I've Been Deader

Adam Sifre

I've Been Deader

I've Been Deader

  • Title: I've Been Deader
  • Author: Adam Sifre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Being undead never felt alive Fred s just an ordinary zombie until one day he learns a trick.The undead had a good run at the beginning, but once the breathers get organized, it s only a matter of time before zombies go the way of pet rocks and sea monkeys They need a hero They need Fred Fred is a natural dead leader with a flair for poetry and a fierce love for hBeing undead never felt alive Fred s just an ordinary zombie until one day he learns a trick.The undead had a good run at the beginning, but once the breathers get organized, it s only a matter of time before zombies go the way of pet rocks and sea monkeys They need a hero They need Fred Fred is a natural dead leader with a flair for poetry and a fierce love for his son, Timmy Unfortunately, as far as the undead are concerned, the only good Timmy is a dead Timmy.Things look grim for the undead until Fred flies into a rage trying to make popcorn and discovers he has a talent for controlling zombies Now the undead are organized and, like the unions, in a position to destroy America Is there no one who can stop them More importantly, do we want them to Stick around, we ll have some fun.

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Review of I've Been Deader by Adam SifreOne of my biggest pet peeves EVER is when I see a movie preview, and it looks cute and funny--a comedy--and then I go to the movie and it is depressing as sh*t and I want to fling myself off a bridge. Not cool. If your movie is depressing or intense or heavy or serious, the preview should not look like a comedy. That is false advertising.Yeah, I know why people do this. To get folks to go see the freakin' movie. If folks thought the film was so depressing [...]

Zombies books have never been my genre butThere's something in this book that makes it different.Sure, it has the usual gross out blood and guts, but damnThis is the first time I've ever felt sympathetic to a zombie. How do you even do that Adam?When you factor in Adam's biting ( groan) humor, and deadly sense of social satire, this book rises above the genre, to create it's own path in the world. There is plenty here for Zombie aficionados to love, but so much more.Like Fred, It is a zombie boo [...]

I loved this book. It is hilarious and horrific at the same time which is some feat to pull off. Adam Sifre has a unique voice and presents the story in short, punchy bite-size chunks. Many of the chapters could easily stand alone as short stories, but the main story is gripping and pulls the reader along on a nail-biting journey - eventually leading to a near-perfect climax. In short: I laughed, I cried, I threw up! - Satisfaction guaranteed.

It's the best thing I've ever read and writtenazon/Ive-Been-DeaderYou can read the first chapter here. bookblogsng/profiles/bl#The book has been picked up bybTaylor StreetnPublishing and will be released in July. I will of course keep you posted.

I’ve Been Deader: Adam SifreBeing undead never felt more alive. Fred's just an ordinary zombie until one day he learns a trick.The undead had a good run at the beginning, but once the breathers get organized, it's only a matter of time before zombies go the way of pet rocks and sea monkeys. They need a hero. They need Fred. Fred is a natural dead leader with a flair for poetry and a fierce love for his son, Timmy. Unfortunately, as far as the undead are concerned, the only good Timmy is a dead [...]

There’s just something about this book… I would love it to be longer, that’s for sure! I love the lyrics at the beginning of each chapter, which are parodies of well known songs and artists (like ‘The Almost Breathers’). This book does have some laugh out bits like:(view spoiler)[He recalled seeing one zombie with the ability to set fires with its hands. It demonstrated this by scratching its ass and setting itself ablaze.I just love the idea of zombies rarely having powers, but them n [...]

Ok, it wasn't made-me-wanna-puke horrible, but I can't say that I liked this book.First off, you have no fucking idea what is going on. New character after new character and every now and then some "Braiiiiiins".After like 30% a storyline starts to form. And it basically switches around between the Zombie mob and the left over "Breathers". Howeverme of the things happening didn't make any sense to me at all. (view spoiler)[Psycho Jon? Really? Why did he torture that guy in the cellar, coz he fuc [...]

I can't give a review because I cannot get into this book, I don't see the point in a zombie being able to think but not talk, Huh?? really?? the zombie wants to say love and comes out as BRAINS?? No way, not my kind of read, I don't find it amusing and I do not see the humor in it. Hey, different strokes for different folks. You might like it, I sure didn't. I gave it a shot, I read a whole chapter, and had to force myself to READ that chapter, so I just gave up.

I managed to snag a copy of I've Been Deader on as a freebie - I'm quite glad I did.It's a very unusual zombie apocalypse novel, and I've read a lot of them. It focuses more on the plight of the zombie than the plight of the survivor (though they are most definitely mentioned too). I enjoyed the characterisation; with the exception of Fred, one of the protagonists, who is a zombie from the start of the novel, the reader seems to be introduced to the characters when they are alive, and follow th [...]

