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  • Title: Lucky
  • Author: Jackie Collins
  • ISBN: 9780743482868
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback

SHE S A HOT BLOODED BEAUTY IN LOVE WITH POWER, HUNGRY FOR PLEASURE WILD, NOTORIOUS, TROUBLE SHE S LUCKY THE FABULOUS HEROINE OF CHANCES RETURNS.With the sensual grace of a panther, Lucky Santangelo prowled her Las Vegas casino, restless, ready, eager for action That night began a dazzling odyssey, filled with dangerous passion and sun drenched sex, sadistic vengeanceSHE S A HOT BLOODED BEAUTY IN LOVE WITH POWER, HUNGRY FOR PLEASURE WILD, NOTORIOUS, TROUBLE SHE S LUCKY THE FABULOUS HEROINE OF CHANCES RETURNS.With the sensual grace of a panther, Lucky Santangelo prowled her Las Vegas casino, restless, ready, eager for action That night began a dazzling odyssey, filled with dangerous passion and sun drenched sex, sadistic vengeance and breathless suspense From the decadent luxury of California, to Paris, New York and a private Greek island, Lucky fought for her father s honor, for ruthless triumph, for the wild card of a fabulous love Her rivals an ice cold Hollywood wife a much married heiress strung out on cocaine a jaded magnate hooked on power a crazed hoodlum lusting for murder But Lucky was a gambIer and a lover, a woman who ruled her empire and pursued her man with the potent Santangelo strength her way, on her terms, whatever the odds Jackie Collins tops the sensational success of Hollywood Wives and Chances with Lucky, so hot it will have to be printed on asbestos.

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great series! entertaining,funny,intense and includes the foul-mouth,strong characterization of Lucky who never disappoints in taking charge when necessarywell written (paperback!)

Once you read one Jackie Collins book, you'll want to read them all. I loved Lucky's strength. Jackie makes all her female characters strong and I like that.

This is Book 2 in the Lucky Santangelo series and much like Chances before it, this one does not disappoint. I had the pleasure of reading these books, both Chances and Lucky years ago, and have recently gone back to visit them again.It is written in such a way that only Jackie Collins can do.Intrigue, romance, sex, liars and players all rolled into a fabulous 600 page adventure. Completed with quite possibly the best Heroine ever created and you get the idea, its a non stop ride. I have always [...]

Gino Santangelo and his beautiful daughter Lucky are back in the second installment of the Lucky Santangelo series. Lucky is ambitious, talented, wild, and notorious for getting what she wants on her own terms.All of my favorite characters are back in Book Two. Olympia Stanislopolous and her father Dimitri are still as rich and spoiled as ever, Gino has fallen in love again, and Lucky finds Lennie, the man who is destined to be her future partner. You can always count on Jackie Collins for a gre [...]

Wow! So much love for this book. I first read the Lucky series about 20 years ago when I was a teenager, and I recently did a reread. I really like Ms. Collins' writing style with the short chapters and her ability to write from so many different POVs. Lucky Santangelo is a sexy heroine that you can admire, respect, and read about with glee. Don't mess with Lucky. Ever. Seriously. I can't believe how fresh this novel feels after all this time. I guess with all the simpering heronies that have be [...]

This book was fun to read. I liked how Lucky doesn't let anyone push her around and how she's her own woman. jackie Collins did a good job on this book.

Smut book, but it was entertaining, Lucky is a woman not to be messed with :)

Okay, So It’s Not Middlemarch. The recent death of Jackie Collins after her struggle with breast cancer inspired me to read one of her books. In a second hand store I happened upon this book, Lucky, which I bought for a dollar. The copy is worn, with a creased back cover, a torn spine and dog-eared pages. Clearly it has made a few trips to the beach and has probably ridden on a few airplanes. Although I’m sure it has also spent a few hours hidden under more reputable books, many people certa [...]

