Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp

Ann Kirschner

Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp

Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp

  • Title: Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp
  • Author: Ann Kirschner
  • ISBN: 9780062199003
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook

Lady at the O.K Corral The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp by Ann Kirschner is the definitive biography of a Jewish girl from New York who won the heart of Wyatt Earp.For nearly fifty years, she was the common law wife of Wyatt Earp hero of the O.K Corral and the most famous lawman of the Old West Yet Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp has nearly been erased from WesternLady at the O.K Corral The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp by Ann Kirschner is the definitive biography of a Jewish girl from New York who won the heart of Wyatt Earp.For nearly fifty years, she was the common law wife of Wyatt Earp hero of the O.K Corral and the most famous lawman of the Old West Yet Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp has nearly been erased from Western lore In this fascinating biography, Ann Kirschner, author of the acclaimed Sala s Gift, brings Josephine out of the shadows of history to tell her tale a spirited and colorful tale of ambition, adventure, self invention, and devotion Reflective of America itself, her story brings us from the post Civil War years to World War II, and from New York to the Arizona Territory to old Hollywood.In Lady at the O.K Corral, you ll learn how this aspiring actress and dancer a flamboyant, curvaceous Jewish girl with a persistent New York accent landed in Tombstone, Arizona, and sustained a lifelong partnership with Wyatt Earp, a man of uncommon charisma and complex heroism.

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I had understood, but I don't know from where, that Wyatt Earp had a longstanding relationship with a woman from San Francisco and that they both lived long enough to be involved in the early days of Hollywood. I was glad to pick this volume from the Vine program because the woman in Earp's life had to be intriguing.This book tells the story of the O.K. Corral and how Josephine Marcus was a central, but long neglected, element of this story. Josephine Marcus was the wife of the Sheriff and rival [...]

I felt as if this author really WANTED to write a book about Josephine Earp, but didn't really have the material to do so. I left this book having no better idea of Josephine than before I read it (and I really didn't have any idea of her before.) She presents contradicting information but never really makes the case that either of the pieces of information are true. Worse, it seems as if she is given pieces of information but either doesn't follow up on them, or doesn't share it with us. (Such [...]

After reading Mary Doria Russell's Doc, I was excited to get a book on another larger-than-life figure from the O.K. Corral well, kind of. Still, a look at the woman who was married to Wyatt Earp was pretty darn close to that figure, and I was very, very curious about her.The Lady at the OK Corral is the story of Josephine Earp, the common-law wife of Wyatt Earp (or one of many apparently). Not much of this book is spent on the big showdown at the corral which is, apparently, just as Josephine w [...]

While the life of Josephine seems like an interesting one, this biography was a disappointment. I read an advanced copy, so some roughness was to be expected, but the writing was repetitive, choppy, and there were some odd choices in how the narrative flowed which amounted to an uncomfortable read. I was also disappointed in how much of the story was supposition or hearsay. As another reviewer notes, this book is an interesting read into the history of how history is reinterpreted, and the story [...]

I thought I would love this book. I really enjoy American history and genealogy. I thought this would be a great way to learn about Wyatt Earp and his Jewish wife. Unfortunately, I felt the writing style was choppy, and the factual base shaky at best, and moved it to my Could Not Finish shelf.

Kind of an odd book. It felt more like the story of Wyatt Earp told through the eyes of Josephine Marcus than the story of Josephine Marcus. But Wyatt was pretty kick-ass, so.

There were three women he had considered himself married to before her, but Josephine Marcus Earp was Wyatt Earp’s common-law wife for fifty years. She was around for the famous shoot out at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, she panned for gold by his side in the wilds of Alaska, and she tried to mold his image to her liking in the early days of Hollywood while leaving herself as far out of the story as possible. Josephine was Jewish, but though she returned to her roots and buried Wyatt [...]

As a resident of Arizona for the past twenty years I find the history interesting, sometimes captivating and quite revealing for "what I thought" I knew. This is not memoir or historical fiction, which I think would have made for a more enjoyable and easier read. This is straight biography, well-researched and alive with new info. However, the research (when you get to the end) is the pinnacle of its substance. There must be fifty pages of documented sources Wyatt Earp, good-looking keeper of pe [...]

