Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Jeff Ashton

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

  • Title: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony
  • Author: Jeff Ashton
  • ISBN: 9780062133625
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Audiobook

Jeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team in the Florida homicide trial of Casey Anthony, the single mother accused of murdering her little girl, Caylee The most sensational courtroom drama since the infamous O.J Simpson affair, the Casey Anthony trial had people coast to coast riveted In his stunning true crime masterwork, Imperfect Justice, Ashton gives a fascinatiJeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team in the Florida homicide trial of Casey Anthony, the single mother accused of murdering her little girl, Caylee The most sensational courtroom drama since the infamous O.J Simpson affair, the Casey Anthony trial had people coast to coast riveted In his stunning true crime masterwork, Imperfect Justice, Ashton gives a fascinating and impassioned insider s account of the investigation, the trial, and the acquittal that shocked the nation, and makes a powerful case as to why allowing Anthony to walk free was a devastating travesty of justice.

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This book outlines the crime and case from beginning to end. I followed the trial religiously and was glued to my TV awaiting the verdict while on vacation. I felt so disgusted. This book brought back a lot of those feelings. The only solace I have is that Casey Anthony will never be able to live the "bella vita" again because she is now so vilified. Her shot girl days are over.I was fairly informed about the case in its early stages. This book shed a lot of insight on the grand jury indictment [...]

Ok,so now I've read the prosecution's side. There are things in this book that were not brought to light in Baez's, for obvious reasons. And some details from the trial that I had forgotten about. Like,the fact that Casey had said to a friend on several occasions that her car smelled like death and that she thought she might have run over a squirrel. Also, the fact that when she abandoned her car, she conveniently parked it next to a dumpster, and put a bag of garbage in the trunk. And it just d [...]

Jeff does a very good job of presenting the case in a chronological order which was nice to see. I felt he was very fair to both sides however he did have an intense dislike for Baez which I can understand given the defense's in-court and out-of-court antics.I'll never understand for the life of me how a jury could have come back with that verdict. I understand that the Prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt but it doesn't exclude the jury from using basic common sense in their [...]

In 2011, Casey Anthony was tried for murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. Veteran prosecutor Jeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team and - along with most people following the case - expected Casey to be convicted. Instead the jury declared Casey not guilty of all major charges.rder, manslaughter, and child neglect. In this book Ashton relates the events surrounding Casey's arrest and the details of her trial. Little Caylee was first reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony [...]

I find I am ultimately disappointed by this book, though not through any fault of the author. Don't get me wrong, this is a very good inside account of the travesty of justice that is Casey Anthony. I had a particular interest in reading this book because I was hoping Jeff Ashton could give some insight, with hindsight, as to what brought the jury to deliver a complete acquittal of Casey Anthony of criminal complicity in her daughter's death. That they managed to minimally convict her of lying t [...]

Reading this book really begs one to ask, why was this jury so unintelligent that they rejected all the scientific information in this case and took only 90 minutes to deliver an insane verdict that no one really thought possible? Casey Anthony is a liar and a thief and most importantly, a child murderer. I wanted to read this book because I really wanted to understand how this jury ruled as they did, what made them decide they had reasonable doubt and what mistakes the prosecution possibly coul [...]

If you followed the Anthony trial, don't be misled, there aren't any big reveals in this book, regardless of what is stated on the cover. Not that it's a bad thing, but there isn't really any new information presented.So, as far as that goes, this it very readable for being mostly about a crime and the ensuing trial. Yes, it's written by a lawyer, but it is certainly aimed at those of us without law degrees or legal expertise. The writing is clear and concise and the pace moves along quickly. Th [...]

I followed the trial on and off on the computer last summer and was shocked, together with everybody else, at Casey's acquittal. It was a hard thing to swallow. The jury was a joke. I liked this book and was glad JA decided to write about his experience as one of Casey Anthony's prosecutors. I think the prosecuting team and the police detectives did very well. At the very least, Caylee had someone fighting for her justice, when even her grandmother gave her the shoulders and sided up with Casey. [...]

As I am 97% complete on this novel (thank you to my KOBO for such accurate confirmation of my timeline) I am confident giving my review now knowing that it won’t change based on the last twenty or so pages. I already knew the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial before beginning this tale, however, I did not know any of the “gritty details” of the case and, when I started this novel, I was looking for the Prosecution to convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony committed the c [...]

Everyone in Casey Anthony's family is awful. I thought the brother was okay, til he was on the stand. His testimony was over the top.Jose Baez is also awful. The jury was awful.Two things I will probably never understand:Why Casey Anthony thought murdering her child was a good idea. According to this book, she either did it as a way to get back at her mother-Cindy Anthony, she thought Caylee would be better off dead or she just didn't want a child anymore.How the hell did the jury find her not g [...]

Although parts of this book were fairly well-written, I could not get over what a preening, strutting, pompous ass this attorney is! From his description of his 'signature Jerry Garcia ties' and his '2002 Chrysler Sebring' to his self-congratulatory tone regarding a case he not only lost, but lost OVERWHELMINGLY, I was rolling my eyes more than I was reading.I'm glad he retired, it could not have happened too soon.I did not follow the case during the trial- normally I am sort of a pro-prosecutio [...]

Disclaimer: This is a library book. Thus other than a few penny's from tax dollars no money was expended by this reviewer. This reviewer does not wish to again advance their theory, opinion, or other personal position on this story. That was done at another time in a blog. Herein follows commentary on the book.Books of this kind perhaps are those best not read nor written. It is not a perfect world either. Secret pleasure or vicious vicarious pursuit, this and similar works border on being a was [...]

