Gold Digger

Aleksandr Voinov

Gold Digger

Gold Digger

  • Title: Gold Digger
  • Author: Aleksandr Voinov
  • ISBN: 9781937551667
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook

Not all that glitters is gold.Nikolai Krasnorada leads the life of a corporate nomad Working for a gold explorations company, he s never put down roots, and he likes it that way Roots can be dangerous, as everyone from his man hating sister to his manipulative mother to his war traumatized father has proven.But when his CEO sends him to Toronto to strike a deal with LeNot all that glitters is gold.Nikolai Krasnorada leads the life of a corporate nomad Working for a gold explorations company, he s never put down roots, and he likes it that way Roots can be dangerous, as everyone from his man hating sister to his manipulative mother to his war traumatized father has proven.But when his CEO sends him to Toronto to strike a deal with LeBeau Mining, Nikolai meets Henri LeBeau, crown prince to the resources conglomerate and inveterate flirt Sparks fly immediately, despite the business deal that threatens to go sour and Nikolai s own reluctance to give Henri false hope about him being Mr Right He s barely come to terms with his bisexuality, and getting involved with Henri would get messy.When LeBeau Mining launches a hostile takeover bid, Nikolai and Henri find themselves on opposite sides of the negotiating table But fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for Nikolai, Henri s not nearly as interested in his company as he is in his heart.

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This was my first book by Aleksandr Voinov and I really liked it :) Although, I'll do a re-read after I finish (get the nerve to actually start reading) Soldiers, I think I'll understand some things better :)"Henri stood and moved in front of him. Nikolai glanced up from his hands, and there was a whole lot of impressively flat, naked midriff in front of him. He leaned forward, pressed his face into it, and was oddly relieved when Henri ran his fingers through his hair. He did like those touches [...]

Audiobook available.Has been re-edited and re-launched.

3.5 starsI know I should have not read this book right after SOLDIERS but I needed something light before starting MERCENARIES because well, you know what I mean, right?But I guess this can be read as a stand alone so I didn't do it terribly wrong.I really enjoyed this story, Henri's sense of humour & stalkering skills, even if I liked them, that's stalking ;)And Nikolay was a very interesting character. I am really curious about his sister, she's like Vadim with a vaginaI'd love to read mor [...]

A fun, compact read with plenty to titillate wistful Special Forces victims grappling with survivor's guilt. Gently framed and smoothly executed. The sex was both sweet and hot, and the characters were appealing.Although the dramatic impediments natural to globe-trotting industrialists weren't quite difficult or high-stakes enough to really spin a yarn as long as I'd have liked (it's my only complaint, you know—I liked these characters too much to be satisfied with random vignettes in various [...]

Written March 3, 20144.3 Stars - stylish, sexy and powerfully told about new opportunities and choices - both in business and privateThis is my very first Aleksandr Voinov read. I've heard so many great words about the epic tale Special Forces (about Vadim who pops up in this book) and was of course very curious to read something by Mr Voinow. Then yesterday I saw and read Lisa's review (great) for this quite short novel (around 135 pages) and took a quick decision to pick it up and start to rea [...]

All right. I've been typing and deleting the first couple of paragraphs of this review for at least half an hour now so I'll just cut to the chase.The things I loved:• Vadim. Vadim. Vadim. Vadim. Vadim. I've said it many times already but allow me to say it one more time: I love Vadim to pieces and I will always be grateful to A. Voinov for creating him. This story was worth reading if only for the Vadim parts.• The premise. The corporate world and men in tailored suits? Sign me up.• The s [...]

From 3,8 to 4,2 stars. Let me tell first- it is an absolute MUST READ for all fans of SF.You won’t be able to avoid this short novel if you have read SF. It tells us about Nicolai, the son of Vadim and Henri LeBeau,the nephew of the CEO of LeBeau Mining. Gold Digger is an enjoyable sweet light read with some really steamy hot scenes and can be read also as a stand alone. The father-son moments were great- I was so happy to meet Vadim again; the scenes with him were like a balm for my soul. The [...]