While I was reading Poor Little Bitch Girl I saw the mini series LUcky Chances and immediately went out and bought al, the Santangelo books I could get my hands on. Lucky is one if my all time favourite female characters. She kicks ass, knows what she wants, she's smart, strong and doesn't take any shit from anyone. She's made of total win. I love reading about how she became a huge roaring success in the saga. I much prefer these older books actually building the hotel empire and learning about [...]

I have read Jackie Collins novels in the past and decided to try one again. The biggest issue I have with her novels is that she has too many characters and it is hard to keep them straight. By the end of the book, all of the characters manage to come together, but in the meantime, it can be very confusing.

I enjoy reading family sagas and this one doesn't disappoint. Jackie Collins earlier novels are worth reading. This was the very first one that I'd read. I liked Lucky because she was adventurous and terribly head strong. Anything having to do with Gangsters, Thugs, crime- I'm in! This book, I could just fall into, after some deep reading or life's problems. Better than mindless television!

I just love me some Jackie Collins!!! I especially enjoy reading the Santangelo family sagas and later on discussing it with my cousin who was also a big fan. Lucky Santangelo is your typical head strong, gutsy, Italian mob princess you just can't get enough of.

Lucky Bitchessssssss. Ah. May. Zing.

This was my second Jackie collin's book and i must say it was very good. Sometimes i felt there's too much mention of drugs and sex but this book is about how the characters overcame tough time which made the end really worth reading 600 plus pages.

I may be a decade or two late in reading the Lucky Santangelo series but by golly I feel like it is worth the wait. I didn't enjoy this second novel as much as the first. I loved Chances because it was such an in depth study of the life of Gino Santangelo from his humble beginnings to his big shot present, it was so developed and detailed and so wonderfully crafted that you were within Gina every step of the way. When he hurt, you hurt. When he was happy, you were happyAs this novel was entitled [...]

I love the characters in this book, as I usually do in all her books. There's so much I have to say about this omfg. Lucky is such a fierce woman and I love her independent nature so much, she doesn't take shit from no one and she does things her own way if it suits her with out anyone's opinion. She adores her father and expects undying attention from him. Lennie and her have the same character and they think the same, they both didn't notice each other because of their ex's but when they did n [...]

Here's something that every reader knows :There are books for every mood.I sometimes find myself in the mood for some scandal and drama situations in the books I read.However, the writes of these days can't write a scandal worth sh*t.It's all about horniness at first sight, hate but horny you, me horny you not me hate, and all those silly stuff they call stepbrother romances *sigh*.So I went and read accidentally a book writen in the 80's .And I discovered a mess, skipped some POV-s (Sorry Steph [...]

In Collins' sophomore release of the Santangelo saga we get reaquainted with the business savy and headstrong Lucky Santangelo, daughter of the notorious Gino "The Ram" Santagelo, former mob boss.Not one iota of what Collins' writes in this book comes off as being unrealistic or boring. Writing a book like this takes pure, unadulturated talent. How she manages to come up with new and exciting characters, keep us thouroughly updated on old ones, intertwine all of their storylines flawlessly and l [...]

Serinin ilk kitabı "Kurtulanlar" mükemmel bir kitaptı O kitabı bitirdikten sonra bu kitabı okumayı çok istemiş ama elimde olmadığından okuyamamıştım neyse sonunda muradıma erdim:)İlkine yakın bir performans Santangelo ailesini okumak müthiş keyif kesinlikle Babamız Gino ile başlayan macera kızımız Lucky odaklı devam ediyor bu kitapta yine herşey var aldatlamalar sırlar şiddet intikam aşk ilk kitaptan merakta kaldığımız bazı şeyleri de bu kitapta çözdük (view [...]

**** I officially do not enjoy the star rating system on . I have been taking it too seriously, and it stresses me out! ****Fun read!!! Jackie Collins is so entertaining!!! I can't wait to read more of her booksI own most of them! For me, this book had an exceptionally slow start. I kept putting it down and starting other books. I would read a few pages here and there, in between other books. About 5 days ago, around page 150, this book totally took off! It became very difficult to put down! I a [...]

