A Colónia do Diabo

James Rollins José Luís Luna

A Colónia do Diabo

A Colónia do Diabo

  • Title: A Colónia do Diabo
  • Author: James Rollins José Luís Luna
  • ISBN: 9789722524834
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

Ao fundo das Montanhas Rochosas, a terr vel descoberta de centenas de corpos mumificados desperta a aten o internacional e provoca uma acesa controv rsia Apesar das d vidas quanto origem desses corpos, a comiss o local da Heran a Nativa Americana reivindica os restos mortais pr hist ricos, assim como os estranhos artefactos encontrados na mesma gruta placas de ouro gAo fundo das Montanhas Rochosas, a terr vel descoberta de centenas de corpos mumificados desperta a aten o internacional e provoca uma acesa controv rsia Apesar das d vidas quanto origem desses corpos, a comiss o local da Heran a Nativa Americana reivindica os restos mortais pr hist ricos, assim como os estranhos artefactos encontrados na mesma gruta placas de ouro gravadas com uma escrita desconhecida No decorrer de uma manifesta o no local da escava o, uma antrop loga tem uma morte horr vel e reduzida a cinzas numa violenta explos o vista das c maras de televis o Todas as provas apontam para um grupo radical de nativos americanos, do qual faz parte uma jovem militante que consegue escapar com algumas dessas valiosas placas Perseguida, ela pede ajuda nica pessoa que poder ajud la o seu tio, Painter Crowe, diretor da For a Sigma Para ajudar a sobrinha e descobrir a verdade, Painter d in cio a uma guerra entre as mais poderosas ag ncias de espionagem do pa s Surge contudo uma amea a ainda maior quando uma assustadora rea o em cadeia nas Montanhas Rochosas provoca uma cat strofe geol gica que p e em perigo a metade ocidental dos E.U.A Painter Crowe une for as com o comandante Gray Pierce para desvendar os segredos de uma sombria cabala que manipula a hist ria americana desde a funda o das treze col nias Mas conseguir Painter descobrir a verdade e causar a queda de governos antes que tudo o que lhe caro seja destru do

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Let me just start off by saying that I love books by James Rollins. Specifically, I love the books in his Sigma Series. Having said that, I think that this book is one of the best in his Sigma Series. Over the course of the series, you are introduced to characters who have pretty much reappeared throughout every one of the seven books. What I especially love, is that no one character is the main focus of the novel where he/she single-handedly solves the worlds problems and holds off the evil foe [...]

At the outset of this review, I need to make a couple of things clear:1. I was asked by the PR dept. at Harper Collins if I would accept a free copy of this book and review it. I imagine they asked me (along with other Mormon writers/bloggers) to do this due to the book's subject matter including Mormons and Mormon history. I accepted, without any strings attached.2. There exists no agreement that I would necessarily review this book favorably. The review below is my honest appraisal of this boo [...]

I read this book a couple of years ago and it's brilliant, my favorite book in this series. Btw this series is awesome! Read it!

Consider this: 14 arrows in a bundle, nanotubes, Indians, Lewis & Clark, Sigma Force, Thomas Jefferson, 5 guys in a painting that aren’t supposed to be there, Ben Franklin, a buffalo hide, Jewish settlers and Mormons. What are you going to do with all? Hunh? I mean seriously! Well that is exactly what James Rollins has inside this novel plus a lot more.If you want to hear him talk about it as an added bonus , go to the archives of The G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show, from Monday and listen [...]

This is my first Sigma Force book and I didn't like it much. The premise of the story is that in the very distant past Native Americans buried some kind of nanotechnology-fueled doomsday devices around the Earth in an attempt to save mankind from their destructive power. In the present day a couple of anthropologists innocently unearth one of these devices setting off a chain reaction which could destroy the Earth. Sigma Force (a group of government scientist/tough guys) sets out to contain the [...]

Couldn't finish it. Not in the mood for the violence. And honestly felt like if you're going to base large parts of your story on a religion you're "fascinated by" you could at least be a little more respectful. (The tone just didn't feel right that way.)Also, living in Utah all the little things about Utah that were so obviously written by someone not from here drove me nuts. It happens, it's not a big deal, but it bugs me. Overall, I was intrigued by the storyline but just couldn't devote that [...]

