Beetle Bop

Denise Fleming

Beetle Bop

Beetle Bop

  • Title: Beetle Bop
  • Author: Denise Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780152059361
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover

They crawl up walls, they hide in cracks, they flip, they fly, and sometimes crrrash Beetles come in all shapes and sizes, and they are everywhere in this thoroughly buggy, beautifully designed book.There are striped beetles, spotted beetles, all over dotted beetles and don t forget the noisily gnawing beetles Whether you love bugs or whether the sight of them makThey crawl up walls, they hide in cracks, they flip, they fly, and sometimes crrrash Beetles come in all shapes and sizes, and they are everywhere in this thoroughly buggy, beautifully designed book.There are striped beetles, spotted beetles, all over dotted beetles and don t forget the noisily gnawing beetles Whether you love bugs or whether the sight of them makes you itch, you ll adore this infested offering from the beloved Denise Fleming.

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“Diving beetles, whirling beetles, spiraling, swirling beetles.” Beatles live in a variety of habitats and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. “Beetle Bop” is a book about the insects with a poetry spin. Full of repetition, this is a great book for emergent students. Not only is this book full of descriptors but it is also a great way to practice rhyming words. The overall message of this story focuses on appreciating the variety of beetles in a curious way. This book would be [...]

Emerging readers will enjoy the repetition. The bright illustrations and the clever way the letters at times help support the reader make this a science must-read.

This story explores all different types of beetles. This can be used during a science lesson discussing this topic. The descriptive text and repetition helps with vocabulary and emerges literacy.

Beautifully illustrated, with rich vocabulary and repetitive words. Makes you like bugs, believe it or not!

This book is just about beetles and the different kinds of them that there are, this being in color, patterns, or types overall. There is about a sentence about beetles in each page with rhymes and rhythms. This book is so simple that it can be read in quick fashion but it is the art that keeps the page turning to slow manner.The media used in this book is that of paint on paper. There is a beautiful simplicity to the art in this book, which is why it takes longer to go through the pages as the [...]

This is a neat book that has beat and rhyme to it. At the beginning the author puts her inspiration for writing this story, unique, great tool to show students. The illustrations are detailed and realistic. In the end she give some non-fiction facts about beetles. I would recommend this book for K-3rd graders, or any class learning about beetles.

A great bug book for storytime. Simple and short sentences, great illustrations.

Love the bright pictures and fun rhythm of this book.

Use for language lesson on beetles. After create a ladybug or firefly craft or play the Ladybug game. Also good for working on adjectives/descriptive words.

The little ones at day care enjoyed this story.

This is a GREAT read aloud. And wonderful illustrations! It's suited for a read aloud where you encourage children to act out some of the descriptions as able (buzz, hum, drum, big, small, diving, whirling, etc).

Great information on how beetles act. These are a critter which kids may not think much of, but after reading this book, it'll make them think twice about smashing the next black beetle they see. There's a cool rhythm that flows to the book, extremely kid friendly and active.

Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming is an ode to beetles of many types and sizes, with a rhythmic, rhyming text and drawn in Fleming's signature style.Fleming lists and shows beetles of various markings, colors, sizes, and shapes. These beetles may eat and sound differently. Some beetles will live in different habitats, and move differently. With all their variety and in great numbers, bettles bop!Fleming's text is successful in using a wonderful mix of descriptive words to describe the many types of b [...]

In this book, Fleming wrote an ode to beetles with a rhythmic style. She lists and shows beetles of many kinds. They are of different markings, sizes, colors, and shapes. There is a great mix of descriptive words, and the rhyme combined with the rhythm makes this a fun read-aloud. The bold text and large font makes it easy for early elementary students to read. The illustrations were created by pouring colored cotton fiber through hand-cut stencils. This text can also be appreciated by older lis [...]

