Branch Point

Mona Clee

Branch Point

Branch Point

  • Title: Branch Point
  • Author: Mona Clee
  • ISBN: 9780441002917
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

In time travel, there is a starting point, an end point, and a point of no reutrn From a journal written in 1836, in a city which will not be called San Francisco, here are the memoirs of a girl chronicling her voyage back in time from the year 2062 to the year 1962, and how the world was saved from nuclear war.

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The book is the diary of a woman who grew up in a bunker generations after the world has been virtually annihilated by nuclear war following the Bay of Pigs incident in 1962. The scientists in the bunker have finally created a time machine that will send three teenagers, including the narrator, back to 1962 to persuade President Kennedy to back down from the conflict. The catch is that no one knows what will happen to the future timeline if the kids succeed in changing the past.Because the diary [...]

I love time travel and alternate history, so this book piqued my curiosity when it arrived in a bookbox. And the cover quotes by Robert J. Sawyer and Allen Steele impressed me. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this very poorly written book. I do not know much about this author, but I am guessing that she is a lifelong resident of San Francisco, a first-wave babyboomer, a Democrat, a theist, a follower of pop culture, and descended from Russian ancestry. I guess this, because if you are not [...]

More of a 3 1/2 star book, but not 4. The first half of the book would appeal to anyone who enjoys playing Fallout - three kids from a future postnuclear bunker (!) travel back in time to 1962 to prevent a botched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. The story bogs down midway as the kids acclimate to the real world and history branches out repeatedly. Quick and entertaining, and a better book than the average GR rating shows.

Good time travel story.

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