I enjoyed this book a lot, even after I would consider myself very knowledgeable with the trial & the book, to me, offered very little new information. I enjoyed Jeff Ashton as a person & as a prosecutor, and I enjoyed his, at most times, almost humorous perspective of the goings-on during the trial. I also felt he was candid & sincere throughout most of the book, minus a small part when he discussed warning the Anthonys about the defense's new strategy in accusing George of sexual m [...]

So this book right here, I remember way way way back when myspace was all the rage, back then the Casey Anthony case came out. For some reason I think it sparked a chord in me. At the time I was always out clubbing but she was a mother of a beautiful child and at the time I was like if I had a child as beautiful as her's I would knock clubbing on the head for life. How could someone who has a family like hers and a beautiful child such as caylee, do such a terrible thing? Yes, I really think she [...]

Casey AnthonyI wanted so much throughout this whole trial to find something. hing make me feel she could not have done this crimee wasn't involved. That moment never happened. How she threw her loosely connected to her.under the bus to make herself look less implicit really was the eye opener for me, of who she was, and why. And mostly, it opened my eyes on one thing she wasntcent. Her litany of lieso false addresses for Zenaida. Universal Studios.even where she was at a [...]

Since I followed the Casey Anthony case and trial pretty closely, I was excited to read this book. I very much admired Jeff Ashton and the rest of the prosecution during the trial and felt their passion for bringing justice to Caylee. I got the impression the passion Jose Baez exhibited was a career move, not a justice move.I expected this book to be a bit more technical. Instead it was conversational and while that would be great for the lay person, it also felt like the lay person who did not [...]

Oh, to have been a fly in that deliberation room. Jeff Ashton is right when he says that there have been many cases where people have been convicted of murder based on less evidence (however circumstantial), so I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this jury reaching a not guilty verdict. What did they see that the rest of us didn't to come to that conclusion, and so quickly, too? It's baffling and downright sad that that little baby won't get the justice she deserves.

Writing was so-so, but it was interesting to read the details of investigation and prosecution of Casey Anthony. When it was in the news it dragged on so long there was a lot I'd forgotten. The author, the prosecutor in the case, had a strong case against Anthony and it's still hard for me to believe she wasn't found guilty. I plan to read the book Jose Baez wrote as well, even though I think he is a buffoon.

HmmmI"m not sure I learned anything new except what Casey had planned for her father, originally: that the psychiatrists were going to testify that George very well may have killed Caylee in the outside pool and then tried to pin it on Casey. What utter nonsense. George may very well be a monster but only because he spawned such an evil child.I felt like Ashton glossed over some of the prosecutions missteps. And he severely underestimated Baez. I always thought Baez did an incredible job for Cas [...]

If I wasn't 110% percent convinced already of Casey's guilt, reading this book would have pushed me over the edge. It's a shame the jurors didn't get to read this before their verdict as it factually and unquestionably proved her guilt. Jeff Ashton's accounts were detailed, precise, educated, and humorous at times. His portrayal of Jose Bias was as I viewed him throughout the trial. I watched it from beginning to end and this book helped fill in the blanks of what was not made public, such as in [...]

I followed the Casey Anthony trial very closely and hoped when Jeff Ashton decided to write a book that it would be something worth reading. It wasn't. It didn't add any details that weren't already common knowledge through news media. While I'm not going to comment on my opinion as to Casey Anthony's guilt or innocence, I will say that I think the Jury got it right. That is not saying I believe she is innocent. As the jury showed, the prosecution failed to prove anything. Suspicions and circums [...]

The book is boring. Casey Anthony is fucking nuts and her parents are weird. Judging from the first 100 pages and then reviews from others who finished the book, you don't learn anything new about the case when you read, especially if you followed closely while it was unfolding and then watched the Lifetime movie as soon as it came out like I may have done most definitely did. The author is full of himself, which I found odd since he ultimately loses the case. And even though Jeff Ashton really [...]

I love reading true crime, and because it was written by the prosecutor, I expected it to be like Helter Skelter, one of my all-time favorite books. I was disappointed.Aside from not learning anything new about the trial, the prosecutor was not at all likeable. I understand that the jury might have been a bunch of morons, but did he have to be so condescending? It just read like a book written by a bitter loser trying to yell out to the world that he was brilliant despite losing the case. It was [...]

I checked this book out knowing very well that the reading would upset me, and yet I read the entire thing anyway. With only a bit of grandstanding (much less than I was expecting, thank goodness), Ashton lays out the prosecution's case, including evidence that was inadmissible at trial. I understand that all the defense needed to do was to prove reasonable doubt, but I still think the justice system failed in this case. I feel badly for all of the people still suffering collateral damage from a [...]

got this morning at the dollar general store in town. such a sad story. I believe the mom is guilty as all get out. the only one that has BELLA VITA (A BEAUTIFUL LIFE) is CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY. for she is at gods side as a very beautiful angel. but such a sad way for a 2 1/2 year old baby to die. REST IN PEACE CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY

I liked the way this book was written. It follows the trial exactly from the prosecutors' perspective and how he felt about different aspects of the case. I also like the fact that not one penny went to support Casey Anthony or her family!!

so i have officially flopped back to casey anthony being guilty as sin. this book reinforced all my original feelings. how can anyone who is innocent change her story 4 different times? she's a liar and i truly believe she got away with murder!

Completely gripping account of Casey Anthony's trial and surprising acquittal, by the chief prosecutor. Couldn't put it down.

I thought this book was great in depth look fro someone who was so involved in this case. I'm going to first say how nauseating this case is to me. It upsets me just as much as the O.Jial, if not more because there's a dead child involved. In my opinion all the evidence was overwhelming, just like the O.J. case. But due to the parents not wanting to believe their daughter could commit this heinous crime, and basically taking her side and trying to cover up for her, hurt the prosecution tremendou [...]


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