The Prey

Andrew Fukuda

The Prey

The Prey

  • Title: The Prey
  • Author: Andrew Fukuda
  • ISBN: 9780857075444
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback

For Gene and the remaining humans or hepers death is just a heartbeat away On the run and hunted by society, they must find a way to survive in The Vast and avoid the hungry predators tracking them in the dark But they re not the only things following Gene He s haunted by the girl he left behind and his burgeoning feelings for Sissy, the human girl at his side.When tFor Gene and the remaining humans or hepers death is just a heartbeat away On the run and hunted by society, they must find a way to survive in The Vast and avoid the hungry predators tracking them in the dark But they re not the only things following Gene He s haunted by the girl he left behind and his burgeoning feelings for Sissy, the human girl at his side.When they discover a refuge of exiled humans living high in the mountains, Gene and his friends think they re finally safe Led by a group of intensely secretive elders, the civilisation begins to raise questions than answers A strict code of behaviour is the rule, harsh punishments are meted out, young men are nowhere to be found and Gene begins to wonder if the world they ve entered is just as evil as the one they left behind As life at the refuge grows perilous, he and Sissy only grow closer In an increasingly violent world, all they have is each other if they can only stay alive.

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I admit part of the reason why I liked The Hunt so much was because it wasbizarredifferent (I know, I'm weird like that). The hepers were the minority living among the duskers, and the bizarreness - like the sticking their elbows into each others' armpits or the wrist scratching - made it unique, and I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't any weirdness in this book.Taking those things out of the book made The Prey much a like any other dystopian - one that follows the general storyline of a world t [...]

Read along with BBP, March 2013.I'm afraid a lot of people will readand think it is just too weird, resulting in them not giving this one a chance. This Second book was much more story-oriented, a lot of the oddities sort of take a back seat (they are still there, but maybe just not as much of a major player). I very much so enjoyed this one. There were a few predictable moments, but for the most part I was constantly being suprised. This was fast-paced and action packed, a real adventure book!. [...]

The Prey is everything I expected from the sequel to The Hunt. I know that sounds like a positive reaction and I could talk about how all my expectations were met, but that's just my problem - I anticipated everything. Thinking back, I really liked The Hunt because it's a survival story centered around a guy in a tough situation where one wrong move meant instant death at the fangs of the vampires around him, I wasn't so concerned with the dystopian backstory, and that's why I'm mildly disappoin [...]

UmI'm want to see ashley June get rescued! How can he fall for another girl when Ashley June risked her life for him in a huge way, and is left rotting in a hole!! Idk, I want to read this sequel, but the first book was quit a bit laborious in the middle!! I more than likely will read it, but I will be highly upset of he just let's Ashley June die or something.

The second installment was more fast paced and with more action. There were a lot of twists in the plot that kept me hooked. Can't wait to see how this is going to end

I always hope that, where I've enjoyed the first book in a series, the rest will prove to be at least as good. Andrew Fukuda's debut novel, The Hunt, while not a favorite was an enjoyable action read, a nice change of pace from my more contemplative reads. In reading The Prey, I really hoped to find more of the same, but instead it alternated between wtfery and completely predictable plot twists.Since I like to give credit where credit is due, there are two things that I did like about The Prey. [...]

This book is a sequel to The Hunt, which I read a few months ago. The Prey definitely improved on its predecessor; in fact, it is one of the best books I have read so far this year. The previous book introduced a dark, bloody, dystopian world, where humans are seemingly all but extinct, subsumed by a new breed: a superstrong, superfast cannibalistic "people" who will literally tear you limb from limb, eating your flesh and drinking your blood. The hero, Gene, survives by the use of a brazenly cl [...]

I liked this book pretty well. I like how Sissy trusts Gene even more now, and how they become closer to each other. I like how Gene is smart and knows how to escape. I like how they get to the one place. I hate how Sissy is tortured and branded. I like how they escape and how Sissy and Gene come closer together.

