The Black Dress & The Red Dress Two Twisted Tales

Garden Summerland

The Black Dress & The Red Dress Two Twisted Tales

The Black Dress & The Red Dress Two Twisted Tales

  • Title: The Black Dress & The Red Dress Two Twisted Tales
  • Author: Garden Summerland
  • ISBN: 9781465869
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook

Two dark tales of passion, each involving a dress of a different color one representing sin and the other a controlling lust At the heart of each story is a woman who has in one way or another become a victim of a man she chose to love And each one chooses a different way of dealing with these unfortunate circumstances.

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Stunning storytelling through flash fiction.These two flash fiction pieces had me more scared for the characters in a much shorter period of time than I would have ever thought possible. What an incredible gift Ms. Summerland has to convey such depth of emotion in very short stories. I am so impressed with this author's writing that I've purchased volume one of her compilation of short stories. This author has an amazing way with words that will have you cringing as you're reading. These two fla [...]

The Black Dress & The Red Dress are indeed Two Twisted Tales, that left me aching for more of Summerland's work.The Black Dress bled darkness all over my vision, and it was all I could do to blink away the pain so I could read on. To have written it, Summerland was brave, and courageous, in my opinion, and that doesn't even speak for her gifts with words. Her voice told these stories flawlessly.The Red Dress, a mystery, kept me guessing (and gasping) to the very last line.I cannot praise thi [...]

The Black Dress and The Red Dress are both exceptional stories. Emotionally candid, poignant and visually dynamic - all within a limited amount of words! While reading them, I was at complete and utter mercy to Garden Summerland's skilful hand. I was pulled, slightly unwillingly, into the scenes she has created; one's that are as dark as they are exciting. It is, once again, evidence of Garden's incredible talent. I know personally that I am anticipating her next release greatly

Ever wonder what if?What ifyou stood up for yourself?What ifyou took it even a little farther?Or, what if you didn't?Garden Summerland has taken the reins of the emotional roller-coaster that is the human mind. Delving into the darkness that is within all of us, she weaves two intricate tales in this short book.One explores submission to the norm, the otherbellion.This book is an excellent example of the type of stories that make her 'Flash Fiction Addiction' series so popular!Does she have a de [...]

I'm not sure what this was supposed to be. Was it supposed to be erotic? Short stories can be written well but these weren't. I wasn't sure what the characters were doing, or why, or anything, really. Just that they had dresses that got ripped up. Completely pointless with characters I couldn't have cared less about.

Don't blink.

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