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  • Title: Lėlininkai
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein Jonas Bulovas
  • ISBN: 9986486211
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

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Putting this book down I cannot help wondering if Bob wrote this for the excuse to see, at least I his mind, a nation wearing no clothes.You see, this is about an invasion of body snatchers type event, the aliens being large slug like creatures who affix themselves to the hosts’ skin. So, one method of finding the insidious creatures is an ordinance where everyone must be nude.Clever! You are a devil, Bob Heinlein.First published in 1951, this is a couple decades before he took the turnpike ex [...]

Evil, slug-like aliens land on Earth. They attach themselves to people and take over their minds. After a while, everyone has to walk around completely naked, so that you can spot the ones who have a slug attached. I just can't understand why Paul Verhoeven didn't film this. He could have combined Starship Troopers and Showgirls into one movie, and both he and the rest of the world would have been happier. My guess is that he discovered the book too late, and has been kicking himself ever since. [...]

I enjoyed this book for its story which was well thought out and interesting. However it's age definitely showed mostly in the naivety of the writing. I can't really describe what I mean exactly but if you read it I think you will understand straight away. And the dialogue left a bit to be desired as well. Nevertheless it is a true science fiction story of the old kind and it is very readable.

Robert Heinlein's The Puppet Masters is both an action-oriented adventure story about parasitic slug aliens attempting to take over the world and its citizens and social commentary on Communism and the Red Scare. As such, it appeals to young adult readers, who are looking for excitement and aliens, and to the general populace of the early 1950s, who would recognize the paranoia and militarism as part of the broader culture of the time.This book, like Wylie's The Disappearance, is very much a boo [...]

Buddy read with Anne coming up in August 2015 maybe, someday, if she's ever in the mood for it. :)Ilovedthis old pulpy SF novel when I was a teenager. I'm a little nervous about how it will hold up on reread. But how bad can it be with a cool concept like "evil alien slugs take over your brain"???

I have no problem with dated things. I do not hold against a past time its inability to miraculously speak to my present. I enjoy trying to crawl into the context of a different reader who may have lived decades or centuries ago and to imagine their responses to what I am readingor to imagine what rules the author tried to follow or break, as the case may be. I seek this kind of exercise in books, art, film, music's one of the many reasons why I dig old stuff. So, regarding The Puppet Masters, I [...]

Well that was a classic bit of vintage SF. Up there with Heinlein's best I would say. Aliens are invading earth in a most insidious way and there's no room for compassion or understanding; it's them or us! For heaven's sake don't try to read anything allegorical into it or you're bound to find issue with it.Okay, the novel is undeniably dated but it shouldn't jar with most modern readers unless they are particularly sensitive to these things. It does feel like a novel written in the 50's but it [...]

Últimamente en mis reseñas describo lo que me ha parecido la obra con una frase o más bien una palabra; en éste caso sería: una obra IMPRESCINDIBLE para cualquier lector en general, y para los amantes del género en particular. El porqué, pues por ser un gran libro con una excelente historia, bien narrado y construido, con un ritmo envidiable y un excelente desarrollo, interesante en todas sus partes y a lo largo de la obra sin desfallecer en ningún momento, con unos buenos personajes, es [...]

Alien invasion? Fifties paranoia? Mind control?After a visit to the British Library’s Out of this World Exhibition in London, I was suddenly reminded that I hadn’t read this Heinlein for a long while. And indeed I haven’t read it in its ‘uncensored’ version, which was published in 1990 with the tale increased from about 60 000 words to 96 000.So: it was time to revisit!Puppet Masters is Heinlein’s version of an alien invasion tale, written at a time when such tales were popular in fi [...]

Zumindest in der deutschen Übersetzung liest sich dieser typische 50er Alien-Invasion-Paranoia-SF-Roman so eigenwillig, dass ich von der Handlung oft regelrecht abgelenkt wurde und mehrfach das Buch zuklappte. Hinzu kommen Sprünge und ein höchst eigenwilliger Erzählrhythmus; manche Merkwürdigkeit stellt sich allerdings zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt als gewollt heraus, so die überstürzte Ehe zwischen Sam und Mary. Die anfänglichen Anklänge an das Inzest-Motiv, das später bei Heinlein ein [...]

This and Glory Road are maybe my favorite Heinlein novels. The movie of this one tried to be true to the story but failed to capture the spark present in this book. One of the better and also most original invasion novels out there.Update: My attention brought back to this one, so I thought I'd include a "by the way". If you noted my "shelves" you might have noted I included the "Spy-Fi" shelf for this one. The story is told from the point of view of "Sam" a character who puts me much in mind of [...]

The Puppet Masters: Early Heinlein at his most embarrassingOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureSlug-like alien invaders who land and take over Des Moines, Iowa, 50s-style cold war paranoia, wise-cracking secret super agents, and a totally hot red-headed babe with deadly weapons concealed on a voluptuous body who is strong-willed but still totally subservient to our intrepid, tough-talking hero Sam. Yes, that would be a Robert Heinlein book, this one first published back in 1951. Apparently th [...]

Unfriendly aliens from Titan have arrived on Earth and are planning to conquer us. To do this, the slug-like beings latch onto the backs of their human hosts and take over their bodies and minds. The aliens are rapidly spreading in the Midwest and they’ve managed to infiltrate the Treasury Department. To make world domination go even faster and easier, they’re planning to get the President of the United States. That’s why Sam Cavanaugh, secret agent, has been called in from his vacation. H [...]

The audio reading was pretty good, but I didn't care for the story as much as I recall. There was so much dated about it, both the technology & the sexism. Heinlein's never been great at characterization - some have said he only has one main one & I think they have a good point. In this one, we saw that character as a 30 year old & an older version, plus a sort of female one. Mary was tough, but too much the demur 50's gal from the ads. The technology was kind of fun in a pulp way. P [...]

