Bossy and the Brat

Daisy Harris

Bossy and the Brat

Bossy and the Brat

  • Title: Bossy and the Brat
  • Author: Daisy Harris
  • ISBN: 9781622412372
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook

Calvin Beaumont is supposed to marry Nicole He s a biology major, lab tech, and resident advisor everything everyone expects him to be There s only one problem He likes boys In particular, a flirty dance major who was a freshman on his hall.It s sizzling summer at Holsum College, and Tyler Burk isn t a freshman any When he notices his hardworking resident advisorCalvin Beaumont is supposed to marry Nicole He s a biology major, lab tech, and resident advisor everything everyone expects him to be There s only one problem He likes boys In particular, a flirty dance major who was a freshman on his hall.It s sizzling summer at Holsum College, and Tyler Burk isn t a freshman any When he notices his hardworking resident advisor has same sex feelings, he goads, teases, and tempts Mr Bossy into dating on the sly Cal may not be out, but he s domineeringly hot, and Tyler doesn t mind keeping things quiet for a while.But Calvin has wanted Tyler all year, and their sexting and secret rendezvous soon blossom into something neither one of them can control Can Cal control his secret, as well as his sexy little brat Or will he be man enough to admit he s not the man everyone thought he was

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This one wasn't so good. It could have been, but I just didn't really get the characters. I didn't understand what the conflict was. Was it the fact that Cal used to be Ty's RA? Because that made no sense. Was it that Cal didn't really want to admit he was gay? If so, that wasn't made very clear. The blurb would have you believe that Cal is engaged and Ty is his dirty secret on the side, but that's not the case. Cal was never engaged and he and his girlfriend break up at the very beginning, so t [...]

3.5 StarsCalvin has been going through the motions to be the guy his parents wanted him to be. He got engaged to a girl from his hometown and tried to push aside his attraction to Tyler, the flirty freshman in his dorm. But he's fighting a losing battle.I was hesitant to start this book at first, because when I read the blurb I thought this was going to be a cheater story and I don't really enjoy those. Thankfully, that is not the case. Calvin and his girlfriend break up as the story begins. But [...]

3.5 StarsI really like Cal and Tyler. Like how Tyler goes after Cal and doesn't give up. Its charming especially when it flips and it turns out Cal likes to be the boss.This romance explored sexuality on several levels. Tyler hasn't been treated well by guys in the past and Cal is just deciding to be who he is.We get a nice circle of friends and good character arc for our heroes in this New Adult romance.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found thereSSY AND THE BRAT is the fifth book in the Men of Holsum College series. I somehow managed to miss the fourth book, but the previous ones were more or less stand-alone so I feel I can give my opinion on this story all the same. (Update: I have since read it and it's just as lovely as the first in the series.)The rating is a far cry from my previous enthusiasm with this series. I won't say the story was horrible [...]

Daisy Harris hands us another winner featuring the men of Holsum College in Bossy and the Brat. Bossy and the Brat is the fifth book in the series and leads us through the trials and tribulations of Cal and Tyler. Cal used to be the RA of the dorm and as such all freshmen are off limits as potential love interests. Tyler used to be one of those freshmen but we are now in the summer after Ty’s freshmen year and Cal has it bad for him, even if he does not fully want to admit it. Once Tyler notic [...]

This review was posted at Under the Covers There is always one story in a series that you connect less with than the others and that is BOSSY AND THE BRAT for me. Although it was a sweet story once I put aside what I thought of the main characters, I didn't connect.First there's Tyler. The poor kid, and yes he's young, always gets used by others. First it was Hunter who just wanted him as a booty call and would ignore him or blow him off anytime. Then there's Cal, who supposedly has been in love [...]

