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  • Title: Breathless
  • Author: Tawdra Kandle
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  • Page: 258
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Book Two in the best selling YA King Quartet Tasmyn Vaughn is not having the senior year she expected Her boyfriend Michael leaves for college, she s being stalked by a suspicious preacher, pursued by the hot new boy at school and blackmailed by her chemistry teacher who just might be a witch Tas needs all of her many talents and a little help from unexpected sources Book Two in the best selling YA King Quartet Tasmyn Vaughn is not having the senior year she expected Her boyfriend Michael leaves for college, she s being stalked by a suspicious preacher, pursued by the hot new boy at school and blackmailed by her chemistry teacher who just might be a witch Tas needs all of her many talents and a little help from unexpected sources just to keep her head above water terally.

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I really enjoyed the first book in this series. It had all the right elements to appeal to the teenage girl in me: danger, romance, mystery! But it ended so nicely, I didn't know how there could be a sequel. Still, I was willing to try the next one outAnd couldn't finish.I made it about 1/3 of the way in, and with every chapter I was looking for a story building conflict. Tasmyn had a lot of things going on: moping, crying, missing her boyfriend, but what she didn't have was a driving plot. It w [...]

Breathless is Right!One would think that a girl with a great group of friends and a loving and supportive boyfriend would be having the time of her life during her Senior year in high school. But alas, not so much. Michael has gone off to college leaving Tasmyn to deal with the group of girls that tried to make her life a living hell – literally – the previous year. On top of that she has gained the unwanted attention of the hot new guy at school whom she discovers is not a normal guy – he [...]

I love the first book in this series this not so much. It wasn't so bad I couldn't finish but geez the amount of teenage angst was too much for me. It got better towards the end but the decisions that the main character made was just flippin' unreal. And after so much talk about keeping her talent/gift a secret she seems to be telling a lot of people now. Now that one I couldn't follow very well. Supposedly she had so much experience explaining things away now she just tells everyone. I just did [...]

Hey I really liked this one, except the development of Rev. Pryce I mean he saved her before, whyyyy.

She's a dummy. Reverend Pryce has some serious issues that he needs to take care of. This insecurity she has with her man is hella annoying. The Reverends daughter needs a beat down, when did Michael show her ANY type of anything?

I read Fearless (book one in the King Series) as one of my first book reviews. I had not read many stories about people with psychological supernatural abilities or about witches in general. I found the first book to be wonderfully written and pleasantly surprised by Tawdra's ability to maintain a PG 13 (approximately) novel that also included supernatural elements. I have to say that Breathless is written just as well. The story is one that shows what happens at the start of senior year for Tas [...]

This book had some formatting problems (after a certain point the font changes and everything looks like it is bolded) but that wasn't really a problem.Story itself is still good and progresses in the same fashion as the first book - you basically follow Tas an learn everything she does. The book only covers a few months, but Tasmyn is pretty much constantly an emotional wreck. Besides Michael leaving, she is dealing with mysterious new comer Rafe, Cara and her religious fanatic father, a creepy [...]

Source:Promotional Book Tours; received copy for free in exchange for review.Awhile back I had the lovely chance to review Fearless by Tawdra Kandle. This story is the first in the King series, and I highly recommend it be read prior to Breathless. Be forewarned that my review below will contain spoilers of the first book, so continue reading at your own risk!Breathless picks up at the end of summer vacation. Tas and Michael are about to embark on the biggest challenge their relationship has eve [...]

I am feeling very frustrated with Tas by the end of this book. She has such great people around her (her parents, Michael's parents, new friend Amber) yet she seems to make the 'wrong' choices. **Potential SPOILER** Even Nell is sort of being nice and trying to warn her and Tas isn't listening.Also my high hopes of making it through the series without having a sex scene to deal with are rapidly diminishing. Tas and Michael have decided to wait for sex but every time they get together I am afraid [...]

I was so happy to finally have the time to read this book. I've been anxious to see what happens next with Tasmyn and Michael. This book was full of adventure and drama like the first one.I knew that her chemistry teacher wouldn't give up that easily. She was determined to get her hands on Tasmyn and her gift. The Reverend was just as determined to Tasmyn get rid of the evil within her. Forget the fact that the Reverend is the only one that thinks she's evil.Tasymn is a senior in high school now [...]

Breathless starts from where Fearless ended. And a note of caution for those who haven’t read Fearless. You must read it before reading this one as this book does not act as a standalone and you are better off knowing what happened in the first book.I will confess that I liked this one more than the first. It has the right mixture of everything. And though it is a bit slow for my thrill loving mind, it has a lot going for it. There isn’t a single boring moment in there. As the title signifie [...]

