Just Add Water

Jinx Schwartz

Just Add Water

Just Add Water

  • Title: Just Add Water
  • Author: Jinx Schwartz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition

This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005S65704Hetta Coffey is a globe trotting civil engineer with attitude who is working on coming of age, a little late Pushing forty and still single, Hetta is the epitome of the b word bold, bossy, brassy, breezy and brash After leaving a lifelong swath of failed multi national affairs in her jet stream, it is no wonder HettThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005S65704Hetta Coffey is a globe trotting civil engineer with attitude who is working on coming of age, a little late Pushing forty and still single, Hetta is the epitome of the b word bold, bossy, brassy, breezy and brash After leaving a lifelong swath of failed multi national affairs in her jet stream, it is no wonder Hetta prefers living with her dog R.J But old habits die hard, and trolling for triceps is Hetta s hobby Plying the waterfront in search of Saturday brunch, Hetta s attention is snagged by a parade of passing yacht especially their predominantly male skippers and experiences a champagne induced epiphany if she had a boat, she could get a man In hopes a floating Valhalla will overcome an all time low water mark in her life, Hetta buys her dream boat in spite of a spectacular ignorance of all things nautical But a shadowy stalker, an inconvenient body, and Hetta s own self destructive foibles imperil not only her new life, but a newly found romance.

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I thought this book would be a mystery. It is, in parts. But to get there is really, really boring. First of all it is about two women, both not so young anymore who are desperate for men. Really desperate. You get the picture? Ok, of course the right men turn up and the reader knows it. But of course it takes time. Time and boring time to get there. The mystery part is suspenseful, but whenever a bit of suspense has built up, we leave the mystery and are back again to those silly and vain two w [...]

I accidentally started with the Hetta Coffee #8, Just Pardon my French, which I really enjoyed. So I decided to go back the beginning.I did not enjoy Just Add Water nearly as much. It felt longer than it needed to be, and I found Hetta to be more mean-spirited than sassy in this one. Clearly, the writing has improved with time, which is a good thing! 2.5 stars

Just add water by Jinx Schwartz is the first book in the Hetta Coffey mystery series. Hetta is jilted by an embezzler who several years later winds up dead in her hot tub stabbed by an ice pick. An enjoyable and interesting introduction, although not much of a mystery but rather a rundown of Hetta's mid life crisis, and how she ends up living on a boat. A fun book overall, although a bit slow and strung out.

I won Just Add Water in a drawing and couldn’t wait to get started. I just love a good mystery, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I’m all for cozy or lighthearted mysteries, and in fact I prefer them over graphic violence. This book doesn’t in any way follow the usual pattern of a mystery, and the protagonist is not all out to solve a crime. In fact she’s all out to find a man—any man will do, thank you—and she’ll do anything it takes to get one. Including selling her home to [...]

I’m a middle-aged man (certainly no ‘chick’), I don’t like dogs and I’m not particularly keen on sailing. But I’m a great fan of ‘Just Add Water’, a rollicking tale by Jinx Schwartz of dog-loving, sailboat owner Hetta Coffey and her long-time best friend Jan. Hetta only buys the boat because it might attract men, and it certainly does that! First in the form of boat squatter Garrison, then the alluring ‘Jenks’ Jenkins, and finally the urbane Englishman Alan. But what, if anyt [...]

First, I must say this book was a chuckle a minute—except for the parts not designed to elicit chuckles, of course. I have the distinct impression, however, that it is probably illegal in some countries for men to read this book, for there are secrets revealed within its pages that men probably are never supposed to be privy to. At times I felt as if I had bugged the women’s locker room.Male readers aside, and despite the humorous qualities of the book, it is not one you would want your ten- [...]

