Angel Voices

Rowan Speedwell

Angel Voices

Angel Voices

  • Title: Angel Voices
  • Author: Rowan Speedwell
  • ISBN: 9781611242270
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook

On a frigid winter night, college freshman Will stumbles into the shelter of a church during choir practice His father has just discovered that Will is gay, and has beaten him and thrown him out of the house But right now Will s interested only in getting warm Will s college roommate Quinn is a soloist in the choir, which is practicing for a Christmas program He discovOn a frigid winter night, college freshman Will stumbles into the shelter of a church during choir practice His father has just discovered that Will is gay, and has beaten him and thrown him out of the house But right now Will s interested only in getting warm Will s college roommate Quinn is a soloist in the choir, which is practicing for a Christmas program He discovers Will in the church and his friend s condition Will, who has grown up in a repressed environment, including church school, an abusive father and a passive mother, is taken aback by Quinn s enthusiasm and determination to take care of him Does Will have a future after all, especially one that will include Quinn

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Posted at Outlaw Reviews Will suffers a severe beating at the hands of his father and is kicked out of the house when he learns Will is gay. After a long walk, Will seeks shelter in a church where his college roommate, Quinn, is singing in the choir.Even though Quinn and Will hardly know each other, it’s not long before they act on their mutual attraction and have sex before Will even has a chance to heal from his injuries. The abrupt change in Will’s family left me feeling unconvinced and Q [...]

A mediocre effort from the usually fabulous author, Rowan Speedwell.What could have been a moving "rejected gay son"-themed book turned quickly into an avenue for misplaced sex. Honestly, this book was a mess. Poor Will was abused and thrown out into the cold, finding comfort in a church and in the arms of his roommate, Quinn. Instead of this book being about healing and growing, it turns into this bizarre sex-fest, which didn't fit the atmosphere or situation. It felt grossly tone-deaf, and I w [...]

Not what I was expecting at all. 1.5 The blurb had me believing I was in for a short but angsty read with a HEA. But sadly all I really seemed to get was a quick get together and the usual sex despite serious injuries. Quinn and Will went from roommates that barely spoke to each other to instant lovers. Ignoring the fact that Will had serious injuries the two boys hopped straight into bed. Will's brother goes from a bully in the making, according to Will he was becoming more like their father ev [...]

3.75 Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell A short heartbreaking story. Will violently assaulted by his father seeking shelter in a church and listen to the beautiful voice of Quinn. Quinn is rehearsing for Christmas with the choir. When Quinn sees his roommate sitting in the last pew he goes over to him and ask why he is so bruised and why he isn't at home with his family at Christmas holiday, Will stands up and collapsed in Quinn's arms.The story is taking us to their blossoming relationship and Qui [...]

Maybe because this is meant to be a holiday season's story and short, that I can't really found this too heartbreaking.Which is good. This one is mostly a 'get to know you sex' in teenager's sexual encounter. The first experience, about sex between guys. Average holiday story. Not memorable.And what's with Bill Clinton's mentioning? Not relevant.

For a short story, this wasn't bad; unfortunately I was expecting a full novel when I requested this book, because the blurb makes it clear there's no way a short story would do the characters justice.Will is a freshman in college who's been severely beaten by his father after coming out as gay. After walking over 8 miles through the frigid weather outside, Will stumbles into a small church, drawn by the angelic voices singing in a choir. Quinn is a soloist in the choir and he's also Will's room [...]

Will is an 18-year-old college student. When his father finds that he is gay, he beats Will black and blue and throws him out of the house. Hurt and alone with no money at all, Will walks from his house and stops at a church when he hears a choir. Unbeknownst to him that his college roommate Quinn is singing at the moment This short novella (coming at 60 pages, 15000 words) is a beautiful story about love and hope after suffering a horrible experience. Quinn is such a colorful character. Get thi [...]

I read this last night and remember almost nothing about it.It started out good, but then turned ridiculous and I think I remember a very weak HFN at the end, or something like that.

