River in the Sea

Tina Boscha

River in the Sea

River in the Sea

  • Title: River in the Sea
  • Author: Tina Boscha
  • ISBN: 9781466292079
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

At fifteen, Leen De Graaf likes everything she shouldn t smoking cigarettes, wearing red lipstick, driving illegally, and working in the fields It seems the only thing she shares with her fellow Dutchmen is a fear of the German soldiers stationed nearby and a frantic wish for the war to end When a soldier s dog runs in front of Leen s truck, her split second reaction seAt fifteen, Leen De Graaf likes everything she shouldn t smoking cigarettes, wearing red lipstick, driving illegally, and working in the fields It seems the only thing she shares with her fellow Dutchmen is a fear of the German soldiers stationed nearby and a frantic wish for the war to end When a soldier s dog runs in front of Leen s truck, her split second reaction sets off a storm of events that pitches her family against the German forces when they are most desperate and fierce Leen tries to hold her family together, but despite her efforts, bit by bit everything falls apart, and just when Leen experiences a horrific loss, she must make a decision that could forever brand her a traitor, yet finally allows her to live as her heart desires Inspired by the life of the author s mother, River in the Sea is a powerful and moving account of one girl reaching adulthood when everything she believes about family, friendship, and loyalty is questioned by war In September 2011, Tina Boscha was awarded the Oregon Literary Fellowship so that she could finish River in the Sea.

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Just finished this really amazing book. I found myself getting caught up in the bleakness of not only the incredible sadness that this family had to endure, but also the hardship that everyone that was involved in the war was subjected to. What a gut wrenching story of family, loss and yet,strength that persisted throughout this time in northern Europe.The occupation of a small Dutch village by the Germans has a pervasive effect on everyone. Even one small mistake can mean the difference between [...]

Although classified as historical fiction, this book is about the experiences of the author's mother. It is set during the last months of WW2 in Friesland, a northern province of Holland. The Germans were retreating. However the book is primarily a coming of age story. Don't be fooled by the beginning, which is action filled and dramatic. Rather than being a plot driven book, it is focused upon Leen, the central character's development into adulthood. It is about the war's impact on one family. [...]

You would think that the simple act of hitting a dog and killing it would be nothing more than a sad story, a tragedy. You wouldn't think that this simple act would lead to a whole chain of events that would shatter one family, threaten their lives and well-being, and almost break them up for good. But this was World War II. This was the Netherlands. The dog was a German Shepherd, one that belonged to a German soldier. And Leendje was just a young girl driving the family truck, a truck that the [...]

The Help, Peter Pan, The Handmaid's Tale, Gone with the Wind, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and the Harry Potter series. What do they all have in common? They have all been awarded my coveted 5 star rating. I'm very excited to announce that Tina Boscha's River in the Sea joins that list today! This is a Call Me Bookish first - never before have I given an indie book 5 stars.Unlike a lot of reviewers, I use the same standards to rate indie books as I do New York Times best sellers. Don't [...]

Well written historical novel about life during the German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. This is a self-published novel and is based on the life of Boscha's mother. Boscha brings the reader through a range of emotions by all the characters, but especially Leen, a young girl trying to grow up during this turbulent period in history. Her emotions are felt by the reader. The middle of the book drags a bit and I wonder if Boscha did this deliberately. Every day, the residents of Friesla [...]

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review. Great historical fiction based on the author's family history! The story is about a young Friesian (northern Netherlands) girl and her family, during the end of WW2. The girl, Leen, accidentally runs over a German soldier's guard dog on her way home and everything bad that happens after that is somehow the result of that one incident (at least in her mind). The depiction of life during occupied Nazi rein is amazing. I agree [...]

An amazing story of a young girl from the Netherlands during WWII. It was powerfully emotional and had me going through all of the feelings with the character throughout the book. I held my breath on a few occasions and rejoiced in others. Exceptional writing!

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I thought this was a fantastic book. It feels like such a fresh approach to a period in history that has been well documented. The ability for the author to access the memory and accounts of family members make this possible with much warmth, wit and a great sense of life. Ultimately its a coming of age novel for the angst-ridden (as any teenager might be) Leen, faced with a multitude of emotions due to the pressures of family life, burgeoning friendships and loves whilst living under harsh wart [...]

First let me start off by saying that while I do like historical fiction, I usually prefer my time setting to be a bit further back. However with Boscha's story I was drawn in from the first. I really loved this book. Boscha told a beautifully moving story of a time that was horrible and cruel. Especially to it's youth, a large portion of which was forced to grow up way sooner than it should have. There is an especially moving part where Leen and her sisters are hiding upstairs while her father [...]

Leen is a typical 15 year-old. She is at times stubborn, sneaks cigarettes, drives her father's truck too fast and likes to get her hands dirty while wearing lipstick. Teenage mistakes are part of growing up, but during WWII, under Nazi Occupation, mistakes can be dangerous and deadly. (Some spoilers if you read further)In October of 1944 Leen and her family have remained intact in the village of Wierum, located in the Friesland province of the Netherlands. The cold Wadden Sea held back by the d [...]

I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.Tina Boscha contacted me a few weeks ago, asking me to read her self-published historical fiction novel. I was captivated by her email and her description of the book - which is based on her mother's experiences during the German occupation of the Netherlands. So, I agreed to read River in the Sea. And I'm so glad I did.I tend to particularly enjoy historical fiction set during World War II, especially books se [...]