Too much about Hetta's personal life for me. Plus her stupidity in (view spoiler)[refusing to tell the police about the crucial information about the key! Especially after finding a dead body in her hot tub (hide spoiler)]…

Chick-Lit Extraordinaire with Canine Cutie!I started this book under the impression it was a mystery romance and so was puzzled when the required generic expectations failed to materialise up front. It was very entertaining and I loved the sassy Hetta and her friend Jan, but I kept waiting for the murders and the love interest to kick in. I actually put it down at one point with the intention of not proceeding – I AM VERY GLAD I DIDN’T. I was intrigued by the characters and completely in lov [...]

My First comment to my followers (of reviews,) is that this book is Not a typical cozy. There is strong language, sexual innuendos, and a main character that you may like or not. Having said all thisyou might want to read this book as it is one heck of a well written mystery.The main character is "ld, bossy, brassy, breezy, and brash." And, I would add another five letter 'B' word. The thing isHetta Coffey has come to this personality due to actions that have happened to her. There is something, [...]

Hetta Coffey is not your typical engineer – she’s sharp-tonged, witty, and outspoken. Along with her bff Jan, she searches for love, frequently falling for the wrong man. In a moment of champagne induced drunkenness, she decides if she had a boat, she could get a man and off she goes to realize that dream.She’s surrounded by a great group of friends and a rescue dog whom she loves beyond reason (and who loves her the same way). I was mildly annoyed by the “got to-have-a-man” drive, but [...]

The story line and the premise are both very good. I just had trouble identifying with the characters. Some of the book was amusing and entertaining.

Didn't love the writing; however, the plot line kept me going to the end. The author really tried much too hard to make the main character seem a funny, sassy, 30 something, single woman. The clichés and comments to herself got really old. Also ran across three "F" words which I hate but didn't find until near the end. This one is just blah. . .

First of the Hetta Coffey Baja Adventure series. A woman decides the best way to get a man is to get a boat things go downhill after that! Laugh out loud funny!

book got off to a slow start. Main character Hetta Coffey, not very likable for me. I may read another book in the series?

with so much spunk Hetta Coffey would get you laughing so hard you might tip overboard. (Another reason why you wouldn't want to read an aquatic related book on an Aquatic habitat.)Jinx Schwartz has got so much humor and isn't afraid to use it. All my life, there are two authors that really, really, make me laugh and it's no wonder these two writers have books similar to Just Add Salt. Janet Evanovich and Sarah Strohmeyer. No, it isn't like I only laugh-no, sorry-guffaw and clutch my ribs prayin [...]

Not a lot of mystery and lots of slow bits.

Just Add Water – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat‘Picking up my ballpoint, I filled in under SAILING EXPERIENCE, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and trans-Pacific. I left out the fact that all of this cognitive content was gained on cruise ships the size of small cities. The next question was easy. WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEARN TO SAIL? It is against my nature to answer this type of question with any honesty, but I thought, what the hey? And wrote: Meet new people. Learn a skil [...]

Hetta Coffey is a globe-trotting civil engineer with attitude who is working on coming of age, a little late. Pushing forty and still single, Hetta is the epitome of the b word: bold, bossy, brassy, breezy and brash. After leaving a lifelong swath of failed multi-national affairs in her jet stream, it is no wonder Hetta prefers living with her dog R.J. But old habits die hard, and trolling for triceps is Hetta's hobby. Plying the waterfront in search of Saturday brunch, Hetta's attention is snag [...]

Hetta Coffey is an engineer working for herself and not doing too shabby. Except for that time in Japan where she fell for Hudson Williams. How was she to know that oily snake was a crook and would disappear taking money from her account as well as his company’s? But she’s moved on. It’s been years since he rabbited and a year since she heard from Interpol about him. About the time she gets bad news about her canine companion, RJ, she starts experiencing strange happenings around her house [...]

I came across "Just Add Water" at a fellow author's blog and was drawn in by the humorous style in which the author presented herself and her books.The book, first in a series, hit the right tone with me right away. The mysterious planned disappearance of an American man in Tokyo leaves us with a huge question mark before we turn across the Pacific and dive into a different story altogether.Maybe as 40 year old gay man with a love for dogs I am a prime target audience for this book. It was certa [...]

