Whole Latte Life

Joanne DeMaio

Whole Latte Life

Whole Latte Life

  • Title: Whole Latte Life
  • Author: Joanne DeMaio
  • ISBN: 9781466427501
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback

A heartfelt story of secrets and second chances from the New York Times bestselling author of Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans.Sara Beth and Rachel have been wishing on stars for as long as they ve been friends Sara Beth dreams of opening an antique shop in quaint Addison, Connecticut For Rachel, a little beach cottage will do, where sea breezes and salt water might inspire hA heartfelt story of secrets and second chances from the New York Times bestselling author of Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans.Sara Beth and Rachel have been wishing on stars for as long as they ve been friends Sara Beth dreams of opening an antique shop in quaint Addison, Connecticut For Rachel, a little beach cottage will do, where sea breezes and salt water might inspire her sketches Sharing wishes and cups of coffee, they ve stitched pieces of their lives together like a soft patchwork quilt of friendship they thought they d hold close forever.But while celebrating their birthdays one weekend in Manhattan, Sara Beth makes a life altering decision Excusing herself to use the Ladies Room during lunch, she disappears, slipping the waiter a note to pass along, asking Rachel to cover for her.Sara Beth s escape begins a summer of change of herself, of her marriage, of the lives of those around her back home in Addison Most unexpectedly, it brings a solitary Mounted Police Officer into Rachel s life, one who gladly shows Rachel that it isn t always stars that deliver our wishes.

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Wow. . . I loved everything about Whole Latte Life!This novel is so much more than a romance or beach read --it has depth, meaning, character, charm, and realistic life issues. Joanne DeMaio has a talent for describing every emotion, scent, and feeling of a room or setting, so it draws you into the world of the character. She must be artistic, as being a creative person, we look beyond to grasp each element and feeling.An inspiring read, this novel grabbed me from the front cover to the ending a [...]

This perfect for the beach book begs the question: If you could go back and redo all of the "what ifs" in your life, would you do everything the same? What if you married the other guy? What if you took the other job? What if you didn't have children? What if you were there when your Mother needed you the most instead not having been there? What if.Sara Beth and Rachel have been best friends since they were fifteen years old. While celebrating their fortieth birthdays together during a girl's we [...]

Recently I read a very thought provoking book written by Joanne DeMaio. I assumed it would a lighthearted summer read for my afternoon breaks. I was so pleased to find this story is not just another quick read! The main characters in the book are overtaken with emotional upheaval in their lives. As each faces and confront midlife changes and decisions, they find the consequences of their deeds have a wide ranging repercussion for other family members.Two best friends set out on a planned 40th bi [...]

"Wishes are a mystery to me. It's like putting your hope out there, opening a part of your heart to the constellations."Friends since childhood, Sara Beth Riley and Rachel DeMartino meet regularly over coffee in their picturesque Connecticut hometown. They plan a Girls Weekend in New York City to spend their fortieth birthdays together. Complete with stops at the Empire State Building, Tiffany's and The Today Show, the four-day celebration promises lasting memories. When Sara Beth walks out of a [...]

Rachel and Sara Beth have been best friends forever. Ever since their school days their lives have moved along parallel paths, wishing upon stars and celebrating birthdays together. Like their fortieth birthday, which they're celebrating in Manhattan: staying at The Plaza; planning outings, like breakfast at Tiffany's; climbing to the top of the Empire State Building; and just sharing the moments.But something happens on their first day that changes the course of their lives for months to come. [...]

We all need to have optionsSara Beth and Rachel decide to take on New York to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Fun was expected but no one saw the transformation that would happen coming.Sara Beth is trying to get over her mother’s death and figure out a way to have her dreams fulfilled and still be a wife and mother. Sara Beth wanted to start her antique business but that dream seems to be getting away from her as well. So going to New York opens the door to exploration of the city and the adv [...]