This book is all about beetles. I think this book would be great for beginning readers. It would be easy for them to read due to the repetition and the short number of words on each page. I like how the author used different colors for certain words, made some letters in the words bigger, and often gave the words a pattern rather than straight across the page. I also enjoyed how the author included a short piece about beetles. She discussed where beetles live, about their body parts, and some ot [...]

At the beginning of "Beetle Bop" by Denise Flemming it starts out by describing what the beetles look like then as it goes on to describe what they do, along with very colorful illustrations. This book is a wonderful book for beginning readers because each page has one sentence per page that is pretty basic along with a lot of repetition to get them used to reading and the words. Overall, this book is a great book for kids because of the colors, pictures, and great descriptions.

I love this book! It has wonderful illustrations and all kinds of fun (and factually accurate) information about beetles. I learned a lot form the text and the information at the back of the book. It was fun to talk about beetles and vocabulary with the children. However, I got a bit too technical so it is important to read the audience on this one and figure out if you have a bunch of bug lovers or not!

I like how the words in this book represented what the beetles were doing. When it talked about the beetles swirling around, the words were in a half circle. I also like all the colors she used in this book! One response activity that can be done with students is designing beetle pancakes. They can use whatever colors they want and design the pancakes however they want.

Denise Fleming is high on my "too good to ever win a Caldecott" list, and this book is yet another of her fine works that bring nature to small kids. Note the fine use of perspective--the beetles are shown larger or smaller depending on the other animals in the picture. Add a text that moves with excellent rhythm and you have a book kids will love.

A book for children who are interested in bugs. Children will be able to learn about the different bugs, the different sizes and shapes, and the many different colors. The illustrations are warm colored and bright. The book contains sentences with descriptive words, and lots of rhyming. Children will be motivated to dance just like the bugs do in the book. A simple and fun read aloud book.

This is a fun book for students to read. This book identifies all different kinds of beetles. I used this book in my guided reading groups and the boys really liked it and many had read it before. I think beetles are just one thing boys like to play with and have fun reading about. The illustrations are pretty good and different than most books, which might grab readers attention.

The author was also the illustrator and Denise Fleming did a great job using text wrapping to go along with the words being read. The illustrations were also very inviting and have a stylistic approach that is different then I am use to. Though they are different illustrations I enjoy them thoroughly.

Beetle bop is a list of beetle characteristics and actions. There is nothing great and the pictures are don't make up for the lack of story. On the positive side this is an extremely quick read and it does flow well. There are also color words, opposites, and onimatopoeias so it can be used for educational purposes.

This book works well for preschool story time. The illustrations provide a slightly magnified view of the world of the beetles while the text provides a nice example of what is being described. The children really like trying to identify the different beetles in the book as well as trying to guess which beetles will be found when they next venture outside.

A visual treat to see the world of insects magnified and stylized. The rhythmic rhymes paired beautifully with the active images of beetles doing their thing. Very descriptive language, introduction of concepts such as opposites, and fun to read out loud. A good selection for storytime. Recommended for toddlers, preschoolers and even school aged children with an interests in insects.

Size words are used throughout this book. Therefore it can be used when learning mathematical concepts. The illustration in the story call alot of a child's attention due to their color and unique elements that make up the pictures of the beetles.

This a fun read-aloud book,the bold text and large font makes it easy for young children to read. It is also a great book for children because of the colors, pictures, and great descriptions. It has rhyming words, shape, size and colors. Great for teaching a Science Theme.

Notes:not a fan of oversize bugs in books for pre-k -- prefer them real sizecollages are a bit messy for my tastesrhyming verseall text is realistic regarding beetles until the last page where they bop

This is a cute rhyming story about beetles, it describes the different beetles with adjectives and rhyming, good adjective/ desribing word usage esp for second graders who are jsut starting to learnit. very descriptive.

While Denise Fleming is ordinarly one of my favorite illustrators, I felt her illustrations detracted from the story somewhat because it was sometimes hard to spot the beetles. A fun addition for a SRP 2008 storytime.

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