Shadow Blood

Jayde Scott

Shadow Blood

Shadow Blood

  • Title: Shadow Blood
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Only a few months ago, Amber Reed would have called herself an ordinary girl in an ordinary world until she moves to Scotland and is pushed into a world she never knew existed by the sexy and daring McAllister brothers, unable to withstand its perils.Aidan McAllister, the irresistible leader of the Morganefaire brethren, has what he always wanted the girl of his dreams HOnly a few months ago, Amber Reed would have called herself an ordinary girl in an ordinary world until she moves to Scotland and is pushed into a world she never knew existed by the sexy and daring McAllister brothers, unable to withstand its perils.Aidan McAllister, the irresistible leader of the Morganefaire brethren, has what he always wanted the girl of his dreams His love for Amber is getting stronger, but for all his wants and needs, there s a price to pay.As a mystery draws them deeper into the heart of an intricate organization ruled by shifting allegiances, Amber realizes she ll have to choose between her one true love and doing the one thing she swore she d never do break the rules by taking someone s life.

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When I first started this series last spring, I had no idea what it was going to be like. With each passing book in the series I still don't know what to expect. They are all so funny and full of life, and yet each one is different and adds more and more to the already intricate story. I regret not being able to read them closer together though, because the books always reference past scenes and scenarios from past books, and I always thinkoh yea, that did happen! That was great!. So I feel I lo [...]

See more reviews on my blog! sparetimebookblog/I was super happy to get a copy of this one from the awesome author! I have a huge soft spot for this series. It is by far one of my favorites. It's always nice when you can rely on a series to always be good! Shadow Blood picked up right where Forever and Beyond left off. Amber is stuck in Morganefaire surrounded by death and lies. Amber has so many questions and virtually no answers. Turns out more was taken after the break in. Which leads to more [...]

Book Review- Shadow Shame by Jayde ScottIn book six Amber, Aidan and Kieran are still in Morganefaire. The council is blaming them for the deaths of more girls. Amber isn’t sure who is behind it so she and Julie, her ghost companion, are investigating. Amber believes Maya is possessed by Rebecca so she follows her. Amber gets into a bit of trouble like always but is saved by a member of Aidan’s brethren. While she was gone someone broke into their rooms and stabbed Aidan. The knife used had [...]

Well, crap. There is another one that I have to wait for now that I have read this one! Good story, good series. This one was way too short, though. I was not happy about that. The series continues with Amber getting herself and others into trouble, trying to solve an ever growing personal list of mystery, while we wait for this epic battle among paranormals to start. The book had less interaction between Amber and Aidan, and we see a teensy weensy bit with Keiran and Patricia, which is just ado [...]

I really love the Ancient Legends series but I am so confused by "Forever and Beyond" and "Shadow Blood". There are so many new characters and a new plot that doesn't flow with the previous books. My favorite characters are Amber and Aidan, their love story is just so interesting that I can't seem to walk away from the books. There were so many times while reading "Shadow Blood" that I wanted to put the book down and stop reading it but I just couldn't. I am really hoping that the next book will [...]

I enjoyed this story as I have enjoyed all the Ancient Legends books by Jayde Scott. However, I am a bit dissapointed that these last three books focused soley on Amber and Aiden and we did not spend any time with so many of the great characters we met in books two and three. I am excited to see the story will continue with another set of books and look forward to reading them. Hopefully the next books will pull some of my other favorite characters back into the storylines.

I love this series. It has everything: great drama, great action, and in between there's a storyline that has kept me intrigued throughout. The fantasy world is really coming together in this one. Blake's background has shed light on why he tried to kill Amber in the first place. I really love a book that's original and complex enough to pull together different plots and subplots, and this series does exactly that.

I seriously can't wait for this book to come out. My hearts starts to beat faster every single time I think about Aidan. He is the definition of a perfect guy that any girl would be lucky to have. I just want to say, that if Amber ever dares to change back to a human and leave him, i will strangle her!! I absolutely LOVE the ancient legends.

Argggh come on I risked reading this novel coz I thought its gonna end and Argggh I have a long way to go yet. Found many loopholes for the story. Not really that incredible and I swear I wish the author won't keep on making circumstances to be possible which isn't possible from the previous books of this series. >.< shoot shoot shoot!I like the minds games though :)

I absolutely love the power of a good love story. This book was about two people who have personal issues that would ordinarily drive most couples apart, but their desire to work things out is stronger than the history that precedes them.

I loved the book but I did not like the way it ended. this was suppose tobe the last book in the series but now it going on but in another series? did I read that right? story and the writing was awesome loved itbut disapointed also

Where is the next bookAuthor Publishing company is this how you are going to leave us hanging has been an awesome series but we have been waiting for years for the completion of this series.

I hated the way it ended. I guess it will be another part not sure and the characters really started to get on my nerves. Clare just seem to drop off the face of the earth, Amber was so flakey that it drove me nuts. The first book should have been the only book.

I am loving the series so far!! I hope summer 2013 hurries up ! I was on the edge of my seat when I finished shadow blood! I literally shouted 'no you can't end now!'Please hurry and publish The prophecy of Morganefaire!! Thanks

I really enjoyed this seriesough I am extremely upset as it appears I'll never know what the conclusion will be since the next book was supposed to be published in 2013. Had I known that I wouldn't know how this ends I would not have started it in the first place. This is beyond frustrating.

Amber is about to lose Aidan goes according to plan. Everything is complicated because no one seems to trust her. She has made terrible mistakes. how can she redo them.I LOVED THIS BOOK. You have to read it. It kept me turning pages till it was 4 am

I'm excited theirs another but also annoyed I have to wait lol good book enjoyed it just as much as the others.

Well worth reading. It's the most gripping book I read. I got goosebumps and my heart jumped around like crazy.

Wishing the author wasn't MIA there is no seventh book (estimated release date was in 2013).

Too long to wait until the next book in the series!! UGH!

This is my favourite, most memorable book in this series. Right from the start it is engaging.

I need this book to come out. Like NOW. The last one had me guessing so much.

Loved this seriesnt wait until the summer to read the next one.


I took my time reading this because i didn't want to end. I'm so sad that this is the last book. Definitely gripping and as always little unpredictable.

A gripping story from the first page to the last. I couldn't wait to order more books! So glad this a series.A must read!!

I really enjoy this series but I feel like this book was more rushed than the others. I did enjoy the cliffhanger ending and am anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

i read this book with plessure only thing i dont get a place what is the next book? the prophecy of morganfair or is there a other book in the ancient legends serie?

0.0 the ending >_> how dare Seth be such a sexy jerk!!! My heart ached for Amber and Aiden :( Good and easy read!

Excellent Book. Truly epic. When I was at the last page, I said " No WAY. No WAy.", unable to believe what happened. I was stunned. Great way to end this series!!!!! Thanks for the bonus.

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