Measuring Penny

Loreen Leedy

Measuring Penny

Measuring Penny

  • Title: Measuring Penny
  • Author: Loreen Leedy
  • ISBN: 9780805053609
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover

Lisa has an important homework assignment to measure something in several different ways She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds out Penny s nose 1 inch long Penny s tail 1 dog biscuit longPenny s pawLisa has an important homework assignment to measure something in several different ways She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds out Penny s nose 1 inch long Penny s tail 1 dog biscuit longPenny s paw print 3 centimeters wide and that s only the beginning Lisa learns a lot about her dog and about measuring, and even has fun doing it.This clear and engaging concept book, delivered with a sense of humor, is certain to win over the most reluctant mathematician.

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I thought this book was fun and I read it to my students after we had started our measurement unit. I had to share with the class that the units used were not useful to us here in New Zealand but it shared the fun idea of using different non standard units to start measuring. The students really loved it and it opened up their ideas of wanting to measure anything and everything.

I've used this/recommended this to teachers who attend teacher professional development workshops I teach on the topics of hand-on, interactive math education and integrating math with other content areas for several years, but this week was the first time I actually used the book with my own students. (I know. Shame on me.) My students and I are just beginning a unit on measurement, and this book served as a good introduction to the truly vast range of concepts included in 'measurement.' My stu [...]

This is a fun story that shows how one little girl named Lisa completes her school assignment by measuring her dog Penny in many different ways, using standard and nonstandard units of measurement. Lisa measures Penny (and a few other dogs) in different ways, then she shows how much she feeds Penny. Lisa depicts a typical day for Penny, and computes how long it takes Penny to get to different locations. Lisa also shows how temperature affects Penny and how long they walk. Finally, Lisa shows how [...]

Measuring Penny is an amazing book and should be added to any classroom! This book is very relatable for any child who owns or has been around someone's pet. This book covers various types of measurement from time, to money, graphing, standard and non-standard forms of measurement and even map-making skills! In a first grade classroom I would use follow-up activities such as measuring how long stuffed animals were, using comparing words by perhaps sorting pictures of different dog breed (ex: A P [...]

This is a fun book for students to read that helps them learn about both standard and nonstandard measurement. In the story, a little girl is given a homework assignment to measure things. She decides to measure her dog. The little girl measures things with both a regular ruler and other nonconventional items such as Q-tips, dog treats, and other things that can be found around the house. You could use this to do an activity with your students by bringing in some of these items and asking them t [...]

This is a great book to use to teach measurement! I read this to my 1st grade class and they loved it. It is about a girl named Penny who receives this homework assignment that is to measure something in several different ways. Penny uses both standard units (inches, feet, etc.) and non-standard units (dog biscuits, paper clips, etc.) to measure her dog penny. She also finds the weight. This is a GREAT book to introduce measurement and start off with the non-standard measurements first. You coul [...]

Math skills and units of measurement are introduced in Measuring Penny, a nicely-illustrated picture book. Whether she’s measuring Penny’s ears or how high her canine pals at the dog park can jump, Lisa, the little girl in the story obviously loves dogs and spends a lot of quality time with her pet.Unfortunately, the last section has Lisa adding up the costs of caring for a dog, and we discover that she purchased Penny for $275.00. I’d much rather Lisa’s family had adopted Penny; the aut [...]

In this book a little girl measures her dog and others for a homework assignment on measuring. The book introduces standard and non standard units of measurement. The standard units introduced include inches, feet, centimeters, pounds, cups, degrees, seconds, minutes, dollars, and more. The non standard units include dog biscuits, cotton swabs, and even the girl. The book lists each of the measurements and shows how to add them up. It also compares the measurements of several different dogs to s [...]

A wonderful learning story about measurement that is clear and educational while being humorous and entertaining. It's not just traditional units of measurement that are used, but other things like dog bones. One dog's tale is five dog bones long. The fact that dogs are on every page and the subject of most measurements, is only a plus.

This is a great book to use for a lesson in measurement. Students will be more involved in a book about measuring than reading a textbook! An idea while reading the book is to measure things around the classroom.

This math information picturebook shows the fun and uniqueness of measuring through Lisa's math assignment to measure her dog in different ways through standard and nonstandard units. The illustrator used acrylics on Arches watercolor paper to help give a detailed and cartoon like image to the people and dogs while adding important facts in the illustrations to supplement the text. The illustrator also created diversity in the students, teachers, and dogs throughout the story.

Lisa takes her homework of measuring an item in standard and nonstandard units to the dogs. She decides to walk her adorable Boston terrier Penny to the dog park and tries out fun ways to use a variety of units in her attempts to measure the pack Penny plays with. The endearing images of the dogs will draw in students to the concept covered in this mathematical children's story. Genre: Picture book, informational math

From a NZ perspective it's disappointing that the default measurements are inches, feet and fahrenheit, gallons, quarts and pints. However, there is a mention of centimeters and Penny measures using nonstandard units like dog biscuits, cotton swabs and herself. I think it is a fun book would inspire children to start measuring everything they see in new and creative ways.

Great book for talking about measurement! Standard and non-standard units discussed along with length, volume, and time.

In this math informational book, Penny is going to go to the park to help her owner with her math measuring homework. Penny and friends are measured and compared to each other in both standard and nonstandard units. Penny will help children discover the fun in measurement.Leedy, L. (1999). Measuring Penny. New York. NY: .