It had been years since I visited Lucky Santangelo, but I recently decided to pay her another visit. This is the second book in a series about Lucky & her family. I do suggest reading, "Chances" first, but this book is More awesome than Chances. It most definitely holds its share of surprises & shockers. If you like a book w/ a good endingis is one, but getting there is most definitely a suspenseful adventure. A Little better than most Jackie Collins reads (imo) & it is worth owning [...]

3 stars does not mean this book was bad. It wasn't. It was just super slow to me. I have read this series from the end to now therefore I know most of the big plot lines that occur in the beginning books. I noticed that this book had smaller font than the past books I've read by her. Her other books I've been able to fly through and this one was 500 chock full pages with tiny font and with Jackie Collins books it's like a soap opera with tons of details building before you realize how they tie t [...]

Another great Lucky story by Jackie Collins!! I got pulled into the story immediately and was totally engaged throughout the entire book!! One small error by the author (sorry, I’m a stickler for details): The story starts in the summer of 1978; Gino returned from "tax" exile in July of 1977; Gino is dating Tiny Martino’s ex-wife, Susan. Gino says that Tiny passed away two years earlier (would have been 1976) and he had attended the funeral in Los Angeles. Well, that would be kind of hard si [...]

Take with a grain of saltI read this as a frustrated 16 yr old (male) virgin and found the sex scenes particularly titillating. So much so that the story kept flowing and I wasn't particularly concerned with the quality of writing, the cliches, the superficiality of it all. I enjoyed it a lot. Not long ago (about fifteen years after reading Lucky)I came across Hollywood Wives, the other Jackie Collins novel I read. Wow, it was junk. I assume I'd have the same opinion of Lucky today, but hey, why [...]

This is a really great beach read--another one I just couldn't put down. Even though it was written in 1985, it still is fascinating. Two of her characters reminded me of Aristotle and Christina Onassis. This is the 2nd book about Lucky Santangelo, and her family. I love books about strong women, and this one does not disappoint. I'm not familiar with the mob bosses, so I am not sure just who her Gino Santangelo character is based on. But really think the Lucky character has many of the characte [...]

I finally read a Jackie Collins book! 30 summers too late-this is an '80's book when Sammy Davis Jr was still out & about. Sensational(istic) writing, after a few pages I realized this novel's all about money power & fucking, but interesting enough plot to continue to the end. Too many damn characters I started losing track!! I felt that the heroine (Lucky Santangelo) bit unrealistic, especially the mobster daughter who gets away with actual murder, her marrying a decades older billionai [...]

I loved this book and I enjoyed reading it. Each character is intertwined. I really pity Eden, she has dreams but she just chose the wrong path. I loved the ending, I think if a man and a woman is really meant to be then they will be together no matter what. Love conquers all! It's great to be able to take a peek of how the rich live, however, living a simple life is best. Money and fame cannot really give it all.

So good!! Knew Lennie would be the one but damn the angst to get there!Lucky and Dimitri were unexpected as was little Bobby's arrival but Lucky did a great job of doing right by her boy.Gino and his pussy distractions yet he always does right in the end.Dimitri turned out to be a scumbag as was Olympia and Brigette until she got a rude awakening.Return of Steven and Carrie was tied in well as was the reveal of his daddy. Nice ending.

The second book in this series, and by far the best. We follow the lives of Lucky and Gino Santangelo, Lennie Golden and Carrie and Stephen Berkeley.The book took a while to get going, but when it does, Jackie Collins proves herself to be master at producing a suspenseful story. It's exciting, believable, and funny at times. The build up to the finale was a real nail biter. This book is for me, one of Jackie Collins' finest moments.

Really is an action packed book. Be prepared for vulgar language and many sexual scenes. The book is basically a book about playing "musical spouses" and everyone's sleeping with everyone. The ending was alittle too intense and went alittle over board with perversion. Could have left many details out and still had the suspense.

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