The Black Cauldron

Lloyd Alexander

The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron

  • Title: The Black Cauldron
  • Author: Lloyd Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780440227434
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Taran, the Assistant Pig Keeper, and his friends are led into a mortal struggle with Arwn and his deathless warriors Taran must wrest the black cauldron from them, for it is the cauldron that gives them their evil strength But can he withstand the three enchantresses, who are determined to turn him and his companions into toads Taran has not foreseen the awful price heTaran, the Assistant Pig Keeper, and his friends are led into a mortal struggle with Arwn and his deathless warriors Taran must wrest the black cauldron from them, for it is the cauldron that gives them their evil strength But can he withstand the three enchantresses, who are determined to turn him and his companions into toads Taran has not foreseen the awful price he will have to pay in his defence of Prydain

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The Black Cauldron (The Chronicles of Prydain #2), Lloyd Alexander, Maryam Siyādat (Translator)تاریخ نخستین خوانش: شانزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2008 میلادیعنوان اصلی جلد دو «پاتیل سیاه» بوده که بانو سیادت عنوان «تاران و پاتیل جادویی» را برای آن برگزیده استعنوان: افسانه های پریداین - کتاب 2 : تاران و پاتیل جادویی؛ نوشته: لوید ال [...]

This book is the one that gave the Disney film from the 80s its name--you know, the one nobody saw that was a complete box office disaster--right before The Little Mermaid came out and ushered in Disney's Golden Age. I saw the film once and wasn't impressed with it. It bears almost no resemblance, aside from its characters sharing the same names and a few select characteristics, to the books.As stated in my review for The Book of Three, I was not very impressed with this series to start off with [...]

Old Shit I'm Revisiting: The Prequel: Part 2Aw this is more like it. As I said I was a bit disappointed reading The Book Of Three this is more like The Prydain I remember. There are still flaws, writing at times can be a bit flat, and the exposition a bit heavy. But the moral universe of the characters has grown nicely adding shades of grey to what was starkly black and white before, there's room for some apt and surprisingly lovely metaphor (The broach that causes everything to look different i [...]

Odlicna knjiga, jos bolje nego prethodna a to nisam ocekivao. Mracnija, opasnija i na momente brutalnija. iskreno ova knjizica ima puno bolnih momenata i cini se odraslijom nego mnoge grim dark knjige iako su doticne prepune nasilja, smrti i sexa.Veliki plus u ovoj knjizi je tj sto je fokus daleko vise na samim likovima a ne naa putovanju i to se isplatilo.Obavezno stivo a ako imate nekog mladjeg u okolini slobodno mu kupite.Sad odo da odgledam crtani, dugo nisam :)

In 4th grade all I wanted to be was Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron.

The Black CauldronMuch better than ‘The Book of Three’;This one deepens the mysteryWith shades of lore and historyAnd an urgent electricity(Sometimes with added duplicityWhen characters dabble in trickery),As three Crones with their witcheryComplete the synchronicity.

On of my all time favorites as a kid. Recommended for those who like Diana Wynne Jones and Susan Cooper.***wondering why all my reviews are five stars? Because I'm only reviewing my favorite books -- not every book I read. Consider a novel's presence on my bookshelf as a hearty endorsement. I can't believe I just said "hearty." It sounds like a stew.****

Still one of the best childhood reads. Damn I liked hardcore books as a kid.Aspiration, pride, loyalty, self-knowledge and sacrifice - this takes on growing pains with a vengeance as Taran continues to try to Do Good in the face of a bewildering line-up of the evil, the self-interested d powers he may never understand.

The first book in the Prydain series didn't exactly impress me. I was afraid the whole lot of them would be stories where this motley crew of adventurers makes one mistake after another because they're silly and self-righteous but somehow manages to magically win in the end.The Black Cauldron changed my mind. While the characters didn't get too much smarter, they matured quite a bit. Their bumbling isn't quite as tiresome, and they seem to learn a lot quicker and think less about themselves. So [...]

This was an enjoyable read. I love the adventures and the pureness of the characters.

In the second part of this series, the heroes we met in the first are back in action, taking on with the help of a few more warriors a very difficult mission, particularly crucial for the outcome of the fight against evil. As part of this mission, they are confronting great dangers but also themselves and are connected even more through all these difficulties. In the end, however, they find that evil can have many more forms, as well as good, which makes things much more complicated. These deve [...]

Yet another fast moving, easy reading book. I wish I had read it sooner, as I was confused in the beginning trying to remember who all the characters were. However, after the first chapter or two it was quite good. A few parts were disturbingly LOTR reminiscent, but not enough to make it a cheap rip-off. Most of the characters were good and the mythological influences were nice. I'll think I won't wait so long to read the rest of the series.

Oh yes, after a long time away I am back again reading and listening (Audible) to Black Cauldron.So finished again, must admit that I've forgotten parts of it, but all the better to enjoy again.Just finished The Black Calderon wonderful balance of themes. Faith, friendship, courage, self worth and the balance of good and evil. Above all I think the lessons of discernment are done will.

This suffered from many of the same problems that the first volume had but was still enjoyable. The adventure begins even quicker here: Our heroes must destroy the Black Cauldron which makes the zombie warriorsor whatever.I enjoyed this quest a little more than the first books if only because the goal was much more clear and everyone was already together so no one had to be gathered later.The bad guys were bad. The good guys were good. I MAY pick up the next volume if I need some escapist fun.

My parents bought me the Prydain book series as a bundle, at my insistence, from the Book Fair. I was in eighth grade and riding high after a long-awaited family trip to Disneyland. I was also fairly convinced that I wanted to become an animator and had read about Disney's The Black Cauldron (1985) in Bob Thomas's Art of Animation. Since the movie wasn't available on VHS, I figured reading the books upon which it was based was an acceptable alternative. Of course, I did not expect then to fall [...]

