Liar Moon

Ben Pastor

Liar Moon

Liar Moon

  • Title: Liar Moon
  • Author: Ben Pastor
  • ISBN: 9781904738831
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook

Praise for Ben Pastor s Lumen Pastor s plot is well crafted, her prose sharp A disturbing mix of detection and reflection Publishers Weekly Rivets the reader with its twist of historical realities A historical piece, it faithfully reproduces the grim canvas of war A character study, it captures the thoughts and actions of real people, not stereotypes TPraise for Ben Pastor s Lumen Pastor s plot is well crafted, her prose sharp A disturbing mix of detection and reflection Publishers Weekly Rivets the reader with its twist of historical realities A historical piece, it faithfully reproduces the grim canvas of war A character study, it captures the thoughts and actions of real people, not stereotypes The Free Lance Star And don t miss Lumen by Ben Pastor An interesting, original, and melancholy tale Literary Review Italy, September 1943 The Italian government switches sides and declares war on Germany The north of Italy is controlled by the fascist puppets of Germany the south liberated by Allied forces fighting their way up the peninsula.Having survived hell on the Russian front, Wehrmacht major and aristocrat Baron Martin von Bora is sent to Verona He is ordered to investigate the murder of a prominent local fascist a bizarre death threatening to discredit the regime s public image The prime suspect is the victim s twenty eight year old widow Clara.Haunted by his record of opposition to SS policies in Russia, Bora must watch his step Against the backdrop of relentless anti partisan warfare and the tragedy of the Holocaust, a breathless chase begins.Ben Pastor, born and now back in Italy, lived for thirty years in the United States, working as a university professor in Vermont The first in the Martin Bora series, Lumen, was published by Bitter Lemon Press in May 2011.

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Having really enjoyed the first in the Major Martin Bora series, I couldn't wait to read this. When we first met Bora in "Lumen", the Germans had just invaded Poland. Much has passed since then and our Major has spent time in Russia before being sent to Italy to fight the partisans. It is 1943 and Italy is divided - the North is controlled by the Fascists and the South has been liberated by the Allied forces. Having survived Stalingrad, Bora has just been injured in Italy and has lost his left h [...]

Ben Pastor’s LIAR MOON is the second installment of her Martin Bora series that follows her first effort, LUMEN. In her latest book we find Wehrmacht Major Bora lying on a gurney in an emergency room in German occupied Verona, Italy in September, 1943. By this time the Italian government had switched sides and declared war on Germany. Italy was divided with the north under the control of the Fascists, and the south was being liberated by allied troops as they worked their way up the Italian bo [...]

Knocked off a star because the author (and her editors) don't know the difference between the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth. Bora wouldn't have gotten that wrong.

Luna bugiarda, in originale "Liar Moon" è un romanzo della scrittrice italo-americana Ben Pastor, edito nel 2001 e in Italia nel 2002. E' il secondo libro del ciclo dedicato al personaggio ricorrente di Martin Bora, ufficiale dell'esercito tedesco durante la Seconda guerra mondiale. Sullo sfondo dell'occupazione nazista dell'Italia settentrionale successiva all'8 settembre 1943, narra un'indagine per omicidio condotta dal maggiore Bora con l'aiuto dell'ispettore di polizia Sandro Guidi. Il tito [...]

(April, 2012) Liar Moon is Ben Pastor's second novel to feature Wehrmacht Major Martin Bora, following her earlier novel Lumen. Bora is headquartered near Verona, in northern Italy, where the Fascists still maintain control and the Nazis are occupying the territory. And although Bora is in the German Army, after what he's been through and what he's seen, he has no heart for this war. He's a man with a conscience and a troubled soul, with very little stomach for SS policies, which, by the way, ha [...]

It is winter 1943 in northern Italy not far from Verona and a local Fascist grandee has died in suspicious circumstances. The reluctant Major Martin Bora of the Wehrmacht is ordered to investigate the death.Martin Bora is a man with problems. He has lost his brother recently in battle, he has perhaps lost his wife's love, and as the novel opens he has just lost his left hand to a Partisan bomb. In addition, a nameless SS officer swears to him that he will make it his business to destroy Bora as [...]

The real strength of Liar Moon is the character of Martin Bora and the moral ambiguities around his persona and actions. He’s reserved yet direct, determined, ruthless, and principled, driven by a deep sense of conviction and his aristocratic family tradition. He’s a soldier in an army of a corrupt and corrupting regime, trying to hold the line between murder and killing, on the one hand relentlessly hunting down partisans and on the other subverting the hunt for Jews. And losing his hand an [...]

One of crime fiction’s more unusual protagonists is Baron Martin Bora, a German Army Major during World War II. In a previous [debut] novel, “Lumen,” Bora served in Spain, Poland and at Stalingrad, where he gained some distinction for solving a murder. This novel takes place in 1943 just as the Italian government switched sides, but the Nazi troops still controlled the north.As the novel opens, Bora is in a hospital after his troops were attacked by partisans; he loses his left hand and sh [...]

During WWII Italy is divided with the North being controlled by the Fascists and the South being liberated by the Allied forces. German Major Martin Bora is ordered to investigate the death of a local Fascist along with local police inspector Guidi, who is also pursing an elusive serial killer. The conflict between the two characters is interesting both in terms of personality and heritage. While they seem to be at odds they do respect each other. Besides his conflicts with Guidi Bora plays a ha [...]

My word, somebody can write and does it. Transfixed.

To refer to Ben Pastor's Martin Bora novels as mysteries is, I think, to do them a disservice. Yes, Wehrmacht officer Martin Bora gets called upon to investigate murders. He carries out an investigation because he has been ordered to do so. Yet Bora does more than interview potential suspects and visit crime scenes. He tries to understand the various reasons leading to the crime being committed. His methods may annoy a trained investigator, but Bora seeks not only justice but to understand the f [...]

Set about four years after the events in Lumen, this second book in the Martin Bora series finds the aristocratic German Army officer stationed near Verona in northern Italy. The intervening years, including two on the Russian front, have taken their toll, and the sober officer is now even more cool and detached than before. The format of the story hews fairly closely to that of the first book: there's a main mystery, a secondary one, and a sidekick. Here, the main plotline follows the murder of [...]

“Liar Moon” is the second book in the Martin Bora series.Bora is a Wehrmacht Major who two months after surviving a grenade attack in which he lost his left hand and nearly his leg, is back to work and tasked to investigate the murder of Camerata Vittorio Lisi, a well known Fascist and cripple. The Wehrmacht has zeroed in on Lisi’s very young widow Claretta as the prime suspect and with the help of Police Inspector Sandro Guidi, Bora must find evidence to either convict Claretta or find th [...]

second in the Inspector Bora series set during World War II. German policeman now in northern Italy investigates the death, possibly caused by his young wife, of an Italian businessman. Really like this series.We read/discussed the first in this series, Lumen, with the Mystery Book Group in August 2011.

Mixed feelings about this one - unique World War II detective style book - protagonist is a German soldier who is clearly not at all fond of Hitler or Nazis, but is making his way in a very precarious balancing act. A little slow but I'd read another in the series.

German and Italian officers search for a crazy sniper while trying to determine how an Italian fascist.Good idea for a story, but I found the writing to be really ling winded / stilted and some of the plot points didn’t make any sense. I struggled to finish this book.

Love this series.

Not as good as Lumen but good

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