Come See About Me

C.K. Kelly Martin

Come See About Me

Come See About Me

  • Title: Come See About Me
  • Author: C.K. Kelly Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Twenty year old Leah Fischer s been in a state of collapse since the moment police arrived on her Toronto doorstep to inform her that boyfriend Bastien was killed in a car accident After flunking out of university and cutting herself off from nearly everyone she knows, Leah s saved by Bastien s aunt who offers her a rent free place to stay in a nearby town.Initially LeahTwenty year old Leah Fischer s been in a state of collapse since the moment police arrived on her Toronto doorstep to inform her that boyfriend Bastien was killed in a car accident After flunking out of university and cutting herself off from nearly everyone she knows, Leah s saved by Bastien s aunt who offers her a rent free place to stay in a nearby town.Initially Leah keeps to herself, with no energy for anyone or anything else, but it s not long before her nurturing neighbours begin to become fixtures in Leah s life and a much needed part time job forces her to interact with other members of the community And when Leah is faced with another earth shattering event, her perspective on life begins to shift again Soon Leah s falling into a casual sexual relationship with Irish actor Liam Kellehan, who has troubles of his own, even as she continues to yearn for her dead boyfriend Clearly she s not the person she thought she wasd maybe Liam isn t either.

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3 1/2 starsUnconventional review time!Over at the blog today, I posted a double review of this book along with C.K. Kelly Martin's Yesterday. If you're starting here - great! Follow the links to read my whole crazy train of thought!Many of my friends have urged me to try out C.K. Kelly Martin over the past year, and it just so happened that I ended up reading two of her books in succession this summer – two very different books, as it turns out. I liked one of them a good deal and the other on [...]

The thing that most sucks me into C K Kelly Martin is how she gets right under he character's skin, and she has done it again in Come See About Me with Leah. The prose is pitch perfect, this elegant blend of simple and straightforward with some poetic turns of phrase sprinkled throughout. Martin is a talented writer, for sure, and there's nothing like sinking into a book from the first page thinking 'this is going to be good'.And it was good.From the blurb, you know it's a grief book, coupled wi [...]

"I knew it would be like this with you. I could see it a million miles away and I walked straight into it anyway."There were parts of this book that I really liked. It's a story about loss and grief and trying to move on and let's just have uncomplicated sex cuz that should help and oops, maybe that was a mistake maybe we shouldn't have started this, now what's gonna happen. Although there were a couple things that didn't quite ring true to me, some of the other stuff actually ended up being pre [...]

This review was originally published onClear Eyes, Full Shelves.Love is real and real love lasts. I used to feel sorry for people who didn't believe in it--the people who were lonely with someone else or lonely alone. For awhile I was was one of the lucky ones.C.K. Kelly Martin, who's written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn't find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See About Me.According to Martin, no one knew how to market a novel with a 20 year old prota [...]

Check out my BLOG for a very insightful guest post from C.K. Kelly Martin and get a chance to win a SIGNED HARDCOVER copy or an EBOOK copy of COME SEE ABOUT ME!Come See About Me was a very well thought and written book about a girl who suffers from a great loss and how she tries to deal with it and picks herself back. I try most of the time to avoid emotional books but for some reason there was something in this book that just pulls me to it. So, even though it wasn’t on my reading schedule fo [...]

4.5 starsFavourite quote“In two years you can love somebody with all your heart and lose them. You can become the very best of friends with someone and then neglect them to the point that they don't expect anything different from you anymore. You can become someone you never expected and forget things you believed you could take for granted about yourself.”Come See About Me is contemporary fiction at is best. It is real and flawed. It completely got under my skin. And boy was it was heartbre [...]

Wow. I’m a huge CK Kelly Martin fan and this book didn’t disappoint. Leah’s journey was beautifully told. Her pain was so real… so raw that I felt it along with her. My heart broke for her. And her journey and healing was just as powerful. I loved watching her grow—though at times it emotionally wrecked me, there were also those moments where I couldn’t stop my smile. As she started to heal I loved watching her transition. And Liam. Fun sexy. The scenes with the two of them were defi [...]

19-now-20-year-old Leah's boyfriend Bastien was killed in a terrible accident, and she is deeply grieving the loss. It's not easy (not that it would be) but his loss throws everything she's had planned for her future into a tailspin. She withdraws from everything that had been giving her purpose in her life -- school, work at the museum, socializing with her good friend Yunhee. She's stopped answering the phone, talking to her parents, caring. When Bastien's aunt offers her a place to live outsi [...]

