A Trace of Memory

Keith Laumer

A Trace of Memory

A Trace of Memory

  • Title: A Trace of Memory
  • Author: Keith Laumer
  • ISBN: 9780425607800
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

Nightmare at StonehengeWhen Legion meets a strange old millionaire called Foster, he doesn t know that his whole life will never be the same again For Foster has a strange story to tell Part of his story is contained in his diary, which not only describes things in the very recent past, but goes back for centuries.Foster has hired Legion to help him regain his lNightmare at StonehengeWhen Legion meets a strange old millionaire called Foster, he doesn t know that his whole life will never be the same again For Foster has a strange story to tell Part of his story is contained in his diary, which not only describes things in the very recent past, but goes back for centuries.Foster has hired Legion to help him regain his lost memory Then both men are suddenly attacked by alien powers They flee to Stonehenge in England where they discover a strange control chamber deep in the ruins They succeed in bringing down to earth an alien space ship which has been in orbit for thousands of years Eventually they both become captives on another planet.First Book Publication, 1963

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A fun old SF adventure that went on a bit longer than it should have, IMO. Still, I enjoyed it. Laumer writes a great main character. They're likable, intelligent, tough, & have an unusual penchant for getting into trouble. For all their intelligence, they can makes some particularly bad personal decisions usually involving women or drink. While I might find that irritating in some author's hands (Who likes reading about their own faults?) Laumer manages to make it inevitably amusing & t [...]

This is one of my all-time favorite sci-fi books!

So I seldom check out this website, but here I be again.Been reading this old 1960s sci-fi book -- well, listening to it via Librivox. Great reader for the book, he's done other genre books for them, all books are public domain. It's chock-full of fantastic books on all topics and genres.Anyway, I've always kinda liked Laumer's books and stories, though he is more a steady hand than an innovator, which often results in good, tight storylines. But this one has tremendous pacing and action, and it [...]

Another pleasantly bizarre Keith Laumer sci-fi mashup from the early '60's. As with A Plague of Demons and Catastrophe Planet, the first and second halves of Laumer's books tend to be totally different stories. In this case, the first half has a very Cat's Cradle feel to it; but then the second half is almost John Carter of Mars. As noted in my reviews of those two books, Laumer generally gets things off to a quick and catchy start - but then he starts to flag in the middle as he spins the stori [...]

I loved it!! Is one of my favourites! I loved Iztenka ;)

A Fantastic story. I would love this to be made into a movie, but I am afraid they would ruin it.I would rate this one the my favorite books ever. Maybe in the top ten books I have ever read.

Ho scelto questo libro per la sfida di lettura che richiedeva di leggere un libro la cui copertina non mi piace, dunque mi esprimo subito a proposito di essa.In effetti trovo che sia una bella ambientazione quella di Stonehedge (l'avevate riconosciuta, no? ;)) con un uomo che scappa lontano mentre si avvicina una gigantesca mano scheletrica che segna due cerchi concentrici; ebbene, ciò che non mi piace e ciò che ritengo inquietante è proprio quella mano! Mi ha portato subito alla mente (come [...]

Futuristic fantasy fiction with wit and attitudeThis is Laumer's Morte d' Artur -- except that, in this telling, (spoiler) Arthur does not die. Yeah, sure, some of the characters are cardboard, but the retelling is nonetheless a hoot. Laumer 's sense of humor smooths over many of the rough patches.If you are a fan of postwar SF, this is mandatory " shortlist " .

This is the edition I have, though I've read others.Even for the time, this is a remarkably racist book. Or perhaps I should say 'speciesist', because a lot of the insults in the first half of the book are generally aimed at all humans. At one point 'Foster' argues that human inflexibility is a product of earlier times when blind acceptance of memorized dogma was necessary for survival.This is slander against early humans. It's true that there were memorized didactic poetry, sagas, etc. When the [...]

