The Bike Lesson

Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain

The Bike Lesson

The Bike Lesson

  • Title: The Bike Lesson
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780001713277
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

Papa teaches Junior to ride a bicycle.

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Have you ever seen the Berenstain Bears like this:No? Then you haven't seen the Berenstain Bears at their best. This was the era before every book tried to shove a ham-fisted moral down children's throats. This was the time before Papa Bear became a belligerent asshole. This was the era when Brother Bear was called Small Bear because Sister Bear hadn't been born yet.If only this could have lasted.Just take a moment to compare these two covers:The image on the left bears the original character de [...]

I loved these bears when I was a child but for some reason my boys dont like them as much as we did. Still, my boys were mesmorised by the story last night and even when my 12 year oold got called away, when he returned he wanted me to go back to the place before he had left.This is a simple funny rhyming story of all the things you should not do when riding a bike, as the father goes to show. I just love Dr Seuss books they will always have a special place in my heart. Timeless.

I loved reading this series when I was little and this one about Papa teaching Junior to ride a bike is one of my favorites. I absolutely love the rhyming that is incorporated in this book. It makes it really fun to read aloud as it just flows so seamlessly off the lips. This is also an excellent book for young readers because the illustrations allows the reader to infer what is happening in the plot, as the pictures do an awesome job of reinforcing the text. The dad’s so fun and goofy as he t [...]

Papa Bear is such a goof!

As someone who isn't really a fan of The Berenstain Bears, I actually found myself enjoying this book as I was reading it with my two-year-old nephew, because he was enjoying it. Full of cheesy rhyming lines, this book is about the lessons that Papa Bear teaches to Small Bear upon buying, but before giving, him a new bike. The outcomes of the lessons are somewhat comical, which makes reading it almost bearable. (Oh, the bad puns never end.) Find your favorite small human and enjoy this light rea [...]

I just read this book for the first time yesterday. I found an old copy in almost perfect condition a few months ago. While reading it to my son, I couldn't stop laughing. Wonderful read!

This was one of my favorite books as a child. I even took it to read to the class in 8th grade as an assignment to read a children's book.

Papa Bear brings home a bike for Brother Bear, but before Brother Bear can ride the bike, Papa Bear needs to give him some bike lessons. Readers will infer from the pictures that Brother Bear is learning what not to do from Papa Bear's safety lessons. I love that Brother Bear doesn't get angry at his dad or disrespectful toward him. He just learns from his father's mistakes. Very cute. Really silly. The art is an earlier version of the Berenstain Bears published in 1964. The rhyme is consistent [...]

While this series of starter reading books follow the typical, "buffoon father" formula, it is pretty funny and a good starting book for kids to read. Illustrations are terrific.My 6 year old enjoys it, and I did too when I was little.

I'm not a fan of the "dad is an idiot" theme.7/20/17 Read with Naomi & Julia.

Funny and great drawings! I liked their treehouse also. But this book is also dated-- none of the bike lessons include anything about a helmet. Also, I swear I remembered them as "Berenstein Bears"!

It's really embarrassed but true, I'm 20 now but I can't ride bike. In my hometown where are all high hills, no one ride bike so do I.

Read a long with eldest son reading from his original book to his own eldest son, my eldest grandson. Thanksgiving weekend 2016. Grateful!

Little Bear gets a new bike3 August 2013 I must admit that when I was a kid I loved the Berenstain bears and from what I can gather from , so did a lot of other people. There has been mentioned that these older books are much better than the newer books, but I personally do not know the difference, maybe because I was not really exposed to the two different books, or maybe I had only ever dined on the classics. This particular book I would have to suggest is a classic. Papa Bear buys Little Bear [...]

The bike lesson does not provide a moral, but it does touch base on an important time in a lot of kid’s lives: learning to ride a bike. Papa teaches his son how to ride by pushing him down a hill after a while and he figures it out on the go. I know I learned in a similar manner so it was fun to see the similar story. Before the hill though, there are a couple fun tips of how to approach showing a kid how to properly ride a bike. Papa demonstrates and works with his son during this whole proce [...]

Papa Bear fails at riding a bicycle.Another stupid old Berenstain Bears book where Papa tries to teach Small Bear how to ride a bike and keeps not listening to his own advice and getting maimed and mangled in various ways, and Small Bear just thanks him for showing him what not to do. Small Bear gets really impatient waiting for his dad to finish teaching him how to ride the bike so he can actually ride the bike.There's no actual lesson. It's not actually teaching things that you would be worrie [...]