3.5 The Prey by Andrew Fukuda is the sequel to The Hunt, a book I hadn't planned on reading but once I did I was happy because it was thrilling and involved a unique and creepy world. I have been waiting on this sequel since then and it was just as good.The Prey starts up where The Hunt left off. Gene, Sissy, Ben, David, Jacob, and Epap have escaped from the Dome and are now in the wild, trying to follow vague instructions left for them by The Scientist, Gene’s father. Each night Hunters arriv [...]

I did not appreciate this book very much. There was an immense plot and a couple shocking plot twists that I liked, but I just didn't relate. Even though the story line was good, the writing was not something I would want to read again. I was very disappointed since I really enjoyed the first book of this series. I would not recommend unless you otherwise see fit. Anyhow, I think you should read the first book of the series, The Hunt, it was very good. Even though I did not particularly enjoy th [...]

I know! I am so weird. Cause I like the book. It really is a bit fascinating reading a different kind of vampires. Where they are not sparkly and totally ran out of humanity. Incapable of love and reason. What I don't like was that it was not based on the first book The Hunt. Where they are in a Dome and all that crap. Well of course, from the last page of first book we know that Gene managed to escape the Heper Institute. But one might think it'll be lead back in that Institute. That's what I k [...]

I liked this a lot more than the first! I don't know if it's because I listened on Audiobook instead of reading it this time, or maybe it simply was better. I knew there was something weird going on with 'The Mission' but was still horrified to know the truth in the end. As with the first, this was so fast-paced! The first part of the book is the survivors journey to the promised land, even though it was a lot of traveling it was still exciting. I liked how we got more background about Gene's da [...]

This was such a worthy sequel!!! It was phenomenal, full of action and fast paced! This book take a new direction than the first book which makes it so much more awesome than I had dared to hope for!There are a lot of secrets which need to be solved and the story takes a few amazing twists and turns! Loved Gene who is slowly getting a strong boy who deserves to be called a hero'Loved Sissy and all the kids who survived and run away with them!The ending again left me speechless and the cliffhange [...]

I'm saving my review until the girls finish because I don't want to give anything away. I will however say I liked it more than the first book. Again though I am left feeling like I don't have any answers and it is frustrating as all heck!

přes půl roku rozečtenéměla jsem to dočíst dřívkonec byl božíuž aby přišel poslední díl :Dmalousesvetknih/20

I have been wanting to read The Prey ever since I finished The Hunt this May. And now I finally got the chance to do so; and I must say that it was worth the wait :) I remember loving the first book a whole lot. The writing, the plot, the characters. And I still did that. Only, I do think that the first book was better. But even so. I enjoyed this book a whole lot, and I never wanted to stop reading it, and I cannot wait for the third and final one. It will be a long wait. Because this book ends [...]

Here's the thing—once i finished reading the first book in the series i felt no compelling need to write a review, and the moment i finished its sequel, i knew why.With this series, you dont realize how much is off about the first book until you read the second. And that in itself is a flaw, especially with dystopian series. The kind of information you'd want to know being introduced to a new world is only given, in this case, in the SECOND book of the series rather than the first. I'd hate to [...]

The Prey by Andrew FukudaBook 2 in a trilogy5/5 stars(I tried to keep this spoiler free for those who haven't read the first book, but read at your own risk)Bear with me. I finished this book last night. I am STILL in shock.Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I really genuinely loved the first book. (I rated it a little lower because I couldn't stomach some of the scenesbut really. It was BRILLIANT.) And that cliffhanger, right? Ok well this was worseDREW FUKUDA I LOVE YOU.Cu [...]

Seen At Scott Reads ItThis is what you want then? I say. To be chased, to be hunted? To be their prey your whole life? Born prey, die prey? I look at them in turn. This is our chance to be more than prey. I am now convinced that 2013 is the Year Of The Sequel. Every single sequel I have read that comes out in 2013 has been better than it's predecessor (Through The Ever Night, Asunder,The Prey, The Lives We Lost, Vortex). Notice also that all of these superior sequels are also the second book in [...]