This book reminded me of Heinlein's 'Glory Road' in that an Earthman is in over his head in an adventure yet still saves the day. It also reminded me of "Planet of the Apes" in how it discussed the journey from Earth to Foster's system. I could also see a smattering of "King Arthur" influencing the story [and King Arthur was discussed in the story as well]. And Legin's pet reminded me quite a bit of Heinlein's fondness for cats. It was entertaining to read; I bought a later version of the book f [...]

[it's 3.5 stars actually]Many, many years ago, I read Keith Laumer's Plague of Demons and thought it was one of the most amazing science fiction experiences I ever had. It was just so over the top, that is was both completely unbelievable and completely enjoyable. A hell of a ride, so to speak.Then, about 15 years later, I came across this book in a second hand book store. I bought it, but didn't get around to reading it until now, again, years later. I am glad to say that A Trace of Memory offe [...]

In some ways this is a typical sci-fi adventure of its time, a bit too male. There really are no major female characters unless you count Itzenca. But it still has a lot to recommend it. As I recall, he goes so minimal in his physical descriptions of the main characters, that anyone, of any ethnicity, could feel quite at home in the book. When the book is over even, there's nothing to say one way or another what color any of the characters is, with the possible exception of Foster who is probabl [...]

Wow! Talk about your page turner! This one goes from 0 to 60 in about 10 pages and keeps the engine revved up the entire way. It could almost be split into 3 sections, each of which has a story arc that keeps you pulled in. What would you do if you were immortal and got rejuvinated every couple hundred years but lost your memory at the same time? Here's what happens when a down-on-his-luck go getter happens across such a person. From space, down to Earth, to Stonehenge, to a tropical island to a [...]

I picked this up at a sidewalk sale downtown. The cover appealed to me and I don't mind trying new authors.The copyright date says sometime in the 60's but this particular copy was published in the 80's. It was very badly edited. A few paragraphs were printed twice and I found a large number of gramatical and spelling errors/omissions.The plot was decent I do have to admit that, but it was awkwardly carried out and the dialouge between some of the characters is just plain bad. It's not completel [...]

One thing I like about Laumer is the grittiness of his stories. I've mentioned before that they read like a detective novel, and I think you could throw in Thriller with this one. Good stuff.This was Laumer's second novel. I liked it a little bit more than Worlds of the Imperium, but not quite as much as Galactic Odyssey. It's a strange idea, about memories lost and found, changes in civilizations, and the ways of mankind. Definitely recommended.

This is a great 1960's sci-fi novel, about long-lived aliens, memory recording, and a great twist on the Arthur story (if you read it, see if you can work out which names from the Arthur legend have been re-imagined!. This is a witty book, pacy enough to hold my famously short attention span, well written, and certainly well plotted - try it for yourself and see.

If readers are looking for a fun, speedy read this will suit. It is very fast paced and the main character is a real whip. There is enough to keep science fiction junkies happy as well as the general reader. It's an adventure story with lots of action with a little bit of feudal tropes tossed in the mix. This isn't deep thought, but it is big fun. For fans of swashbucklers!

I just loved this book, it was a pure pleasure reading it, and it's amazing how good it was considering when it was written. Laumer is bright, funny, and has a great personality for sci fi. I bought a stack of books by him on ebay and I'm working my way through them, such a pleasure.

This was an OK book. Probably ahead of it's time in 1963. I found this paperback at a flea market. I is so old that it has a slick color advertisement inside for a brand of cigarettes! Nothing here that really caught my eye.

A fun little space opera from 1963.

I've read this multiple times on the Baen free library online. This year I got my own paperback copy.

Good little sci-fi book I got cheap off B&N book store. Been a while since I read it so I don't remember the specifics except that I enjoyed it, but wasn't blown away or anything.

1978 grade B+

Very original take on time travel - space - alternates etc - haven't read for many years bu should re-read it soon

One of my favorite books. Keith Laumer was a major influence on me! Great story of a vagabond who in a moment of desperation answers the wrong advertisement!

Very entertaining.

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