One Texas Night

Jodi Thomas

One Texas Night

One Texas Night

  • Title: One Texas Night
  • Author: Jodi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781420131413
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas lassos the heart of Texas with these four spellbinding stories, available together for the first time, where love shows up unexpectedly Amarillo By Morning Hank Harris wasn t even looking for a woman when he ended up with a wife Aggie is exactly who he needs as a business partner if only she weren t so damn beautiful, spirNew York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas lassos the heart of Texas with these four spellbinding stories, available together for the first time, where love shows up unexpectedly Amarillo By Morning Hank Harris wasn t even looking for a woman when he ended up with a wife Aggie is exactly who he needs as a business partner if only she weren t so damn beautiful, spirited and in his bed Silent Partner Rowdy Darnell was born to be wild and Laurel Hayes knows she shouldn t get involved with him but oh, how he can kiss The Ranger s Angel When Annalane Barkley whispers her dreams to Wynn McCord, the Texas Ranger knows he s found a woman worth fighting for The Outlaw If Cozette Camanez s groom doesn t show up for their wedding by dawn, she ll lose her family ranch Trouble is, the groom doesn t exist until unsuspecting thief Michael Hughes comes along

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I don't normally enjoy short stories, but Jodi managed to have four interesting and complete stories that didn't seem to be lacking anything. 1.Amarillo by Morning2.Silent Partner3.The Outlaw 4.The Rangers's Angel

Reprint of stories that were only available in 4 different anthologies. I had read them all before, but loved reading them again.'Amarillo by Morning' is my favorite!

This book contains four of the most romantic and sweet short stories I have ever read. I expect this kind of wonderful stories from Jodi Thomas and I was not disappointed.The first story was about a very smart and beautiful youngest daughter of a man who had five daughters. He loved Aggie the best and the other sisters were very jealous but a day came when Aggie's father decided to remarry and that meant that she had to find a husband of her own. The father sent her to visit each of the sisters [...]

One Texas Night: Amarillo by Morning/ Silent Partner/ The Outlaw/ The Ranger's Angel by Jodi Thomas. AMARILLO BY MORNING: Hank Harris Accepts a dinner invitation looking forward to a free home cooked meal. He doesn't believe he has a chance to attract the unmarried woman sister of the cook. The competition is pretty stiff a banker and a railroad man.Agnes "Aggie" had helped her father doing gunsmith work in his shop. Now he wants to remarry and Aggie is being sent from one sister to the other tr [...]

These were excellent stories! And well crafted for being so short. The only one I didn't like was The Outlaw. Every character was unbelievable and the historical setting seemed fake somehow.Amarillo by Morning was my favorite. Loved when Hank gave her his guns and then she wore them for most of the rest of the story. And him putting a stool in every room so she could reach to kiss him was adorable! In Silent Partner the H/h had known each other as children which makes very short romances more be [...]

Readers be aware: One Texas Night is a compilation of four previously published novellas. If you have read Give Me a Texas Outlaw, Give Me a Texan, Give Me a Cowboy, and Give Me a Texas Ranger, then you've read all four stories. The blurb does not make that clear. The unfortunate implication of the omisson is that the publisher intends to mislead Ms. Thomas' core readership, which may do more harm than good to marketing efforts.That said, the four stories in this volume were the best of the stor [...]

One Texas Night is an anthology of 4 previously published short stories: "Amarillo by Morning," "Silent Partner," "The Outlaw," and "The Ranger's Angel." Each is set in Texas, from mid- to late-1800s. Each is a snapshot, a complete story in itself, with enough substance that the characters are real and vibrant. It's hard to pick a favorite, but "Amarillo by Morning" is a story I enjoy each time I read it. Of course, the uncles in "The Outlaw" leave me laughing and feeling just a wee bit better a [...]

4.5 stars. I should start by saying that I usually do not give high marks to short stories. I almost always find they have an "imcomplete" feel to them, this book however is an exception. At right around 100 pages each, these 4 stories are well developed and feel complete and satisfylin at the end. Mrs. Thomas is truly the master of Texas fiction and if you've enjoyed any of her other books you'll love this one too. And, if you've never read anything by her, this is a good place to start. It's m [...]

The hardest thing about reviewing a Jodi Thomas anthology is deciding which story I liked best. In fact, I just can't pick one. All four romances, set in Texas in the 1800s, were wonderful. The heroes are tough Texas men who might not be completely comfortable with love, but know better than to let the heroine get away when they find her. The heroines are all no-nonsense women who know what they need, even when they don't realize their own worth, and aren't afraid to fight for it.Great read if y [...]

This book is a collection of previously published stories from different anthologies: Amarillo by Morning, Silent Partner, The Outlaw, and The Ranger's Angel. Even though the shorter length doesn’t allow Thomas to delve deeply into the core characters she manages to make the reader care about her heroes and heroines. As always Thomas's writing is excellent whether it's a novella or a full-length novel. She never disappoints!

Containing 4 short stories is always hard to make them have enough depth but this is where Jodi Thomas shines. I cared about all the characters in every story and felt there was enough background that you really wanted things to turn out well for them. I will be adding her to my read automatically pile.

4 short stories all roll up into one book by Jodi Thomas that had been written earlier in her career.1.Amarillo by Morningwhich I had not read before.2.Silent Partnerwhich I had not read before.3.The Outlaw which I read under the the Anthology of "Give Me a Texas Outlaw".4.The Rangers's Angel which I had read under the Anthology of "Give Me a Texas Ranger"

I am not a big historical romance reader, but I do enjoy Jodi Thomas westerns. This is an anthology of some previously published shorts, and they are all warm and sweet. Great comfort reads.

I enjoyed these four short stores by an author that I like. Four somewhat similar stores of hunky cowboys and spunky women set in the late 1800's, but they each had a unique plot twist.

Never read 3 before. I kept thinking it was a Linda Lael Miller book, which sounds terrible, but

4 short stories, all good bbut I'm not fond of short stories

I think that this is a collection of her short stories that she has already published in the different books along with other authors. But it's too to have them all in one place

Four novellas by Jodi Thomas. No author writes loveable misfit characters like she does.

3+Four short stories:Amarillo by Morning (Hank and Aggie)Silent Partner (Rowdy and Laurel)The Outlaw (Cozette and Michael)The Ranger's Angel (Wynn and Anna)

sweet collection of historical romances set in Texas. No wild sex, no hanging from the chandeliers , the same sweet message throughout. Delightful!

The stories were pretty good, but my favorite thing was that the previous owner of the book corrected the spelling and grammar in my copy.

I enjoyed this book!! Especially the Texas Ranger story!

Jodi ranks right up there with Linda Lael Miller and Debbie Macomber!! Love her books!!

I always enjoy Jodi Thomas books, and this series of short stories was no exception. It is of special note that at least three of the four stories in this book have been published before

While I enjoyed this compilation of 3 short stories, I have to say they were just okay, nothing special.

Amarillo by morning has become one of my all time favorite short stories, it is that awesome!

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