The Phoenix Requiem: Volume One

Sarah Ellerton

The Phoenix Requiem: Volume One

The Phoenix Requiem: Volume One

  • Title: The Phoenix Requiem: Volume One
  • Author: Sarah Ellerton
  • ISBN: 9780981959931
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback

The Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse and deciding to make a new life for himselfThe Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town he is unable to escape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.As they try to discover why, the nurse must question her beliefs and risk her own life in order to protect her family, her friends, and those that she loves.Warning Contains horror, violence, supernatural themes, drug use, and brief suggestive content PG 13.From requiemraph inn

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Gosh, Phoenix Requiem is simply indescribable. Not only is the plot laden with mystery and thick with suspense but the art was surreal and taken to a whole new level. I felt as if I myself was physically present among the beautifully drawn characters who had a backbone, background and distinct personalities.I mean look at this gorgeous art. It seems painted and utterly realistic because of the attention to detail. The fact that the two MC's were charming and as quirky opposites of each other mad [...]

I absolutely love Sarah Ellerton's work.I first read this when it was just a webcomic but life caught up with me and I eventually fell so far behind that I couldn't remember what was happening anymore that I just stopped reading it with the aim of re-reading it when it was finished. However, I discovered that she was printing the story into graphic novels and so I purchased the first volume.I flew through it on a 2 hour train ride and was reminded of exactly why I love Ellerton. The story is bea [...]

I honestly feel a little bad rating this graphic novel. I read this for r/Fantasy's 2016 Bingo card to fulfill the Graphic Novel requirement. This is the first graphic novel I've ever read (it's a medium that just didn't interest me in the past) so I have no concept of if this is fantastic, mediocre or awful. I read it via the author's website in a web format.The art is pretty but didn't blow me away. The setting is sort of small-town/village Victorian. Generally I like Victorian era things, so [...]

3-4*Tohle jsem četla už dost dávno, ale hrozně se mi to líbilo. Nadpřirozeno, magie a dechberoucí kresba. S dvěma fešáky v hlavních rolích a sympatické slečně do party. Naneštěstí jsem to nikdy nedočetla úplně do konce. Už ani nevím, kde jsem přesně skončila, jestli u 3. nebo 4. svazku? :/

Well, I like it.I like the story and the characters but I'm not too fond of the art. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of digital comics: they look way too perfect to be true. And yeah, the shapes are perfect the color are perfect (though a bit weird here and there) but it lacks naturalness.The story in this volume is more an introduction than else. We see the two main protagonists starting to interact with each other and the secondary characters completing the picture. There should be a supernatu [...]

I love the art style, the storyline, the fact that I have no idea what is going on at all which is so new to me because I either have heard about it or know about it ahead of time. On top of that, I can usually guess pretty quickly what is going to happen or what it is going to be about. It's serious but also incredibly playful in the way it is written and drawn and I absolutely love that. It is so good.Comic books are so amazing, especially if you don't have a lot of time to grab a physical boo [...]

I read the five volumes of The Phoenix Requiem in one go, and will review them in one go. My thoughts: A very beautifully illustrated fantasy graphic novel with an intriguing story which started well and kept me reading, but left me feeling a bit confused and let down by the end of it.

Good quality art and a cheesy but addictive story.

3.5 stars

Well, this was an unexpected pleasure to read!

Absolutely lovely. The art is beautiful and the story is very interesting. I love Jonas. He's so odd, yet charming.

This is the best comic I have read in a while.

The artwork is amazing. The story is amazing. And the characters are amazing. You could not ask for a better story. I have to be honest, I binge read the entire webcomic over the weekend. For some reason, I felt like diving into an old comic that I hadn't read in a long while. When I first read this, I just couldn't get into it, which really annoyed me. The plot is unique and the characters are real. There are spurts of action; however, I wish that there were more. I do have to say that there is [...]

So I binged on the whole webcomic over the course of this weekend, and holy crap it was amazing. The artwork is beautiful and I do love the chemistry between the two main characters - however, there were bits of the story that were lacking. The ending, for example. It just sort ofends. Drops off. The history and religion of the world they're living in is never really explained, and the whole plague thing never really feels like a threat - it is just there in the background. I kind of wish that t [...]

I am on again/off again browsing the internet for new and exciting webcomics. This one caught my eye on an a completed webcomics list. Although labeled a supernatural romance, this is essentially the origin story of the "Grim Reaper". The characters are lovable, if a bit eccentric, and their back story is what makes this a tale worth reading. In this first volume, Ellerton is allowing the reader to become attached to the characters before anything too serious starts happening. I won't give any s [...]

Loved this and continuing on (immediately!) to Volume 2. I normally don't sit and read webcomics but I started reading this and couldn't tear myself awayBroke a cardinal rule and ate my lunch at the computer even so I could keep reading. I will be interested to see exactly what the disease is that is spreading, whether there is a romance brewing between Jonas and Anya and what Armand's "deal" is.

Just going to say that it's very good and that I liked it. A good psuedohistorical supernatural mystery-romance with some good worldbuilding. And hey, the male lead looks like David Tennant and has moments when he sounds like the Doctor (with a flashback cameo to a Tennant!Hamlet look). How much better could it get?

Took me two days to read, well worth the hours spent. Lovely artwork. The story could get a little twisty -- I must admit, I'm still not 100% sure of what happened in the conclusion. But that'll probably come with a second read. Fantastic indie comic, more that just a fluffy romance for sure there is a lot by way of discussing morals and ethics regarding faith.

Simply loved it! It's the story where victorian era meets fantasy. I am not much of a fan of historical romance. But how beautifully Sarah Ellerton has weaved the story is really brilliant. You can't put the book down.Waiting for it to be turned into a movie.

Ellerton's artwork is so gorgeous. The pacing of this first volume is a little uneven, but the characters and story are interesting and engaging enough that I still had a hard time putting it down, figuratively speaking.

I feel the story could have a faster pacing but I'm willing to go with it for now. I just hope it picks up and the mystery surrounding Jonas would be explained, at least to keep me intrigued enough to continue reading On to the second volume!

Lovely artwork, slow story, but still fascinating to read!

Slightly amateurish, but the second volume definitely finds its feet. And my heart. Of course.

3.5 starsThe story is really good so far; although, I'm not a huge fan of the art. Will definitely keep reading :).

Beautiful art and an intriguing story so far.

Very slow paced.

Another master piece from Ellerton - truly worth of your time. :) interesting story and amazing artwork.

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