This is fiction in the truest sense of the word: a tall tale, a yarn, a leg-puller. If you have any sort of a rational sensibility grounded in fact, then be prepared to suspend your disbelief -- time and time again.That's my main issue with this book and every James Rollins book I've read (three to date, including Altar of Eden and Map of Bones). He reaches so far beyond the reasonable it begins to feel childish to me and my interest wanes in the story. It enters the realm of fantasy. It's too m [...]

I LOVED "The Devil Colony" by James Rollins. It is the 2nd book by him that I've read and I've become addicted to the Sigma Force series. This book held even more interest for me, because of who wrote it and what he wrote about.The Author, James Rollins, is a Catholic who wrote a novel about a covert military team investigating spikes in neutrino emissions. Turns out they are emanating from gold plates buried by a lost civilization of Caucasoid Native Americans in Utah, Arizona and Wyoming. In t [...]

I was kind of mixed on this one. I have enjoyed most of the previous Sigma novels from Rollins, however, this one just seemed too far-fetched to me. When I first heard about this new Sigma adventure, I was really looking forward to it mainly because of the aspects related to Mormonism (I grew up as a Mormon in Utah) but I don't think Rollins researched this very well - he actually got the name of the Mormon founder wrong a few times, citing John Smith when it should have been Joseph Smith. Then [...]

You know how when you're watching a magician perform, you're always more focused on the hand flourishes and the @_@ faces and the combination of hand flourishes and @_@ faces to see that he's done something really simple, and then all of the sudden somebody's been replaced with an alien and lighbulbs are exploding and you're like WOW HOW DID HE DO THAT?!Reading this book was a little like that. There was a lot of conspiracy theories and history--and I mean a lot. There's Native American history, [...]

James Rollins undoubtedly writes some of the best techno-thrillers in English, as i am having the opportunity to realise and savour these days, thanks to his works dealing with the 'Sigma Force'. This book was also very good, very fast, very interesting, and highly enjoyable. I, however, am also developing the idea that these books, which can't be re-read, should be used for intensive reading aimed at learning more about some of the most intriguing things of human history, especially the develop [...]

James Rollins is a brilliant writer. His works lure you through adventurous and historical events, both factual and fictional, that makes the readers feel like they are actually there, side by side with the Sigma Force of Monk, Kat, Painter Crowe, Gray and the Guild villains. I loved this book particularly because it centers on our founders (founding fathers) and the history of the growing claims of the United States, the Louisiana Purchase, Indian tribes, links between the bloodlines of our peo [...]

I enjoyed this book. I like that structure, one thing happens to cause the problems for the other and then they are interrupted by another. At the end, there is some lost but they save the big spot. Most of all, the mystery still remains to keep me want to read the next one! :)

রোলিন্সের আরেকটি রোলার কোস্টার বই।সাবলীল অনুবাদ।ভাল ছিল বইটা।একটানা পড়ে শেষ করেছি

প্রায় একমাস পর একটা বই পুরো শেষ করলাম, তাও তিন দিনে। চোখে পানি থাকলে আবেগে বের হয়ে যেত। 😂অনুবাদক রিজন মিঞাকে ধন্যবাদ। দুই একটা স্লিপ অফ হ্যান্ড ছাড়া তেমন কোন ভুল নেই, অনুবাদও চমৎকার। 4g গতিতে উ [...]

I am a new fan of James Rollins having discovered his books a few months ago here at and sped through the first six Sigma novels last May. In The Devil Colony, Rollins once again combines history (founding of America) with new-fangled technology (nanotechnology) to create a huge problem that if left unsolved would blow up the whole world. It is a daredevil of a ride to see if Pierce and Crowe will win this one and save the ones they love.When Painter Crowe cut short his career in the field to b [...]

