Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Vol. 1: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer

Ben Templesmith

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Vol. 1: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Vol. 1: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer

  • Title: Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Vol. 1: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer
  • Author: Ben Templesmith
  • ISBN: 9781600100475
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

Ben Templesmith 30 Days of Night, Singularity 7, Fell creates an all eerie and humorous new series Things are awakening in the city Things that have a nasty habit of leaving mutilated bodies in their wake and it all reeks of demons and dark gods up to no good Owing a favor to his lazy ghost cop buddy Trotsky, Wormwood, the gentleman corpse and his oddball entourage arBen Templesmith 30 Days of Night, Singularity 7, Fell creates an all eerie and humorous new series Things are awakening in the city Things that have a nasty habit of leaving mutilated bodies in their wake and it all reeks of demons and dark gods up to no good Owing a favor to his lazy ghost cop buddy Trotsky, Wormwood, the gentleman corpse and his oddball entourage are brought in to investigate the case or at least hopefully not stuff it up too much This collection compiles the first miniseries issues 1 4 , the original Taster issue, and covers, sketches, pin ups and other cocktail napkin scribblings from Templesmith.

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Kinda like theNightside books + the movie Species 2 + lotsa obscenities. Not quite nonsensical enough to be Bizarro, but leaning thataway.

Meet Wormwood, a trans-dimensional demigod worm, who frequently saves the world from supernatural threats.Wormwood hires a bodyguard. Phoebe Phoenix is great. At the same time we see a very violent birth of an alien-looking creature. The ghost of a dead cop Trotsky informs Wormwood of those murders.The second part of the story starts with a man buying some kind of pills from a weird looking, er, person to help him be more memorable with the ladies.Trotsky, Wormwood, Phoebe, and Mr Pendulum are h [...]

What a wonderfully bizarre and hilarious book. I love the bold colors he uses and the distinctive look of each character. The thing about Ben Templesmith's style is that even when you know something gross is happening, you aren't really grossed out because you're kind of shielded from it by the art. Wormwood and his sidekick Pendulum have to fight lots of things with tentacles, and there's blood aplenty, just like in the 30 Days of Night books. But it all comes out looking great. As much as it a [...]

Wormwood is a worm who inhabits and controls a corpse from the lofty viewpoint of his eye socket, his body suffers serious injury at times but the sentient worm remains unharmed and is able to change bodies. He gets his head blown off and his body ripped in half in a later issue but its quite funny to see him staple the top half of his head back on.The taster or issue 0 sees Wormwood and his metallic clockwork companion Pendulum in a strip bar, Pendulum complains from time to time about his role [...]

A worm detective that occupies the body of a corpse, drinks beer and works out of a strip club. There is nothing else to be said. Templesmith is just that kind of creative genius that manages to pair his subject matter, characters and narrative just so perfectly with his art. My world fell away from the moment I read the first page - Templesmith pulled me in so hard and I could not put this down until I was done. It's reminds me of my childhood Saturday mornings when I would sit and watch cartoo [...]

I mean, alright, look-- this book only really focuses on all things parasites, combusting animals, tits, dicks, and alcohol. And truthfully, that only gets you so far. After about 50 pages, you can't help but wonder if Templesmith has convinced himself that, with enough photoshop filters, anything can look edgy. On the other hand, it's fucking entertaining. Ultimately, it's a snarky, campy, ultra-violent comic book-- and just that. No pretenses; it doesn't try to be avante-garde or stimulate phi [...]

I really wanted to like this. I'm a huge fan of Hellboy and The Goon and all other comics weird and dark. However, this one just fell short for me. There was little explaination for anything, even though in the second issue Wormwood hires on a new protege so storytelling wise you have an excuse to explain whatever you want. There seems to be rules to this universe but you don't find them out until the author feels like telling you (if ever). I felt that he was trying to hard to be funny and clev [...]

Artwork: 5Story: 3.5 (It had its awesome moments.)

It is rare (in fact, this is the only time) that I can say I read a book based on the authors suggestion. This is the case with Wormword, Gentleman Corpse Volume 1. As a twitter user I have found that there are a ton of comic artists that are actually willing to talk with their fans instead of staying distant. This is refreshing, and a great way to get insight from the inside of the comic world. One day I decided to tweet Templesmith and ask him what he considered to be his greatest work - his " [...]

WurmstichigZombies, Tentakel, Würmer und Maschinenwesen. Sie sind alle unter uns, nur sehen wir sie nicht. Durch einen kleinen Zaubertrick kann der paranormale Ermittler Wormwood, ein Wurm, der eine Leiche bewohnt, ganz normal durch unsere Welt streifen und verhindern, dass sie von von der Apokalypse besessenen Tentaklophilen zerstört wird.Wer Comics wie Hellboy und Hellblazer, Pulp-Helden wie John Thunstone oder grundsätzlich lovecraftsche Geschichten mag, sollte hier dringend zugreifen. Zei [...]

