Restoration of Faith

Jim Butcher

Restoration of Faith

Restoration of Faith

  • Title: Restoration of Faith
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook

A short story of the Dresden Files Also included in Side Jobs

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People keep telling me, "Read the Dresden Files. Read the Dresden Files."Well, I can tell you that after reading this very short story for the series, I have bumped the series much further up on my to-read list. I have always said that an author that can make you care about their characters in a short amount of time is probably better than the author that needs a whole book to do so. And care I did. Little Faith was such a strong character in this 12 page story that she brought tears to my eyes. [...]

I read this as part of the Side Jobs anthology. It is the book in which Harry finds a missing girl, but it’s never as simple as it seems. Butcher complains about the lack of quality in this story, but I think it’s really awesome. It’s also where Harry meets Murphy, plus a troll, so bonus!

11/15/2015 -- Read this short to get me started in this series. I need something different and I think this will do the trick.

5 starsNice to know how Harry met Murphy. Hope Faith got home okay. Can't wait to read more books with Harry Dresden!!!

A good, very quick introduction to Harry Dresden and his world. Butcher said he wrote it when he was in university, and was the third or fourth short story he ever written at that point, including his school projects! :P He or his publisher didn't think it was worthy of publishing at the beginning, but I didn't find any problem with the story or the writing-quality and quite enjoyed a quick, short and fun read. I'm already reading Storm Front (Dresden Files-1), but thought I read the short story [...]

Reviewed for THC ReviewsRestoration of Faith is a short prequel novella in the Dresden Files series. It's only about the length of a chapter and tells the story of a case Harry worked before becoming a full-fledged private investigator. At the time he and his partner, Nick, ran Ragged Angel Investigations, an agency that searched for missing children. This was an aspect of the story that I really enjoyed, and I thought Harry was very good with the girl he rescued. He seemed to have a kind, gentl [...]

Restoration of Faith is book 0.5 in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. I'd love to tell you what it's about, but I wrote the review in February 2012, after I read it, but due to a Glitch, my review was deleted and I no longer remember what its about. I'm peeved. My stats dropped by one and I had to look through every single book until I found which one was missing. Grrrrrrrr. I do know that I loved every Jim Butcher book I've read, so I know the rating is a 5/5.

I'm embarking on a read-a-thon journey of the "The Dresden Files", and this short story is an excellent introduction into what has been recommended to me as an excellent urban fantasy series. I'm stoked!

This was a very short. Like fifteen minutes very short. I really don't like even counting it as one of my books for the year but I did decide to review everything I read.Anyways, it is good but certainly won't be winning any awards. This is a book(let) prequel introducing us to Harry Dresden wizard private detective. It takes place a few months before he goes into business himself and shares a little bit about why he does what he does. It is a cute read, not a great one but this is my first vent [...]

When Harry Met Murphy (and a troll)

Oooooooh, l'incontro con Murphy!E Harry è sempre così burbero fuori ma gentile dentro che non si può non volergli bene!

It was very standard. A very typical investigation, and I swear it wasn't too original as I've def. known of the "client-backstabbing-their-helpers" type of cases, so I can understand why, like what Butcher said, his editors probably didn't think it was that great to be the start off piece. That's not to say this story sucks, cuz it doesn't, it just probably wouldn't be too memorable.I like that I got to know Harry before he was working for himself. At first I thought this "Nick" character was j [...]

Pretty decent short story, there is lack of action but that wasn't the main point anyways. The story emerges I think just to offer a glimpse onto the world of Harry Dresden. And considering this was the first piece of writing on the Magician Detective I guess Jim himself was trying to visit the idea of such a being. I liked the cute little kid and his matured talking as well as honest view on the matters, I liked Harry's point of view on the things as the story progressed. Finally I was glad to [...]

This is a brief story of Harry Dresden before he starts his own Wizarding business. He is training with a partner to find a young run away girl. I liked this story a lot because I read it after I was 5-6 books into the series and in one of the full length novels, a magical creature asks Harry why he does what he does, and I feel like this answered part of that question. It is a very brief entry found for free on his website. You might as well read it if you are a Dresden fan.

A short episode of Dresden before he opened his own PI business. Upon finding a lost child he is told the parents have reported her kidnapped, not missing. Will Dresden be able to get out of this one or will he leave the little girl alone in the big city. This short story only takes a few minutes to read, but is a great glimpse at Dresden before he has a lot of power or even before he is out on his own. A great, quick read in the Dresden saga.

A cute little tale that introduces a great many characters and a tiny glimpse into the life of Harry Dresden. This glimpse bringing a yearning to read more and find out what else lives in the dark and the magic that can defeat it. It was nice to learn more of the past of the characters and to feel more involved with them.

Read this because I heard you should read this before the first book, which I'm reading right now. It's better than most short story prequels because it actuallyhasa story and isn't just some random scene that shouldn't even have been written and adds absolutely nothing to the plot/characters.It's also reasonably funny too, which always helps.

A nice and quick introduction this world.

I really love stories of the early days in the Dresden Files.

A great wee short story.

A fab wee shorty. Exactly what I was in the mood for. I love these books and this was great.

i really, really enjoyed this audiobook! the narrator took one of my favorite wizards and introduced me to a side of Harry Dresden that encompassed him before he had his own office. i love the back story, his heart and the way he deals with the supernatural. Well done, Mr. Butcher, even though it was stated at the beginning of the book that this was not his best work, it's still good work and an enjoyable piece!

When Harry Met Murphy. What's not to like?With all due respect to Jim Butcher and his feelings that he had to apologize for this short story, but he's silly to think that a Dresden fan wouldn't love it. It is clearly not his best, let's not kid ourselves, but it's short, fun, and we get a quick Harry fix. Plus, let's be honest, we all wanted to know how his best friend Murphy came into his life. I just adore this series.

I read this as my intro into Dresden's world (Using the Ultimate Dresden Omnibus eBook).I'm already in love with this world! Harry is an interesting character and now also one of my favorite wizards.Short but good. Having read a few of the later novels, it does a good job of showing you what Harry is like, and I'm sure it would work just as well if it is read later on in the journey as well.

I've been told to read the Dresden Files for some time, now, but i always felt like it wasn't the right time.Well, this first introduction to Harry Dresden universe was very cute and put a smile on my face. I wish I had a ring that lights up with happy memories, even if it means trolls truly hide under bridges

Harry is working on getting his PI license, working for a licensed PI. Is trying to return a girl who ran away from her rich parents. But the ‘rents try to screw Harry over by reporting the kid as kidnapped, with a description of Harry as the perp. Added bonus Harry meets Murphy who is still in uniform.I guess you could call it the origin story of Harry Dresden, professional wizard.

This was an amazing and hilarious introduction to the Dresden Files and I enjoyed every minute of it. I fell in love with Harry easily in those 12 pages and I can't wait to read more. It was such a heartwarming short story too.

4 starsThis was the first Dresden story and Butcher wrote it while he was still in school. You can tell it's an early work but the feel is definitely what you'd expect from a Dresden story and you get to see the first meeting between Harry and Murphy. I enjoyed it very much. :)

I read this story in Side Jobs. I have to agree with the author's note - this short story needs some work it starts awkwardly but I think it ended well. We are introduced to a couple of the Dresden Files characters. Good stuff.

Not Butcher's best, but he admits as much in the introduction. Still, a fun glimpse into Harry's life before Storm Front, with the added bonuses of seeing his first meeting with Murphy and a Dresdenverse take on the troll under the bridge.

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