Mage of Silence

Edward Kendrick

Mage of Silence

Mage of Silence

  • Title: Mage of Silence
  • Author: Edward Kendrick
  • ISBN: 9781920501792
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook

Castien, an elf mage who cannot speak except with the aid of a magical dagger, has been captured while on a mission He is freed by his companion, the warrior elf Daeron, and returns with him to Daeron s homeland There they will join forces to rid the land of a Lord bent on the destruction of the elves.Theirn, a young half elf thief, attempts to rob Castien during his staCastien, an elf mage who cannot speak except with the aid of a magical dagger, has been captured while on a mission He is freed by his companion, the warrior elf Daeron, and returns with him to Daeron s homeland There they will join forces to rid the land of a Lord bent on the destruction of the elves.Theirn, a young half elf thief, attempts to rob Castien during his stay at an inn and is caught by the mage Much against Theirn s will he is enlisted into the group of rebel elves But as Theirn s infatuation with Castien grows, he becomes eager to risk treachery, betrayal, and even death on dangerous missions just to be close to the man he is growing to love.

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Overall exactly the kind of book I like most. Action, detailed fight scenes, cool characters who can do magic, sneak around, pick locks and kick ass. This is mostly a pure fantasy/action/adventure story with a subtle romantic subplot. I've been discovering lately that I'm not much of a romance reader, I guess. I much prefer books like this one, where the entirety of the plot isn't two dudes hooking up. That seems so dull and frivolous in comparison to a plot involving espionage, battle and overt [...]

Fantasy and gay romance done right without additives, fillers or preservatives. I liked the fact that Castien, a mute elven mage and Theirn, a half-elven thief are equally matched. There were one or two "no, not the slender uke in the lap" moments, but overall these two heroes are allowed to be heroic. If you're looking for hot sex scenes, forget it. While the author, Edward Kendrick doesn't shut the door, neither does he regal the reader with things that throb or self-lubricating anuses. I hate [...]

This is a great story, which was a fast and easy read. The only reason I’m giving this story 4 stars instead of 5 is that I never really felt a connection with any of the characters.

A truly great story with memorable characters that you won't grow to love, you'll just love them period. Another great from this author and friend!

A fantasy book, with sword fights and mysterySo it's hard to give less than 5 stars to a fantasy as good as this book. The story seems "simple", but it's very complex. A mute elf, Castien, fighting to the noble cause of a better world. In this realm, full of magic creatures, wizards and also humans many are persecuted and need help that's Castien only mission. He may be noble, but his origins are the possible worst. As an ex thieve, and in present time mute after a wizard spell, his missions are [...]

3 1/2 - 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressCastien was cursed to silence as a punishment. He might be a powerful mage, but because of the curse he is limited to when he can do some spells. Theirn is a thief and gets caught by Castien, but with the information he reveals he is enlisted into the group and also comes in handy when they need access to a castle. Castien and Theirn start to become close, but Theirn has some fears…at first.There are two parts to [...]

This was a solidly entertaining read. There were a few spots where I would guess the author has an interest in RPGs (that's role-playing games) as once or twice the characters "took damage" rather than being injured. There were a few other terms and concepts similar to those one finds in the context of RPGs. In fact the whole story read similarly to a Fantasy RPG. That's not a dig. I really love Fantasy RPGs. There was some potential missed. The main character has a severe weakness that could ha [...]

I always have trouble reviewing books I didn't care for. It's a shame since I was really looking forward to reading this one. Aside from the characters motivations never being clarified, I think the single most distracting thing about this book was that the main characters muteness was treated like an after thought. He NEVER seems to have trouble communicating even without the use of his spell, and for some reason the people around him just automatically seem to know or pick up sign language, wi [...]

It was a bit hard to get into at the start since it just throws readers into a scene where the main character,Castien, has been captured and is being interrogated. Readers don't really know why beforehand and it's not really clear as to why he was captured afterwards either. The transitioning from event to event wasn't as clean cut as I thought it should be and it had a feel of compiled short stories of the same character instead of a tale of the main character working for a cause. The story com [...]

This had all the makings for a great fantasy story, magic, adventures, mythical creatures, romance, evil mages, tyrannical lords and a unique mage. The characters were well developed and the different errands that were set for Castien and Theirn were exciting. What shot down this book for me was that it was written with very little emotion and that took so much away from the story that it got dull where it should have shone. Edward Kendrick is not a writer without the means to have pumped this s [...]

Read it because I had to find out why the pretty pretty pointy-eared guy on the cover was picking his nose with an under-endowed sword hilt. Turns out its a dagger. That's about all I can say about the book. Oh - there's a bit of a love story (which is kinda sweet, but the fade-to-black sex scenes feel like the author just didn't want to write them & hurried on to ) and some action sequences which have only the barest of threads holding it all together into a plot.

For me the book was boring. As a reader you are thrown into middle of the happening. The main character Castien is a being tortured from some Lord and then he is rescued. Then he is up to new land and again he has to go to new mission into new castle. Bla, Bla, Bla.The plot the way its written is really annoying and characters don't pull you into the story.

I've read this author before and usually enjoy his work. This time though I was sorely disappointed. There was so much potential but the story dragged. It felt like two short stories that were drawn out and then slapped together. The romance is non-existent. I couldn't connect with the characters and became completely frustrated with it as a whole.

Here is a YA fantasy novella written with a sure touch. Castien, an elf who needs magic to talk, and Daeron fight evil-doers. Castien catches a young thief, who joins them to help. It's an enjoyable fantasy adventure, that goes down very smoothly, despite some minor plot holes.

Ultimately disappointing. I didn't pay mind to the bad amazon reviews, when I should have. It has lots of potential to become something brilliant, but wasn't well written or structured.

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