I enjoyed it.Some of the beginning third frustrated me because it seemed irrelevant to the story, and I misattributed dialog beats to the wrong characters at times. I didn't find all of the characters' motivations believable, I never really attached emotionally to any of them, and found the lot to be pretty despicable people. (Intentionally, I think, but it was too thick for my taste--all of them?) Current event namedropping isn't really my thing, so I'm obviously biased.I liked Fred and Timmy-- [...]

I've Been Deader was a last breath of fresh air. With so many zombie apocalypse novels out there right now, it's hard to imagine one so uniquely different that it's worth reading over the rest. This is that novel. I won't go into detail about the backstory, as I'm sure plenty others will/have, but I initially read most of this one on Authonomy and was literally the first to buy my copy. My only regret is that I didn't get back here sooner to review it.Again, wonderful, unique take on the concept [...]

Clever story, sweet and at times disgusting, but oh, so different. Thank you for being a different sort of zombie story.

Fun read! I enjoyed it.

Let me start by saying I am not one to read scary/zombie/horror type stuff because I am a total scaredey-cat. This was my first foray into the zombie genre and the introduction was gentle. It's an entertaining read and more funny than scary. Some parts made me laugh-out-loud and that alone made it worth reading. I would now a) read another zombie book, b) read another Adam Sifre book and c) buy another as a gift (which I did) for my son. Try it. You'll like it.

3 1/2 leaning toward 4 stars.I’ve Been Deader: I liked it but was left…wanting…a bit.First off, Sifre’s writing style was excellent, very few typos, good sentence structure and the pacing was well done. No boring moments, plenty of action that swept me along. Lots of humor, which, if one does not agree with what appears to be the author’s nicely cynical political views there could be cause for some annoyance, but regardless there was good “take that” writing involved that made this [...]

I've Been Deader by Adam Sifre is a zombie book. You may groan audibly at the prospect of yet more zombies but it's actually rather different. Pitched as a comedy horror by its creator, the comedy is black, but I found it much more serious than I'd expected, especially after the halfway point.It took me a little while to get into the book, I felt the opening was more slapstick than the rest of the story - I thought it was going to be some sort of bizarre "good" zombie love story at the outset, b [...]

The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of I’ve Been Deader from the author for a review via Bewitching Book Tours.I’ve Been Deader is a book about zombies. It is unlike any book about zombies that I have ever read. It is about this zombie named Fred. Fred can think, read and he learns that he can control the undead. He is on a mission and his mission is to find his son Timmy.Fred figures out that the "breathers" and the zombies are in a war and that the [...]

As usual for me, I am going to give you the bad first1. I cannot believe a twelve year old is all that well read in Robert Frost.cially not one who spends all of his time playing his Nintendo DS. All that was missing was Andterally (And) Miles to go before we sleep. It just immediately struck me as a blatant rip off of Robert Frosts 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'.2. Sometimes the chapter jumps didn't make any sense what so ever. As you got further into the book, it became easier to figur [...]

Funny and creepy at once. A zombie protagonist made for an interesting POV, but wasn't carried through the entire book. Could he have carried the story? We wouldn't have the backgrounds and knowledge of the rest of the world if the author had stuck with just him. Brief vignettes told tales of how some of the undead became that way. Several good ideas were also passed by, but like the survivors we had to keep running without having the time for careful examination. I would read another book by th [...]

I read IBD when it was on Authonomy and I loved it. Adam has a huge facility for humour and story telling. Fred is a lovable zombie and the humour is infectious, but Adam also has a gripping and sometimes horrible (as in horror filled, not poorly done:)) story to tell and he does so in masterful fashion. Adam Sifre is a talented and very funny writer, with a very interesting way of looking at things. Highly recommend this book and anything else he writes - you won't be disappointed!

Very enjoyable zombie novel, I like the way you see things from the zombie's point of view. When I started this book it looked like it was several differnet stories in one, but all of them merged and developed into a nice plot. Very easy read fast paced plenty of action gore and gore, I recomend it to all the die hard Zombie fans, will defo read the second in the series due out soon.

Based on the description I expected a humorous love story, but it was more like The Stand but with zombies. Much darker than I thought it would be. The ending was too quick and kinda disappointing; it wasn't resolved as neatly as it could have been. Overall, though, a decent quick afternoon read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Adam writes with wit and style. The format is almost a series of short stories rather than a continuous tale, but that works really well with this material.Great, if gruesome, fun.

I really liked this book, there are a lot of new and very good ideas but it just feels a bit rushed towards the end

I really liked the idea of the view point of the Zombies but it seemed to ramble on.

Love this zombie tale! I am sorry to see this funny, creepy, disturbing book end. My full review is on my website @ eReaderPerks.

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