My name is O

Sam Enthoven

My name is O

My name is O

  • Title: My name is O
  • Author: Sam Enthoven
  • ISBN: 9781842998380
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

O is on a mission A mission to challenge the masters who rule all our lives A mission to change the world A mission that could mean death.

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I decided to read this book because I loved the blurb at the back and this book looked like it related to what were learning in class.The category on the bingo board that this book fills is "A Book With Themes Related To Those We've Studied In Class In The 1st Half Of The Year" The category is interesting because this book allows me to compare it to what we have done in class and also it helps to me understand more about inequality and injustice.My favourite quote in this book is "I want to be f [...]

I picked up this little book because I had half an hour going spare and spotted it while browsing in the library. I didn't even sit down to read it, just pulled it off the shelf and read it right there.It is a simple book that is designed with dyslexic people in mind.The story itself is a bit unusual, although it is an interesting concept. All of humanity is born with a predefined purpose and has no choice in the matter. However O doesn't quite fit in with the role that has been designated to th [...]

I felt the book was far too short for what it was about. It was definitely a concept I would've loved to have seen expanded. There wasn't much in terms of developing the characters. It felt as though it was all about getting to the end of the main plot, rather than expanding on anything. I would've loved to see the characters further developed to connect with them, some of the minor plot lines explored (I.e. Why the blanks were initially created, who are the masters)

Set entirely in the Bank of England as O tells the reader of his daring break-in and the reason for it. We learn directly from O that he/she “was born in a special breeding programme run by our secret masters”, the implication is that the reader is as much a part of this controlled society as O. But O has been singled out for particular conditioning, but without his masters knowledge he has “built a personality”. O starts out pretty cocky, but gets more and more out of his depth, he does [...]

This book is great for what it is, in that it is written for those who have reading difficulties, and I am fully appreciative of how it does this. This story has a great concept, which I loved and it is realised fairly enough for such a short story. Personally I would have liked to have seen it explored much more thoroughly in a full novel, as it is a concept that is as original and intriguing as in Enthoven's other work, and I hope that one day he might run with this idea and turn it into the e [...]

I have only recently started reading quick reed books as I found it hard to make myself read. After picking this book up I didn't put it down until I'd finished every page and WOW it was such a good read. It has you on the edge of your seat all the way through and such an amazing ending to a brilliant book. Would recommended to anyone who wants a quick burst of excitement in the evening around the fire.

Enthoven packs pace, action and pure concept into this short book for those who find reading a challenge. You’ll find yourself at first intrigued by and then cheering for the rebellious O as his death-defying mission unfolds. A riveting, non-stop thrillride – wish such things had been around when I was a young reader.

For reluctant readers. Science fiction written so less fluent children can enjoy, enabling them to get some reading miles under their belt. I did enjoy the read.

Brill ! Exciting read! Lots of twists in the book :)

can u tell me what's the book about?

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