****Warning! Contains Spoilers!*****I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Tasmyn Vaughn's senior year in high school is far from typical but that may be because she, herself, is not a typical girl. The only thing normal about her senior year is her longing to be with her one true love, Michael.Plagued by nightmares of a girl in a straight jacket, black-mailed by her instructor and the object of a new student's attention who seems suspicious; Tasmyn Vaughn really should have just [...]

Well I got Breathless free but when I started to read it I couldn't get in to it and then realised there was a book before it, so I bought the first one read that then this one. Iv got to say I enjoyed the first book the most, both books where good just not fantastic, they had romance and supernatural but I didn't feel caught up in the story, I got bored at parts and felt that it didn't have as much excitement as other books iv read. I did enjoy them enough that if I could I would have given it [...]

I was good although a tad slow and even if I like the characters, which I do, I feel that they are a bit predictable, Michael is too good to be true, and Tas is too insecure, she was all pretty-without-knowing-it stuff, and if in the first book Tas was insecure now is tenfold, Michael is at College now, so Tas is doing her senior year alone, and she is sooooo dramatic about the fact that Michael is away is like he is going to die or suffer torture or something, so stupid. The plot it's pretty si [...]

An excellent sequel to the first book in this series. You are once again back in King with Tasmyn who no longer is the new girl but still trying to fit in. You feel her heartbreak at being apart from her boyfriend who has gone to college and after the disaster in the first book her fear of trust. She desperately just wants to be normal and fit in. I liked the down to earth character and her good heart won me over once again in this book. Some excitement towards the end that turns the story into [...]

I really do like this series so far. There are some real challenges they face and I must say that they do make some good choices in the end. I really hate it when the heroine runs off to conquer the world by herself and doesn't tell anyone. In this story she does think about doing just that and then becomes a bit smarter thankfully. I like our new character. Since I believe sex should be after marriage, I do appreciate that they discuss it as a decision you make in advance and not in the heat of [...]

so, we're back with Tas and Michael, for another adventure, although Michael will be disappearing to college, so Tas is gonna be flying solo, with Amber and Cara of course :) and newcomer Rafe ;)Tas struggles at first with having Michael so far away, and pretty soon, its pretty obvious that cara has an interest in Michael .I should also say that Nell is back, to some degree cryptic huh?! The biggest thing for Tas is being blackmailed by Ms. Lacusta to study with her. This can only spell trouble [...]

I jumped into this novel directly following my devouring the first in this series, and it took me a bit to really get into this storyline. Several times I set my tablet down thinking I was going in circles but there was something that pulled me back, and I'm glad I listened to that "something". I finally understood the "chatter", as I stated in my last review. Tazmyn has a gift for more than just mind reading; she feels deeply, which might get her into trouble. The introduction of Rafe intrigues [...]

Breathless is book number 2 in the King Series. I mistakenly read it first. The three books should be read in order. By reading this first, I did miss some of the initial relationship between Michael and Tas, but I was not lost. I really enjoyed the story and the suspense. I had to purchase the first book, Fearless, and finish Tas' story with the third book, Restless. All three were wonderful. I could not put them down!

WOWat was such a great read, just wish it was longer. Tasmyn is frustrating me. She has it so good with such an amazing man that loves her so much and a family that do as well what the heck is she thinking.h! With that said, I love love this series. So glad I started this series. So many things are more clear to me now. Great characters and story! Tawdra, you have captured my attention and I am a fan!!! Keep them coming.

Not as good a story as the first one, but it did keep me hooked until the very end. There were quite a few grammatical errors and missing words, more than the first book, hence the rating of 4 stars. I am definitely going to read the next one in the series. I received a copy of this book from Promotional Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

I am *obsessed* with these books! This one hurt my head in that it revolved around her keeping secrets from everyone (even Michael). I spent most of the book waiting for the impending realization that she's keeping secrets, which never really came. I guess I was just expecting your typical paranormal romance situation, but I should know better by now. I heart these books.

This is the second book in the King Series. I started reading it as soon as I finished the first one. I saw today that the third one is availabe and will be reading that one also.I will be watching for books by Tawdra Kandle again to read because I love her writing style.

Much better than the first book. I found myself caring more about the characters and what was happening to them. The ending also didn't drag on forever which was a great plus. I have already started to read the next book.

Complaint first: if you charge a freakin 3.99, you better have more than 260 pages! I want to read more but I refuse to pay 5.99 for a kindle book. Great read, fast but good. Although I feel a little ripped off.

I spent a vast majority of this book wanting to strangle Tasmyn, but I think what bothered me the most (and has been bothering me throughout this series) is that people don't think in complete sentences. Nonetheless, still pretty enjoyable.

Enjoyed it! The 2nd book in this series, Breathless was a little darker and more intense than the first book. Love this series!

Great story but had some grammatical errors.

currently obsessing over this series. excuse me while I go buy the next one off amazon

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