An Abundance of Katherines

John Green

An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines

  • Title: An Abundance of Katherines
  • Author: John Green
  • ISBN: 9780142410707
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback

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When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton s type is girls named Katherine And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped Nineteen times, to be exact On a road trip miles from home, this anagram happy, washedup child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight, Judge Judy lovinWhen it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton s type is girls named Katherine And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped Nineteen times, to be exact On a road trip miles from home, this anagram happy, washedup child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight, Judge Judy loving best friend riding shotgun but no Katherines Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl.

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Things that I was sick of by the end of this book:1. Anagrams and tangents2. Use of the words jewfro, fug, fugger, fugging, kafir3. Colin's whining--actually, Colin in general4. Katherines

This was by far the worst experience I've ever had reading a John Green book. I really always enjoy his writing and humor, but this one just didn't do anything for me.I don't think the book was horrible, but it couldn't hold my attention too long so I was happy it was very short. If it was any longer I probably wouldn't have finished it. I couldn't stand Colin. He was annoying and whiny and just because he acknowledges that fact himself doesn't mean it makes it any less annoying to read about. H [...]

____________________________________________“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.” ____________________________________________2 DISAPPOINTING STARS!You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!You don't know what expectations I had about this book.I have read other John Green's book like Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our Stars and really liked them especially the first [...]

Colin Singleton is not a vampire or a werewolf or a sorcerer or a punning Austin zombie. He doesn’t live in a dystopian society, he hasn’t slept with his teacher. He doesn’t do drugs, his parents aren’t divorced, and he’s suffered no traumas unless you count being dumped by a slew (okay, nineteen) of girls named Katherine. So, why am I reading this? I have been programmed to only care about supernatural cute boys. I call this my mid life crisis. If I give in and self analyze, I would s [...]

As a YA author, I'd heard the name "John Green" whispered in the YA wind for months, but I'd never picked up one of his books until I read a synopsis for AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES online. My husband, a pretty reluctant reader, snitched it from me and devoured it, so I was expecting great things.I wasn't disappointed. This story of a boy struggling to come up with a theory that describes the arc of his 19 relationships with girls named Katherine was, in many places, laugh out loud funny. Even wi [...]

A reenactment of the moment An Abundance of Katherines was conceived:John Green sat at his desk, quietly contemplating the ghettoization of scrambled eggs as a breakfast food and brainstorming ideas for his new book. His last novel, Looking for Alaska, had done moderately well, but he wanted to do something different this time. Something to show his critics that he wasn't a one-trick pony yet out-of-there enough to show his nerdfighters that he was one of them. An outsider, a man of the people.H [...]

I tried. I really did, believe me! But I can't do it, it's boring, it has no plot whatsoever and I don't like any of the characters. I'm not going to torture myself

Un libro sin nada que contar, nada original y que carece de trama. Empecemos por el protagonista, Colin, siendo un clon del resto de personajes de John Green. No eres un personaje interesante para nada. Pero eso no es lo gracioso, lo gracioso es saber que es feo, raro, antisocial ¿y me tengo que creer que ha tenido 19 novias? D-I-E-C-I-N-U-E-V-E. Sí, es todo muy realista. Él es un fucker, y encima casi todas sus novias han sido guapas e incluso ha estado con alguna popular. ME MEO ENCIMA.Tene [...]

Picture this: You used to be a childhood prodigy. Member of an academic game team. You excelled in school. You were special. You met a girl named Katherine and the two of you started dating.Then she dumps you.Then eighteen more girls named Katherine dump you.Suddenly, you're a teenager with no claim to fame except for your former status as a prodigy. No new ideas. No girl. No plans for the summer excepting wasting away in your room and moping.This is not your life. But it is Colin Singleton's li [...]

Had I been reading this on paper instead of my computer, it probably would have gone into the fireplace here: "She was incredibly hot--in that popular-girl-with-bleached-teeth-and-anorexia kind of way, which was Colin's least favorite way of being hot." And if somehow it had survived that initial immolation, I definitely would have shredded it for birdcage fodder (and I don't even own a bird!) here: "She looked prettier than she ever had before--Colin always preferred girls without makeup."This [...]

I was not terribly impressed with Katherines. I read Green's Looking For Alaska and thought it was one of the best young adult novels I have ever read SO I was expecting this book to measure up to a higher standard. Unfortunately, it did not even come close. Here's my beef with the book:1) The characters. I had a really hard time getting into Katherines because the characters were not too likable. Green gave the characters personalities, but he missed something in the character development categ [...]

Well, I enjoyed this one much more than I was expecting! 4.5

There's so much John Green-ness in this book, I love it :)1. Love the footnotes2. Love Hassan3. Love dialogue4. Love the storyFuggin right.Check out my video review!

So this was my first John Green book. I get his appeal in that he can create characters that, although very different from us, can somehow resonate with our emotions and experiences. I ordered this book used on , and as luck would have it before when I got an autographed Rainbow Rowell book, I somehow was fortunate enough to score a first edition of this one:Apparently, a first edition of one of his early books is a big deal, or so I’m toldOn to the story: we have a prodigy who has just gradua [...]

2.5Here are some things I’ve realized after reading AAoK:1. John Green is a talented, clever writer with a great sense of humor.2. Contrary to what I’d like to think, I’m still math-phobic.3. I’ll never, ever date a has-been child prodigy. Or a washed-up genius. Or a whiny guy who speaks 11 languages. Or whatever it is that Colin’s supposed to be.An Abundance of Katherines is a hilarious book but it did not make me laugh. Okay, maybe a little but that was more like snorting-in-mild-amu [...]