It took me some time to get into "River in the Sea", probably close to 100 pages. I really wanted to finish it, though, so I slogged through, and once I got into it, I really did like it. The book takes place in Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands, during WWII. The main character, a teenager named Leentje (or "Leen" as she is called through most of the book) is relatable and engaging. The book begins with a simple accident that changes the course of her family life forever. As you [...]

Wow. I am so happy I bought 'River in the Sea' by author Tina Boscha. Within moments, I was pulled into this touching story of the young Leen and viewing World War II through her eyes. I connected with Leen for so many reasons and couldn't wait to see how her story evolved. I loved her bravery, her determination, and her willingness to rebel under the watchful eye of the German soldiers occupying her town and also those of her community. I really know I have fallen for a story when I can finish [...]

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EXCELLENT ---- (and sad)! A page turning novel!

//River in the Sea//is a WWII coming of age story that takes place in Friesland, Nethlands. Based on her parents’ accounts, author, Tina Boscha, writes tragically, sensitively and honestly about life on the harsh North Sea coast during the German occupation. Boscha’s 14-year-old protagonist, Leen De Graaf, is drawn to the universal teenage peccadilloes of smoking, makeup, and driving. She also works as a household servant and a field hand, and spends nights “underground,” sleeping in nei [...]

To see my full review:abookvacation/2014/03/27/rThis is an absolutely stunning, captivating read that held me in its grip from the very beginning. I started it late at night, yet stayed up well into the wee hours of the morning to finish this gem–and it absolutely blew me away.We hear much about the Holocaust and WWII, but I feel that we don’t hear as much about the other countries and people groups who were affected by Hitler’s regime outside of Germany and Poland, and this novel, River i [...]

Tina Boscha's "River in the Sea" is a compelling story of the final months of the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. The story focuses on Leen, a 15 year old girl, and her family's struggles during a time when the men and boys are forced to hide in the fields and barns to avoid being captured by the Germans.Leen must pass by the German camp on the outskirts of town each day as she travels between home and work and back again. One fateful day a guard dog runs in front of he [...]

This tale of a struggling Netherlands family during WWII enchanted me from the first page. I easily empathized with Leentje, the narrator and protagonist, a strong-minded girl who grows into a woman in a town and a time in which she is not a perfect fit. The author evokes the gray dread of the occupation and its insanity and brutality without overstatement. Boscha's descriptions of the setting, the small village of Wierum and surrounding areas, evoke the chill winds, sunny days, blooming daffodi [...]

In the Netherlands, during World War II, a family is dealing with the changes to their German occupied town. The main character, Leen, has to deal with so many situations that a typical girl her age would never dream of. Not only is she growing up, becoming a woman, and finding her own way in the world, but she, and everyone around her, are facing the doubts of lack of food and rationing while the questions of what is right or wrong are thrown out the window. What do the young Germans expect of [...]

River in the Sea is about the hardships and dangers faced by the inhabitants of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands under German occupation during the last year of World War II. As with any work of literary fiction, it is really about the human condition and the human spirit. What set this book apart for me was the remarkable portrayal of the protagonist, a thirteen-year-old girl. Her impulsiveness leads her to do things she knows she shouldn’t. Her fear and guilt freeze her so that she [...]

When a German soldier's dog bolts in front of Leen's truck, in a fraction of a second, she must make a choice: brake hard, or hit the gas.She floors it.What happens next sets off a chain of events that pitches Leen, just 15, and her family against the German forces when they are most desperate - and fierce. Leen tries to hold her family together, but despite her efforts, bit by bit everything falls apart.I liked this Book, I felt so sorry for 15 year old Leen and what she had to go through. What [...]

Beautifully shows the effects of war through the quotidian and domestic details of life in an occupied country. Every event--no matter how small--can have huge consequences in the lives of these characters. And every detail Boscha includes matters--filling out the characters' world and drawing us in. There are some very simple moments that are so beautifully written they stayed with me even as I frantically turned the pages (not literally, since I read the Kindle version) to find out what happen [...]

Tina creates a totally believable world for her story. So much so, that I felt at times as if I had visited this village in Holland during WW11and seen the places, and met the people for myself. This added greatly to my enjoyment of a tender, well told story of a young girl surviving Nazi occupation of her Homeland. This was my first book read on Kindle, I could not have chosen a better one. Johannes Gouws.

It was okay. A bit weird to read a book in English that takes place in Holland. Encountering the occasional Dutch word messed with my head.Storywise, I didn't find it all that captivating. It read a bit like "Oorlogswinter", only with a girl lead, and without the British RAF pilot.Language and style were okay, dialogues were good. Technically perhaps a little room for improvement but nothing major.

It was very easy to get caught up in the absolute desperation these people experienced. At first I thought it's too sad to read, but then you begin to wonder how they were able to keep their sanity and live their lives day by day. It is truly a wonderful book and made even better knowing that the author's family must have given first hand accounts of what they went through during WW2. Bravo for surviving and having the strength and courage to fight for life amidst such harrowing, sad times.

This was a powerful book - set in German-occupied World War II Europe, it follows Leentje, a young woman struggling to help her family weather the war when her father is captured. The story is fairly well written and has several scenes with some good action, but the plot fell flat for me for the most part, and I had trouble keeping the characters straight at times.

I would prefer to give this a 3.5 star. There were things the characters did that I needed to be explained why, that didn't happen until towards the end. But the storyline was good. Would really be interested in the rest of the story after the war.

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