Hawk's Gift

Mary M. Forbes

Hawk's Gift

Hawk's Gift

  • Title: Hawk's Gift
  • Author: Mary M. Forbes
  • ISBN: 0973724404
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN Shared with Paradise on the Horizon Damien can t understand his fascination with ambitious Roberta Taylor And Roberta is bewildered by her reaction to Damien s exotic looks She is a wealthy successful lady How could she be attracted to a useless drifter, charming or not Set in Canada s Civil War the Riel Rebellion of 1885.

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I can't get over the love story. So intense and all consuming. Roberta and Damien come from opposing worlds. She's a wealthy daughter of a prominent Canadian politician and newspaper owner. He's a half-breed orphan, Metis, mixed-blood castoff from society.Roberta lived a privileged life until the day she is trapped in a brothel being auctioned off. She went there to interview the madam, but was captured and offered for sale. Something about her triggered Damien's sense of chivalry and he rescues [...]

Beautifully written from the first sentence. this book captivates all of your senses, and takes you on a breathtaking journey.Th Hawks gift is really a gift and i enjoyed reading it. :)

Hawks' Gift is a historical romance set in Canada in the late 1800's. We first meet Damien Larocque as a boy who witnesses the death of his parents on the same day in 1860. He is Metis a member of one of the aboriginal people of Canada.In 1881 he is in Winnipeg. Now a grown man he finds himself bidding $1000 to rescue a young lady. Roberta Taylor is a reporter. Head-strong and ambitious she wants to interview Big Bear, a leader of one of the indigenous Indian tribes who is currently refusing to [...]

Roberta and Damien are fascinating characters Linda Marrow, Senior Editor, Pocket Books.

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