My Dear Sophy

Kimberly Truesdale

My Dear Sophy

My Dear Sophy

  • Title: My Dear Sophy
  • Author: Kimberly Truesdale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sophy Wentworth loves her life in sleepy MilvertonTwenty three year old Sophia Wentworth lives a quiet life in the small country town of Milverton Here she helps her Papa, the town doctor, visits with her friends, and attempts usually unsuccessfully to keep her younger brothers Edward and Frederick out of trouble When the opportunity to marry the handsome and atteSophy Wentworth loves her life in sleepy MilvertonTwenty three year old Sophia Wentworth lives a quiet life in the small country town of Milverton Here she helps her Papa, the town doctor, visits with her friends, and attempts usually unsuccessfully to keep her younger brothers Edward and Frederick out of trouble When the opportunity to marry the handsome and attentive young curate who s just moved into the next town presents itself, Sophy is tempted by a life of pleasant repetitions and obligations, a life that will keep her at the center of the town and the community she loves so much.Until a stranger arrivesCaptain Conrad Croft grew up in Milverton, where his father is the rector He has spent the past fourteen years traveling the world with the British Navy On a surprise visit home, Conrad meets Sophia who was just eight years old when he left He becomes intrigued by this woman, the silent core of strength for the entire town When his attempts to draw her out succeed, Conrad discovers an intelligent, witty, strong woman who might just be his perfect match He only has to convince her of it before he sails away again.Fifteen years before the events of Jane Austen s Persuasion, this is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs Croft first meet.

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Persuasion is such a powerful story of love lost, bittersweet memories, and hoping when all hope is lost. In the midst of such a story are characters that are delightfully engaging and bring light and heartwarming moments. Two of these are the hero's older sister and her husband who are the catalysts that bring about the second chance. Admiral and Mrs. Croft who are a middle aged couple settling into a life of peace after Napoleon is defeated the first time. They are so in love, loving toward he [...]

You know that feeling when you get a really good box of chocolates and you eat your way through all your favorites and collapse in a satisfied, sugar-induced coma? That’s a great feeling! But even better is the feeling you get when you think you’ve eaten all your favorites (sadness) and all that are left are yucky nougats (sadness squared) but you can’t resist looking in the box one more time just in case you missed a good one…and gasp! There it is! One of your favorites (the dark chocol [...]

If you've read 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen, you will probably have liked Captain Wentworth's sister Sophy, and her husband, Admiral Croft and here is a story of how they could have met. All we really know from Persuasion is that it happened pretty speedily, so there is a blank canvas there for the author. She paints Sophy as a young woman who is hemmed in by her life; her mother has died and she has been cast into the role of mother to her younger brothers, but they are getting to an age when th [...]

A book about Sophy and Admiral Croft?! Yes please!!! This book was so romantic. It is on the shorter side and I was so disappointed that it ended! The Story:The story begins with Sophy Wentworth living her predictable mundane life chasing after her younger brother's Edward and Frederick. Living in a small town affords very few opportunities to meet potential suitors. She has watched many eligible men move on from her small town or marry someone else and she begins to come to terms with the fact [...]

This fantastic prequel to Persuasion follows the story of Sophy Wentworth and Captain Croft–Captain Wentworth’s sister and brother-in-law.In Persuasion, the Crofts delight us as being one of the few functional marriages found in Austen. They are a genuinely happy pair whose personalities and temperaments make them well-suited for each other. But of course, there was a time before they met–how did their relationship start?Travel back a few years to when Admiral Croft was a young Captain, on [...]

My Dear Sophy is a sweet, charming story of Sophia Wentworth, Fredrick Wentworth’s older sister (of Jane Austen’s Persuasion). It’s a beautiful telling of how she met and fell in love with Captain Croft.Life for Sophy is slipping by. When her mother dies, she is left to help her father raise her younger brothers, Edward and Freddy. All of her friends have married, but at 23, her hopes for a husband have seemed to pass her by. Until one day, Mr. Hollingson, the young new curator starts payi [...]

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Prequel, Minor CharacterTIME FRAME: 15 years before Jane Austen's PersuasionMAIN CHARACTERS: Sophy Wenthworth, Frederick Wentworth, Edward Wentwroth, Captain Croft, Joshua HollingsonWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL:Admiral and Mrs. Croft are such a fantastic and exemplary couple! They are cheerful, capable, good-tempered, and one happiest married couples Jane Austen created. I knew right away I wanted to read this novel because of my love for these characters, and the f [...]

