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  • Title: Accendo
  • Author: Emily Guido
  • ISBN: 9780615754147
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

Reality throws our star crossed lovers, Tabbruis and Charmeine, for a spin as they now are faced with the evil lurking at their door step Family must hold strong or pay the ultimate price.Charmeine must choose to prove her strength and strive for her destiny or watch her entire life crumble around her Lost in painful emotions, Charmeine has to sort out her husband s waveReality throws our star crossed lovers, Tabbruis and Charmeine, for a spin as they now are faced with the evil lurking at their door step Family must hold strong or pay the ultimate price.Charmeine must choose to prove her strength and strive for her destiny or watch her entire life crumble around her Lost in painful emotions, Charmeine has to sort out her husband s wavering faith in her and her abilities Trust can build nations as lack of trust can only bring down the world of one unsuspecting heart.Rekindled love between Charmeine and Tabbruis has been tried and tested and now will become the support beam for the next revelation With the most powerful evil knocking at their door, Charmeine and her family now will be tested like never before Will faith and love will hold it together Unimaginable forces are to be fought with the Elder Council, hunting not only Charmeine but Tabbruis as well He broke the rules and now must pay the ultimate price for allowing the Queen of Light to live A tragic loss sends a shock wave of pain and sorrow through the family When everyone thought it couldn t get any worse it unobejectivley does but there is always a silver lining With enough faith in their family, secrets begin reveal a new dawn for Charmeine and her family New days are coming and a fresh start is on the horizon.Carly Ann WallaceAcclaimed Author of Southern Summer and Concrete Angel

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My Review:If I had to sum this one up into one word, it would be REDEMPTION. After some serious errors in Mactus, Accendo is everything you could want and more in the way of, well, redemption!The Good: As the third book in The Light Bearer Series, you would think that Ms. Guido would be running out of surprises for us. Nope. Again picking up right where the previous book left off, she takes us through all of the intricacies of how you right a wrong, especially if it is with the one you cannot li [...]

The Elder Council is still knocking and they will not back down. If only they would have listened to their Queen. Charmeine tried to warn them of the dangers that awaited them, she pleaded with them, she spoke the truth, but their eyes and hearts were closed. The dangers that her family had to face and the hardships that they endured could have been avoided had they only listened. Now the damage has been done and the love and tenderness that we have grown to adore between Charmeine and Tabbruis [...]

Charmeine and Tabbruis are two angels made by God for each other and now that they have been reunited on Earth they must combine forces to save it. Charmeine and Tabbruis know that they must fight the Elder Council in order to save Blood-Hunters, Light-Bearers and Humans, but can they save their family too? As the past is remembered and the future revealed, will their love survive? Lies, fears and a breach of trust could come between them, which could mean they would lose each other along with t [...]

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would love to thank Emily Guido, author of Accendo for giving me this wonderful opportunity for reading and reviewing this fabulous book.WOW! I never saw that coming, I mean the wonderful twists and turns that this book took totally knocked me over and left me total shocked with the outcome at the end. I loved the writing style of the author and it took the book a notch higher in it's awesomenes [...]

OH MY!!! "ACCENDO" THIS BOOK ROCKS!!!Action, adventure, fangs, love, glory, and redemption is all in this book! I have to say that this book is so romantic and extremely non-predictable. The author, Emily Guido, had me guessing up until the last. I was cheering and crying at the same time. I have read "Charmeine" and "Mactus" and I thought it was a ride, but "Accendo" doesn't disappoint.Okay without giving away the plot, I was really crying when someone doesn't return from the battle and just wa [...]

The third installment of the Light Bearer’s Series, is best read in series order. Accendo follows Charmeine and the fight for her destiny, ensuring the safety of her love, Tabbruis. A never-ending set of challenges that test both the physical and emotional strength of the hero and heroine; their faith in their reconfirmed love is a source of strength they draw upon repeatedly. Remaining one step in front of the elders as they face loss, insecurity and danger creates a page turning tension. The [...]

WOW! "Accendo" is a wonderful book full of twists and turns in "The Light-Bearer Series." Like other couples in real life, Tabbruis and Charmeine have personal issues to overcome.Emily Guido, writes not a perfect couple but a couple who loves one another but is flawed like we all are. It is refreshing.The action is at a high and fast pace. When I think I know what is going on, the plot twists and warps into something completely different. I laughed and cheered while reading.I just loved Shane an [...]

Well, Emily did it again with the third installment of The Light Bearer series. We find Charmeine, Tabbruis and the rest of their family fighting a battle they aren't sure they can win. They have their family back but can they hold on to it? Accendo is about fighting for and trusting the person you love no matter the consequences and no matter how bleak the outcome appears. It's about the belief that time nor space could ever separate two people who are meant to be. I loved that their road was f [...]

It’s wonderful, exciting when a book starts with the plans for a huge battle! And that’s just what book three in this series starts with. We find our heroine and hero experiencing the ups and downs that most real relationships have. Ms. Guido makes them real in that respect. Our heroine discovers her inner strength. Our author’s character and story development continues, we learn more and more about the “family”. This book ends with the battle of the ages, we see that even our heroes c [...]

I am still on my book high from The Light-Bearer series. I've enjoyed Emily Guido's take on her paranormal portrayal of good versus evil. Moreover, I enjoy the fact that she weaves quite a bit of history into this fascinating novel.I wish this series could go on forever!

Accendo is the third book in the Light-Bearer series written by Emily Guido, and the final part of the first trilogy. I think the best way to call it is the "Elder Council Trilogy" as from the first book, Charmeine, it is obvious that the Elder Council have a hatred of Light-Bearers, and Accendo explains why this is.This is a religious book, but please do not let that discourage you. I have read several books with religion being one of the main factors and they have turned out to be very good bo [...]

Notes to Reviewers and Readers: First, the Blood-Hunter race or Elders have been on Earth for thousands of years. Because of this, they do not use contractions like I'm, don't or can't. They communicate in a more refined way because of their age.Second, there are several OLD editions out in circulation of my books. Please leave a review on the current edition. Please feel free to contact me, Emily, at guido.emily@gmail to check the edition you have is the recent edition.

Spoiler alert - This is Book III of The Light-Bearer Series by Emily GuidoShe rememberedTabbruis had been taken from her, but she was being given an opportunity to save him from Hell.She heard, "Accendo Charmeine You will set in motion your destiny when you cross the gates of Heaven" . "Accendo Charmeine."Charmeine and Tabbruis assembled everyone in the Grand Hall. It was decided, they would go to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece to put an end to the Elder Council. Charmeine and Tabbruis would le [...]

This review is hard, as this is the third book in this series and I have many emotional ups and downs, especially in this book. I've come to know and love the characters because the author has done a outstanding job with describing them and their personalities. I've wondered what was going on even when I wasn't reading. If you were reading my reviews or read the series, you know the egotistic stupidness of the men. They went to battle with the Elder Counsel and got defeated just as Charmeine pre [...]

Spoiler Alert! This is Book III in The Light Bearer SeriesYou are probably safe to read this, as I didn’t giveaway anything about the events in this book.My ReviewIt’s always difficult to review the next book in a series, and even harder by the third one.Charmeine must choose wisely when she comes face to face with the Elder Council. The wrong choice could destroy her family and all those she loves.My heart almost broke when the falling out between Charmeine and Tabbruis occurred. I could on [...]

Wonderful book. Emily Guido has done it again with her angel series. I can not wait to read the next one in the series

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