"Was I wrong to ask you to ring me? Sometimes I think I should've left you alone. I don’t want this to throw either of us off." "You weren't wrong," I say. "No one’s being thrown off." I haven’t forgotten what he said two weeks earlier, that he didn't want another source of confusion. "This is like a vacation from real life." "It feels like that," he agrees.At this point I do not know yet how many aspects my review is going to cover. But let me tell you first that in my opinion this is how [...]

Leah is broken.But, understandably so because given what she’s recounted, I got why she was behaving the way she was. I understood where she was coming from, that others expecting her to get better a certain way, was miles away from what she wanted for herself. She’d found her perfect match in him after all and losing him was doing her in. So by the time we meet her, she’s broken and wallowing in all things Bastien, in her longing for him and missing him and not wanting to let him go. She [...]

After being impressed with the intensity of C.K. Kelly Martin’s young adult novels, I was really curious to try her new adult Come See About Me. As expected, Come See About Me has all the grit and sexiness of the typical new adult novel, but also takes on everything in a very true to life, sincere, and healthy way. Though a romance in its way, Come See About Me is primarily the story of a young woman seeking to find herself again after the loss of a loved one. Powerful and sexy, Come See About [...]

Rating: 4.5 StarsI've taken to fleeing inside a closet whenever I hear the term "New Adult." It's a shame as I believe the genre has a great deal of potential, particularly because of the age group it's confined to. Thanks to hordes of mis-marketing when the term was first coined, however, New Adult will forever be associated with vapid heroines, hunky heroes, and dramatic situations. Not only does the genre manage to completely gloss over the complexity of the first adult years, but it also bec [...]

Come See About me started out as a grief book but ended up veering into "chic lit" territory with a stale friends with benefits storyline. Leah is a Canadian twenty year old college student with a perfect boyfriend, named Bastian. When Bastian is killed she is overcome with grief, and her life starts to fall apart. This is where the book had something to say about relationships. Grief is something that certainly everyone on earth will have to face. Why do we find ourselves at a loss as to what t [...]

I loved this! 'Come See About Me' contained so many aspects that I love, including that it- Fits into the new adult category- Has a Canadian setting, more specifically Toronto & Oakville, so it basically felt like reading a book about home- Contains a whole lot of UK & Ireland love, with Leah working at a imported goods store, and with Liam, an Irish actor- Has a famous actor on the down-low subplot (yes, I am totally smitten with these types of plots, and Liam fits the bill oh so well)B [...]

Wowis was an emotional story. My heart broke for Leah. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone you love in such a devastating way. She was lost without Bastian. Then she meets Liam and she starts to allow herself to heal. While their relationship certainly had it's obstacles, I really liked them as a couple. I also love that the author made it clear that while Leah was moving on, she never lost her memories of Bastian. I'd definitely recommend this one. It is a bit sad, but the sto [...]

Titolo: Come and see about meAutore: C. K. Kelly MartinInedito in italianoTrama: Leah ha appena vent’anni ed il suo fidanzato è morto in uno stupido incidente. Tutti intorno a lei, la compiangono certo, ma al tempo stesso vorrebbero vederla riprendersi, mentre lei invece vorrebbe solo fermare il tempo e stare aggrappata con le unghie e con i denti al passato. Ha avuto così poco tempo con lui, poco ma abbastanza per sapere con certezza che se solo avessero avuto questa possibilità il loro am [...]

Grief and loss are two of the hardest things to write about. It can seem so fake sometimes, when characters cry and give speeches about what someone’s life meant to them. It might even feel staged, like the writer took the Kubler-Ross model as a law and had to hit on each one before the story could end. In those ways, it can be difficult to read about grief and loss, especially if you’ve been through something and nothing rings true.But it’s even harder when it’s all so real, and that’ [...]

I was so excited about this book because I love Martin's writing so much. She has a real way with capturing humanity in people, for better or for worse. She's also written in such a sex positive manner, that even when people were making mistakes no one was demonized, and sex itself was never presented as an issue. So obviously I couldn't wait to read her tackling an adult book.And I was right to be excited, because this book is lovely. There's so much rawness here: grief and anger and lust. Ther [...]