THE PREY by Andrew Fukuda was a novel that I highly anticipated reading because it's predecessor, THE HUNT was gruesome and highly addictive. I truly did not believe that any other book could be so unsettling and twisted, but I was wrong because THE PREY proved vampires are NOT the only thing to fear.As I returned to this world of carnivorous vampires and remaining humans I am immediately thrust into the chaos that Gene and his tiny group are trying desperately to overcome. Escaping the vampires [...]

So, čte se to parádně a člověk se nenudí. I když je to místy trochu průhledný. Pořád tam jsou ale hrozně nelogický věci, něco málo se sice vyjasnilo, ale pořád ne všechno a jsou tam drobnosti, který prostě logiku nemaj a nemůžou mít, řekla bych. No, na Past jsem celkem zvědavá. Třeba se vyjasní aj něco víc. Jo a ty 4 hvězdičky jsou zatím jen orientační.

Well color me surprised! After really disliking the first one I really though there was no hope but WOW what a sequel!! See just goes to show sometimes you shouldn't ever give up on a series. to come laterThanks Kristy for being my BBP and reading this one with me!!

This sequel was really well thought out! I was impressed with the plot and how everything just unravels. Oh and of course the random twists and turns you have to navigate to finally find the truth! If you haven't read The Hunt then STOP READING! Gene, Sissy, and the gang are still running from the vamps and trying their best to survive the Vast! They've done wonders staying alive up to this point and are in for more death defying feats as they discover a commune of fellow humans hidden in the mo [...]

Tak napínavé pomerne dosť, ale také predvídateľné až strach. Neuveriteľné prežitie, nechápem, že to tak autor naťahuje

While not quite as satisfying as book one, "The Prey" is still a great middle book for this trilogy, and gives us some much-needed information and more excellent worldbuilding based on what Fukuda gave us in "The Hunt". And tons of more action and tension, too. But the lack of satisfaction has me looking all the more forward to the release of "The Trap", which should be released later this year. "The Prey" isn't the most exciting sophomoric effort of 2013 so far, but it's still a very solid and [...]

Ohhh. It’s set in our future. Right.That’s pretty much all I got from this book – and it was through pages and pages of info-dumping conversation between Gene, Sissy and a guy who turned out to be the villain. But hey, you don’t hear me complaining because I finally figured out what was going on in terms of world-building. One of the things I don’t understand, though, is why the person telling us the history of this world uses terms that we, as 21st century people in this world, unders [...]

THE HUNT, book one in Andrew Fukuda’s vampire dystopian trilogy, was kind of a mixed bag for me. I think I enjoyed it. It required throwing a lot of disbelief out the window and enjoying the ridiculous of it all.This GIF represents my feelings on the sequel to THE HUNT. THE PREY is a book that I think I enjoyed. But only THINK because as I sit here a few days after finishing it, I am at a loss about my feelings. I give it three stars because I am caught between two and four – two because it [...]

4.5 stars.Andrew Fukuda returns full force with a sequel that grapples you as soon as you begin reading, as if you were the book’s prey. The Prey picks up where we left Gene, Sissy, Epap, Ben, Jacob, and David at the end of The Hunt as they escape the Duskers, the vampire/zombie-esque race that dominates Fukuda’s post-apocalytpic world. In The Prey Gene and the hepers are in search for the Land of Milk and Honey, Fruit, and Sunshine that the Scientist – who we learn is Gene’s father at t [...]

*Scratches wrist* I absolutely loved The Hunt book one in this trilogy and was excited to begin The Prey. My plan was to read a few chapters and then continue with another ARC I was reading. Not! Fukuda plunges us right back into the tale and the pacing and world building held me captive and I literally consumed this in a few hours. This is such a terrifying and original tale. Fukuda is brilliant and I can barely wait for the final book.The tale begins exactly where the Hunt ended and we are on [...]

Where do I even begin? If you loved the Hunger Games, Twilight, or just love to read a dystopian book with heart-pounding, non-stop action and suspense then this series IS FOR YOU!!If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would and I would put it in BOLD numbers!!! WOW! This sequel is just intense. There are no other words except INTENSE!!!!!!!!! I started this book and finished it in 3 days.Andrew Fukuda weaves an breath-taking, suspense filled story that keeps you turning long into the ni [...]

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