Working my way through books I bought in 2012 and never read, I found this little gem. I knew it would be sweet if it was anything like the blurb and I wasn't disappointed. Will is beaten by his father after his father spots him in a photo about a fight outside a gay bar. His roommate, Quinn, is happy to be his friend and nurturer, introducing him to his own family and holiday traditions as they explore the beginnings of their feelings for one another. With some unexpected family support, Will i [...]

3.5-4*Despite the storyline, its a sweet, light read! Nothing new or groundbreaking, but a cute Christmas story!

Will goes home for Christmas. Learning about Will being gay, his father cracks Will's head on the asphalt, a few ribs with his fist and kicks him out the house for evah and evah and evah for his gayness. Will is hurt and cold and miserable. Quinn, his gay (who wudda've thunk?) friend/roommate picks him up, cleans him up and adopts him in more ways than one, along with Quinn's big, loving, warm and loud and altogether amazing, Mary Calms type, family.(view spoiler)[Will is happy, he is all set wi [...]

Short and sweet holiday novella about two freshman roommates at college - Quinn and his warm Creole family and Will, abused son of a fundamentalist nut job. A nice read but nothing that really knocked my socks off. 3 stars.

Often the things we worry about the most never happen. This is part of the message of 'Angel Voices' by Rowan Speedwell. It's a short, poignant story, aptly named since Quinn is a guardian angel of sorts, helping his shy roommate Will after he's beaten and thrown out on Christmas Eve for being gay. Will comes back to school thinking that even though it's a temporary fix, he has nowhere else to go. Quinn takes Will under his wing and shows him that his life is not over, that there are alternative [...]

This is a “previously released title” and I don’t think anything’s been done to alter it.Will is a freshman in college, roommate to Quinn, on his Holiday break when he finds himself beaten up and thrown out of his house for being seen with a gay boy at a club.Neither boy suspects the other is gay and both have been “noticing” the other for weeks, if not months.Will stumbles into a church where Quinn is singing and Quinn helps to patch him up and come to grips with his new situation i [...]

I reslly liked this story, I thought the characters were relatable and one of the best parts was the bit of a twist at the end with the families. You think you know how this plays out, but you're not quite right! To say too much more would give too much away, overall, I would definitely recommend this book!

Very short story. Insta-everything. Lust, love, family acceptance - all instant which at 49 pages is not that surprising. so a 2 star, it was ok. *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Angel Voices is either a longish short story or a short novella, but in either case, it is a highly satisfying Christmas story. Will is a college freshman who goes home for Christmas break and accidentally comes out to his family through a piece in the local paper. Will’s intolerant father beats Will badly, throws him out of the house, and disowns him. Heartbroken, Will manages to return to his college dorm, nearly freezing to death in the process.Will stumbles into a church to try to get warm [...]

3.5 stars - A quick holiday read. Due to the novella length, the pacing was quick and I would have been more than happy to get an expanded version so the characters could have deeper personalities. The supporting cast was interesting and while the main conflict was resolved quickly and too cleanly for my taste, I did enjoy reading this HFN holiday story.

Title: Angel VoicesAuthor: Rowan Speedwell Series: Publisher: Riptide PublishingReviewer: MollienRelease Date: November 26, 2016Genre(s): Male/Male Holiday RomancePage Count: 56 pagesHeat Level:2 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:One frigid winter night a week before Christmas, college student Will stumbles into a church during choir practice, bruised by his own father’s hands. He’s out of the closet now — there’s no going back since his fundamentalist father learned the truth [...]

Originally posted at Rarely Dusty BooksGenre & Keywords: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Christmas, Coming Out and Kicked Out, Abusive Father, Roommates, Young Lovers, Family~~~~~Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsHeat level: 2 out of 3 flames~~~~~A Christmas story from last year, this was still on my to read list and it perfectly fitted my current mood of wanting to read sweet and Christmassy m/m stories. Angel Voices is great for a quick romantic fix. This short story offers the tale of young lovers bro [...]

