بيت المحرمات

Anaïs Nin أناييس نن

بيت المحرمات

بيت المحرمات

  • Title: بيت المحرمات
  • Author: Anaïs Nin أناييس نن
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

1958 .

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أناييس ننّ، الكاتبة الفرنسيةالتي اقرأ لها لأول مرةفعل القراءة لها مُربك خاصة لمن لم يعتاد هذا الأسلوب في الكتابة بعدبيت المحرماتهي نصوص شعرية، أقرب إلى الهذيان منها إلى حالة الكتابةوبالرغم من شاعرية النص، لن تجد فيه المفردات الجذابة المعتادة في النصوص الشعريةأناييس ننّ ت [...]

What do they say about pretty words strung together into passages pregnant with symbolism and implications, some of them beyond the grasp of a dilettante like me? How do they compartmentalize Anaïs Nin's writing? 'Erotica' they like to call it, perhaps, putting focus on the sexual imagery Nin invokes with the flair of her pen. But I would rather not enclose Nin's genius inside the banal prison of a genre like erotica. Her words, like splotches of the most exotic water color, coalesce into an ab [...]

Hemingway once famously said: “There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed.”In “House of Incest”, Anais Nin has done just that. For all those who have experienced it, or read about the experiences of creative writers, can see the truth in what Nin says in the opening line. The inspiration, or rather the contention, to write that which lingers between the conscious and subconscious is not easy to deal with, for it is not a neat catalogue of experiences b [...]

All that I know is contained in this book written without witness, an edifice without dimension, a city hanging in the sky.This is the first book I’ve read of Anais Nin, a friend recommended Henry and June but I don’t have that yet but then I thought it’s not so bad to start with Nin’s first published book instead. Originally published in 1936, House of Incest was a challenging read for me since the prose was written in a dream-like fashion, surreal that it feels like she’s serenading [...]

أي كتاب! أي لعنة هو هذا! لقد بصقت قلبها بالفعل في هذا النص! لا أستطيع إلا أن أشفق للمترجمة التي لم تكن مهمتها سهلة على الاطلاق مع نص مجنون كهذا.ملاحظة: إذا كنتَ لا تحب الشعر وتتوقع رواية بقصة بحواف واضحة وتفاصيل منتظمة لا تقرأ هذا النص.عن نفسي أحب أن تكون الرواية رواية والشعر شع [...]

شعرت بالغثيان وان أقرء هذا الكتاب الكاتبة تعاني كبت و أمراض نفسية لاتعد ولا تحصى اخواني وأحبابي تجنبوا هذا الهراء

Buddy read with Anya! <3Read her wonderfully written review hereSuch lush prose, such beautiful imagery! I may cry. Oh, how do I describe this book? A mere 72 pages it was, but a prose so profound, words so wonderful, and language so lush I have not read in a long, long time. Was it erotica? Sure. But it was so much more than that! There is a raw beauty to the words, a beauty that I cannot explain with my limited vocabulary, so I shall give you a taste of the wondrous gift that is House of In [...]

Το όνειρο της συγχώνευσης των δύο εαυτών, το άγχος αυτής της μόνης ολοκλήρωσης που δεν επιτυγχάνεται, μόνοι να πλέουν σ' έναν υμένα δύσκολα κι αέρινα. Ανάστροφοι, όψεις μπροστινή και πίσω που ποτέ δε συναντώνται κι όμως είναι πάντα σε μια επικοινωνία. Ο κόσμος στα μάτια του ε [...]

رواية بلا أحداث ، بلا حوار ، مجرد هلوسة الكتاب ينفع ان نجد فيه اقتباسات جميلة، هذا كل ما في الأمر

Sybaritic porn!Impromptu buddy read with the lovely Anuradha! Read her review here.“Those who write know the process. I thought of it as I was spitting out my heart.”Erotica is too watery a word to describe what Anaïs Nin has encompassed within these short 72 pages. The prose is swollen and ripe with meaning. You could cup it in your palm and feed on it as if it were a succulent mango. “The leaf fall of her words, the stained glass hues of her moods, the rust in her voice, the smoke in he [...]

A wild, intense assault of images. Visceral and raw. Thoroughly female and savage, in the best sense. I can't help but go back to it from time to time. Certain passages still thread through my mind with such power. "I am constantly reconstructing a pattern of something forever lost and which I cannot forget." "She was spreading herself like the night over the universe and found no god to lie with." I feel a deep, creative kinship with Nin for her common love and use of certain symbols: trees, eg [...]

Anaiis Nin continues to be insane. I continue to love her. It's an abusive, codependent relationship we have, but I have no intention of giving it up.

It was like watching a dream, reading this. Melting in poetry. Swimming in music. If you want to see pure emotion put into words, this book is for you.

تقول أناييس عن روايتها هذه وذلك في تقديمها للكتاب ( لقد شعرتُ بأني أبصق قلبي ! ) بينما تقول المترجمة عنه لما كابدته من عناء أثناء الترجمة بأنه (طلع من عيني ) وذلك بسبب التأويلات المتعددة التي يحتملها كنض مركب , وتقول المترجمة ثمة انفصال غير متصل واتصال غير منفصل يشهدها هذا العمل [...]

نصوص نثرية تصف فيها نن بعض المشاهد والشخصيات والمشاعر الإنسانية بلغة مجازية شديدة. رأيت أغلبها كلمات مبهمة المعنى فلم أشعر بها أو أفهمها!