Wonderful story of women and friendship and the ups and downs of that. It felt very real. I really liked the struggle Michael had and was determined to overcome. Sara-Beth is grieving as well as looking at the next side of forty, Rachel has lost her husband suddenly. A mix that kept me reading. Ultimately a book of hope and warmth.

There was so much that I loved about this book - the friendship, romance, settings, and bonds between mothers and daughters. The book explores moments that shape the characters, connecting Sara Beth, her Mom, Rachel, Michael. It's those moments that feel so real, that I could relate to. Love this.

The cover is gorgeous. It was the best thing about this book. I also liked the cafe (Whole Latte Life), but it was a minor part of the story. I did not like the story or the characters. The characters were too selfish. The story wasn't what I was expecting or what I wanted it to be.

I'm glad that I got this book for free from the amazon prime lending library because it was really bad. The premise is that two best friends go to NYC to celebrate their 40th birthdays and one of them decides to run away for the weekend because she's having trouble dealing with her mother's death. She comes back and is fine and I thought end of story. Oh no! That was just the first 1/3 of the book! The rest of the book is dealing with the fallout from this horrible act. Huh? Really? Can't we jus [...]

Rachel and Sara Beth are going to celebrate their 40th birthdays by having a weekend getaway. The only problem with the getaway weekend, Sara Beth takes it a little too far and decides to getaway from everything including Rachelle. But she asks Rachel to cover her and not tell her husband. Rachel is worried about her friend even though Sara Beth left her a note telling her not to worry. She finds a police officer sitting on a horse and tells him about Sara Beth. Micheal, the police officer, trie [...]

Long time friends Sarah Beth and Rachel decide to go into New York to celebrate their fortieth birthdays together, kind of a girls weekend. They had charted out plans of things to see and do together, and over a lunch in a Manhattan restaurant, Sarah Beth takes this opportunity to excuse herself to use the restroom and thendisappears.Well, not exactly disappears as a frantic Rachel soon finds out. She did leave a note:Please don't tell Tom about this. I really need some time alone Rachel to sort [...]

anovelreview/2012Sarah Beth and Rachel, best friends since 8th grade, are in New York City to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Sitting at the restaurant table waiting to start lunch, Rachel is handed a note by the waiter. The note changes everything. Sarah Beth had simply disappeared. Rachel begins to search the city for her dear friend wanting to desperately to help her, while Sarah Beth was reaching out to her mother who’d passed away.When Sarah Beth reenters the land of the living, she seems [...]

There aren’t many among us who hasn’t wondered ‘what if’ about one situation or another at least one time in our life.If given the chance to go a different road, would it make life better or worse? How would the change affect family and friends? Author Joanne DeMaio expands on this concept to create an inspiring tale of friendship, love, family, loyalty and hope in WHOLE LATTE LIFE.DeMaio pulls the reader in quickly on the first page and holds them spellbound till the end. The story move [...]

This is a story of two friends. Rachel is a widow and Sara Beth is married with kids, and she recently lost her mother. To celebrate their 40th birthdays, they plan a weekend trip to New York. Sitting in a restaurant, Sara Beth excuses herself to take a potty break. Rachel gets worried after Sara Beth doesn’t return to the table and goes looking for her. She can’t find her, but a waiter hands her a note from Sara Beth. The note says she needs to take a few days alone so she can decide what s [...]

Whole Lotta LifeBy Joanne DeMaioA brief summaryRachel and Sara Beth have a long standing tradition of going to NYC for their birthdays.  Sara Beth leaves Rachel a short mysterious message and abruptly disappears.My thoughts about this bookThis was an interesting book to read because it took a different path than the one I anticipated it to take.  Both women were amazing friends and both women were suffering from the loss of a loved one.  Sara Beth seemed to need to toss her life away while [...]

Okay I confess, I first looked at this book because of the cover. It has a coffee cup! Of course it caught my eye! And in the case of books I actually hold to the theory that you should judge a book by its cover. All that said,I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. The writing was good but wasn't super spectacular, it was the the story line that drew me in. Sara Beth's "mid-life crisis" was relate-able to me. After losing her mother unexpectedly and a late life pregnancy sur [...]