The Bike Lesson is another early Berenstain Bears book, this one from 1964. Like The Big Honey Hunt, we see Papa Bear insisting he knows best, and coming out the worse for it.The story is simple: Papa Bear has gotten a bicycle for Small Bear, but before he'll let Small Bear ride it, he wants to give him some lessons. Of course, it looks like Papa Bear is in need of lessons himself! He tries to cover up his failures ("This is what/you should not do./Now let his be/a lesson to you."), but one wond [...]

I like this book as a thoughtful period piece (think about the roles of fathers on television in the 1950s and 1960s, and roles of fathers today, particularly the trope of the dumb dad in television commercials; now compare and contrast to these proto-Berenstain bears; discuss among yourselves). I also like this book because the proto-Berenstains were rad and cool. And there is a touch of nostalgia; everyone learned to read on at least one Berenstain Bears book. Modern Berenstain Beariana though [...]

Papa Bear bought a bike for Small Bear to learn to use. In the attempt, Papa Bear tries to show him lessons of how to ride the bike by having himself ride it. Although some lessons messed up and did not go well, Small Bear understood what NOT to do because of his dad’s mistakes. By the end of the book, Small bear was riding Papa Bear back home with injuries from his bike lessons. This book is a funny and great book to read to a child that is in the process of learning how to ride a bike. Even [...]

Papa Bear is hilarious and will show you more of what *not* to do, than what you should do. Leave behind your straight face and serious side, this is a goofily fun tale. Reading Level: 1st - 2nd gradesCleanliness: portrays the dad as dopey and the mom as the smart one.**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable [...]

Loved this story. It was funny and cute. I really really really loved the end where Papa Bear reminds his son to ride on the right hand side of the road -- I think some adults need to read this so they can be safe when riding their bikes!My daughter read this out loud to us. It was simple enough for her to not get frustrated, but allowed her to practice some words she wasn't completely familiar with. We got this from the library, and I am wondering why we don't have more of these original Berens [...]

I read this and other Berenstain books repeatedly as a child. This one was my favorite because I found all the silly predicaments Papa Bear got into hilarious. In adulthood, I still like some things about these books, other things not so much. One of the bigger things I don't care for is that they often seem to make Papa Bear out to be rather foolish, while Mama is usually the wise one. I think that's worth discussing as these books are read w/a child, at least.

This is my all time favorite Berenstain Bear book to read aloud to a group. It would be best received by children 5 years or older if reading in a group. This book always gets some laughs and the younger ones can relate to how hard it is to learn how to ride a 2 wheel bike.While Papa Bear is not the best teacher, he certainly does an excellent job of what not to do!

Yet again another Berenstain Bear book where Papa Bear gives a lesson in what not to do. A great book to share with your kiddos who are learning to ride bikes or are already seasoned riders. Ask the children can explain what is wrong with Papa Bears Bike Safety Rules? Or at least with how he is demonstrating them.

Love the book but kindle format is abysmalthe pictures are tiny on a 8.9" HDX and you have to double click.each page to increase the size to about half the screen. then to get to the next page you have to x out the zoom, then swipeso you can't see the text in zoomed view. so you get to see either the pic at halfway normal size or the text but not both. awful!!!

A very early Berenstain Bears book, before the characters had the familiar look we all know and love now. I enjoy how the book takes us from one silly Papa Bear moment to another even more silly, and does it over and over again. The rhythm and rhymes of the book are fun to read aloud.

This is a great book about overcoming obstacles. It will be easy for some of the students to relate to because maybe at this age they are beginning to learn how to ride their bike. they can write about this experience and how they overcame this difficult time in their life.

This is one of the original Berenstain Bears books the illustrations are a bit different than the children are used to in the cartoons. But the rhyming lines are fun and the adventures that Papa and Little Bear get into are fun to read and listen to throughout the book.

Great repetition for young readers. This one feels a bit like a Dr. Seuss. There's great opportunity to use different voices if you're reading aloud and the images are really funny. This one had the 4 year old in hysterics. Both the 4 and 2 year old wanted it several times today

I love this book on so many levels. One, it does a great job teaching children how to stay safe of their bikes. Two, I think that most parents can relate to doing our best and still being very imperfect - I know I often feel that way <3

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