James Rollins is absolutely the best at taking disparate elements and crafting a thriller that keeps one turning the pages. I feel safe in saying that this might be his best novel yet.The disparate elements here are America's Founding Fathers, early Native Americans, and Mormonism.The cave in Utah was the subject of legend among tribes of the west. A forbidden cave, one that, if entered, could signal the end of the world. Those who entered could never leave if the world were to be saved.No one k [...]

i picked this up at the airport because the little mason symbol on the cover completely reminded me of a friend who vehemently states (even as i question him incessantly at 3 in the morning) that he is not in the illuminati or whatever, which totally means that he is. AND. the inside read "is the birth of the nation based on a lie?" and i'm all holy shit my mom's birth was based on a lie! really. it listed her as male for like 47 years until she, dragging her friend carol for moral support, went [...]

Blurb:Deep in the Rocky Mountains, a gruesome discovery--hundreds of mummified bodies--stirs international attention and fervent controversy. Despite doubts about the bodies' origins, the local Native American Heritage Commission lays claim to the prehistoric remains, along with the strange artifacts found in the same cavern: gold plates inscribed with an unfathomable script.During a riot at the dig site, an anthropologist dies horribly, burned to ashes in a fiery explosion in plain view of tele [...]

I like the idea of "summer reads," as in books that are heavy on plot and fun to read--but who am I fooling? I'll read this kind of stuff year 'round.This installment in the Sigma books stood out because, in it, Rollins shows his hand and ties together bits and pieces from earlier installments to suggest a larger narrative that is bound up in a big, nifty conspiracy. My reaction to this reveal was a) "Awesome," and b) "I am reading the next book, pronto." I give Rollins major kudos for crafting [...]

James Rollins' novel "The Devil Colony" is my favorite Sigma Force novel to date. One of my favorite aspects of the novel is that most of the action takes place in the United States. Who would have thought that we would have a mystery/conspiracy like this?! Rollins has masterfully interwoven some little known American history to create an extremely interesting story. Well worth the read! And the ending.let's just say it is going to be a long wait till the next Sigma Force novel.A couple of addit [...]

Excellent addition to the Sigma Force series. A Native American protest group inadvertently detonates explosives in a burial site, triggering a geothermal catastrophe that threatens the planet. At the same time, the Guild is after gold tablets bearing long buried secrets of immense power for manipulating matter at the sub-atomic level. Director Painter Crowe goes off to Utah and Yellowstone, while Grey Pierce and Seichan head to Iceland and Kentucky to save the planet.

As minhas expectativas em relação a James Rollins são sempre altas, e por isso, quando o texto não me prende de imediato fico desmotivadaE, infelizmente, foi o que aconteceu com A colónia do Diabo que não me cativou, nem pela acção nem pelos temas que abordaMas a Linhagem Sangrenta me aguarda

The second half was great but the first half was basically a repeat of the previous book. Not nearly his best but it was still quite good.

নেটিভ আমেরিকানদের কেন্দ্রে রেখে কাহিনী ছড়ানোটা ভালো ছিল।

this was WILD i'm still screaming and lowkey in shock from that last revelation

James Rollins is always a fun read. He is your typical “male-adventure” novel type of writer, but he takes it up a notch in his quality of writing, plotting, and overall presentation. As you can probably see in these blog posts, I never go over plot and other such details, but really just my thoughts. I figured if you want to know the plot, you too can look at the back of the book or go online to read about it.This book contains one of my favorite elements to read about mystery archeology. I [...]

Great thriller. I had a lot of fun reading it but (view spoiler)[ Gray's mom death was soooo anticlimatic, I mean, why didn't he write it? Also the "nanotechnology" bothered me throughout the book. You can't just take a topic and write what you want, it has to have the minimum information about it. At the end I was like "so what was about the nanotechnology? It was misterious and it wasn't explained I just know it explodes" (hide spoiler)]

Everything goes wrong, the bad guys seem to know everything and be all powerful, yet the good guys save the world. I'm sure it's meant as non-stop excitement and danger, but to me it's non-stop stupid and gore. disappointed.

For those who enjoy James Rollins, this is another well written, intense novel. As usual, it's very detailed and includes plot twists. Probably no one does this genre better. Recommended.

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