I've had this book sitting on my desk for two months. I'm a huge John Green fan, so you can see why this is problematic.The Albuquerque library system is pretty bad. Out of all the libraries systems I've ever used, this has to be the worst. Not only does it not stock any of Justine Larbalestier's books, but it also doesn't have a decent collection of John Green's books. It took me three months to get a copy of An Abundance of Katherines. It took me two months to finish it. Actually, that's a lie [...]

Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I may be one thousand years old, but I still love John Green books.I read An Abundance of Katherines before I even knew who John Green was. Remember - I’m 1,000, so cut me some slack people! Over the past several years it has come to my attention that almost everyone else considers this to be the lesser of all of the Green works, which had me questioning my mental state (or whether or not I was intoxicated) the first time I read this book.Okay, so I’l [...]

Yup. I'm still not a John Green fan.One thing I have noticed about the characters John Green creates in his novels: they're too quirky, they're smart (this one in particular has an overly smart character) and they talk in quips. NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE. At least not all the time. I think this is John's way of incorporating himself into his books. Most YA readers see John Green as the best author ever, but his books are not that unique and his characters are the same with a few minor [...]

THIS BOOK WAS NOT MY CUP OF TEA. So yeah, I got a couple laughs in the beginning. nah i laughed like a bull and almost choked on my water-_-But really, I'm about a third of the way through and I honestly have no idea what's going on IDEADAZILCHZEROBecause all there was in this book, was a love sick boy who just couldn't get his damn feelings in check. And for some damn reason, THIS MC ONLY DATES GIRLS WHO GO BY THE NAME, KATHERINE. -_-UhSAY WHAAAA?????!!!!Yeah, you could probably already tell by [...]

If you are familiar with John Green, you probably already know his winning formula: a nerdy nice guy with a funny side-kick best friend, meets and falls in love with a mysterious popular but ultimately unhappy girl, then some kind of road trip ensues during which a life altering realization is achieved. "An Abundance of Katherines" is no exception. Only this time the nerdy guy (Colin) is not that endearing (unlike Miles in "Looking For Alaska" or Quentin in "Paper Town"), the funny side-kick (Ha [...]

Changing my rating from 2 stars to 1 star because every time I rewrite or add something to this review I'm instantly annoyed all over again.Okay, so this is the third time I'm going to rewrite this review. Then I'm going to walk away from it forever and not look back once.An Abundance of Katherines follows Collin Singleton, who has a very specific type of dream girl. Well, I guess not really since he only really likes girls named Katherine. I don't think he really cares what they look like. It's [...]

Check out this audiobook!I received a hard-disc copy of this audiobook for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Full review to come. 3 of 5 stars (Please read my rating system further below. I think listening to this book as an audiobook really enhanced my experience while indulging in the story. Because of that, I would really like to thank Brilliance Audio for sending me a copy of the audiobook, it made me enjoy the book so much more than I would've if I had physically the book. My favorite [...]

I think I already said this in a review but I might just need a break from young adult fiction, because everyone I know who reads YA raved about this novel and I read it from cover to cover without once really engaging, and with far too many inward groans and eye-rolls.I mean, for starters, the quirky teenaged characters were, um, very quirky. Very reliably quirky. Everyone had their schtick and everyone talked like they were in a Joss Wheden show. And hey, I LOVE Joss Whedon but it's a differen [...]

“How do you just stop being terrified of getting left behind and ending up by yourself forever and not meaning anything to the world?”Actual Rating: 3.5 starsMy first John Green book!Everyone has a type, a distinct quality or feature we are always looking for in a potential partner. Meet child prodigy Colin Singleton. He liked girls named Katherine. Not Catherine, Cathy, Kathy, Katrina, Kat, Cat, or any other variant. K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E.John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines tells the stor [...]

This book is ABSURD. The main character is some quirky prodigy kid who gets dumped by girls named Katherines. He goes on about some non-sense theory who might help him predict future relationships. He is smart, loves anagrams, and uses words no other teenager has ever heard of. You know what?

One of my roommates is a huge John Green fan, and after first introducing me to the series of videos he does with his brother (search "vlogbrothers" on Youtube or just watch this one), she told me that I should probably read some of his books. She suggested An Abundance of Katherines to start with, maintaining that it's better than Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. (incidentally, can anyone verify/disprove this claim? Just wondering)So I read it, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. And since [...]

This was definitely my least favourite book by John Green. For starters, Colin was absolutely unbearable. I disliked him so much and I hated listening to his inner monologue. He was so pretentious, arrogant, self-centred and he was just plain horrible. I didn't like the constant anagrams, maths, graphs or his theorem rants. This book didn't really have much of a plot apart from focusing on Colin and so I just didn't like it. His constant ramblings about Katherine drove me up the wall. He compare [...]

Even John Green can't get foreign languages right *sigh in disappointment*

I fully understand that disliking a John Green book is tantamount to asking to be shot in the head, tarred-n-feathered, and thrown in a flaming box over a cliff into a gorge of molten lava. I know that, I get that, I apologize to all whose lives I've destroyed with my hatredy.But, man, I did NOT like this book.I'm going to start by saying that from the outset of Colin's theory of dumpativity, I understood - and thought he would, tooke, immediately - that these things only work in reverse. I'm no [...]

Olha, eu tentei.Assim, o John tem um senso de humor específico e acho que muitas vezes ele acerta, mas nesse livro foram raras as vezes que deu pra rir. Eu fiquei achando o tempo todo que esse é o tipo de história que ele imaginou perfeitamente na cabeça, mas não soube contar. Sabe quando a pessoa é MUITO nerd e ela conta umas piadas e você, que talvez não seja, tipo eu, fica pensando "nossa, até entendi o que ele quis dizer, mas puta merda que bosta"? exato.Mais um livro com a mesma va [...]

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