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Loving Amy

Loving Amy

  • Title: Loving Amy
  • Author: Red Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Loving Amy 1 of the Sensual Erotica Series A sensual quickie about unrequited love Designed to get you in the mood Approx 4250 words Perfect for mobile eReaders have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix.Troy has wanted Amy, his best friend s girl, for years He finally gets his chance one fateful night when the redheaded vixen asks him to make love to heLoving Amy 1 of the Sensual Erotica Series A sensual quickie about unrequited love Designed to get you in the mood Approx 4250 words Perfect for mobile eReaders have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix.Troy has wanted Amy, his best friend s girl, for years He finally gets his chance one fateful night when the redheaded vixen asks him to make love to her but there s a problem She is totally drunk and he wants than a one night stand Troy must navigate the treacherous waters of giving a tipsy Amy what she desires without losing his one chance to claim her for his own.Troy has patiently waited on the sidelines for his chance with Amy Years of being her friend has taken its toll, but that all changes the night the copper haired beauty propositions Troy at his Christmas party As much as he wants to ravish her, she is too drunk for Troy to trust her desires Instead, he concentrates on pleasing her body Amy s cries of ecstasy give him confidence he has done his job well, but before the night is over Troy makes a fatal error It is enough to ruin his chance at loving Amy Excerpt from Loving Amy He noticed her stumble as she walked away Then Amy bumped into the couch and fell on the small Christmas tree in the corner Daniel helped her up, righting the tree Amy giggled and looked in Troy s direction Crap, she is really drunk It would be so much easier to pretend she wasn t Now what was he going to do He didn t want her feeling taken advantage of after the hangover wore off.He stood out on the deck a while longer contemplating his next move Troy sucked on his cigarette to give himself time to think, but it didn t take long to formulate a plan Troy crushed the smoldering butt with his foot, before heading to his bedroom and locking the door behind him.Amy lay in a seductive pose on his bed You made it I was afraid you were having second thoughts Never Troy pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the ground before getting into bed with her.Adult Reading Material 18 This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content If you enjoy this erotic story check out the series, Sensual Erotica The short stories are stand alone scenarios made to excite and titillate, but all are interconnected Enjoy the palate of sensual experiences contained in the series as Amy and Troy make their way in the world Pick and choose the situations that arouse you, or be a little naughty and sneak a peek at the ones you ve always been curious about.

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Just meet Amy over in Brie's Denver Desires, so figured I'd check this out. Although Brad(Master Anderson) sure left me a bad impression of Troy Dawson(Amy's secret crush). Short, but it's just getting started.*Challenge: A book of short stories book 1**Challenge: A popular author's first book*12 pgs M/F

this series is somewhat weird for me. Its like the short reads are like chapters and the scenes are too quick. lets see.will be reading the other ones though. lets see:)

So as most of you already know, thanx to Angie J, I'm a HUGE FREAKING FAN OF Red Phoenix!! I have 3 favorite serial novel writers and she is definitely one of them. So I finished all of her Brie books and I'm dying for the next one (After Graduation #5). Well I decided to go back to the very beginning of Red's world and read every single thing written by her.I'm starting with the Sensual Erotica series and I LOVED IT! So far it's very different than the Brie books but it's a nice change. It clea [...]

I feel like I read the first chapter of what could be a good book. It was predictable and I didn't care for either Troy or Amy. That being said it would be interesting to see how Troy gets himself out of the situation he got himself into. The sex scene was hot but I wonder how much of it Amy will remember. Will Troy's chivalry get overlooked by Amy because she'd had so much to drink? I've never been a big fan of drunk sex scenes for that very reason.This was so short that I'm not sure there was [...]

Originally posted at: sassafrassoklikes/post/-What a tease!Sensual Erotica 1: Loving Amy - Red PhoenixOk, let me say flat out that this is the beginning of a serial. Each little book is very short and I knew this from the outset. BUUUUT, I totally got into Troy and Amy's story, and right when it was getting good, it ended! WAAAH! I wanted to know what happened next. I'm definitely going to have get the rest of this one.

Well, I understand that this is the first book in a series. This was a nice tease to lead in to the rest of the seriesI DO need some backstory so I can root for Amy and Troy. I want to like them but I need more character development to become engaged in their plightI like this author so I'm sure she'll deliver.

THIS "BOOK" IS ONLY 12 PAGES. I wasn't a fan. The story was too short, overly predictable, and not developed at all. I want a story, a plot, something to drag me in. A girl breaking up with her long time boyfriend, starts to mess around with her best guy friend, to find him kissed some other woman after she had a moment with him didn't do it for me.

I read the I read the e one maybe two after this story first. I was confused by that one but this gives it some background on the characters. I wish it had that it is part of a series and what part so I wouldn't be confused

This is a very short story that introduces heroine Amy with long-time friend-turned-love-interest, Troy. It's a nice, sexy introduction to a chapter-by-chapter release series, very well-written (Red Phoenix delivers nothing less), and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Troy has wanted his best friend Amy since before she broke up with her boyfriend, when the opportunity comes he plans to show her how he feels.Very quick story, it was like a chapter of an actual book, had promise but not sure what happens next.

What was there was barely OK and it just ended incomplete

Troy has wanted Amy for a long time and when he finally gets her things go bad in the end. I can't wait to read even more.

Sucked because it's not even a short story - it's like a chapter out of a book or a random piece of a story Has no ending Realistically - has no sex either!

Red Phoenix, you are a tease! This is like smelling CinnaBon and being pulled away from the counter! I can only rebel by dropping a star.

WTF? it was sort of hot, and I knew it would be short but it just ended. no sex and a cliffhanger! you have got to be kidding!

I enjoyed the trials and tributes throughout this series

This was short, yet sweet. I'm interested to see where the story goes. I gave it three stars because it was cliche, and like a lot of other stories that I have read. I still liked it though.

ShortThis to short it's about a woman who date a cheating man put her self out again to be disappointed again

This seemed like it was a first chapter of a bookwhich is annoying.

Wow! Very Hot!

Short and a cliff hanger but I think I am a fan of the author.

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