To be truthful, I never liked Jane Austen when I was younger. I remember first reading Pride and Prejudice in an English Literature class in high school and thinking to myself how simple and unengaging it was. What a silly story, I thought, about humorous misunderstandings and people who barely know each other falling in love. As I got older and life got more complicated, I started to relish in the simplicity - I was won over by her charm and wit, and started to understand the wonderful ways in [...]

What a nice, well-written romance. Persuasion is an underrated book and I'm always looking for sequels and books that imagine some of the gaps. This really delivered - if you ask me, Jane has written two established (as in, not made during the course of the novel) truly happy couples, the Gardiners and the Crofts. The premise of this book was a true find in itself - I was so happy that someone else had taken an interest in one of the couples I liked best in all of Austen's works. Sophy is a well [...]

This is a lovely book. So romantic. Though I knew how the book would end (any fan of Jane Austen's Persuasion would) I still found myself on pins and needles waiting for happily ever after. Now here's hoping the author will give us more adventures of Captain & Mrs. Croft. And maybe a little about how "Freddy" got his start aboard ship.

"My Dear Sophy" by Kimberly Truesdale4 TeacupsFrom the backcover"Fifteen years before the events of Jane Austen's Persuasion, this is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs. Croft first meet". I enjoyed meeting one of my favorite Austen couples as they discover each other. There was much wit in the book. Lol, I hate that Admiral Croft, Captain in the time of the book, being called "Connie"(first name Conrad in the book). There were a couple of circumstances in the book where I had to stretch my di [...]

A very charming prequel to one of my favorite books! My Dear Sophy delves into the origin of the relationship between Sophia Wentworth and Admiral Croft, two supporting characters from Jane Austen's Persuasion. It is hard to believe that this is Ms. Truesdale's first novel! Her character development, pacing, and plot will keep you happily engaged from beginning to end. I am hoping the author might be willing to explore some of the other residents of Milverton in future novels, as I am dying to k [...]

The pre-story of Sophy Croft from Jane Austen's Persuasion, as written by my amazing authoress friend, Kim!!!Get to know Sophy when she is still Sophy Wentworth, brother to Frederick. Follow along as she meets Captain Croft, and starts to fall in love!Fun to read and interesting to see the thoughts of Sophy and Connie through their journey together.yay for austen, continued!

Loved it. It was a very clear picture of Sophy and Captain Croft. I could just feel their youth and experiences. It was a story well told. I hope to read more of their adventures.

I avoid modern sequels to classics but this is an excellent and original "prequel" which does not take anything away from Austen's Persuasion. The dialog which so readily brings out the wit of the main characters, the simple loving families described, and the hesitancy of both Sophy and Conrad to express their feelings are so reminiscent of Jane Austen's style. A joy to read.

Author Kimberly Truesdale has clearly hit a grand slam with this incurable romantic! She has crafted a Jane Austen Persuasion prequel of the first order in every way.The romance involves the young and charismatic Captain Conrad Croft and how he meets the love of his life Sophy Wentworth. Both the Crofts and Wentworths are friends and neighbors living in a small hamlet near the seacoast. Sophy loves her life there and has the respect and fondness of everyone in the community as the daughter of th [...]

A simple straight forward love story with not very many complications. The path of true love in this instance did not have many obstacles and it made for a simple reading pleasure.When one is flat out working, this was an ideal light hearted read. Especially for those who like Jane Austen and its variations.Sophie lives in Milverton, sleepy where nothing happens. Being the doctor's daughter she is the person who runs the household, looks after her two younger brothers and her father her mother h [...]

A prequel to Jane Austen's Persuasion. How did Mrs and Admiral Croft met? This is a delightful telling of that tale. As the daughter of a Doctor situated in the town of Milverton and with two younger brothers Edward and Frederick her daily life is fairly predictable. Until Captain Conrad Croft returns to visit his parents.

This story was a nice breezy account of one of Jane Austen's minor characters--Mrs. Croft from Persuasion. It was easy to read and simple, but nice little story. Also nice to see a background for Frederick Croft.

A cute prequel to Persuasion.

oh I liked this. Nice to visit favorite characters. A great vision of the Croft's backstory.

I love the Croft's relationship and it was nice to see their story.


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