Me: Okay boys, today we're starting chapter three of the Black Cauldron and-Student: I FINISHED THE ENTIRE THING AND THE LIBRARY DOESN'T HAVE THE REST SO MY MUM IS GOING TO BUY THEM ALL FOR ME.I love it when I find things that my reluctant readers get hooked on, and this exchange happened during the second class I've ever had with this kid. I'm all like:Stand back, Mrs. Student'smom, let me work. So anyway, I read this book when I was a kid and I had basically forgotten how it ended, I just reme [...]

While I enjoyed the first book in this series, I think part of my enjoyment was due to finally diving into such a classic series that had eluded me for so many years. I did enjoy that first book, The Book of Three, but it did seem to meander a little too much for my taste. This time around, I felt the plot was much tighter and focused on just a handful of characters, allowing me to get to know them much better.I also liked how Taran, the main character, grew through the novel. He is still an ass [...]

One of the best books in this series, as our heroes join the mission to steal the magic cauldron the the Dark King uses to create his zombie soldiers. They find the Cauldron, get separated from the main army and have to deal with witches, a treacherous swamp and the forces of evil.Great fantasy adventure novel, full of strong characters and a clever sense of humor.

**REREAD**(though I remember basically nothing other than loving it)Ahh. AHH. This series is like comfort food. It's got good guys winning, but also betrayal and (dare I say it) death. And it's damn good.I'll stop here, but I suggest reading it. It's bloody good fun.

The story in this book won a Newbery Award, but I do not think I liked it as much as the first book in the series.

I first read all five of Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain in my early teens, and frankly, it's hard for me to remember much about them beyond general emotional impressions: the first two were adventurous, the third a bit odd, the fourth dry and philosophical, and the fifth - well, it all went to hell in the fifth book. The announcement of these new yearly 50th Anniversary editions, therefore, are a great excuse not just to revisit the series but to separate them out and consider them some [...]

Oh, James Langton, you silver-tongued devil. Your audiobook recordings are so unbelievably good, so lively and full of unique characters, I could listen to you read for days (and I have). 'The Black Cauldron' is the second book in the Prydain chronicles - a classic quest, full of Princes and crones, evil undead and courageous warriors. We begin in Caer Dallben, where Taran works as Assistant Pig-Keeper, dreaming of greatness and glory. If you are lucky enough to have the audio version of this bo [...]

Great book. This is a fantasy with a human element in the hero that is rare. Taran, a lowly "Assistant Pig-Keeper," is humble, though often hot-headed. To this hero honor matters, but integrity rules. His decisions are always selfless and courageous, though often youthfully unwise. His companions and superiors are often the more wise and honorable, yet Taran's leadership takes them where they must go. The self sacrifice and humility he shows makes him a great hero for young people, most of whom [...]

This has always been my favorite of the series. It has such danger & humor & the various hero's journeys deepen as the story continues. Here we meet Gwystyl & Kaw & the tragic figures of King Morgant & Ellidyr & Islimach.When I read this book as a little girl, I was quite taken with the character of Adaon, the son of Taliesin. I hated Ellidyr, the last son of a poor family who has nothing but his sword, his horse & his prideful rage to carry him through. As an adult I [...]

I liked The Black Cauldron better than I liked The Book of Three. The characters we knew grew a bit, but not so much that they were unrecognizable. As irritating as Taran can be, too much change wouldn't quite be believable. The Black Cauldron also introduced a number of new characters, as quirky as the last batch. I particularly liked Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch -- they might be my favorite characters of the series (I'm writing this review after having finished the Chronicles). They were multi-face [...]

Book 2 of the Chronicles of Prydain series, which I sort of worshipped as a kid. I really wish that my copy of the book features the cover pictured with this review, as it seems to ignore Taran completely and just features Eilonwy doing something badass, which is pretty cool. Also, I will repeat a warning I made in my review of The Book of Three: The Walt Disney Corporation, in a well-intended but disasterous move, decided to make an animated movie called The Black Cauldron several years ago. Th [...]

My favorite movie when I was a kid was one I'd never seen. It was a Disney story I collected in a sticker book which followed the adventures of a pig herder, a princess, a hairy little man, a terrible bard and their oracular pig in their fight against the horned king. To suggest this left a profound mark upon me may have been a little of an understatement - the undead lord's rumbling of "I presume, my boy, you are the keeper of this oracular pig" still makes me grin. And so when wandering about [...]

Better, a solid three stars. I think the only problems I'm having with the books is how much they remind me of Lord of the Rings and how one-dimensional the characters and and the setting of the book are. I mean, I'd like a book or a story that has some good chapters of filler, ya know? But you really don't get that you really don't get any filler at all. Everything just moves from point A to point B.Also, the villains seemed to get killed off awfully fast. Like, one minute they show up and the [...]

I really loved this series when I was younger, but when I went back to read it around Y2K, it wasn't as good. Something about the writing style didn't sit well, which is why I only gave it 4 stars - it really is a Young Adult classic. Some writers, like John Christopher & L'Engle, are a bit better at writing - FOR ME - over the years. I read all their books as a kid & again as I grew older. Some stories are still re-readable, some aren't. It's a fantasy with magic & such. Nothing ter [...]

I have read this entire series so many times that I couldn't possibly count them. Alexander was one of my favorite authors. Taran is a bit more grown up in this book and does a fair amount of growing up in this. He Has to deal with the Cauldron Born in this title, the dead reanimated in a grotesque imitation of life. They "live" merely to do their master's orders and have no emotions but are horrendously efficient killing machines. In this one Taran is seeking the actual cauldron that produces t [...]

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