Letters to the Baumgartners

Selena Kitt

Letters to the Baumgartners

Letters to the Baumgartners

  • Title: Letters to the Baumgartners
  • Author: Selena Kitt
  • ISBN: 9781609825522
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook

Danielle Stuart is spending a year abroad studying in Venice, the most romantic place on earth.But while Danielle loves the language, she s not interested in love itself Not until she meets a handsome, Italian gondolier named Nico He s got his eye on her, and Danielle simply can t resist his flirtatious charms.But when her ex husband, Mason, shows up on her doorstep lookDanielle Stuart is spending a year abroad studying in Venice, the most romantic place on earth.But while Danielle loves the language, she s not interested in love itself Not until she meets a handsome, Italian gondolier named Nico He s got his eye on her, and Danielle simply can t resist his flirtatious charms.But when her ex husband, Mason, shows up on her doorstep looking to reconcile, she finds herself with a dizzying dilemma Finding herself torn between the two men, desperate Dani writes to her former lovers in hopes they might help her clarify her muddled emotions Will the Baumgartners and their polyamorous insight give her the courage she needs to choose

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Danielle returns in LttB as she experiences Italy and struggles to come to turn with her attraction and desire for the two men who are after her heart. If anyone can help her make sense of her feelings, it's Carrie and Doc.Danielle, Nico (her Italian fling) and Mason (her ex-husband) find themselves in a love triangle that soon shifts and they begin to further explore their desires.*f/m f/m/m and m/f/m scenes - get your batteries!

When we first met Dani, she had just lost a child and her marriage was falling apart. She met her neighbors, the Baumgartners, and they helped her to heal from both of her losses.In the newest offering in the series, we only see the Baumgartners through Dani's letters, because Dani is finally living her dream of studying in Venice, Italy. She's been there several months, and if finally starting to get over Mason, her ex-husband. One lonely night, she meets handsome gondolier Nico, and they form [...]

Dani, from the Baumgartners plus one, is in Italy.While there she falls for a gandalier named Nico. Things are going great then he wants more and that is when we enter Dani's ex-husband Mason; who has come to Venice to win Dani back.Now she has two guys who both love her and is letting her choose.but how can she choose she loves them both.Okay so you can look forward to some hot sex. Plenty of one-on-one then a couple M/F/M scene with no male touching then a couple other with exploratory male to [...]

I always love Selena but this is a M/F/M one, and should appeal to a wider audience. If you avoided her other work because of F/F story lines or taboo topics, this is the perfect chance to stick your toes in the water! You won't be disappointed!This is part of her Baumgartner's work, but it was fine read out of order and as a standalone.*My copy did have a few typos, and the epilogue had a confusing name switch, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story.

This was quite the panty wetter. So keep a spare underwear handy, your hubby available and your vibrator fully charged. I was happy to find out Selena was writing Dani's story and she did not disappoint.

So, Dani's story was great. Very spicy, super juicy, and extremely engrossing. Not quite the smut-tastic perfection that is hard to replicate. I like that finally there is a threesome in this series that actually stays together. :)

hawt (check)threesome (check)no one left out bitter (check)HEA (check)this book made my day.

missed the girl on girl but it was enjoyable as always

This one was entirely too rushed. I liked that we got to continue with Dani's story, I even liked the concept of her meeting someone in Italy (Nico), and her ex-husband coming back to make nice with her, and then exploring polyamory and things moving toward an HEAbut everything happened far too quickly. Dani writing letters to the Baumgartners was a perfect example of this lazy sort of "fast forward" approach to the narrative. It was like all the plot points of the full story were there, but we [...]

another great installment in the Baumgartners series!!!

Fresh off her divorce from her husband Mason, Dani is finishing up her graduate degree in Italy. Having lived in Venice for almost a year now, and just about fluent in the language, Dani meets Nico, a gondolier. After flirting back and forth for a bit, Dani agrees to go out with Nico. However, she's reluctant to let her heart be exposed to another possible break, especially if she moves back to the states after graduation. But after witnessing Nico kissing another man, she relaxes and assumes he [...]

this one was more like a 2.5 for me. when I realized it was a sequel to The Baumgartners Plus One I was excited to find out what was next for Dani, after reading it though it kind of felt like a stand alone book with enough changed to turn a different character into dani. while reading Baumgartner plus one her ex husband mason is such an asshole and then in this book he is so different that I just couldn't see them as the same person, in the book there are comments about him being a whole new pe [...]