I do realize that writing “I think Aleksandr Voinov is a genius and I’m obsessed with him and his books (and the Muse) and that ‘Gold Digger’ is a yet another work of art” is basically stating something as obvious as “the sky is blue”. So…the sky is blue.“Gold Digger” is sensual and erotic and romantic and flirtatious and stoic and methodical and touching and powerful and *sigh*-inducing. I love Nikolai and Henri together. I loved their emotional, physical, intellectual, and [...]

~~~A very fine stand-alone as well as a must-read for established Special Forces fans. I would also nominate this as an excellent first male/male romance book.Aleksandr Voinov's voice takes on a fresher, lighter tone yet remains sophisticated in this highly enjoyable romance. I've been anxiously awaiting this new look at the next generation of his Special Forces characters. While it's possible that this book was written purely to indulge his fan's wanton pleading, I honestly believe this project [...]

Sweeeeet!If you read this book expecting the gut-wrenching intensity of Special Forces, this book is a whole different beast - it's more like your house pet - but if you're looking for a pick-me-up contemporary romance, which makes you want to strip the next man in a suit you meet, it's for you AND you'll get to see a mature Vadim that you'd love to tend to like that poor waiter in the book.The story is in the point-of-view of Nikolai and while we got to see his side of the story and know his mo [...]

This was my second read of this fantastic book and I loved it even better the second time around. A lovely story of a lonely man with no sense of family other than his military and business buddies who falls in love with the man he is in the process of doing a high powered deal with. It was heartbreaking, passionate, dirty, sad, happy and romantic. I can absolutely recommend this story to any and all M/M romance fans. I'm quite sure I'll read it a third time some day.

I didn't realize how much I missed SF, especially Vadim until I picked up Gold Digger. I really think Mr. Voinov did a great job intertwining both the Nikolai/Henri and the Nikolai/Vadim storylines. In Gold Digger, we get to delve deeper into Nikolai's life. Nikolai is a man who never really fit in with his cut-throat family. He's kind, forgiving, a loyal friend and colleague but he's constantly on the run. He never settles down anywhere or allows himself to get close to anyone. That is until he [...]

My first instinct was to give this book four stars, not because I didn’t think it deserved more, but because I had it in my head that Voinov’s Special Forces: Soldiers was so epic, so powerful, how could a spin off on it be on par with it? Then I realized Gold Digger wasn’t on par with SF: Soldiers, it exceeded it. If I could I would give SF: Soldiers a four and half stars in comparison to it’s spin off. Soldiers is Voinov’s cult classic hit. Gold Digger is brilliant. Most enjoyable Vo [...]

”And you never know what kind of memory will keep you going when you need it.”From blasts of sci-fi fun to beautiful, breath-taking words of romance and hope, I never know what my heart will find or feel in an Aleksandr Voinov story. My Voinov reading adventures so far have pulled and provoked fierce bouts of protectiveness, anguish, anger, joy, love, lust, and longing. The power and range of emotions is staggering, stunning, and a bit scary. But this could be the first time Mr. Voinov’s w [...]

Color me surprised!This was a Voinov book with a relatively low angst level and was actually fairly sweet.I absolutely adored the premise of this novel. Nikolai, a man who has never allowed himself to settle down with anyone because he is afraid of ending up as hurt and as messed up as his family, finds sparks flying with the heir of an opposing mining corporation: Henri Lebeau. Even more astounding, he begins falling for the handsome, charismatic, and flirtatious Henri. This book had a mild ene [...]

4 stars although I’m tempted to add 1 for SF lingering side effectsGold Digger is a sweet, sensual romance in the middle of a business war. Henri notices Nicolai who is presenting his corporation in the hope of finding a financial partnership and from then onwards launches a takeover on Nicolai’s body and heart. His seduction is first purely, splendidly erotic, an affect of all senses, arousing sexual desire and finding chemistry, leading to a sweet, romantic pursuit and very hot encounters. [...]

My first Aleksandr Voinov. An author I've been wanting to get to. Finally - Yay! I think, a good introduction. I'll eventually get to the 'real stuff' of Aleksandr but this was a nice and easy segway!

I enjoyed the book more than I thought. Nikolai's story fascinated me from the beginning and I couldn't get enough.Gold Digger is a romance but the settings are amazing. Interesting characters (I like Nikolai's boss and friend Ruslan), sensuality and intrigue – it's plain and simple fascinating! It's a real Voinov, the writing will take you right into the action and you can't stop reading. The developing relationship between Nikolai and Henri is interesting to read, but the highlights of the b [...]

4.5 SoLiD GoLd StArSI am enchanted with Aleksandr Voinov's writing, my all time favourite author. So to read another one of his works was orgasmic heaven.I absolutely D.E.V.O.U.R.E.D. it!!Nikolai Krasnorada works for Cybele, a gold exploration company based in Armenia. He is in Toronto heading a meeting to seek a partnership with giants - LeBeau Mining. Nikolai finds himself sitting across the table with the head of LeBeau Mining, and his charming nephew Henri LeBeau.The CEO of LeBeau seems inte [...]