Measuring Penny is a book about measuring in both nonstandard and standard units. Lisa has an assignment to go home after school to measure something. She decides to measure her dog, Penny. She uses many different ways to measure Penny's nose, how high she jumps, how long her tail is, etc. This book has good illustrations to show how to measure using rulers and nonstandard things like dog biscuits. The pictures show how to write the measurements and to document her findings. This would be a good [...]

Lisa's homework assignment is to use her imagination to measure something using standard and nonstandard units of measurement. She chooses to measure her dog Penny and a number of other dogs in the park which results in her producing informative graphs and charts. This is a fun introduction to measurement and will inspire teachers and students to do some of their own measuring.

Measuring Penny is a great math picture book to use in the classroom. The illustrations help provides visual examples of measurement, while telling a great story and how she has a homework assignment due on measurement. This book teaches measurement in a fun and humorous way that will make children want to learn more about measurement. Soon every child will want to start measuring their pets!

This was a great book!! I did a two day lesson on measuring and writing with a First grade class that I was interning in. First I read the book and it is about different ways to measure things. The girl in the story measured her dog using a ruler, dog bones, Q-tips, weight, and more. After reading the story I asked the students about their dogs if they had any. Then I told them that on the way to school I saw a missing dog poster and it described the dog in length, width, color, personality, etc [...]

What an amazing book on measurement!!! I have a hard time finding "learning" books that kids actually want to read. Usually these types of books teach a rule or procedure and then continue to use that rule throughout the book. It's not very fun. It's almost like it's trying to be a picture book but doing a very bad job about it. It's not convincing anyone.cially the kids. This book uses standard measuring units among nonstandard units of measurement to measure the little girl's pet dog Penny and [...]

Lisa is given a homework assignment where she needs to measure something in as many ways as she can. She decides to measure her dog in numerous ways. She measures how long Penny is, how tall she is, how high she jumps, how much she weighs, the amount of water and food she consumes, and many other things as well. Through this story, Lisa teaches the reader about different units of measurement and different ways to measure something. It is a great book to use to teach young children about measurem [...]

Measuring Penny is about a girl whose teacher tells them all about measurements and what can be measured. He gives them a project to measure as many things as possible. Lisa then goes home to start measuring. She measures EVERYTHING: how tall her dog Penny is, how fast Penny is, how much food Penny eats etc. I really enjoyed this book because it was a simple read with a higher level of math understanding. The book describes so many things that can be measured other than normal things. It measure [...]

This book is such a fun way to introduce measurement. The title would lead one to believe that this has to do with money because of penny but Penny is actually a dog that the child uses to learn how to measure. This book uses different forms of measurements including the metric system. I think this book would be great for any child, especially those who have pets. Comparison would also be great when doing this story. A teacher could show the students a picture of a chihuahua and a picture of a g [...]

This book demonstrates several different ways to measure things! This book does an excellent job of sharing standard units like inches along with nonstandard units like paper clips to find height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time. I would use this in grades 3rd-5th to introduce each of these types of measurements for mini lessons. Students will learn so much vocabulary throughout this book and learn ways to measure inside and outside the classroom. You could correlate this wi [...]

This book was extremely similar to Mapping Penny in which the teacher assigns each student with a task in which they must choose something to measure. This book would be great to integrate into a math and social studies lesson in which students could learn to identify different measurement tools, identify different purposes for measurement, describe everyday uses of measurement and include a reflection, and explain the role measurement plays in designing a CD player. Students can also create a p [...]

My first grade teacher that I am doing my field work with read this book to the students. It talks about measuring the dogs using standard and nonstandard measurements. After she finished, the students worked together to measure their name tags using paper clips (nonstandard measurement), then they looked at the rulers on their name tags (standard measurement). I like this book and can see myself using it to introduce a project in the future.Interest LevelGrades 2 - 4Reading LevelGrade level Equ [...]

I loved all the different things that Penny measured-time, tempurature, weight, costs, etc. It really helps children think outside the box of measuring is just how long or tall something is. The book had very accurate information about breeds of dogs and units of measurement. I did not like the pages about measuring the length, height and weight of the dogs. It was very unreal and I think some kids would be disappointed when they can't get their dogs to sit still to measure their tails with dog [...]

I love using this book during the measurement unit in our classroom. The book's main character Lisa, has a homework assignment measure one thing many different ways. She chooses to work with her dog (penny) and measure as much as she can involving the animal. Lisa works to measure the dog's body, walking route and schedule using standard and non-standard units of measurement. It fits into our measurement unit perfect. The activities are easily extended into the classroom and the students love th [...]

Measuring Penny offers students both standard and non-standard measurments in order to measure different thing! This book is a great way to demonstrate that math is something we use in our everyday life. Be sure to make these connections with the students. The more they connect to the readings and lesson the better they will learn. By seeing the concept applied to something they can do themselves, make measuring fun rather than dull. Integrating math and literacy is easy to do with this children [...]

I would use this book in a 1st grade class to introduce measurement and length by using standard and nonstandard units. We will read the story as a class, discuss different ways Lisa measured dogs and how high they could jump. I would provide students with rulers, cotton swabs, crayons, mini candy bars to have them measure things in the classroom using these different standard and nonstandard forms of measurement. We would then come back together as a class after students have recorded what they [...]

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