Vivien Leigh: A Biography

Anne Edwards

Vivien Leigh: A Biography

Vivien Leigh: A Biography

  • Title: Vivien Leigh: A Biography
  • Author: Anne Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780671416669
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

Here is an extraordinary complex woman brought vividly to life in this first complete biography Given total access to Miss Leigh s personal letters, and working with the cooperation of those who had been closest to her, Anne Edwards has produced a frank, open book that does not spare the truth, yet is as romantic a canvas, as turbulent and moving a story as any of the greHere is an extraordinary complex woman brought vividly to life in this first complete biography Given total access to Miss Leigh s personal letters, and working with the cooperation of those who had been closest to her, Anne Edwards has produced a frank, open book that does not spare the truth, yet is as romantic a canvas, as turbulent and moving a story as any of the great films in which Vivien ever starred.

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I loved learning about Vivien Leigh. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite classic movies and this beautiful actress has always fascinated me. Vivien Leigh to an outsider would look like she had it all, fame, money and true love however that wasn't the case. She was manic depressive and fought TB throughout her adult life which eventually killed her. But she never seemed to let it get her down she was a fighter all her life and fought for everything she had. She was truly one of the greatest [...]

Anne Edwards helped me to understand Vivien Leigh a bit better, no mean feat for a lady who was so complex. She had to be difficult to love, but her talent was amazing.

This biography about Vivien Leigh is one of the best I read in my life. I cried at the end. I never thought it was possible, to cry in a non-fiction work, but when a life is as interesting as in a novel, I guess it is. Vivien Leigh really had the kind of life that only exists in novels, filled with adventures, travels, great loves and great love affairs, madness, illnesses, great parties with the most famous artists and politicians of her time. Her story was enchanting and at times heartbreaking [...]

Biographies present a small dilemma for the reviewer: review the biographer's effort or review the subject? Or both?I say both. First, the 4 stars are for the subject. I find Leigh an interesting, if faulted, person. She was singled out even as a youngster as having something special about her. I would argue that what was special was her ability to create an alternate reality for herself which, in the long run, proved to be disastrously detrimental to her mental health. One can attribute reasons [...]

I have always considered Vivien Leigh's portrayal of Blanche Dubois one of the top three film performances of all times. I will never watch (and I've said this many many years ago) another production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" on film or on stage again, because she owns that character. She IS the definitive Blanche Dubois. And as for Scarlett O'Hara, what else can be said that hasn't already been said. There was a reason why it took so long to cast her. Vivien knew it would be hers. She just [...]

I was very disappointed with A. Edwards' style of writing. The book was more like the spine of a book, the notes she has collected, just the raw material for a future project. It was very messy at times, hard to make the connection between some facts and also, there was a significant lack of dates. There were some, but in my opinion, not in the right places. One can simply lose track of how old exactly Vivien is, in some moments. I was planning on giving it a three-star-rating, but decided other [...]

This book is a wonderfully written story about an extremely interesting actress. Vivien Leigh surpassed many obstacles to become a leading actress, whose first love was the theater, and only did films for the financial benefit. I was amazed to learn of her life and the separation from her parents of a very young age. But, according to Anne Edwards, Vivien remained friendly and loyal to everyone she met. I felt that Laurence Olivier contributed to her many bouts of depression, and I really thorou [...]

Vivien Leigh was one of the most beautiful women that has ever been on the silver screen. I was fascinated with her in high school and I found this great biography and it tells of the great love story between Vivien and Lauernce Olivier.

I enjoyed this biography of Vivien Leigh. It was the first one I picked up, choosing randomly, when I became interested in learning more about the actress. Since I enjoyed this book so much, it has spurred me on to reading more widely about Ms. Leigh.

"One night in Stratford there was a mix-up after the show and they missed their last train home. Vivien and George and Mercia Relph who were also in the company, finally managed to get a lift from a farmer who was going their way. It turned out he had been to the play and he began, on being asked how he had enjoyed himself, to tell his passengers what a miserable time he had had, giving them several solid minutes on how lousy it was in every possible way, vehemently adding, 'And as for that knoc [...]

I'm an "Old Hollywood" fan and as such have read other bios about Leigh but none quite as revealing as this one regards her manic depression / bipolar disorder as it is called now. It really captures how quickly her mood could change and how vile and violent she could become when gripped by it. It's amazing, however, that she managed to control it whilst actually acting, maybe because she was so good at taking herself out of herself and actually becoming her character instead. From childhood, Vi [...]

Gone With The Wind is one of my all time favorite movies so when I spotted this book at my Aunt's house, I knew I wanted to read it. I sometimes Google a celebrity to learn more about them and I honestly don't know why I had never done that to learn more about the person that was Vivien Leigh. I do prefer to read books about them because the authors have often spoken to people close to the subject or even the subject themselves. After reading this book I am even more in awe of this fascinating w [...]

I read this book many years ago and of all the biographies of Leigh I think it was good to get a female perspective on how the the actress who played the infamous Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind lived. I think it dwelt too much on the manic depression at times and not enough on the good things in Vivien's life so it made for a rather depressing read. Also as it was one of the first bios out it seemed a bit 'quick' and many of the 'facts' in it are inaccurate or exaggerated. However the bio [...]