I always knew I was going to love Gold Digger! I bloody knew it!And I did, I really really did!You see - I've been a lost and wondering soul since reading the cult series Special Forces. I have missed all the characters so very much. I have mourned them desperately, so I saved this novella - a spin off for when I knew I really really needed it.I savoured every decadent and delicious word - just like savouring my fave choccies that get hidden away in my very secret place until my resolve crumbles [...]

I enjoyed this, it helped with the withdrawal I'd been suffering since finishing 'Special Forces'.This is a surprisingly upbeat and angst free read from this author whom I absolutely adore and am fast becoming obsessed with. I love his style of writing.The development of Nikolai and Henri's relationship was very sweet and I liked Nikolai's attitude to life in general. I really liked how he accepted that he was attracted to Henri without a ton of drama, also how he dealt with the revelations abou [...]

This has the smooth, clean writing of Aleks Voinov in his lighter incarnation, in a short book about a man finding love in a very unexpected place. The glimpse of Vadim, ever more at home in his New Zealand life, is a treat for Special Forces fans (although if you haven't read SF yet, be aware that it took Vadim decades on a very dark, hard road to get to where he is now.) I enjoyed meeting Nicolai as an adult, and adored Henri, despite a feeling that everything was going much too fast. I was pl [...]

I did not read Aleksandr Voinov’s Special Forces series yet, and I'll not make any parallels with its glorious predecessors. Apparently, there were some flashbacks of Vadim's past that I felt a need to know more, but it's all on my account.This’s not all about business and hot monkey sex, thought there are lots of them. This's just to begin with.Nikolay Krasnorada has been working for a company that explores and mines gold in Armenia for a long time (from the very beginning), and he is in a [...]

Nikolai has always considered himself a straight man. Men have made passes at him in the past but he has never been tempted, at least until meeting Henri LeBeau. The only problem was that Henri was a member of the team poised to take over the company that he was trying to save. Henri was never swayed and seemed to have no doubts from the start. That's how he stole my heart. He was so honest and endearing even though he worked for a cut throat organization. Nikolai couldn't deny his attraction to [...]

Gold Digger is a fascinating story, with interesting characters and sizzling sex (and dirty talk that took me totally by surprise). While the developing relationship between Nikolai and Henri interested me, the most poignant moments in the book, the ones that made it most memorable, are the moments with Vadim. So alive, so touching, so real. Having read quite a lot of reviews of this book in the past few days, I knew in general what to expect. Basically I got what I went in for, which is always [...]

Yum. Smart, sexy love story that made me laugh.Nikolai is the Texas Ranger in this modern tale of rare metal mining cowboys. Cybele, a brash startup in the high stakes game of gold mining makes an overture for funding to expand operations to extract a major, untapped source. I like the Wild West references to the ex-Communist states and a big thank you for the incredibly sassy mythological references in this one. Not happy about the poor Attis boys of yore--definitely, want them intact. I think [...]

I'd really like to be able to give an impartial review of this book as a stand alone, but alas, I cannot. I just finished Special Forces less than a week ago, so no doubt that affected my judgement of this book. I was very much looking forward to getting to know Nikolai and to catch up with my real love, Vadim. So, pardon me if I'm biased!Picking this up after the last couple of weeks I've had felt like stepping out on a sunny day after a storm, with rainbows everywhere. It was a light, easy, qu [...]

First of all this is a pretty strong 3 star. And compared to many other books I've read in this genre it's a 10 star. But (yes, there's a but) for better and worse, I put Voinov's books in a different league, and in this peculiar, and very exclusive league, this wasn't up to the quality I'm used to. Spoiled as that makes me sound.My biggest problem with the book was the dynamic between Henri and Nikolai. I just didn't feel the chemistry or the attraction that would cause the choices these guys m [...]

I have been dying to read this book since I finished Special Forces a few months ago. I fell in love with the characters and have missed them all immensely. Well, maybe not Jean. LOL I could not wait to get to know Nikolai better and Henri was such a fantastic guy too.Nikolai meets Henri on a business trip. Henri was asked by his uncle LeBeau Senior, to show Nikolai around town. However, Henri makes it clear from the start what he really wants from NikNikolai's chest tightened. "Listen" "I'd rea [...]

Nikolai have a hard time with both his company and the person who he thought was only a few days of sex. Henri is a man who has been struggling and was afraid of being like his father.Henri's uncle is not exactly one you want as a manager because he does not care if he destroys others' dream and only wants his will.Mr. LeBeau senior is vicious, cold and also criminal, Henri does not like his uncle and would love to work with honest men.Anya is vicious, cold and brutal against Nikolai and do not [...]

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