Just Add Water is sassy, witty and so much fun.Meet Hetta Coffey, the sparky heroine in this first of three thrillers. Hetta has been single for five whole years since her last fella proposed to her and then left with her heart, the contents of her bank account and Interpol on his trail. And what did he leave? A key. But Hetta has no idea what it’s for.Now approaching forty, Hetta and her best friend Jan are living the high life, trailing San Francisco bay for rich, eligible ‘dawgs’. When [...]

Whatever the watery equivalent of a romp is, this is it. A fun read which was just long enough not to allow the reader to become a shade tired of Hetta's badinage. The plot was a touch weak and Hetta didn't actually solve the mystery, it was solved for her but really the Japanese connection was merely a loose structure for Hetta to flounce around in. (Her blood would be up if anyone accused her of flouncing, I suspect). The early structure promised much more than the ending delivered in story te [...]

First of her Hetta Coffey Mystery Series , this one is a real romp. Her descriptions of the trials and tribulations of a newbie boat owner and all the systems aboard are hilarious as well as her attempts at sailing lessons. This tale takes place on San Francisco Bay with one trip outside the Golden Gate to Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay. Ms. Schwartz is obviously and experienced power boater. I did find some errors though, the only thing that kept this book out of the five star category. Highly r [...]

I am having a great time reading this Hetta Coffey series. My husband and I are very familiar with the Sea of Cortez and have visited many of the anchorages that Jinx refers too. It is so refreshing to read a story and have the information be accurate, even down to the hot dog vendor in front of the church in Santa Rosalia. Good for you Jinx, I love this series and am currently on book six. It's fun to visit these places thru Hetta's experiences, I am thoroughly enjoying her character as well as [...]

JUST ADD WATER introduces the feisty Hetta Coffey - a wise-cracking woman on a mission to find a man and using every tool at her disposal to get him! The first novel in the Hetta Coffey series is a fast, funny read - Jinx Schwartz does a great job of developing her characters and introducing enough ambiguity to leave you wondering who really has Hetta's best interests at heart. You know when you're done that although this mystery ended well, with Hetta's personality and her best friend Jan's enc [...]

The overall book was OK, but I didn't really care much for the main character Hetta Coffey. I'm sure the author meant her to be funny, but to me she was sort of pathetic. I can't imagine ever being friends with someone like her. So the romance portion of the book was a flop in my opinion. The mystery portion was somewhat better, but it was quite predictable and a little slow moving. I won't be reading any more books in this series.

Fantastic! When I married my current husband some ten years ago I had to give up my Catalina as I had nowhere nearby to sail it. Even though it's been a decade I can still remember the rush I'd get catching a good solid wind in my sails. This book here brought it all back. I don't get a lot of time to read these days, but I'm incredibly happy to have an entirely new series in which I can look forward to getting lost.

This story just felt so dated to me: no one had a cell phone and the main character spent a lot of her time planning how to catch herself a rich husband. A story-line I might have enjoyed in the nineties, but not in 2014. Had the mystery been more mysterious and had the main character behaved more consistently, I may have been able to overlook how dated the story felt. But this one just didn't work for me at all.*review based on the audio version narrated by Beth Richmond*

Not my cup of tea at all If this hadn't been a book club book, I would have bailed. I found the main character really quite irritating, and the dialogue felt either clichéd, or at times, entirely inauthentic. Also, not mysterious enough to be called a mystery - it felt more like a chic-lit style 'hunt for a man' story most of the time Disappointed as the friend who picked it for book club, loves it so much.

this book wasn't so much of a mystery as a mystery was solved around the main character. It was good book to read while I was traveling and enjoyed it. Love the idea of a female engineer living on a boat! Will be reading the next one as the series is on Prime :)

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