Hostile Takeover

E.M. Lynley

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover

  • Title: Hostile Takeover
  • Author: E.M. Lynley
  • ISBN: 9781613727294
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook

Years ago, Chase Richards and Mathias Tobler fell in love while training for the US Olympic fencing team Afterward, they even attended the same business school so they could be together Then Chase left Mathias alone and heartbroken in Italy But all of that is ancient history by the time Chase thunders back into Mathias s safe, settled life with a business deal.There s nYears ago, Chase Richards and Mathias Tobler fell in love while training for the US Olympic fencing team Afterward, they even attended the same business school so they could be together Then Chase left Mathias alone and heartbroken in Italy But all of that is ancient history by the time Chase thunders back into Mathias s safe, settled life with a business deal.There s no way Mathias is going to do business with Chase He spent nine years picking up the pieces and has moved on in life and love But Chase won t give up without a fight he concocts a scheme to manipulate the market and take over the Tobler family business If Mathias wants to save it, he ll have to face off against Chase over crossed sabers Chase has a reputation as an unscrupulous corporate raider, but the Tobler business holds little interest for him In reality, he wants Mathias Chase must win him back by any means necessary before Mathias gives his heart to someone else But how does a cold blooded corporate raider convince the man he loves that his heart really isn t made of stone

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I've found you again, awful female ex, hiding within the pages of yet another m/m romance! Your fingernails are "long and pink," you live in high heels, you're fashionable, beautiful, vapid and vacuous, bitchy, unfaithful (i.e. "slutty"), talentless, manipulative, superficial, childish, demanding, and unreasonable, a heartless ice-queen or a predatory man-eater (or both!) only there to make your interchangeable husbands/boyfriends/partners miserable. You have no other characteristics. You're not [...]

2.5 stars. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy this book although in the last 1/4 it did improve. Chase betrayed and left Mathias nine years earlier after choosing his evil father's approval over Mathias's love. Now he's back and determined to get Mathias's attention by any means possible.Basically the characters aren't likeable. When Mathias doesn't respond favourably to Chase's initial overtures, Chase forces a hostile takeover of Mathias's family business, seduces Mathias's fiancée away from [...]

4.5 starsWhen I read stories of war-real one or corporate war-I expect the opponents to be ruthless, smart, and use everything in their disposal for their advantage. This is what you'd find in this book. Still, in the core, this is a sweet, romantic book. The author didn't indulge herself with financial lingo, even though her background allowed her to do so.Chase and Matthias at one point were fencing athletes who later went to Duke's Fuqoa School of Business together. They also used to be lover [...]

Miss Lynleyease stop turning your okay fanfics into sub-par ebooks, like you did with Sex Lies and Wedding Bells and now this. Fanfic is forgiving. We know or know something of the characters beforehand and can let a lot slide. Most times we LOVE the characters in a fanfic (this was originally J2 fanfiction) and for that reason alone we let things pass. But in original fic we don't start liking the characters beforehand and you need to WORK to develop them, to make them believable and likeable.W [...]

I was left feeling unsatisfied with the romance and both MC's were a bit of a hit and miss throughout. I had the same issues asMandyMdid, the last quarter was the best part of the story and for that it gets 3 starsA: Since the blow-up and the fanfic debacle I will leave it unrated. Now if only the author had just let it go and not made such a big deal about removing the links to the fanfic for readers to compare.

4.5 starsAwww, This should be a movie! You've got:- The manipulative dad: he's like the devil's voice in your mind and the devil's touch in your life. A ruthless businessman who is training his son in the fine art of corporate raiding or how to acquire a company and dismantle it to make a quick profit, and to hell with the employees and all. - The daddy boy (Hero 1): He may have turned up well if not for his unhealthy seeking of his father's approval.- The lover boy (Hero 2): The only good man l [...]

Chase and Mathias. Wow, what a ride. These frenemies just pushed me through some emotional hoops that left me so mad, so frustrated, and so pissed off I was practically shouting! And that's how I know a good book from a meh book. There were lots of times I gritted my teeth, but also times when I laughed out loud. Case in point: "Insert tab A to slot B." How's that for brilliant dialogue? :) Loved it! And the whole duel scene for the fate of a corporation? Nice!It was so annoying that these guys [...]

It's a little annoying author's style in this book how switch from present to past and do so too often.For this reason not everyone will like this book.I have a lot of patience when I read a book and in the end I liked

Wasn't for me, I found the bouncing between the years confusing and it ripped me right out of the story. I didn't like Chase at all and thought he was a total asshole right the way through the book. The female (yawn) Brooke was the usual revolting nasty manipulative yadayadayada and Tee whilst being a decent human being was so unbelievable forgiving it made me angry and think "what a complete doormat".

Not a fan I'm afraid. The flashbacks were just killing me. I don't wanna have to keep flipping around trying to figure out what year I'm in with each new chapter. It's freaking annoying. Anyway, that's what really stood out for me.

I absolutely loved this book. I even went back to read some scenes again already. It's different from the average m/m romance and that's part of why I liked it so much. Despite some of the negative comments, I think the characters here are interesting and I cared about them. I wanted Mathias to be happy and I wondered for a while why on earth he would want Chase. But the flashbacks layer in the history of the two men and their personalities in a way that builds and builds, so it was haflway thro [...]

I loved it. The build up was slow, yet with the addition of flashback scenes, still sexy. These two had a lot of issues to work through that were entirely of their own making. Though there was an evil father who kept them apart, the fact that they stayed apart, and are fighting in the present, is of their own doing. You never even see the father in the present scenes. This book is entirely character driven, and it kept me up last night and made me finish it today even though I'm supposed to be w [...]