Even though the Baumgartners didn't make an appearance, Dani took up the torch and ran with it! I thought it was a little quick to fall in love with Nico or for him to fall in love with her, but then maybe the time frame just wasn't clear. And I wonder why Mason's domestic violence wasn't brought up at all in this one. It was just one instance, but still, he lost his cool in The Baumgartners Plus One. But generally, as expected with a Selena Kitt story, there was smoking hot sex scenes as well a [...]

Loved the setting of Venice in this one. Loved the loose tie, via the letters, with the Baumgartners and I loved Dani feeling she must chose between Nico and Mason, for certainly she couldn't have both men. I would have given this story five stars if there had been more menage sex between them. It happened so late in the story, I really expected there to be more. I would have especially enjoyed more sex between Mason and Nico. Loved the shower scene with Mason and Nico but wished there had been [...]

In Letters, Dani is living her dream of studying in Italy. She gets a romance going with a handsome gondolier named Nico, and enjoys the hot, steamy sex of this Italian hunk. A wrench is throw into the romance when her ex-husband Mason, shows up on her doorstep, hpoing that he can win her back.Since both men are not wanting to lose her, they strike a bargain, Dani can see both of them, and we get lots of hot, steamy scenes as each man tries to be the best lover. Dani is torn up over having to ch [...]

Selena Kitt writes smutty, sexy books about menages. So far I have read two women and one man menage. Carrie is the usual suspect here with her husband 'Doc' joining in on all the fun with a second female. But, in this book we have Dani from the previous book in this series and her adventures in Italy. This time we have Dani with two men. The plot is that Dani is studying in Italy. This has been a dream of hers and it caused friction between her and her now ex-husband. So after about a year of h [...]

Letters to the Baumgartners is an erotica story by Selena Kitt, which takes place after #0.5 The Baumgartners Plus One. This story is about Dani, Carrie and Doc's former lover. Dani is studying in Italy and falls for a local, just when her ex-husband shows up to win her back. Rather than fight for her, both men decide to room together while she works on her feelings for them both. This part took away from the story, since it was obvious where things would end up. The story is hot though and the [...]

This was the final book in the series and I now have read all 10 books related to the, ahem, unconventional Baumgartner family. The series was a lot of fun, with this last book being one of my favorites. While I appreciate the sensuality of the mff combination, I find the rawness of the mmf combo much more exciting. After so many mff combos, I was pleased that a mmf story was finally included. Italy was never so much fun to read about3 for a Gondola ride, anyone?

NOTE: I received a free copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.This is a hot, steamy book, but I thought the story line behind it was a little weak. I found there were a lot of holes in the storyline and that made it more difficult for me to enjoy.I'm not sure if it would have helped to read the other books in order they were written or not.Overall, it wasn't a bad book, I just wish there was more of a plot story.

I loved this story! I suspected that the two guys would end up together and being a straight 52 year old man you would expect that to be a problem for me, but the way it was handled was very erotic and well done. It's too bad The Baumgartners never made an appearance in Italy, but that would probably have just complicated things much more than they already were. Still it would have been cool if they had made it to the wedding. Overall an excellent story!

I love this series, its so sexy! Now with this book you got Dani who is in a predicament and writes to her former lovers The Baumgartners for advice! The only thing I wish this story had was the Baumgartners side of the letters! We see what Dani writes but I would have loved to hear Doc and Carrie side! But the story is awesome !

This book is sequel of The Baumgartners Plus One but I really really missed the Baumgartners.Sexy Italian guy and Mason were hot as hell, but they were not Doc or Henry.

Danielle's character was so very different considering the first novel, and something was off so this one is only just 'ok' for me. She seemed manipulative, and right after doing Nico, she just hopped at ex-husband Mason. Like why?! It felt really unrealistic, but the threesome scenes were hot.

I loved the setting and the story. The Baumgartners aren't physically here, nor do we directly hear from them because it's Dani's point of view. To sum it up, this is a story of true love with lots of burn-the-sheets hot sex.

5 sexy as hell stars!***** the ending threw me but in the best possible way. I didnt like mason in the previous book but here he just made me all hot! Him and nicogod help me! Loved the sex parts!

This was very enjoyable.Didn't even miss the Baumgartners.

Final Score - 5 Smut Fest Stars!This series should not be read in bed or at night, if you know what I mean!

Hot!! Set in Italy. how romantic. Two hot men who are willing to share. what more can a girl ask for.

Great series and reading about Dani again was awesome. The m/m/f dynamic was yummy. This is book four if reading in chronological order.

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