Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World

Jeanette Winter

Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World

Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World

  • Title: Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World
  • Author: Jeanette Winter
  • ISBN: 9780374321475
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover

Emily Dickinson was an unknown poet during her lifetime, it was only after she died that her sister published her letters to the world This is the story of the discovery of her poems, and a spotlight on the ones aimed at children Illustrations.

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It was impressive to read that one of the most popular poets of all time was unknown during her lifetime- her over 1700 poems being found by her sister after her death. A selection of Emily Dickinson's poems are shared in this picture book.

3.5 stars

While it is a nice premise - Emily's sister Lavinia discovers her sister's poems - the book falls a bit flat. The tone feels a bit condescending and dramatic in its attempt to engage young readers, and the narrative stops abruptly, launching into the poems with no commentary. The letters to the world theme is hammered into the reader'shead, mentioned no less than five times if one includes the subtitle.The poems are printed in a spidery script to distinguish them from the narrative. The font may [...]

Emily Dickinson’s Letters to the World was written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter in 2002. This is a picture book for older readers. The story starts as though Emily’s sister is the author; for example, “My sister Emily was buried today.” It goes on to tell you how she found Emily’s poems and what she wore. Once she finds the poem, the author finishes the story with twenty-one poems written by Emily. This book is very colorful and not one inch is left without a color. It is also ve [...]

SummaryEmily Dickinson’s sister Lavinia found 1,775 poems when she died that she considered letters to the World. Winter’s told Emily’s story of her life from her sister’s prospective and surrounded it with twenty-one of her poems hand picked by Winter. The illustrations are vibrant with and old world feel. The drawings are designed in a manner that can appear to the imagination. ResponseI noticed this book draws you in to poetry my giving reference to the life of the author of the poems [...]

This is a inspirational yet sad story from the point of view of Emily Dickinson's sister, who found Emily's poems after her death. The story begins by blatantly explaining that Emily had "died today", which I found a bit morbid for a children's story. However, the further I read into this story, the more I found it to be a tribute to Emily Dickinson and the words she wished to pass on. I enjoyed reading the different poems and felt that I had a better understanding of Emily Dickinson afterwards. [...]

This book is so enjoyable to read if you like poetry. It is about Emily Dickinson's poems that she wrote but we're only found after she passed away. The book contains 21 of the 1,775 poems that were found. The story is told from the point of view of Emily's sister, Lavinia. It is so refreshing to read all of the beautiful poems that she wrote. This is a rather small book but it holds a lot of meaning. Along with all of the poems and narrAting there are also beautiful illustrations done by the au [...]

Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World is where her sister finds her poems she had written after they had laid Emily to rest. The poems are about Emily's journey through life and how she felt through each step of life, along with what she wanted to do in the world. Her sister promises in the end that the world will read Emily's poems. Some of the poems are harder to understand, so as a teaching tool I would just use one page at a time because each page is like a mini poem and the picture on that [...]

An interesting perspective on Emily Dickenson's life and poetry. Book starts out with Author's death and then her sister finds her poetry, and lets the poems explain her life.I didn't find the fact that she started with her death offensive. We are studying a lot of history and it's common knowledge to my kids that people who lived at this time are now dead. But it unlocks the story of her life. Sometimes we don't know much about people and what they do until they are gone.

The first words are, "She died." There is an illustration of people carrying a casket, then Emily's sister crying by a tombstone that says Emily Dickinson on it. "My sister died today." Not a great start to a children's book. It starts this way, because Emily's sister goes through Emily's things and finds her poems after her death. The rest of the book is a nice selection of the poems with illustrations.

Picture Book Title #10The beginning has a great, child-relatable way of telling how Dickinson's poems came to be. It also has great facts about the poet at the end, and it could be paired nicely with the other Dickinson picture book. It has nice illustrations of her poems, but I think a lot of them would go over a child's head. As an adult, I loved this book.

I have been reading through a number of Jeanette Winter's books recently. She does a nice job in a picture book introducing young readers to famous authors, artists, etc. In this one, she uses Dickinson's poems to tell her story in a way.

This book of poems written by Emily Dickinson's was really good. As I read the different poems in this book I noticed that Emily Dickinson's poems mostly rhyme. I enjoyed reading the different poems within this book and will share some of these with friends, family, and students.

Good book for kids

I can't believe I missed one of these Jeannette Winter bios!

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