My reactions to this book are mixed. On the one hand, we need more biographies of the women in American history who have long been background players. Kudos for writing about a women who was strong-willed, resilient, and adventurous. The book is also a great drama of how history is shaped by those who record it (including the players themselves), the vagaries of memory, and the sins of ego and greed. On the other hand, Josephine Earp spent so much of her time trying to shape her and Wyatt's stor [...]

Spirited and splendid book about Wyatt Earp's little known common-law missus and the life she and her famous husband led. The Earps seem to have lived everywhere - Arizona, California, Alaska - and always at the time when that locale was making history. Josephine had a lifelong desire to bury most of her own history, while working feverishly to maintain her husband's. But her desire to sanitize his story put her at odds with the various biographers she sought out through the early decades of the [...]

This is an interesting account of the real-life adventure and life experience of those who chose to venture around the Wild West. From Arizona to Alaska and back again, the Earps lived the trail of gold, sometimes for the better and sometimes not so glittery. Its an interesting read--and although it starts off with the clearly stated issue that Josephine is a Jewish person in the Wild West--it does not appear that religion was a factor in how her life unfolded in all those years with Wyatt Earp. [...]

Josephine Marcus Earp spent a good portion of her life sanitizing the story of her common law husband Wyatt Earp to present him in the best light. Josephine was an interesting woman that lived a vibrant life. It is a shame that she was so worried that the truth of her past would get out. Now it has and she can finally be better known.

Forget whatever you think you know about Wyatt Earp. This book, the story of his wife, reveals many warts on the historical heroic Western icon. Although Josephine Marcus turns out to be rather unpleasant, her history is important for anyone who wants to know more about women on the frontier and in past times. A great read.

I really liked this book! The story of Josephine Earp, Wyatt's wife. A study in contrasts with history admirably researched and told.

I tried to read this book but could not get past her writing. It's awful.

The biggest barrier to writing about any famous or semi-famous person from the old west is the lack of information on the background of the person or even reliable information beyond the sensationalistic current day accounts of their exploits. Even newspapers at the time were sensationalistic and relied as much on hearsay or political leanings as they did accurate reporting.Enter Wyatt Earp's common law wife Josephine Marcus Earp. Not only has very little been known about her, she is greatly ove [...]

This is an interesting look at the life of Wyatt and Josephine Earp. It covers their long time marriage and nomadic life in the frontier west. I learned some interesting facts and was interested in how much she influenced his life and wanted to protect him as well as her life and reputation. The biographies of women in the Old West are not often presented and often there are few facts to work with. It is a tale of adventure and hardship and an intersting look into this time in American history.

I gave this fascinating, fast-pace biography four out of five stars. One reason the book rates such high marks is that it points up a very large and telling blind spot in both the received history of the Old West and in the American myth of the cowboy hero. Who, other than devotees of the Old West, knew that Wyatt Earp had a wife, a voluptuous little woman of Jewish ancestry from New York City, who was his constant companion for nearly 50 years? In the usual telling of history and legend, the co [...]

When I was a college student, so many years ago, I would do the research for a paper and turn it in, usually by the deadline. And then I would think to myself "I am finally ready to write that paper. I've done the research. I've organized my thoughts. Now, finally, I know the questions I should ask. And I can begin to answer them."I have to wonder if the author felt the same way. She's done a fantastic research job. Extensive notes give evidence to how hard she worked.And yet if the author had h [...]

I was so excited about reading and reviewing this book - I've always been interested in the people involved in the history of the Old West, particularly those who were in Tombstone during the era of Wyatt Earp and Doc. Holliday. So it's with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that I was so disappointed in this book. While the author does tell the story of Josephine Marcus Earp, the purported final wife of Wyatt Earp, it relies on too many second-hand references and quite a bit of blather abou [...]

