Crimson Prince, Tome 1

Souta Kuwahara

Crimson Prince, Tome 1

Crimson Prince, Tome 1

  • Title: Crimson Prince, Tome 1
  • Author: Souta Kuwahara
  • ISBN: 9782355922305
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

Is their meeting a coincidence Is their love inevitable Sakura Koujirou is a demon prince who descends to the human world in order to take human souls But after a strange turn of events, he somehow ends up living with a human girl, Hana This is a story of young love, sweet and touching.

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Mengecewakan. Ah, lebih tepatnya ga sesuai ekspektasi saya. Soalnya info singkat yang kudapat tentang komik ini: Square Enix. Shonen. Iblis. Jadi yang kuharapkan adalah sesuatu yang dark, mencengkam, berdarah-darah, dan penuh kegilaan.Dan sedikit bumbu bromance tentunyaTapi yang kudapat malah seperti iniDan yang membuatku tambah kecewa:1. Cerita maupun gambar lebih berasa shojo-nya daripada shonen. Manis sih, tapi tetep aja2. Hubungan antara hero dan heroine-nya terasa kurang nendang.3. Sifat s [...]

Hadiah dari lomba ngisi balon dialog SDS - Elex ♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪ Thank you!!Gambar : 3 bintang.yan lucu dan manis, walau belum semanis kovernya (^ ^)Cerita : 2.5 bintangaku gagal menangkap "pelajaran kimia" di antara Jiro x Hana, atau mungkin bel pelajaran belum berbunyi?Tapi dari percakapannya kayak udah mulai, hanya aku gagal tertarik ""( ><)Bingungnya, dulu juga kayak pernah pengalaman kayak gini dan di volume-2 selanjutnya jadi sukaNah, ini mau "kita temenan aja" atau "dijalanin aja du [...]

Right now I seem to have a thing for reading manga's that involve demons that are actually far more cut than evil, so I have no started this. Ok, the first chapter, which I read to see if it was worth reading on, introduces you to the main character Prince Kojiro, who is 15 least in the human world.He appears to be a demon who can make mischief by taking people's emotions with a gun. He is being followed by a ghostly specter thing, that looks adorable. Sadly not as cute as the demon's followers [...]

Gosh, i still didn't finish this yet. Still in chpter 38, and i don't know where to find the next chpter n so on. Its really get me upset. Want to finish this immediately bcause this manga was really good. I like this manga bcause it have humour element, mystery, romance, supernatural. Favourite. I don't know if this manga already hv its own anime or not. I do looking forward to watch it if it have.

This is a seriously adorable manga that's had the misfortune of not being licensed in English yet! There are many shoujo mangas out there that have the theme of a demon and a human girl falling in love even though it is forbidden. This manga is sort of like that, but it stands out above all of those other titles. Amazingly adorable artwork? Check. Strong, loveable heroine and a surprisingly bashful Demon Prince who is more human than he is demon? Check! Heartwarming tale of sweet, young love? Ch [...]

I've been resisting the e-book manga releases, mostly because I prefer hard copies. But I have a commute after dark and patchy lighting on the bus, so sometimes reading on my phone is my only optiond it's a good thing, too, because otherwise I wouldn't have read this book. A charming combination of romance and fantasy, there's just something heartwarming about the blooming relationship between the devil prince protagonist and the human heroine. I may try to find the French editions just so I can [...]

A Shojo Story through and through. Coming from Yen Press a Shojo Story is a welcome change of pace. A seemingly classic love story between a demon prince who has been ostracized for his intelligence and charisma, and a human girl, who has been through some pretty ruff stuff. Come on a journey where a demon tries to put new feelings that are arising within him into perspective, while also meeting a girl who has changed his beliefs on humans and their fragile nature.

Her sayfasını okumaktan zevk aldığım tatlı mı tatlı bir manga. Cehennemin Prensi Sakura Koujirou görev için Dünya'ya gidip bir insanın ruhunu almak zorunda. Hana o kadar tatlı ve yardımsever bir kız ki Sakura onun çekimine kapılmadan edemiyor. Tabii ki görevini unutmuş değil. Ama onu kral yapacak gücünün arkasında bambaşka olaylar var ve onu bir sürü sürpriz bekliyor.

Angels and Demons, I really liked it. I have read 8 volumes now and the best thing just happened and I love it.

jusqua 4 ou 5

[Review coming soon]

Cute This was a very cute first volume to a funny and lighthearted manga. I definitely will be getting the next volume and think that this story has a lot of potential.

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