuttering boyfriend. Darcy's best friend used to be this girl named Brisana. Sadly, they fell apart once they both got to high school, because Darcy began to hang out with "zeros" in other words lo [...]

A Matter of Trust by Anne Schraff, the second installment to Lost and Found. I have to say, this book was a lot better than the first. We see Darcy again, while she deals with a kind-of-but-not-really romantic relationship with Hakeem(their relationship status can be annoying. I mean, are you together or not?)the prospect of her former best friend stealing Hakeem away from her, and uncertain of whether to re-establish a relationship with her father, who left the family five years ago.This book, [...]

i love this book it shows how being a good person will always make your life easier. it goes from Darcy to thinking her and Brisana are the tens in this world ( upper class people ) to her opening up and understanding that there are people just like her in the world and they are no better than her. so then brisana gets madd and starts to take Hakeem Darcey`s boyfriend away until Darcey realizes that this used to be her bestfriend so then they get back to the old days. and the father comes back i [...]

A Matter of Trust is a high school love drama. It can relate to most teens and their issues they might meet in high school , A matter of trust was mostly about a girl named darcy who was madly inlove with this boy name Hakeem Darcy has to over come obsatcles with keeping her stuttering boyfreind,Hakeem, out of arms reach of her ex-bestfriend Brisana. Brisan tries to get revenge on Darcy for choosing other friends over her. She also has to over come the shock of seeing her father for the very fir [...]

For starters, I would like to thank the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. It's been a while since I've read books from this series. I believe the last one I read was Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan, and I loved it. I loved Martin Luna. I also love Darcy Wills, the main character in this book. I really liked how the story ended because it was sweet! I liked all the characters. I liked how this was a cute, fun, and short read. This series, Bluford High is written by two peopl [...]

This book was amazing. My favorite thing about the Bluford series books are that they have real life situations that actual people go through every day. Darcy lIves in a small apartment with her mom, sister, and her sick grandmother. Life was fine until it took a turn for the worst. Darcy's ex best friend Brisana is trying to ruin her life and her dad who abandoned her years ago, is now trying to make up for the trouble he has caused. What will Darcy do and who will she trust?

This book is a girl named Darcy and she keeps flirting with her boyfriend. Also Darcy's grandmother is sick and her father is trying to find his way back in there family.This book is a page tuner and is very insteresting. The parts that made this book insteresting was when Darcy, Jamee, and their mother went to Aunt Charlotte house for dinner.These conflicts helped me better understand the charachters.

This book was a great book. I really love to see how Darcy feel now about her dad coming back to that house. Also she think that her family might be a normal family after her mom and her dad had a conversation that made her mother give her father a chance

i thought this book was ok. it didnt really catch my attention all like that.

i thought this book was a good book because it had learning pointss in it and how to deal with certain situations.

she wuz very smart not to fight her old bst friend and just let it go its a good example to show people not to fight over each other

It was good but i didnt like how the author ended the story.


i like this book and i want read the others series of this author

A Matter of Trust by Anne SchraffDarcy, a teenage girl is going through a confusing and rough time because she is trying to forgive her dad for what he had done in the past. He walked out on his family five years ago. She has forgiven her father, but her mom is still having a hard time deciding on if she wants to accept him back in the family. Darcy and her father, Carl Wills, went on a lunch date to catch up on things since they haven't seen each other in five years. They were quiet and shy tow [...]

A Matter of Trust Darcy is in a relationship with Hakeem, they both attend Bluford High. Hakeem gets picked on when he talks in front of crowds of people he stutters bad. Darcy always is there for him at those times. Darcy has a little sister Jamee. They help take care of their grandma who is sick because their mom works a lot. A couple years back their dad left them and it hasn’t been the same for them. Darcy will never forgive him, Jamee wants him to come back because she forgives him. One d [...]

You are not through life problems alone. “I don’t know if I can’t trust” In a matter of Trust by Anne Schraff, trusting people is about being open. Why should we trust people who have who have hurt us? Well maybe the this can help you answer that questions. This book will make you think about the decisions you have made and decisions you will have to make in the future. Bluford high is a series that will keep you on your toes. I really enjoyed getting lost in the text. You will find your [...]

The Bluford series has a lot of good stories and lessons that everyone can relate too. Especially with this book. High School girls, still trying to figure out who ya friend is and who isn't. Misunderstanding and miscommunication. Plus family issues. This book hits home. I recommend this book to anyone. Easy to read and a short book. :)

This was a great book the girl darcy i can relate to her because we have some things common the book its like how high school is now this also makes you think about stuff the boy hakeem has a really bad stuttering problem and i his English class the have to read there essays out loud and im a shy person to and he hates when he do that .

The charcters Brisana and Darcy both was fighting over this one boy name Hakeem. Darcy really liked him and Brisna just said he liked and and did stuff to get under Darcy skin. Darcy would let stuff happen and let her do thing until one day she got so fed up and they got in this whole fight. After that Brianna finally stopped and chilled out.

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