بصراحة بصراحة بصراحة وبمنتهى الصراحة تقريبا ما فهمت شي !جو من السوداوية والغموض والغرابة ، بس مو من النوع اللي قراءتو بتجذب ما بعرف كيف أوصفا بس شي من الإشئمزاز والنفور على شوية غثيان وقرف !!!dislike

*Strange Feeling**Weird Feeling*

من پیشاپیش خودم راه میروم در انتظار جاودانۀ معجزه هامن اسیرم، اسیر دروغهایم، و طلب آمرزش دارم. نمیتوانم حقیقت را بگویم زیرا من احساس کرده ام سرهای مردان را درون زهدانم. حقیقت مرگ رفتار است و من قصه های پریان را ترجیح میدهم. من پیچیده شده ام در دروغهایی که نفوذ نمیکنند در روحم، [...]

Anais Nin is a legendary master of poetic eroticism. In House of Incest, the reader must abandon expectations of story-line and character development. There is only a brilliant madness here. Instead, it would seem (by at least my own humble observation) that the sacrifice of those expectations of structure are rewarded with an immersive poetic narrative without a guide. The reader is vigorously thrust behind the curtain and into the mind of a women overwhelmed in experiencing elements such as li [...]

I have almost no idea what I just read, but I dog-eared a greater percentage of pages than any other book to date.The introduction in the Swallow Press edition is enormously helpful. Reading this book is like crossing a chest-high river which, while it moves slowly and without apparent malice, has a bed of silt that threatens to suck the reader's feet under at one moment, and allow them to glide seamlessly over the most important image in the next. Anyway, the introduction is like some nice, nub [...]

To say this book was unconventional would be a huge understatement. Of course lyrical proes are generally, from what I read, weird as hell. I loved this book however, as much as I could love something I barely understood. A thing I learned through attempting to read things I was always intimidated by is to keep reading, slowly you begin to pick up the author's code, Their sorrows and states of mind, their themes and symbols, and you begin the sweet process of comprehension. This book revolved ar [...]

الحسنة الوحيدة التي خرجت بها من قراءتي لرواية " بعيدا من الضوضاء ، قريبا من السكات " هو معرفتي بالكاتبة أناييس نين .سأكون مخطئة إذا قلت أنني فهمت ما تقصده نين ف تلك الرواية ، لا في الحقيقة هى ليست بالرواية ، إنها بلا أحداث أو سياق متماسك ، يمكن القول إنها هلاوس أو ثرثرة أو شذرات [...]

4.5Anaïs Nin deserves way more credit as a writer than she gets - the prose in this actually made me weep. I'm not even being facetious. I was reading this and enjoying the writing and then suddenly I became aware of the fact I was crying and hadn't noticed. I'm not sure what exactly triggered this because it's not exactly what I'd call a typical tear-jerker but there was some strange quality to Nin's writing that touched me in that moment. I can't say I was expecting that from a book called Ho [...]

هناك فئة من الكتاب يمتاز خطهم الفني بالتراكيب والصور الشعرية، هذه الفئة تكتب بطريقة معقدة و اجتهاد كبير على النص. هم رائعون لكن خطهم لا يعتمد على فكرة واحدة بل شبكة أعصاب معقدة، اللاوعي هو السائد، عوالم غير حقيقية و كأنك تتعاطى نوعًا من المهلوسات أناييس نن من هؤلاء، لغتها ال [...]

The writing didn't do it for me, and neither did the photomontages by Val Telberg. There are a few interesting lines:Day is the light on harrowing discoveries.Life requires an effort which I cannot make.I looked upon a clock to find the truth.

While this may not be the finest of Nin's works, and indeed I did struggle to get into the incredibly surreal mind-set and narrative at first, I soon relented to try and find something "real" and solid to hold on to, and let it wash over me. The foreword mentions that it is Nin's effort to write something fictional for the first time, to free herself and find her own voice. It's a nightmare, flowing and ebbing, ethereal and beautiful as she lets her words pour forth. There are moments when it co [...]

This book was a wild twisting ride through her dreams and subconscious. Brilliant imagery abounds every page--the double exposed photos fit the book and mood perfectly. I think this was the first thing she printed--and I believe she printed it herself, though I could be wrong and usually am. Anyhoo it's the first book of hers that I read, and I'm now reading all of her output. This is a great place to start if you've never read her, it's very psychedelic and spiritual. Also it short enough to re [...]

I wanted to rate the book 5 pages after I started. Rating the book was the only conceivable action that would reflect how much I was blown away or shocked by what humans are able to write. I rarely rate books even the ones I really really like. But for my first Anais book, I learned a lot about the human condition. Well, not a lot. and maybe not about the human condition and more about myself. It is crazy walking in her stream of thoughts I was able to forget the messiness of my head. Despite th [...]

-"ارجوك، ناولني ذاك الكتاب الثقيل_انني بحاجة لأن اضع شيئا ثقيلا مثله فوق رأسي. و علي ان اخبيء قدمي تحت الوسائد دائما حتى اثبت على الارض، و الا فأنني سوف اشعر بأني ارحل، ارحل الى البعيد بسرعة خيالية و ذلك لخفتي."-"قاومت بينما موتها قادم اليها: انا لا احب احدا، لا احب اي شخص، حتى اخ [...]

دخول أول إلى عالم آناييس ننالنص يشبه الولوج إلى منامات العقل الباطن، كمنام طويل وغريب ومتفرع، التشبيهات التي أستخدمتها آناييس حادة جدًا ومن يشعر بمثل تلك المشاعر يعرف مدى صدق نصها، إنه نص كُتب من الداخل، نص يشتت المرء في عالمه الخاص ليس في عالم آناييس، لذلك سيجد الكثير من ال [...]

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