Book – Angel VoicesAuthor – Rowan SpeedwellStar rating - ★★★★★No. of Pages – 56Cover – Gorgeous! (But is it awful that the guy totally looks like Fred/George Wesley?)POV – 3rd person, dual POVWould I read it again – Yes!Genre – LGBT, Christmas, Holiday, Family, Homophobia** COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEY **I loved Will and Quinn. They were the warm marshmallows on the top of your hot chocolate – the perfect addition to an already heartwarming story that made it feel li [...]

This story falls into my SSS category ~ short, sweet and simple. We meet Will who finds refuge in a church after being brutally beaten and walking for miles in the cold. He is tired and just wants to sit down somewhere warm. So we’re introduced immediately to quite a tragic character and wondering what could have happened to him. I like these sort of characters, broken but also mysterious as to why at the beginning. The choir is practicing for their Christmas concert and Quinn, Will’s roomma [...]

3.5 stars for this New Adult M/M Christmas romance. Will is an 18 year old freshman attending his local college. When he returns to his home for the winter break his enraged father beats him nearly senseless and chucks him out into the cold, while his horrified mother watched. Will stumbles the eight miles back toward campus, dropping into a church to warm up. There he hears the choir practicing, and finds peace in his tumult.He also finds his afro-Creole roommate, Quinn, who's a tenor in the ch [...]

The blurb for Angel Voices offered up quite of potential for a nice Christmas read. You have Will stumbling into a church after his father beat him up, discovered by his roommate Quinn. There’s history about Will’s less than caring past as well as a hint of a possible romance between Will and Quinn. And, well that’s it. Still holiday stories tend to end happily, so even though I am not a fan of them, I figured at 56 pages, it wouldn’t be wasted hours if I didn’t like it.Hmmm, what to s [...]

2.5 Stars ~ I’m bummed to report that I was disappointed in this one. Having read, and LOVED, Rowan Speedwell’s books in the past, I had high expectations for this little Christmas short. Unfortunately, Angel Voices did not deliver. Fifty-six pages was just not enough to do this story justice. The character development was weak—although I did like both Will and Quinn, as well as Quinn’s family, I didn’t really care about either of them, which I think is an important distinction. The ju [...]

(Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews. Rated 3.5 out of 5.0 Love Bytes.)I quite enjoyed this short story about family drama and abuse. I do have to say though that it could oh so easily have been a full-length novel. The story was there, the characters were there, the possibilities were there, but they were all a little truncated for my tastes.We meet Will when he is stumbling through the freezing cold. He has been severely beaten and has walked about 10 miles wearing only a jean jacket. H [...]

Book & Author: Angel Voices by Rowan SpeedwellRating: 3.75 starsAlthough the story starts on a down note it quickly turned to a heartwarming story of two college roommates who turn to more over a horrible event. Will has been beaten and thrown out at Christmas time when his religious Dad finds out he’s gay. Wondering what he's going to do now since he has no money and his scholarship that gives him his dorm will most likely be taken away he finds a warm place to hide. Finding shelter in th [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsI loved this little story! It had the perfect components…friends becoming lovers, a virgin MC, a more experienced MC who I wouldn’t consider to be an Alpha, per se, but someone who steps up to the plate to take care of his partner, and a big ol’ Irish/Cajun family who boisterously comes into town and takes a stranger under their wing. Add in Christmas, a bastard of a father who intends to hurt his son, but only makes him stronger in the end, and a bit of hot [...]

On a night when college students are arriving home for the holiday break Will finds himself right back on campus at a nearby church. Will is battered, beaten, and almost broken. His father flipped out when Will arrived home, accusing him of being gay. Because Will was raised to tell the truth he was assaulted by his own father as his mother stood by and watched.In shock and pain Will listens to the choir of fellow students practicing as he wonders what he’ll do next since his father swore he [...]

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