Nine Tomorrows

Isaac Asimov

Nine Tomorrows

Nine Tomorrows

  • Title: Nine Tomorrows
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780449240847
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Contents Profession 1957 The Feeling of Power 1958 The Dying Night 1956 I m in Marsport without Hilda 1957 The Gentle Vultures 1957 All the Troubles of the World 1958 Spell My Name with an S 1958 The Last Question 1956 The Ugly Little Boy 1958

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Atât de faină a fost colecția asta, Asimov nu mă dezamăgește niciodată! Dintre cele nouă povestiri ale volumului, cel mai mult m-au impresionat Ultima întrebare, Corbii blânzi, Toate necazurile lumii și Băiețelul cel urât. Ingenioasă, oarecum înspăimântătoare și scrisă cu un fantastic simț al anticipației, Întrebarea finală e sclipitoare nu atât prin personaje cât mai ales prin ideile atât de complex disecate în câteva sute de pagini - inteligența artificială și [...]

I devoured this little but mighty short story collection! It amazes me at how much Asimov can pack into such a small amount of space. He continues to blow me away with his thoughtful, critical, complex science fiction. I wanted more than just the nine "tomorrows!" Favorites: The Gentle Vultures, The Ugly Little Boy & The Last Question (which I have previously read & loved!)

Isaac Asimov may very well be the most prolific author in modern history. With over 500 books to his credit (506, to be exactgo to asimovonline for the full list, if you don't believe me!), covering just about every subject in the Dewey Decimal System (except philosophy, I believe), the man was a real marvel. One of these 500 volumes, "Nine Tomorrows," is a collection of short stories that Doc Ike first had published in various magazines during the period July '56 to November '58. As the title s [...]

"Two nights ago I really wanted to read a book before bed, but it was late, and I knew that I would end up reading until all hours of the morning and regret it the next day. So, I scoured the mass market Mt. TBR and found a thin book, which also happened to be a collection of short stories. Yay! Last night I finished reading this book, and as can be expected, it was an engaging read, with each short story providing a different insight into how (in some cases, minor and insignificant) actions and [...]

আজিমভের উপন্যাসের চেয়ে ছোটো গল্প, বৃদ্ধবয়সের চেয়ে যৌবনের লেখা, আমার ব্যক্তিগতভাবে বেশি ভালো লাগে।আজিমভরে আমি কীভাবে দেখি বলতে পারবো না। তার অনেক গল্প এতবার পড়া, এতবার, অনেক গল্প আবার পড়া কী [...]

This collection of short stories was first published in 1959, and contains one of Asimov's most well known sci-fi short stories, "The Feeling of Power," which I first read in a school reader, and at that time it made a powerful effect on me. This truly fits the actual hard core definition of scifi because science is at the heart of most of it. I am not longer a fan of Asimov's writings, but you can see where so many of today's scifi tales started--with authors like this. Unlike Jules Verne, Asim [...]

Read this when I was a lot younger. I liked it as I like almost all of Asimov's works. I liked the fact that he did not show the world as having this perfectly rose colored future. Maybe it was due to his Russian heritage. Maybe it was due to the cold war. Whatever the reason it reflected the times in which I lived and life sure as heck was not perfect. There were great things like computers, electronics and landings on the moon. There were terrible thing like horrible poverty, war and racism. T [...]

Didn't put a lot of stock into this book simply because they were short stories - but I have never been more wrong. These are by far my favorite writings by Asimov. Could. NOT. Put. The. Book. Down. Asimov, god of scifi, managed to remain thought provoking in a limited amount of space and really raised a ton of valid questions about out actions today. Since he wrote this around the Cold War time, it is a little out of date with current events, but the main idea about mathematical theory still ho [...]

These stories prove the greatness of Isaac Asimov. He successfully predicted supercomputers, downloading, scanners and more. And even if you don't acknowledge his foresight, you can't deny these are excellent stories. In particular, the last two tales tug at your heart strings and blow your mind (not necessarily in that order). Asimov deserves his place in history as one of science fiction's great prophets and storytellers.

Such an incredible collection of short stories. My favourite was The Ugly Little Boy. So heartbreaking :( What was amazing (and terrifying), was how realistic all of these scenarios were. So thought provoking. 100% recommend.

Consisting of nine short stories, Asimov writes in a way that was incredibly inventive for his time. Not all of the stories are equal in quality, but the ones that are great are truly great. A good use of time for fans of older science fiction, and not too hard to breeze through in a week or so.

A collection of nine short-stories, TALES OF THE NEAR FUTURE, by Isaac Asimov the prolific writer/editor of more than 500 books and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. As one of the "Big Three" SF writers of his time he was published in 9 of the 10 major categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification. Has with many writer this collection is made up of stories that were all originally published in science fiction magazine between 1956 and 1958.Profession (1957) - 4 STARS: Earth of the [...]

Nagu juba päris paljude varem eesti keeles ilmunud, võib öelda et krestomaatiliste, klassikaliste ulmejuttudega, selgub siingi ebameeldiv tõsiasi, et ammusel ja kaugel vene ajal tõlgitud ja ilmunud lugu ongi parim mis sest portsust võtta. Kehtis sama "Uurimismeeskonnaga", kehtis sama Arnoldi und Gregoriga, kehtib sama siingi. Linnasuuruste arvutitega möllamise ja mingite veidrate tulnuka-ja kosmoselugude kõrval eristub teistest Džomolungmakõrguselt üle "Inetu poisike", mis toob kurku [...]