A 3.5 read for this one.I would have love to hate it but I would have hate not to love it.The first few chapters were rough for me as it was kind of depressing reading Leah basically throwing her life away and living with her head in the sand after the death of her boyfriend, Bastien.I get it.But reading about it for a few chapters? It rubs me in the wrong way.However, she had slowly "recover" by not avoiding human contacts and contacting her friends and even met Liam.Liam Sometimes, I don't thi [...]

I have already read two of Martin's YA novels both of which were excellent, so this move into (new?) adult and only (?) as an ebook is both interesting and significant.Martin's writing is both assured and emotive. This is another novel about grief and loss (and I truly believe I have read enough of these this year). Leah's descent into despair is sublimely depicted. And her subsequent journey back to the land of living (& loving) is understated, yet powerful. This is the work of a truly capa [...]

I was really looking forward to this book. I was in the mood for something emotional, something that would strike a chord and this sounded perfect.Unfortunately, this one wasn't for me. I just couldn't connect to Leah. The book picked up when Liam came on the scene, but by that time I had got a bit fed up with Leah and couldn't find the emotion in the story.

A wonderfully written, honest, and raw portrayal of a girl slowly putting her life back together after a catastrophic loss. C.K. Kelly Martin doesn't gloss over or sugar-coat Leah's journey--it's at times painful and messy (view spoiler)[like when Leah and Liam first sleep together (hide spoiler)]--which makes the glimmers of hope throughout the story all the more poignant.

I'm totally biased because I love CK Kelly Martin's writing ;-DTHAT being said, this started a TAD slow, but picked up fast, and was SOOooo worth it.Great read, and another great book to add to the New Adult genre that I LOVE.

i liked this book alot (close to 5 stars) but the beginning was slow dragged on a bit to much for my taste knocking it down a star. I would still recommend reading this

3.5, really, but rounding up because a million bonus points for not pandering to my standard human emotions when it comes to death and actually making me care about the individual characters the death affects and their specific circumstance.This book came highly recommended to me by one of my good friends, and it's clear why. When it comes to writing a character coping with grief, C.K. Kelly Martin gets it. It's not sunshine and rainbows, it's not the hot troubled guy comes in and puts a band-ai [...]

*3.5 stars*A refreshing, if not perfect, book that includes a realistic central character with an authentic voice and universal problems.Leah is in the midst of a debilitating depression following the death of her boyfriend several months ago. She rarely eats or leaves the apartment they shared and ignores her job, school and family and friends up to the point that she loses said job and nearly flunks out of school. Just as she's about to hit rock bottom, she is offered a temporary refuge by her [...]

Let me start out by saying I love C.K. Kelly Martin. I've read a couple of her books and they just blew me away. That being said, this just wasn't one of them for me. I had quite a bit of trouble getting into this one. To be perfectly honest, I didn't finish it, and I'll try to explain why.First of all, I've read quite a few books about people experiencing loss and I have experienced loss myself through the death of a loved one. So I know how it can be. But there were times I felt that Leah's re [...]

Let me start out by saying I love C.K. Kelly Martin. I've read a couple of her books and they just blew me away. That being said, this just wasn't one of them for me. I had quite a bit of trouble getting into this one. To be perfectly honest, I didn't finish it, and I'll try to explain why.First of all, I've read quite a few books about people experiencing loss and I have experienced loss myself through the death of a loved one. So I know how it can be. But there were times I felt that Leah's re [...]

This review is written in my "snapshot" format.The subject: a 20-year-old girl dealing with the aftermath of the death of her boyfriend.The setting: primarily the small town of Oakville, Ontario (yay for a Canadian setting! It's nice to actually get a lot of the references for once.)Shutter speed: a snail's pace. Unfortunately, this book really dragged for me (admittedly I was in a bit of a reading slump, which probably didn't help matters). Perhaps the author wanted to keep the realism factor h [...]

I did not connect to this book at all. I'm not an unemotional person, I'm not the type of person who doesn't cry at books or during films. Around the same time I read this book I also read Tell the Wolves I'm Home and it had me weeping openly at my desk as I read it. At work! I didn't care, those girls and the uncle and the other guy, my heart BLED for them. The Reese Malcolm List drew tears from my eyes as big as marbles and it was the shallowest book in the entire world. This book had me bored [...]

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