5 starsWOW just WOW!On reading the blurb(Dreamspinner Press), I knew this was the perfect book for me.This book was fantastic :)For me, it was a great joy to read and I look forward to reading more of Lynley's books.

Clunky, awkward, unconvincing, inconsistent, and predictable in prose, plot, and character. Not a hint of subtlety or nuance or subtext -- everything explained in plodding and obvious detail. MC Chase was odious, whiny, and spineless, MC Mathias (view spoiler)[took him back with hardly even a complaint even after Chase ruined his life and screwed him over in truly execrable ways (hide spoiler)], and secondary character Brooke was a complete cartoon caricature. And the flashbacks were enough to m [...]

I liked this. And I didn't like it.I didn't like it because it challenged my ability for suspension of disbelief. I didn't like it because Chase, as a whole, seemed not finished. I liked it because it had potential. And because it kept me reading. And because the writing, though it had faults, didn't put me off. And because I loved their relationship when they were young. And because the evil ex wasn't really evil, just juvenile. So 2.5 stars, rounding down.

Chase was an ass but I still really liked the story. Loved the ending.

1.5 stars but I'm rounding down. I have the worst luck with books about business men from Texas.

Brooke was such an awful caricature of a southern pageant bimbo, I wish she'd been removed from the book. Ugh, every scene with her was repugnant.So what about the MCs? Well both of them are psychotic, but once you get past that (and Brooke) this ain't a bad read. Rich boy Matthias seems like a good sort, a good looking fencing champion who is training for the Olympic team. Richer boy Chase is bipolar, a rapid cycling manic depressive who switches personality types faster than you can say "touch [...]

I adored this book. It's the story of Mathias and Chase, former lovers who met while representing the US at the Olympics in fencing, whilst in college. They were together for three years before Chase dumped Mathias without any explanation. 9 years later both men are on opposite sides of the corporate table when Chase attempts a hostile takeover of Mathias's company, a company handed down to Mathias from his father and grandfather before him. A company Mathias is determined to save. Through flash [...]

2.5 stars. Very inconsistent characterisation. I didn't mind the flashbacks in the beginning when they served a purpose but in the last third of the book, they seemed to only be adding pointless smut or fluff which was distracting and, eventually, annoying enough to skim.I disliked pretty much every character except Mathias and, frankly, didn't really care enough for him to be pissed off that he was spineless enough to take Chase back.The story itself was interesting enough to get me through to [...]

I really enjoyed the animosity between the characters in this story. I think the author did a great job showing the tension and stress of a coorporate takeover. The author had an interesting way of skipping back and forth between several different time periods, but I never felt lost or confused. The jumps flowed nicely.There was one woman in the novel portrayed as a gold-digging harpy, so if that annoys you - you might want to stay clear. In the author's defense, not all women in the book were p [...]

3.75 StarsFor the most part I enjoyed this book. The main negative for me was the jumping backwards in time as the M.C's relived their initial years together. A lot of the jump backs came across as story fillers to add to the word count.I felt sorry for Chase and Matthias and could sympathise with the reasons Chase let his life spiral out of control and in doing so lost the one important thing in his life, Matthias. For a shy introvert with a controlling, manipulative father, it was a foregone c [...]

3.5 Stars. I would have rated this higher but the ending wrapped things up a little too quickly and perfectly for me.

Chase is too bound to his father's approval - damaged goods, but not showing the signs of years of emotional trauma. Mathias is too perfect - almost naive and not suited for the rough and tumble of the business world, until we find he has his own spine of steel as the story rolls on. Miscommunication: more like act of sabotage by an antagonistic father. Female character: a shallow society gal who redeems herself only in the very end. So here are your tropes, and it doesn't sound like much. That [...]

Rating 2.25Not going into a detailed review but I never connected with the MC's their initial separation worked but the Takeover felt forced (He all but destroyed the person he "supposedly loves"). Forgiveness was given to easily once again. I know when your in love it is easy to forgive but how are the parent able to so easily forgive someone who hurt their son. I know my mom would not forgive so easily. The whole limo scene was pushing the envelope, and I hate that the MC doesn't even gets ups [...]

Absolutely love it! I couldn't put it down til I finished it late in the night. The first few chapters took a while to get into the flow of the story with the flashbacks between characters. I thought the flashbacks were clever and timed well throughout the story especially stating the date clearly on each time. It was brilliantly done and very much enjoyed the characters especially their hot attractions with each other. Fantastic read! I got just about all Lynley`s books and they are awesome! Pl [...]

Another winner! Ms. Lynley is fast becoming a new favorite author.

Jumps around way to much between many different years. I really didn't like the couple. Chase is an asshole, and Mathias should have moved on to someone better.

I almost didn't rate this because it's hard for me to swallow second chance romance when the first chance had ended badly. I think it's only the last three chapters that convinced me that the book was okay.The story itself moved quickly from one event to another. It's more telling than showing, I guess, so I went through the story briskly, moreover since I skipped all the old flashbacks because I was only interested in their present story.

2.5 Heart Review by KimberleyI was quite anxious to read this book after stumbling across the blurb. I requested this book thinking that I was going to get this great story about these two powerful businessman who were college sweethearts who broke up and have the opportunity to reconnect and reunite years later. So I fully expected to like this book when I got it.I wanted to like this book. I truly tried to get into this book. By the second chapter I just knew but it would be a struggle to comp [...]

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