Another Heinlein masterpiece. It's always funny when there is a date specified for the action in the book - which in this case was over 50 years in the future, but currently 5 years in my past!

I had the extended version of this book and made it through to page 199. Had I read the original version than I would have finished the book making it that far along. Somewhere along the way there were additions made to the story to extend it to 370 pages. A bit more than I am willing to read for this story. It was an interesting concept and I would love to see how it ends, but I'm going to cheat and look that up on so that I can put this story behind me. It is extremely dated and misogynistic. [...]

A classic of sci, but not a great read, or a well written book. A good reminder of why we don't want to return to "the good old days".The writing is rather rushed and ham-fisted. The story sort of hangs together, despite a lot of tangents and gaps that should have been worked out in further revisions. The characters are all paper thin without much development.The main character Sam is the biggest dick-head: he clearly has un-resolved father issues that fuel his distrust and dislike of women. The [...]

I'm not sure what I expected fromThe Puppet Masters , but mostly I expected it to be dumber than it was. On one level, it was a fun action-adventure story, really one of the best Heinlein narratives I've ever read (in the sense that the plot never gets bogged down in whatever the hell Heinlein wants to talk about). It's also groundbreaking. I readThe Animorphs as a kid, so I have a deep appreciation for the "parasite aliens who are taking over the country by invisibly controlling people" scifi t [...]

An invasion of Earth via means of 'slugs' which attach themselves to people and control their actions. The story is told from the viewpoint of an elite government agent looking back on the situation as it was discovered.Lacking the sensawunda of his juveniles, or any particularly interesting speculative idea, this is a fairly rote alien invasion. There is some frustration at the idiocy on display at times - they recover alive a person with a slug attached, detach the slug, then have a big moral [...]

I reviewed and rated the print version of this book earlier. I first "read" it when I was 14 or 15 and I've read it several times since. Recently I got this "Playaway" version from the library and I am doing a separate review ase reader really pulls the rating down. I considered going all the way to 3, but it is still a pretty good book. So, okay good novelpoor reader. The reader of this book for some reason felt it was necessary to pause often. He paused almost between each sentence and between [...]

I read this book as a teen, and so did Dad. It's fun to read a book written in 1951 that tries to predict the future year 2007. Back then, the 2000s seemed impossibly far away. In this book we now have flying cars that can also run on the ground, colonies on the moon and Mars, and watches on our fingers. But only three communication satellites! (I guess three seemed enough to cover the whole world. One of them would always be above the horizon.) World War III has happened, but the Soviets are st [...]

Zumindest in der deutschen Übersetzung liest sich dieser typische 50er Alien-Invasion-Paranoia-SF-Roman so eigenwillig, dass ich von der Handlung oft regelrecht abgelenkt wurde und mehrfach das Buch zuklappte. Hinzu kommen Sprünge und ein höchst eigenwilliger Erzählrhythmus; manche Merkwürdigkeit stellt sich allerdings zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt als gewollt heraus, so die überstürzte Ehe zwischen Sam und Mary. Die anfänglichen Anklänge an das Inzest-Motiv, das später bei Heinlein ein [...]

Will that affect the review I'm about to write? Let's see. Because, honestly, I probably am one of the people the Puppies would hate, and when books bother me, on a personal and political level, with how they handle, in this case, gender, I'll talk about it. On the other hand, I'm also not a fan of throwing out an entire era of literature and science fiction because people didn't handle writing women well. It depends on how bad it is, and how good the rest of the book is.Note: The rest of this r [...]

Vintage Heinlein. At heart a diatribe against totalitarianism, it uses the cover of an alien invasion to outline the difficulties of maintaining freedom in the face of an enemy determined to eradicate individual freedom. Written in the 1950s, the Cold War looms large in the background, but the struggle is relevant in any time period. Although he gets the details wrong, Heinlein is spot on when it comes to the power of media to influence our thinking. "Everything is just fine. I saw it on TV," is [...]

Robert Heinlein writes an excellent sci fi story, but also just a darn good page turner. The movie wasn't a classic, but my daughter and I still enjoy watching. The book is great, with gritty secret agent battling invading aliens and protecting his family. Great.

It took me a little while to get into this book, but by the end I was glad I read it and had some appreciation for it. Not bad for 1951, and the knowing the culture and world events at that time make the book very appropriate for the age.

Whew. Glad that reread is over. I had to change my rating from a four, but for sentimental reasons would not go lower. I have neither the time, energy nor patience to catalog everything that is wrong about the book from my current perspective. The rampant sometimes almost virulent misogyny, the corny banter between the male and female protagonists or the quaint notions of science (I mean, everybody knows Venusians don't estivate!) are too patent for comment. However, I still can see where my ado [...]

-Paranoia y misoginia por la realidad de su tiempo.-Género. Ciencia ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. En el libro Amos de títeres (publicación original: The Puppet Masters, 1951) nos trasladamos a un supuesto 2007 en el que, y tras una guerra nuclear limitada, tiene lugar una nueva Guerra Fría. Cuando aterriza en Iowa un ovni, los primeros agentes del servicio secreto enviados a investigar el evento pierden el contacto con la central. Cuando otros tres son enviados, incluyendo al líder de un grup [...]

Typical Heinlein characters with nothing new to add to body snatcher stories.

Painfully dated, wooden unrelatable characters with assinine relationship behavior, and a veritable boat-load of misogyny, this was a serious let-down. The only likeable character was Pirate the cat, for all the good it does. 1 1/2 🌟

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