Voici quelques aperçus étonnants sur les " futurs probables " qui attendent notre humanité. Tous les ennuis du monde est l'histoire tragique d'un ordinateur géant, Multivac, qui, doué d'une puissance intellectuelle illimitée, découvre un jour la " difficulté d'être ". L'affreux petit garçon raconte comment un jeune néandertalien arraché à notre préhistoire est devenu le cobaye d'une impitoyable expérience scientifique. Avec un mélange inimitable d'humour et de réalisme, combinan [...]

Only Asimov could write an eloquent description of a vastly intelligent species wise beyond man and whereupon a member of that species kidnaps a specimen of ours to impart some cosmic common sense, our man remarks aptly: "Holy toledo, it's a monkey!"No author ever mixed so well the pulp parlance of his times with elegant dreams and nightmares of science fiction. But when he goes for the full cosmic boogie - in the form of the Arthur C. Clarke-like "The Last Question", he strikes at the ultimate [...]

Rounds up to a 4-star, we'll say. Some weaker points that reminded me of my disappointment in "Pebble in the Sky" but lots more good sci-fi! Very enjoyable! I think the short-story length suits Asimov very well, as he seems able to call up decent characters and play them out well in brief stints. I loved the implied philosophy in many of the pieces and he surprised me by doing a couple sci-fi/mystery genre weaves that were both amusing and satisfying. I'm really hoping that "Stars, Like Dust" wi [...]

A good short story collection from Isaac Asimov. Favourites:The Feeling of PowerThe Gentle VulturesThe Ugly Little Boy

Algunos de los primeros cuentos de Isaac Asimov, un poema y algunas notas curiosas.Varios de los cuentos son ya tan famosos que algunas veces existen por sí solas o están recopiladas en otras colecciones.El libro abre con un poema que tiene un título con traducción rara. Originalmente se llama “I just make them up, see!” (¡Los acabo de hacer, vean!), pero lo tradujeron como ¡Vale la pena leerme,vean! Creo que más que nada es una ocurrencia asimoviana, pero con un título mal traducido [...]

Part two of "The Complete Stories, Volume 1." I was disheartened after the strange stories in the first part of that collection, but that all changed the moment I read "Profession." That might be favorite short story ever, right up there with the I, Robot stories. Such an interesting idea about education and creativity--I think I might use it in teacher workshops someday. "The Feeling of Power" is similar and just as through-provoking. "All the Troubles of the World" is the first Multivac story [...]

The nine stories in this collection are simply gems. Each story is enjoyable. Each story moves quickly, and each has a theme that resonants in the imagination and continues to provide food for thought today as much as it did when these stories where written in the 1950s. One aspect of these stories that I liked is that the stories do not involve war or violent conflict that we have come accustomed to in the majority of contemporary scifi & fantasy movies and stories. The crux of the stories [...]

I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, so if you’re looking for relevant insight as to how this book measures up to the many classics by Asimov and his peers, I’m not the man to ask. As a matter of fact, I’m usually not the man to ask about anything; certainly not if you’re looking for a correct or sensible response. However, let me give you my brief credentials: I once knew a guy named Erik (who happened to be a f*cking Latvian, of all things) who was a huge sci-fi fanatic, he worshipped Asimo [...]

A very nice set of stories, which often surprised me with the twists at the end despite having read the book before perhaps a few years ago. Interestingly I don't feel like Asimov's stories have aged as much as Robert Heinlein's 'Stranger in a Strange Land', even though I think they were written a few years earlier than Heinlein's book.Of course you still get incongruous old fashioned technology being used years in the future and such, but Asimov's stories seem to be less connected to a specific [...]

Võiksin siia kirjutada pika lõigu sellest, kuidas Asimov on üks mu lemmikkirjanikke, ent olen seda juba tüütuseni korranud. Nii et ütlen lihtsalt, et taaskord oli tegu väga hea kogumikuga suurepäraselt autorilt. Eks muidugi oli lugusid, mis kõnetasid rohkem ja neid, mis vähem. Asimovi-skaalas võiks hindeks olla ka 4/5, ent suures pildis on kogumik väga head hinnet väärt. Kuna suure tõenäosusega haaran selle kunagi tulevikuks ka uuesti kätte, siis hetkel oleks minu lugude paremus [...]

Not all the stories in this volume are five-star standard - some are better than others - but it still gets a five-star rating from me for 'Profession' alone. An inspiring tale that has stuck with me for years and gets timelier as technology races along.

I re-read this book from my childhood for the sake of the Neanderthal story, "The Ugly Child." Asimov is mostly diverting through cleverness, but he showed in this story that he could be affective as well.

Delicious vintage sci fi from Isaac Asimov! Wonderful.

Interesting, funny, thought provokingAsimov doesn't disappoint.

Okay, this has some really good storytelling in it.

I had read several stories in this collection in other collections, but this book had no duds. lots of fun, including several SciFi mysteries that I particularly enjoyed.

Great stories, as usual. I really enjoyed "The Final Question".

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