Calvin BeaumontTyler Burk25 Aug '152.5 starsDidn't like this one as much as the others in series. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blurb: Calvin Beaumont is supposed to marry Nicole. He’s a biology major, lab tech, and resident advisor—everything everyone expects him to be. There’s only one problem. He likes boys. In particular, a flirty dance major who was a freshman on his hall.It’s sizzling summer at Holsum College, and Tyler Burk isn’t a freshman anymore. When he notices his hardworking residen [...]

This on was for me the worse so far in the series. I didn't really think the romance was great, just so so. The sex was kind of hot, but I removed a star once Cal (view spoiler)[ all the sudden got all Dom, and tied up Tyler's dick like an expert. This came totally out of nowhere for me, and was really not needed. Also, when Cal started going "my Prince", I mentally checked out. (hide spoiler)]

3.5 stars. Good m/m romance about an almost college senior from a conservative small Kansas town who can barely admit to himself that he likes guys but he can't keep his eyes off the dance major who lives across the hall in their dorm.

DNF at 37% Cal's repression and issues were unattractive, neurotic and uncompellingd flaky and shaky as a plot device.I'll try another in the series. One strike hasn't turned me off of it.

Now I totally am crushing on Daisy Harris, but this one just wasn't as good as her others for me, its a 3.5.That's not to say it was bad, it just. I guess its just that things weren't totally believable in this story.Ok so we have Cal, the 21 year old "straight" virgin who happens to be the RA of the dorm, who also has a girlfriend from back home that he is mean to marry, but is secretly head over heels for Tyler. Tyler, the super fun loving 18 year old who is always throwing his heart to others [...]

I wasn’t overly excited by the end of Bossy and The Brat. I have resisted writing this review for over a week because I just wasn’t sure how I felt. On one hand that says good things about the author because I needed to process my thoughts. On the other hand what does it say that I’m not sure if I liked it or am simply annoyed? By this point in a series I want to be invested, I want to crave the next book but I think I may be done with this one. I am finding the characters to be one dimens [...]

This is the fifth book in the series and follows the Player and the Prude which was the darkest book in the series yet. With this story, the series reverts back to the somewhat lighter side of romance as Tyler and Cal start to connect.At the start of the book, Cal has a girlfriend who moved to college with him from their small town. They haven't had sex, and Cal has used the small-town-values-sex-before-marriage thing as a excuse. But he really knows that he is not really attracted to her. She k [...]

Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsThere were times during this book that I completely hated Cal. I wanted him to just go off and marry Nicole, or go off and be alone, and quit treating Tyler like he was some kind of dirty little secret. Tyler is needy, sweet, bratty and really bad at making choices about men who might value him. As I read on, however, I had to cut Cal some slack. Yes, he was being a total insensitive jerk at times. But as I continued, I didn’t feel that this was due to his po [...]

Nach "College Boys" ist das mein zweiter Liebling. Ich habe Calvin und Tyler geliebt, die beiden passen so toll zusammen. Tyler hatte bis jetzt wenn es um Beziehungen geht immer Pech gehabt. Er sucht sich immer die selbstsüchtigen aus, die ihn nur für ihr Vergnügen benutzen. Dabei möchte er doch nur geliebt und gebraucht werden. Calvin ist genau die Sorte Mann die er braucht, wenn Calvin das doch bloß selber sehen könnte.Tyler war mein absoluter Favorit. Er hat mir oft so leid getan und ic [...]

Those of you who follow our reviews know how much I love these books. The Men of Holsum series is one of my favorite series and one I’m always looking forward to reading more of. In Bossy and the Brat, Ms. Harris once again captured and captivated me with her amazing characters and vivid storytelling ability.I loved these two men. Okay, I love all of Daisy’s characters, but there was really something about the rapport and chemistry between Calvin and Tyler that I absolutely adored. Bossy and [...]

This book…was not bad actually. I’d say a solid 3. There were problems, sure, but I liked a lot of what the author was trying to do. There were misses of course, some of them egregious, but overall a good story. We have a guy who’s in the closet and in denial about who he wants. He fights it but they hook up and Cal realizes this is what he wants. The story is a lot of him struggling to come to terms with himself, but it’s also a lot of pointless ‘we shouldn’t’ excuses that can be [...]