Poor Josephine. She lived almost all of her life in Wyatt Earp’s shadow – even “The True Story of Her Life” is mostly about Wyatt. I found this to be a long and depressing read, detailing how Josephine followed Wyatt around like a puppy, living a very lonely, child-less existence, constantly in fear of being found out (She and Wyatt were not legally wed and he left his previous common law wife, Mattie, who spiraled down into addiction, prostitution, and suicide). Poor Josephine. Her life [...]

This book positions itself uniquely by focusing on Earp's last and longest common-law wife, Josephine Marcus Earp. It was an improbable combination: the Jewish immigrant who retained her Brooklyn accent (did she call him Vyatt Oyp?) and legend-in-his-lifetime lawman/saloon keeper/prospector. For those who know the Wyatt Earp story in any detail, some material may cover old ground. I knew only the bare skeleton of facts, and ended up learning a lot about Wyatt as well as Josephine. Josepine's per [...]

I begged the people in my book club not to vote for another biography. I pleaded with them to refuse to read another biography relating to the American West. But they are clearly punishing me for something. I haven't finished this book yet, and I suspect I won't, despite my committment to full participation in the club. First off, this isn't really a biography about Josephine Earp (Wyatt Earps wife) it's an outline of the life and times of Wyatt Earp, with Josephine mentioned here and there, in [...]

A fun and interesting story about a fun and interesting person. This book is an excellent disclosure about celebrity, media,history and the transition of America into the current era (from which we are digitally passing now). The author is clear, concise and the prose flows with grace. Very glad I read it. Having been a student of history Ithis book impressed me more than ever that no historian can nail it all down. Humanity is too gray to be preserved in black ink on white paper, or as in this [...]

This is the story of Wyatt Earp's common-law wife of 48 years, which caught my attention because I've always loved westerns, especially the women in Westerns. When I was younger, I was fascinated by Annie Oakley. While Josephine Marcus Earp didn't have the celebrity of an Annie Oakley, she was the woman behind the legend of Wyatt Earp and learning more about their life and adventures together was interesting. I appreciated how the author was neutral in her storytelling, using both positive and n [...]

Mixed review here. The book is a biography of Josephine Marcus (Mrs. Wyatt Earp). The author does explain her problems: there just isn't that much information available about the woman's early years. Unfortunately Josephine's early years included her time in Tombstone - the years we all want to know about. Lots and lots of information about her forty or so years with Wyatt and her attempts to purify his image both during his life and after his death. The final chapters, with details of books and [...]

I liked this book, I didn't love it. Somehow I already knew almost all of this information ( except for their days in Alaska ) and failed to learn anything new. The question always seems to be: was Josephine a prostitute in Tombstone? It's not answered here. She was Johnny Behan's common law wife and to me it seems unlikely that she would be the "wife" of the sheriff and a prostitute too Behan's and Earp both wanted her and that is clear. Josephine was not popular among friends, family and acqua [...]

A biography of Wyatt Earp's common law wife Josephine Marcus Earp. In all that's been written about Wyatt Earp very little has been written about his wives. Josephine was the fourth wife and the third common law wife. She was the one that was with him the longest almost 50 years. She was with him in Tombstone and the OK Corral,and with him as they traveled the county and even to Alaska. They end up in California near Hollywood. With all the stories written some true and some not so true, you alw [...]

The writing is pedestrian which is a shame as there might be a better book to be written about Wyatt Earp’s common-law wife. Kirschner focuses on Josephine’s desire for social acceptance and her efforts to conceal much of her background especially that she and Earp were never formally wed, though they spent 47 years together. The descriptions of mining towns, Alaskan gold rush camps and the boomtown cities where the two settled, usually so Earp could erect saloons and dance halls which is ho [...]

I had hoped this would be a fascinating approach to a biography in which the subject herself has slipped between the cracks of the historical record. Instead, it was more like a lesson in how not to approach a subject of that sort. Loads of conjecture, loads of rehashed information, and i was shocked to find a narrative "I" voice of the author appearing in the final chapter. I think i would have enjoyed this book a lot more had she written the "I" into it from the beginning, and used the narrati [...]

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