This is the first real biography I've ever read. I've always had this terribly ignorant view of biographies as being dry and stuffy. How wrong was I? Vivien Leigh stole my heart a long time ago when I first watched 'Gone With The Wind' this biography of her life truly captured those feelings all over again, Leigh is magical. Her life although exciting and beautiful was followed by this dark shadow of tragedy and sadness. I didn't know so much of the information about Leigh, how her name came to [...]

This biography has made a lasting impression upon me. I feel so sad for this woman who struggled with her mental illness and eventually drove away the love of her life. I have mixed feeling now towards Laurence Olivier (due to the events that unfold in their latter years together). Their love for one another was wild and strong, but succumbed to Vivien's illness. I guess everyone has their threshold, it is still so sad. A great actress who was a great beauty and to me will always be Scarlett O'H [...]

Something I read recently recommended this biography. I decided to try it since I've always been intrigued by her as such a tragic figure. Her life was definitely tragic. Her great love and 2nd husband Lawrence Olivier divorced her when he could no longer cope with her mood swings, which got worse as she got older. The book gets a little tiresome when talking about her great beauty, impeccable manners and perfect hostess skills over and over and over again. Obviously well researched though, and [...]

I learned quite a bit in this one. I knew Viv was Scarlett O'Hara and Blanche DuBois, but pretty much everything else was new. I feel like I might've known that she was with Sir Laurence Olivier, but for some reason I thought she died young. My main complaint about this book is that the author did a lot of copying and pasting of letters. Especially towards the end, big sections of the book, were just letter after letter from Viv to people - never any to her. Definitely interesting, but not exact [...]

Growing up I only knew Vivien as 'Scarlett O'Hara'. This insightful biography brings to light the strength of character this beautiful woman had throughout her life. It must have been horrific for her to deal with bipolar/schizophrenia back then before or modern meds were available. And then to had TB as well. Many would just curl up and die. This biography depicts the ups and downs giving the readers a powerful insight to an icon-both the person as well as the entertainer. I'd recommend it with [...]

This was a very good biography of Miss Leigh (considering Miss Edwards was her biographer). I have read the Alexander Walker bio and they really are up to par with eachother, but Miss Edwards wrote about things that Mr. Edwards didn't even mention in his bio version. Also she gave a more "in depth" perception of Vivien Leigh's "Manic Depression" or "Bi Polar Disorder" as it's known today. It is a very sad biography because we all know what happens at the end (the ending almost made me cry a bit [...]

i am right now at the part in this book where vivien and olivier just finished gone with the wind. it was a very had time for vivien because she had changed directors three times, got yelled at, and her fellow actors weren't the most cooperative either. she talked of how clark gable had "terrible hygiene" and, he director would scream at her and make her cry during rehearsals. but still she got through it and became one of the worlds greatest actresses because of it! that is why i love vivien le [...]

I really did not know much about Vivien Leigh before this except she had been in Gone with the Wind, I didn't even know she was british!! This biography does a good job of sucking you into her life and problems. Her maniac depressive order is extenstively covered but the author ofter referred to her maniac phases as "bad behaviour" and not actually tell you what that bad behaviour was. Which did become irritating after a while, however, this is the major flaw of the book. It was an enjoyable rea [...]

Interesting bio left me wanting moreThis biography of Vivien Leigh provided facts, details, and an overall view of this beautiful woman and actress. There is much discussion of her struggle with manic depression which was so at odds with her real personality. The book left me wanting more insight, though, about Ms Leigh herself. Some analysis of the bare facts would have been interesting.

As a huge "Gone With the Wind" fan, I read this book many years ago. In addition to the book and the movie, I was captivated by the actress who played the primary female role so well. It's an excellent biography, and I especially remember being interested in her relationship with her husband, Laurence Olivier. Another tid-bit I remember from the book is Vivien reporting that she wasn't fond of kissing Clark Gable because he had bad breath.

Excellent biography of one of the greatest film and stage actresses who ever lived.Despite severe mental illness at a time when there was little effective treatment, Vivien Leigh, who battled remittances of tuberculosis as well, refused to capitulate. She continued on to achieve her best performances in the occupation she had been gifted witheven after her beloved Oliver abandoned her due to her bipolar disorder for a younger woman. Inspiring!

Outstanding biography of Vivien Leigh. Her mental illness suffering and consequently the suffering of those who loved her was heartbreaking. She will always be the epitome of Scarlet and Blanche to me. Very charming and intelligent, it is a shame she was robbed of these qualities through mental illness. 4.7/5 stars.

My interest in Leigh comes straight out of my interest in Gone With the Wind. Of course, later on, I became a Tennessee Williams fan, so there's that too.

A very interesting biography of the actress and star of 'Gone With The Wind', but fairly hard going. As true and complete a record of Leigh's life as this was, the author erred more on the side of factual content, and less on the side of crafting a biography that captured the reader and kept them rapt.

One of the better bios of Leigh. We follow her from her birth in India to the theatre to film, and really get into her romance/marriage with Laurence Olivier. Leigh was unfortunately mentally ill after GWTW, and underwent electroshock therapy & divorce. Still, a good portrayal of one of my favorite actresses!

It's an interesting read, but the lack of sources, references, and a bibliography make me question the assertions and conclusions drawn in the book. When I get a chance, I want to read a different biography of Vivien, just for comparison.

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