Whole Latte Life is the first book I have read by Joanne DeMaio. I was very excited when I received the book in the mail because it really is a beautiful book. The cover is gorgeous, and the inside is just as pretty.n't judge a book by its cover though. At first, I could not relate to the characters, and the plot was just plain boring. (view spoiler)[In fact, I thought Sara Beth was completely selfish leaving her life while on vacation while celebrating their 40th birthdays with her friend, Rach [...]

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaioThis story is about 2 women who are friends and in the present day they agree to spend a few days in NY. After shopping and a lunch Sara Beth leaves a note and takes off. Rachel is handed the note and does as she's asked, not to alert anyone but she needs a few days to find herself.They've just turned 40 and Sara Beth has recently lost her mother and is at wits end what to do with her life and remembers the past, romances and life choices.Rachel has lost her husb [...]

”Whole Latte Life” is the story of Rachel and Sara Beth, best friend since forever who will have to rebuild their friendship after Sara Beth walks out of a restaurant (and her life) disappearing without a word during their 40th birthday weekend celebration in New York. In the months following the birthday fiasco, Rachel and Sara Beth will go their separate ways in order to find themselves – Sara Beth in her antiquing, Rachel in a beach cottage alongside Michael – only to reconcile over s [...]

It took me three tries to get through this book. I felt very detached through the entire thing - not sure if this was because of the third-person voice, the writing style, or if it just wasn't my sort of story. The characters were all very selfish and a bit whiny. Tom is the only one I noticed that was actually trying to help the situation and doing the best he could with what was going on. All the others were more worried about how THEY were being affected. I wanted to like this book, which is [...]

This was an okay book for a plane trip (it helped pass the time). I did not like the character of SaraBeth. Sometimes you need to take care of yourself, but I never really saw anything other than a selfish side. Also, the Rachel romance was just plain cheesy to me. The author should have spent more time focusing on the friendship between the women. Finally, and this is silly but, the women are supposed to always be drinking coffee - yet there are times they drink instant coffee! A coffee "snob" [...]

To be perfectly honest, I didn't get past Chapter 1. I've been looking forward to trying this author but the voice of the 1st chapter was so annoying to me that I couldn't get into the story. Please, authors, if you are going to use present tense, make darn sure you know how to do it well. Not that I would be able to but if it's not done flawlessly, it distracts from the story. For me it was like nails on a chalkboard. Sorry.

Beautiful story!I loved the deep friendship between Sara Beth and Rachel. They know a d love each other so much. You can get lost in the scenery as the story weaves together. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

What if? Did you ever wonder what if? Whole Latte Life explores the longing and hurt if things would have been different. And also the testing of friendship, healing and love. This is the story of Sara Beth and Rachel and how Sara Beth in an act of selfishness puts a strain upon their relationship. But that act also brings changes for Rachel. Sara Beth keeps looking back wondering what if? And Rachel is starting to look forward to her what if. This is another warm, wonderful book by Joanne DeMai [...]

I have been wanting try a book by this Connecticut author for a while so I figured I would start with her first one. It is set in NYC, CT and Long Island. The relationship between the two main characters seemed real as they had their ups and downs, major downs but they did remain friends. I loved the parts at the beach, makes me want my own little beach house! I will be reading more by this author.

Rachel DeMartino had high expectations for her 40th birthday celebration. After all, she and her best friend Sara Beth Riley had been planning their Manhattan weekend getaway for months. But what those expectations didn’t include was Sara Beth’s taking the “getaway” part so literally. During lunch on the first day of their weekend she sneaks a note to the maitre d’ and disappears from the restaurant.Despite the written plea for Rachel to relax, and to grant Sara Beth the weekend to sor [...]

An earlier work (prequel) to the Stony Point beach series. Good story but you can really see the author's growth in her later work.

It's a very good story. At times it boggled me down but I ended up liking it.

New author.

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