Calvin's life is set. He has a girlfriend, he knows what's expected of him, and he's going to be happy. Well, maybe not entirely happy since he sort of likes boys. Well, more than sort of What's worse, though, is that he's quite attracted to Tyler, which is even more off-limits since Calvin is Tyler's resident advisor. Until it's summer and Tyler is no longer his resident. But how can Calvin reconcile his feelings for Tyler with everything else that's expected of him?I found this to be an intere [...]

I really enjoyed reading Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris so much that I finished the book in one sitting. I thought her characterization of Tyler and Cal were right on the mark and the title perfectly suited them. Cal was the reserved one in the relationship and was hiding his "true" self by having a girlfriend but secretly smitten with Tyler. He came across as the alpha type and the "boss" when it came to Tyler because he used to be Tyler's RA and that just carried over into their personal l [...]

While an okay addition to the series, this book featured one of my pet peeves, which is the-wird-girfriend-who-knows-you're-gay-and-still-wants-to-fuck-you. I never got that. Also, I love tropes and clichés and such and this series of filled with them. Each book starts out with and incredibly drama-bound premise, which is what actually draw me to these books to begin with. The thing is, those set-ups never lead anywhere. Lie in Bossy and the Brat. The supposedly straight engaged guy having an i [...]

tyler wants love and affection. He looks in the wrong places for it. Goes to far in his obsessions but deep down he just wants someone to care. Calvin wants to be himself free of expectations and family responsibilities. Calvin wants Tyler but was his RA and is afraid. Tyler wants Calvin but doesn’t want the closet feeling of hiding a relationship. He needs to grow and lovee two of them are a fun duo to watch as they grow into their roles for one another. Tyler lets Calvin feel free. Calvin gi [...]

This series and the world of Holusm College just make me happy. The characters are always well-developed, interesting, and sympathetic, and the story lines are always entertaining. This was no exception.Tyler's a sweetheart whose patheticness over Hunter totally won me over in book 4. I was rooting for him right from the start. Calvin took me a while longer to warm up to, since it seemed at times as though his fear of what people would think was going to end up hurting Tyler.The two of them toge [...]

3.5 stars. I am liking this series a whole bunch. Each story really covers a different aspect of life that the guys in the story have to overcome to be true to themselves and happy. In this story, Cal needs to come to terms with his sexuality and his desire for Tyler. His girlfriend is not fooled we find out pretty much from page one. Tyler needs to grow up and stop being used by others and not always require instant gratification. I really liked this couple and their story and hope we see them [...]

★★☆ rounded up to ★★★This is probably, for me, the weakest book in this series there is minimal insight into the characters and their motivations and I get the impression that the sole reason for this story is to introduce characters that will feature in upcoming stories having said that, the relationship is sweet with a very mild kinky twist essential reading if you love the series but it's basically smexy filler rather than a worthwhile read.

I love this series, but, I must be honestIn my humble opinion, it wasn't as good as the previews books. Maybe I didn't like the characters as much? Perhaps I'm so used to loving each sequel more than the previews, that I was expecting much more from this one. Even though, it is not as great as the others, I still enjoyed reading it, and I'm looking forward for the next sequel.

3.5 stars. Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris is a super hot friends turned lovers story. To read my review in its entirety, please visit bookreviewsandmorebykathy.

Cal and TylerI did not like this one as much as the others. I had some trouble finishing. I liked Tyler but could not really get in his mind and Cal remained incomprehensible Too quick a story to develop complex characters and get to feel close to them.

This wasn't one of my fav in this series BUT I still loved this series and I can't wait for 6th (Hunter's story)and 7th (Raj's story)to come out!! I'm saving my money on both books!! Woo Hoo!!!

Daisy Harris is kicking ass in this series. I love the idea of the "brat". He was pretty fun. ;-)

Review coming.

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