The story elements (plot, characters, dialogue, etc.) are very solid, often brilliantly funny yet never quite 'comical' to the point of being, in a sense, comfortable (which is a great thing, a hard thing to manage).The art is absolutely on another level -- worth 50 more stars and then some. As cliche as it is to say, it really must be seen to be properly experienced or even remotely understood. Wormwood very much feels like a kind of bastard child (stated in the most complimentary sense) betwee [...]

The titular Wormwood is a supernatural maggot detective who possesses a rotting corpse. He speaks and peaks out of the corpse's empty eye socket. He solves supernatural mysteries, has a team of oddballs to help him do it, and is generally crude and too direct. It's a fantastic premise and concept, and this first issue basically is proof of concept. Visually it's a total treat; it's unique unto itself, featuring novel creature and character designs, a unique art style, and did I mention the sweet [...]

I didn't like it. Not because it was too bloody or too horrific, but because it was trying too hard. It was trying too hard to impress me, to horrify me, to haunt me. Neil Gaiman does a much better job with thimble full of blood at most. This? This reminded me of Clive Barker's "Abarat" where, once again, all I could think about was how hard it was trying and how much it was failing to get under my skin. With every turn of the page, I could hear a specter over my shoulder going, "Ooooh, a corpse [...]

What's not to like about stories from the life of an ancient, interdimensional worm who wears corpse body suits, drinks beer at a strip club bar run by his ex-gf--who operates the club as a front for the portal she guards (in exchange for immortality) along with her ferocious, anima-projectile full-body dragon tattoo--while he (Wormwood) periodically/inevitably saves the world--along with the clockwork drinking buddy/sidearm he assembled (sans bits & the ability to drink)--from heavily tenta [...]

I wonder if this is what is inside all boys' minds: exploding maggots, hideous tentacled killer-beasts, and bored playboy bunny-ish women in torn t-shirts. The weird thing is, I liked looking at Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse. Another weird thing is that Art Garfunkel (who is what I had in my girl-mind for years) drew a picture of Wormwood, and it's in the back, with Ben Templesmith's and other peoples' full-page drawings. (Which might be the best part of the book for me.)

This was F'N outstanding. A mash-up genre busting comic. With talking corpses, clockwork humanoids, demons, magic And so much more. This graphic novel packs a mean punch. The Wormwood character is a trip. Laughs I'm sure you'll have just from his dialogue.

If you like like your graphic novels with tentacles, sex, and violence, this might be for you. Very bizarre humor and not for the kiddies, shades of Brian Lumley!

Great art. Story is good enough. The main character is a corpse reanimated and controlled by a small demonic worm. Nuff said.

Now this was more than a pleasant surprise. Amazing, on every level, the art, the writing, the humor. Love the leprechaun. And it's rather gross, in a completely fitting way.

Lotsa tentacles in here! Is it just my imagination, or does the worm-animated corpse bear at least a passing resemblance to Mr Lovecraft?

The dialogue and plot can't e beat. He sure wins at random, which only makes you crave more and more.

Lovecraftian comedy. If you can believe that as a genre. So good.

Wormwood, as a character, is an odd one. And I don't just mean the fact that he's a sentient maggot riding around in an animated corpse. I mean, as a protagonist, he'st terribly proactive. He's witty, and intelligent, and knowledgeable about all sorts of occult and arcane things, but 90% of what he does amounts to just talking a good game. His companions are the ones that actually do things, most of the time, and if the writing were just a little less engaging than it is, I'd find that bothersom [...]

Didn’t really care for this one. The artwork is solid but the dialogue and story were below average. The book tried to be funny or witty but I didn’t even find it slightly amusing until the last few pages and by then I didn’t really care anymore. This one is not for me. It’s odd and weird just for the sake of being weird. I would’ve liked some sort of substance to it no matter how minute.

Big fan of Ben Templesmith's art. Still wish, "Fell" was in production.

Love the artwork, the stories, the characters, the humour, the world - everything, really. MORE NOW PLEASE.

If you enjoyed Mr. Templesmith's artwork on 30 Days of Night, you'll dig this as well. Plus, you see that he's a great writer as well. This is a great, goofy, weird, dark, and fun read.

All sort of paranormal weirdness with the splash of detective work and great humor.

I loved this book. It is dirty and bloody and funny and almost touching at moments. Wormwood is my new favorite antihero. It's for adults and you'll know real quick if it's not for you.

A fun read, that is a bit gruesome and violent, but strangely beautiful too.

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